20 Places to Visit in Zimbabwe, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Zimbabwe Tourist Places

Victoria Falls, Matobo National Park, Nyanga National Park, Hwange National Park, Lake Mutirikwi National Park, Mana Pools National Park, Matusadona National Park, Gonarezhou National Park and many more.

An amalgamation of wilderness, historical sites and geological wonders,  Zimbabwe tourist places are truly offbeat and has something for every traveller. Have an immense knack for heritage cities and dilapidated ruins? You must visit the Great Zimbabwe National Monument when here. On the other hand, if you love visiting gurgling waterfalls and Karst landscapes, geological wonders like Victoria Falls and Chinhoyi Caves are truly unmissable on your trip to Zimbabwe.

If you are looking for places in Zimbabwe to visit with your partner on your honeymoon escapade, Lake Kariba, Matobo National Park, and Victoria Falls would be our top picks. Wildlife enthusiasts who are in search of places to visit in Zimbabwe should make a trip to Mana Pools National Park, Hwange National Park, Nyanga National Park and Matobo National Park. Home to numerous rare species of plants, animals, and birds, these National Parks are paradise for people who love observing wild animals in their natural habitat.

Here are some of the best places to visit in Zimbabwe:

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Nestled in the north-eastern part of Zimbabwe in the Mashonaland region, Harare is one of the scenic cities. Being the capital, it is one of the lovely places to visit in Zimbabwe. Until 1982, this city was known by the name Salisbury but was rechristened as Harare on the 2nd Zimbabwean Independence Day.

At an altitude of 1,483 metres, Harare has a parkland landscape. Home to several parks and outdoor spaces, it is frequently referred to as Zimbabwe's Garden or  Sunshine City.

The top attractions in Harare are Mukuvisi Woodlands, Wild Is Life Sanctuary, Shona Sculpture Gallery, National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare Gardens and Chapungu Sculpture Park. Especially, one must not miss visiting Mukuvisi Woodlands which houses lush greenery along with native wildlife & flora.

The top things to do in Harare are Wildlife Safari at Mukuvisi Woodlands, Full Day City Tour, Day Excursion to Chinhoyi Caves, and Bird Watching at Kuimba Shiri Bird Park.

Owing to its high-altitude, Harare has a cooler climate, with an average temperature revolving around 17.95 °C. The city experiences 2 distinct seasons i.e. Wet Summer (November-April), Cold & Dry Winter (May-August).

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In the Matabeleland Region, Bulawayo is one of the popular Zimbabwe tourist places. Since the start, it has been the principal industrial hub of  Zimbabwe.

Bulawayo is known as the "City of Kings" because it houses a large industrial base. Initially, this Zimbabwean city was a municipality but was honoured with the status of a city in 1943.

Bulawayo sits on a high elevation and has undulated hills on the southern side. As one moves towards the north and north-western part, the slopes slowly become gentle.

The top attractions in Bulawayo are Matobo National Park, Natural History Museum, Khami Ruins, Nesbitt Castle and Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage.

The top things to do in  Bulawayo are Excursion to Natural History Museum, Wildlife Exploration at Matobo National Park and  Day Visit to the Khami Ruins. In 1986, Khami Ruins were declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also a National Monument.

Due to its  highly-elevated topography, Bulawayo has a humid subtropical climate and enjoys cool inflow of air. The mean annual temperature ranges around 19.16 °C. Bulawayo experiences 3 seasons i.e. Dry Summer (Late August- Early November), Wet Summer (Mid November-April), Cold & Dry Winter (May-August).

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In the Midlands Province, Kweku is one of the centrally located places in Zimbabwe and was established in 1898. Until 1982, it was known as Que Que. In today's era, it is a significant centre of trade and commerce in the country.

Nestled at an altitude of 1,220 metres, Kweku has  gentle slopes which adds beauty to its landscape. It has  road-trip friendly streets punctuated by natural aura.

The top attractions in Kweku are the National Mining Museum and Simunye Gardens. The National Mining Museum proudly exhibits the mining legacy of Zimbabwe since the colonial era.

