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Best Places to Visit in Eldoret in 2019

  • 01 Hindu Temple

    Image Credit : Hindu Temple
    Kenya is a home to a number of Hindus who visit the Hindu Temple to worship their Almighty. It is a prominent attraction that sees a number of visitors which includes not only the locals of Kenya but also by people from across the globe.

    Highlights: Hindu Temple is a great place of worship that has idols of the local deities worshipped here. Considered a pious place of worship, people have a belief that whatever you desperately desire will be granted if you wish for it with a pure heart in front of the deity. You must make a visit in the morning to meet the locals who come here in large numbers.

    Location: Hindu Temple is located in Kenya in Africa.

    Price: Entry to the Hindu Temple is free.

    Timings: Open round the year.

  • 02 Rift Valley

    Image Credit : Rift Valley
    Rift Valley is a lowland that is lineal shaped. It lies between a number of mountain ranges or the highlands that were created as a result of the geologic fault or rift and that is how it gets its name - Rift Valley.

    Highlights: Formed on the divergent plate boundary, the Rift Valley is a crustal extension that goes apart of the main surface. The valley is consequently deepened by the forces of erosion. When the environmental forces were robust enough to cause the splitting apart of the plates, a center block caused a depression between the two blocks at the flanks which lead to the formation of a graben. This very feature is the commencement of the rift valley however as the process of formation continues the valley widens until it finally becomes a vast basin that is brimming with the sediments from the surrounding regions and the rift walls.

    Location: The rift valley is located in Kenya in Africa.

    Timings: Open round the year

    Price: Entry is free.

  • 03 Mount Elgon National Park

    Image Credit : Mount Elgon National Park
    Mount Elgon National Park is spread over an area of 1279 square kilometres. It is distinctively split down the middle by the border of the Uganda and Kenya. About 169 square kilometre of the park lies in the Kenya while the 1110 square kilometre of the park lies in the Uganda.

    Highlights: Mount Elgon National Park is high in the mist wreathed hills of the western Kenya which towers the giant volcano and is cascaded by streams, crowned by the majestic caldera etched by glacial tarns, fissured by valleys and honeycombed by labyrinthine caves. Visitors coming to the Mount Elgon National Park can explore the forest and enjoy activities like biking and hiking. Exploration of elephant caves is another fun activity.

    Location: Mount Elgon National Park is a national park that lies 87 miles north east of Victoria Lake.

    Price: For citizens of Kenya Adults: KSH 300 Child: KSH 215 For residents of Kenya Adults: KSH 600 Child: KSH 300 For non residents of Kenya Adults: USD 26 Child: USD 17

  • 04 Kapkuro Bandas

    Kapkuro Bandas are the self catering cottages that are managed and owned by the Kenya Wildlife Service, KWS.

    Highlights: Kapkuro Bandas is equipped with 2 cottages. Each of the two cottages have 2 self contained bandas. Both of the bandas will have 1 bedroom that is furnished with single and double bed. Besides this, it will also have a sitting room, a bathroom and a kitchen that is equipped with glassware, crockery, gas stove, cutlery as well as kitchen utensils. The outside dining area of the Kapkuro Bandas has chairs, table and barbeque. Shower water that you get here is heated by the fire, booster or kuni.

    Location: Kapkuro Bandas lie in the Mt Elgon National Park and is located 1 km from the Chorlim Gate. It is also 35 kilometres from Kitale and 470 kilometres north west of the Nairobi.

    Timings: Open round the year.

    Price: NON-RESIDENT PRICE is $40.00 and RESIDENT PRICE is 3,000.00 KES