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Ndere Island National Park

Ndere Island National Park lies on the Lake Victoria. It is the haven for the birds.

Highlights: Enveloped majorly in the grassland, the island offers phenomenal scenic views of the Mageta Island to the east, Homa hills to the south and the glance of Kampala in Uganda beyond the south western horizon. The beautiful lake shore is a home to a wide range of animals such as monitor lizards, hippos, snakes, rare sitatunga antelopes, monitor lizards, baboons, water bucks, warthogs, Nile crocodiles, impalas, several fish species, zebras and snakes. Besides this, there are more than 100 different species of birds that can be found here. Some notable birds found here include grey headed kingfishers, black headed gonoleks and African fish eagles.

Location: The is Ndere Island National Park is located in Kisumu, Kenya

Price: For citizens of Kenya Adults: KSH 350 Child: KSH 200 For residents of Kenya Adults: KSH 600 Child: KSH 350 For non residents of Kenya Adults: USD 25 Child: USD 15

Kit Mikayi

Kit Mikayi is a tor, a rock formation that is some 40 meters high. It means the "stone of the first wife" or the "the stone of the first woman" in the Luo Language, Dholuo.

Highlights: The locals residing in the region around the stones are referred to as the Luo-Kakello clan. This site is majorly associated with the sacrifices as well as the many legends belonging to the pre-Christian Timingss which bring forth several stories that explain the meaning of the name. It is a prominent sightseeing spot in Kenya especially amongst the neighbouring Luo tribes. Over the years, the Kit Mikayi has also become a prominent local pilgrimage site for the people who come here to the rock to pray and fast for several weeks at length.

Location: The Kit Mikayi lies in western Kenya about 29 km west of the Kisumu town. It is also a km away from the Kisumu-Bondo road.

Timings: Open round the year.

Price: Entry is free.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is nestled on the shore of the largest fresh water lake of Africa i.e. the Lake Victoria.

Highlights: It is a relaxing and a very peaceful place where you can unwind and enjoy the natural beauty that abounds here. The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is a home to impalas which is the rare Sitatunga antelope. Further, a number of several primate species and cheetahs, big cats, giraffes and buffalos can be spotted here. Home to the 5 campsites, camping here can amplify the fun given the spectacular views of the Lake Victoria. Other activities that can be enjoyed here include nature walks, bird watching and glass bottomed boat.

Location: The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary lies 355 km north west of Nairobi. It lies 3 km from the city of Kisumu near the Hippo Point.

Timings: The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary remains open from 6 in the morning to 6 in the evening. Price: For citizens of Kenya Adults: KSH 215 Child: KSH 125 For residents of Kenya Adults: KSH 300 Child: KSH 170 For non residents of Kenya Adults: USD 22 Child: USD 13

Art Markets

Kenya is widely known for its fantastic art and the artists. There are abundant art markets in Kenya that deserve your attention and appreciation.

Highlights: For every art lover or artists, the art markets of Kenya have a lot on offer. You can find paintings, craft items and local souvenirs of Kenya housed in the markets. These are exquisitely prepared by the skilled local artists of Kenya. If you have a love for art and enjoy collecting these as a token of love and appreciation for Kenya and the artists of Kenya, then do shop to your heart’s content in these fine markets of the country.

Location: The art markets Can be spotted in the different parts of Kenya.

Timings: The opening and closing timing may vary from market to market.

Price: Prices will depend on the type of souvenir you pick for yourself.

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What You Should Know More About Kisumu

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Keep touts at bay.

    ·         Do not entertain the beggars.

    ·         Do not get involved in fights with the locals.

    ·         Always carry only the amount of cash that you may need. Do not keep in your pockets excess cash.

    ·         Do not trust anyone with your cash and valuables.

    ·         Do not leave your cash and valuables in the hotel room.

    ·         Ask about the room safe before you book any hotel.

    ·         Carry with you at least one ID proof or a copy of your passport at all times.

    ·         Do not let anyone mislead you. It is a good idea to gather sufficient information before you travel to any new destination.

    ·         Make sure you dress in accordance with the values and the traditions prevalent there.

    ·         Do not eat the street food without checking for the quality.

    ·         If a particular place says, No Photography, adhere to it.

    ·         Do not film without permission.

    ·         Book a hotel in a renowned place only.

    ·         Do not eat at the restaurants that have a poor reputation.

    ·         Do not pass a racist comment on anyone.

    ·         Do not hamper the cleanliness and the tranquility of the place.

    ·         Do not get involved in drugs of any form.

    ·         Drink only as much as you can handle. 