The best things to do in  Kweku are a visit to the National Mining Museum which portrays the importance of Kweku as a mining district. On the other hand, Kweku is also famous for its Safaris where you can spot species like Sables, Elands Rhinos, Kudus,  Lions and African Elephant.

Owing to its location, Kweku experiences a Warm Temperate Climate. The mean annual temperature revolves around 19 ° C. Winters are cold and dry while the Summers are hot and wet.

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In south-eastern Zimbabwe, Masvingo was originally known as Fort Victoria. Thereafter, it was known as Nyanda for a short span and was finally named Masvingo. It is one of the notable Zimbabwe tourist places and is located close to Great Zimbabwe and Lake Mutirikwi.

Masvingo has a relatively flat landscape with rolling mountains which makes it ideal for indulging in trekking and hiking. Adding to the scenery of the city,  Lake Mutirikwi lies close to Masvingo and is  great for a quick getaway.

The top attractions in Masvingo are Great Zimbabwe, Chipinda Pools, South Gonarezhou National Park and Lake Kyle Recreational Park. Especially, one must not miss visiting the Lake Kyle Recreational Park which is rich in flora and fauna. Great Zimbabwe also makes for a lovely escapade.

The best things to do in Masvingo are a visit to the historic site of Great Zimbabwe, Wildlife Safari at Gonarezhou National Park and Day Excursion to Lake Kyle Recreational Park.

Masvingo experiences hot and dry weather from January to December. Summers are accompanied by rainfall. The mean annual temperature swings between 26.1 Degrees to 39.5 Degrees.

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In Mashonaland East, Marondera is one of the chief places in Zimbabwe. Until 1982, it was known by the name Marandellas. The city is multi-cultural and is home to people from different ethnic groups. Marondera is also home to several educational institutions.

The top attractions in Marondera are Imire Game Park, Rufaro Dam, and Gosho Park. Away from the urban-chaos, Imire Game Park offers the proper blend of wilderness and luxury.

The top things to do in Marondera are Day Excursions to the  Imire Game Park and  Rufaro Dam. Fishing in Rufaro Dam is a fantastic experience consisting of species like Largemouth Bass.

In Marondera, July is the coldest month and October is the hottest month. The mean annual temperature swings between 11.2 Degrees and 23.3 Degrees. January receives most of the rainfall.

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In central northern Zimbabwe, Chinhoyi is located along the banks of the Manyame River in the Mashonaland West. Owing to mining and agriculture, it is one of the important places in Zimbabwe. Chinhoyi was set up in 1906 by  Lieutenant Margherito Guidotti and was known by the name Sinoia until 1982.

The charming site of the Manyame River enhances the beauty of Chinhoyi in an unrivalled way. Its banks are lovely spots for spending some relaxing time and clicking photographs.

The top attraction in Chinhoyi is Chinhoyi Caves which are maintained by the  Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority. The extensive cave system is surrounded by lush greenery and is made up of Limestone & Dolomite.

Day Excursion to Chinhoyi Caves is one of the best things to do when you are on a trip to this Zimbabwean city. It attracts numerous tourists every year. Trekking up to the natural pool present inside the Chinhoyi Caves is itself an adventurous escapade. Gear up to spot several kinds of birds at this locale.

Chinhoyi has a temperate climate with a touch of warmness. The average temperature revolves around 20.7 °C. Plus, Summers experience more rainfall than the Winters.

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In Manicaland Province in eastern Zimbabwe, Mutare is one of the populated places to visit in Zimbabwe. Established in the 19th century, it is considered an important centre for trade & commerce. Mutare also acts as an entrance to the beautiful Eastern Highlands.

Since Mutare is situated at the foothills of Eastern Highlands, it has a wonderful cityscape and is recognized for its wide boulevards, trees and public parks.

The top attractions in Mutare are Mutare Museum, Holy Trinity Catholic Cathedral, Utopia House, Vumba Botanical Gardens and Reserve and the Eastern Highlands.

The best things to do in Mutare are Day Excursion to Mutare Museum, Church Visit to the Holy Trinity Catholic Cathedral and Trekking to the Eastern Highlands.

Concerning its proximity to the ocean,  Mutare experiences a  Humid Subtropical Climate. The mean annual temperature varies around 19 °C. Summers are hot or warm while the winters are mild.

