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About Mombasa
Mombasa is situated in south-east Kenya along the Indian Ocean. It is a beautiful coastal city that is known as the blue and white city. It is also the oldest city in the country, with a rich and vibrant cultural history.

The enthralling city of Mombasa is known for its exceptional natural beauty. This city is famous for its pristine beaches, turquoise blue sea, coral reefs and thick vegetation of lush green palms. The rainforests are home to a large number of magnificent birds and animals, native to Africa.

While exploring the city of Mombasa, you must visit the amazing Diani Beach, the Haller Park, the Shimba Hills National Reserve, the Nyali Beach, Mombasa Island, Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary and the famous Mombasa Marine National Park, which are some of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

Apart from the tourist attractions and natural beauty, you can also indulge in adventure activities in Mombasa including an illuminating full-day tour of Mombasa, a 2 -Day Safari in Taita Hills from Mombasa, exploring the Tsavo National Park from Mombasa, climbing Mount Kenya, infinite treks, hikes, safaris and more.

Since Kenya primarily experiences a tropical climate, the weather in Mombasa generally remains hot and humid throughout the year. The summers are hot with occasional rain and the winters are comparatively cooler, windy and dry with clear skies.
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Mombasa FAQ's

What are the famous beaches to visit in Mombasa?

  • Diani Beach: Known as one of the best beaches in Africa, this beauty is popular among the locals as well as visitors from around the globe. The beach is nestled on the south coast of the city and therefore has a more tranquil scenery with many options for water sports like deep fishing. 
  • Bamburi Beach: Located on the north coast of the city, Bamburi is lined up with beach resorts, bars and restaurants. The pale white sand of the beach is famous for camel rides, snorkeling, scuba diving among other adventure activities at the popular destination. 
  • Tiwi Beach: One of the first beaches that visitors come across while moving south on the coast, Tiwi beach has plenty to offer. The beach is popular among locals and has lush scenery that attracts visitors in addition to the snorkeling spots. 
  • Watamu Beach: One of the most calm and sweet beaches in Mombasa, Watamu has amazing coral reefs. The coral reefs found in abundance make it a great spot for scuba diving and snorkeling, and even has a local short safari that can be enjoyed by visitors with the help of local guides. 
  • Nyali Beach: Often counted akmg the top beaches of Mombasa, Nyali beach is less crowded than others. The beach has amazing views and offers visitors a chance to enjoy surfing, swimming and sunbathing. 

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