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Kisumu is 18 years. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Dunga Hill Camp

    This is one of the perfect resorts for camping in Kisumu. You can reach Dunga Hill Camp by travelling to the shores of Lake Victoria. Tourists admire it as a leisure destination to spend quality time with friends and family. It is not only designated for camping, but a wonderful place for picnic as well with an additional access to the lake. If you wish to spend a smooth time near the camp site, then select a quiet spot and drop in your fishing rod in the lake’s pleasant water. There are kayaks available in the vicinity which makes the visit more interesting. The sunset view from the lake’s horizon is indeed a serene view.

    Kit Mikayi

    Listed among the famous tourist places, Kit Mikayi is basically a large rock (Tor) which is structured with three more rocks balanced on its top. You need to cover a distance of 29 km west from Kisumu for reaching Kit Mikayi. There are several other large rocks which can be checked out in Kangeso village. Tourists also prefer visiting the 70 ft. to 80 ft. stone which resembles the image of a woman with load on her back. There are several interesting myths and stories about the rocks. You can hire a guide who will keep you well informed. One can also visit the caves which have been transformed into worshiping abodes for the Legio Maria sect which prayers here. One of the fascinating aspects of this destination is that, visitors can climb the rocks to check out a splendid view of Lake Victoria, the Kisumu International Airport as well as the city. It is surely a beneficial get-away from the town managed under a relaxed setup.

    Kiboko Bay

    Kiboko Bay Resort is valued among the best Kisumu resorts. It is located close to the shores of Lake Victoria and can be reached by covering a jogging distance from the Impala Park. This resort offers a luxurious feel to the travelers wrapped in a marvelous Safari feel which is quite astonishing. The peaceful lakeside setting is suitable for romantic tourists who wish to spend quality time on this trip. From the resort area you can access a visit to the wetlands as well as mangrove forests.

    Kisumu Museum

    Kisumu Museum will help you learn about the history of this particular section of Kenya. It is a comprehensive gallery for artifacts which is not that big. You can check out displays of various materials from separate cultures which dwell in the Western Rift valley as well as in Nyanza Province. The museum houses traditional clothing, basketry, agricultural tools, fishing gear and hunting weaponry. There are several dioramas, such, De Brazza monkey and a lion. You will also get to check out the largest Nile Perch which has been caught in the country. One needs to stay for a longer time in the museum to examine live animals, wide variety of fishes from Lake Victoria, terrarium containing spitting cobras, mambas, puff adders along with venomous Kenyan snakes. There is a separate pavilion which preserves prehistoric TARA rock art. You will be amused to know that, beyond the gallery there is a life-size replica of a classical Luo homestead. It is a great place to see in Kenya.

    Hippo Point

    Hippo Point is an attractive sightseeing spot which covers an area of 600 acre. It is an open area situated close to Lake Victoria that offers an unobstructed sunset view. But as the name suggests, tourists get to access a view of huge hippos preserved in their natural habitat. You can reach this spot by covering a short distance from the village of Dunga. Do not forget to carry food and water during this tour.

    Impala Sanctuary

    The Kisumu Impala Sanctuary can be visited for accessing interesting tours to explore wildlife. This sanctuary was built for providing a home to scared Impalas around Kisumu City and surrounding regions. This reserve is rated among Kenya’s smallest wildlife parks. Tourists love this place as it also houses hippos which can be spotted close to the lake. You can also access nature trails for enjoying the pleasant environment. The sanctuary’s main attractions are the herds of impalas as well as zebras which roam around freely in the area.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Bike Rides

    In Kisumu, the tourists can access a variety of activities that are quite engaging. One can avail a classic bike ride offered by Bike Ventures. You only have to pay 300 KShs so as to access a bike trip for the whole day. This is a cheap deal that attracts a number of tourists who visit Kisumu. You can tour the city along with different scenic sections. Moreover, for fitness enthusiasts, it is a smart way to exercise their legs. Travelers can even hire other modes of transport such as bodaboda bikes or tuk-tuk. Do remember that, the charges might be higher.


    For all the nocturnal animals who wish to stomp the dance floor, there are several clubs and lounges in Kisumu town which can be visited. The nightlife is very alluring that will allow the tourists to acquire an excellent feed of music and full on entertainment. Live bands also perform at some of the locations creating a gripping feel. While traveling from Mamboleo to the airport; you can spot a number of night clubs. Tourists must be alert related to the ill practice of drugging which might happen at some of the clubs in the area. Make sure that you check your drinks in order to avoid any mishap. Visiting the clubs to enjoy the nightlife is a great thing to do when here.


    Kisumu City consists of two main shopping markets. These are basically the popular flea markets of Oile and Kibuye which are accessed by locals as well as tourists. Kibuye is crowded with buyers mainly on Sundays; you can easily bargain for a good deal on a wide variety of items. This market is majorly known for its cheap clothing. You can even locate numerous green groceries providers in the area. On the other hand, Oile Market which is located close to the bus park is open on all days of the week. This market is mainly designated for shopping green groceries along with second hand goods. 

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