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In central Zimbabwe, Gweru is located in the Midlands Province and is one of the underrated Zimbabwe tourist places.   It received the status of a city in 1971. Until 1982, Gweru was known by the name Gwelo. Due to the presence of numerous universities, it is also known as the “City of Progress.” Gweru is also well-known for Farming and Commercial Gardening. Over the years, it has also evolved to become an important industrial hub.

The top attractions in Gweru are Antelope Park, White Waters, Aviation Museum and Insukamini Ruins. The Aviation Museum is an intellectual place for getting to know about Zimbabwe's military history. It nicely portrays the contributions of the Air Force, Army and Police towards the country.

Owing to its location, July is usually the coldest month in Gweru while October is the hottest. The mean annual temperature swings between 11 Degrees to 24.9 Degrees. The highest amount of rainfall occurs in December.

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Other Attractions

On the Zambezi River, Victoria Falls is one of the eminent Zimbabwe tourist places. Cascading from a height of 354 feet, it is one of the largest waterfalls in the world and is home to many unique species of plants and animals.

In 1855, it was 1st spotted by David Livingstone, the Scottish missionary and explorer. Thereafter, he named the Victoria Falls in honour of Queen Victoria. In Sotho Language, it is known as Mosi-oa-Tunya which stands for "The Smoke That Thunders". In 1989,  Victoria Falls was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Location: Mosi-o-tunya Road, Livingstone, Zambia

Timing: 6 AM -6 PM
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Being the oldest National Park, Matobo National Park is one of the ideal places to visit in Zimbabwe. It was established in 1926 and houses numerous varieties of flora and fauna. Species like White Rhinos, Impala, Antelopes, Black Eagles, and Leopards reside inside the premises.

It takes 2- 3 hours to explore the entire Matobo National Park. One can also camp inside the Matobo National Park and indulge in activities like  Hiking, Climbing, Fishing, Boating, Bird Watching, and Horse-riding. The ideal time to visit the National Park is between July-October i.e. during the dry season.

Location: Matopos Road, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Timing: 9 AM- 2 PM
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In the north of Eastern Highlands, Nyanga National Park is one of the oldest Zimbabwe tourist places. Its landscape consists of rhythmic rivers and rolling hills.Mount Nyangani which is  the highest point of Zimbabwe lies inside the National Park.On the other hand, Mutarazi Falls which is the highest waterfall of Zimbabwe cascades down in full glory.Nyanga National Park is home to various species.

Wildlife like Lion, Leopard, Blue Duiker, Samango Monkeys and Hyaena can be spotted inside the protected area. One can also camp inside the Nyanga National Park and indulge in thrilling activities like  Hiking, Fishing, Boating, and Swimming.

Location: Sanyatwe, Zimbabwe

Timing: 9 AM- 2 PM
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In southeastern Zimbabwe, Lake Mutirikwi National Park is one of the recreational places to visit in Zimbabwe. Originally, it was known as  Kyle National Park. It remains open to the visitors 24*7. Sprawled over 41760.809 acres, Mutirikwi National Park is home to species like White Rhinos, Zebras, Giraffes, Leopards, Buffaloes,  Hippos, Elands and Ostriches.

Rarer animals include Antbear, Bushbuck, Sable, Bushpig, and Steenbok. Also, there are Camping Sites and Lodges for staying overnight. One can also indulge in activities like Fishing & Boating.

Location: Zimbabwe

Timing: 9 AM- 3 PM
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Lying along the threshold of the Kalahari Desert, Hwange National Park is one of the top-notch places in Zimbabwe. It was established in 1928 as Wankie Game Reserve. Hwange is one of the largest natural reserves in Zimbabwe and is home to 100 mammals and 400 bird species and the major species include Cape Wild Dogs, Spotted Hyena, Elephants, African Leopard, and Cheetah.

Especially, visitors will be able to spot numerous Elephants and their population is ever-increasing. The National Park also houses numerous birds like Yellow-billed Kite, Martial, Eagle, Kori Bustard, Cape Griffon and African Hobby. One can also camp inside the Hwange National Park.

