Lord Egerton Castle, Mombasa - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

About Lord Egerton Castle

Highlights: The Lord Egerton Castle is fascinatingly known as the castle without a prince. Fort of the castle stands proudly like a pendant in the ravishing countryside of Nakuru. This is one of the most widely known tourist attraction. The inviting and marvelous mansion of the castle has expansive lush lawns and alluring colourful gardens on each of its side. Many even refer to the castle as the last remaining memorabilia of the Lord and his patronage. This archaic architecture which is a symbol of Timingsless beauty will teleport you back to a different era.

Location: The Lord Egerton Castle is located Off Nakuru-Kisumu Highway inNakuru.

Price: Adults are supported to pay Sh 150 to enter the castle. While the children are charged somewhere between Sh 50 to Sh 75 to take a tour to the 53 rooms of the castle.

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