Location: Hwange National Park Zimbabwe

Timing: 9 AM- 3 PM
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In the northern part of Zimbabwe,  Mana Pools National Park is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spread over an area of 2196 sq kilometres, it is one of the charming Zimbabwe tourist places. It is also listed among notable natural ecological areas.

A true blend of wilderness and beauty, Mana Pools National Park houses mammals, birds, and aquatic wildlife like- Hippopotami, Crocodiles, Zebra, Elephant,Cape Buffalo, Lion, Cheetah, Cape Wild Dog,  Leopard and the Brown Hyena. Due to the presence of many water bodies, Canoe Safaris are considered the best method to explore the region. The ideal time to visit Mana Pools National Park is between June to October i.e. during the dry season.

Location: Zimbabwe

Timing: 9 AM- 3 PM
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On the southern shore of Lake Kariba, Matusadona National Park is one of the prominent places in Zimbabwe.  In 1975, it was declared a National Park on lines of Parks & Wildlife Act of Rhodesia. It covers an area of 540 miles and is home to a variety of flora and fauna like Lion,  Elephant, Buffalo, Waterbuck and Impala.

Matusadona National Park also has a compelling number of bird species. There was a time when several Black Rhinos used to reside here but rampant poaching eliminated their population. However, efforts are made to re-instill the indigenous wildlife to sustainable tourism.

Location: Zimbabwe

Timing: 9 AM- 3 PM
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In south-eastern Zimbabwe, Gonarezhou National Park is located in the Masvingo Province. Enveloping an area of 1950.974 square miles, Gonarezhou National Park is the 2nd largest National Park of Zimbabwe. Besides, it is also one of the faraway places to visit in Zimbabwe.

Owing to its remoteness, it has been left untouched by the tourists. In 1936, it was declared as a Protected Area and was given the title of a National Park in 1975. Gonarezhou National Park houses species like endangered Cape Wild Dog,   Elephant,  Zebra, Wildebeest, Black and WhiteRhinoceros, Lion, Leopard,Giraffe, Hippopotamus, Cape Buffalo, Cheetah, and Hyena.

Location: Zimbabwe

Timing: 9 AM- 3 PM
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Offering panoramic vistas and mind-blowing sunsets, Lake Kariba is an unexplored gem. It is one of the underrated Zimbabwe tourist places. Interestingly, Lake Kariba is also the largest man-made reservoir in the world. Due to its ecology, it supports a large number of fish species like Kapenta and Tigerfish.

As a result, Commercial Fishery contributes to sustainable revenue. Other aquatic animals which inhabit the lake are Nile Crocodiles and Hippopotami. Wildlife like Elephants,  Leopard,  Lion, Cheetah and Buffalo also are frequent visitors along the shoreline.

Timing: 9 AM- 3 PM
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A reputable UNESCO World Heritage Site in the southern part of the country, Great Zimbabwe National Monument is one of the unmissable places in Zimbabwe.   The Stone Works which dates back to the 11th - 15th centuries are truly impressive.

The ruins are still in a good state and preserved quite well. The historical site is categorized into 3 sections i.e. Hill Complex, Valley Ruins and the Great Enclosure. The Hill Complex used to be the religious centre of the city.  To reach the top of the Hill Complex, one has to undergo a 20-25 minutes hiking session.

Location: Masvingo, Zimbabwe

Timing: 9 AM- 5 PM
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Located in the leafy suburbs of Bulawayo, it is a boutique hotel as well as wedding venue that is famed for its upscale offering. You will get to relish top class hospitality and super comfortable modern amenities. The warmth and graciousness of this place will definitely make you its fan.

The age old architectural style of this place will definitely take you back in the timelines. The most interesting part of this place is its terraced views and secluded surroundings by the side of the pond. You will get to notice medieval crenelations, granite ramparts, and turrets.

Location: 6 Percy Avenue, Hillside, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
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Umfurudzi Park is one of the most sought-after national parks in Zimbabwe. It is spread over an area of 76000 hectares which is equivalent to almost 760 square meters. This impeccable natural beauty and biodiversity park were brought into being in the year 1981 and it happens to be one of the very first parks that was formed under free Zimbabwe.

The park is home to some of the unique species like the Black Rhino and many others. During your visit to this place, you can indulge in a wide range of activities like fishing, swimming, game drives, camping, hiking, and walking tours.

Location: 14 Kew Drive, Highlands, Harare, Zimbabwe

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People Also Ask About Zimbabwe

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Zimbabwe?

    1. Hwange National Park: Inaugurated in 1928, Hwange National Park is the largest National Park in Zimbabwe. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best places in Zimbabwe because it is home to  species like Cape Wild Dogs, Spotted Hyena, Elephants, African Leopard, Cheetah, Yellow-billed Kite, Martial Eagle and Kori Bustard reside here.

    2. Victoria Falls: Beaming with magnificence, Victoria Falls is one of the iconic Zimbabwe tourist places. It gurgles down with full glory and makes a thunderous noise that can be heard from a far off distance. Its ecology supports numerous species of flora and fauna. Besides, Victoria Falls is also a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    3. Great Zimbabwe National Monument: An important historical site, Great Zimbabwe National Monument is one of the stunning places to visit in Zimbabwe. It covers an area of 2.79 square miles and is an acclaimed UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Great Zimbabwe National Monument dates back to the 11th Century and was an important hub in the Late Iron age.
  2. Which are the best places to visit in Zimbabwe for couples?

    1. Victoria Falls: One of the major  Zimbabwe tourist places for couples, Victoria Falls gushes downward with unrivalled charm and is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. Make sure to stay back to catch the sunset and take spectacular snaps.

    2. Lake Kariba: Lake Kariba is one of the best places in Zimbabwe for lovebirds.  It is a belle vision and makes for a perfect getaway. One can also spot wildlife like Elephants,  Leopard,  Lion, along the shoreline.

    3. Matobo National Park: Opened between 9 AM- 2 PM, Matobo National Park is one of the popular Zimbabwe tourist places among honeymooners. It is home to numerous species of plants and animals and takes more than an hour to explore the National Park.

    4. Chinhoyi Caves: Nestled close to Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe, Chinhoyi Caves is one of the majestic places in Zimbabwe to visit with your partner. The Cave System is made up of Dolomite and Limestone. The Natural Pool present inside is crystal blue in colour and houses a nest of fish.
  3. Which are the best Wildlife Parks to visit in Zimbabwe?

    1. Mana Pools National Park: One of the fascinating places to visit in Zimbabwe, Mana Pools National Park is a well-known Wildlife Park.  It is home to species like Hippopotami, Crocodiles, Zebra, Elephant,  Lion, Cheetah, Leopard and the Brown Hyena. Besides, it is also recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

    2. Gonarezhou National Park: In Masvingo Province, Gonarezhou National Park is a pristine locale. In 1975, it received the title of a National Park and is one of the unexplored Zimbabwe tourist places. It houses animals including Elephant,  Zebra, Wildebeest, White Rhinoceros, Lion, Leopard, Giraffe, Hippopotamus, Cape Buffalo, Cheetah, and Hyena.

    3. Nyanga National Park: One of the prime places in Zimbabwe, Nyanga National Park is a must-have in your itinerary. It is home to species like Lion,  Leopard, Blue Duiker, Samango Monkeys and Hyaena. One can also indulge in Camping inside the National Park.
  4. What is the best time to visit Zimbabwe?

    The ideal time to visit Zimbabwe is between May to September. During this period, the temperature remains pleasant and offers perfect conditions to explore the Zimbabwe tourist places at their best. Besides, June, July and August are considered a great phase to indulge in Wildlife Safari and spot species.
  5. How to reach Zimbabwe?

    To reach Zimbabwe, one can take flights to Harare and land at Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport. Plus, there are 2 more airports in Zimbabwe i.e.  Bulawayo International airport, and Victoria Falls Airport. Another way of reaching Zimbabwe is to take flights via Johannesburg which further connect to Harare.
  6. Is Zimbabwe worth visiting?

    If you are someone who loves the combination of flora, fauna, rugged terrain, thrilling activities and total remoteness, Zimbabwe will be worth your every penny. People here welcome visitors with open arms and offer impeccable hospitality. Besides, you will also get to learn about cultural diversity.
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