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About Kakamega

Kakamega is a town that is located in the western Kenya. It lies about 30 km north of the Equator. The town is densely population and is the headquarters of the Kakamega County.

Located 50 km north of Kisumu that is the third largest city of Kenya as well as a port city lying on the Lake Victoria, the average elevation of Kakamega is 1,535 metres.

Kakamega county is the 2nd most populous county after Nairobi. It has 9 constituencies in totality – ikolomani, Matungu, Lugari, Butere, Khwisero, Mumias East, Malava, Shinyalu and Lurambi, all of which have a flavour that deserves to be experienced and felt.     

The town was so named because the world Kakamega translates (in Kiluhyah which is a local dialect here) roughly to pinch. This is used to describe how the colonists of Europe would eat their staple food, ugail.

To be true, there is no certain reason as to why you should stay in this agricultural town however if you come here late in the day, Kakamega can be a convenient place to sleep over and stock up some supplies before you head to the tourist attractions as well as nearby attractions of the Kakamega. 

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Kakamega FAQ's

Travel Advice

·         Keep touts at bay.

·         If a particular location says, ‘Photography is not permitted’, adhere to it.

·         Do not let anyone mislead you. Always gather the requisite information about the place that you are traveling for the first time.

·         Carry with you a first aid kit containing all the necessary medications.

·         Do not sit in a vehicle that does not follow the prepaid or the metered system.

·         Do not get involved in any ugly spats or fights with anyone.

·         Do not pass a racist remark on anyone.

·         Do not flaunt your excess cash in public areas.

·         Do not leave your jewelry, cash or valuables in the hotel room.

·         Book a room in the hotel that is located in the heart of the city.

·         Avoid staying in a hotel that is located in a shady region.

·         Do not film anywhere without permission.

·         If you want to click in a religious place, it is good to seek permissions before clicking.

·         Do not travel alone in the night hours.

·         Carry at least one ID proof or a copy of your passport whenever you go out.

·         Do not indulge in drugs or narco of any form.

·         Stay away from the drug peddlers or drug dealers. 

Drinking Law

The legal age for drinking in Kakamega is 18 years. 

Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

Kakamega forest

Kakamega forest is a tropical rainforest located in the Kakamega county and it is Kenya’s only tropical rainforest. The forest covers an area of 238 Sq. Km. and the forest was given a national reserve status in the year 1985. You can find the greatest hard and soft African woods which include Elgon teak, red and white Stinkwood along with several varieties of Croton and Aningeria altissima here. There are around 380 species of plants, 367 species of birds, amongst which 9 bird species are not found anywhere else. You may also spot the Bush pig, Duikers, Bushbuck, African clawless otter, Mongoose, Giant African water shrew, Squirrels, Tree pangolin, Porcupine, Bats, Blue monkey, Red tailed monkey, De Brazza's monkey, Baboon and many other animals in the Kakamega forest.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is one of the great African lakes spread across a surface area of 68,800 km. It holds many titles that includes world's largest tropical lake and the world's second largest freshwater lake by surface area in terms of volume. Lake Victoria is also the world's ninth largest continental lake containing about 2,750 cubic km of water. Kagera River is the largest river flowing into this lake. Lake Victoria is home to various species like Nile perch, Lungfish, Tilapia, Carp and Catfish. The Nalubaale power station controls the outflow of Lake Victoria. Visit here to indulge in water sports activities or just to spend a calm evening.

Crying stone of

Crying stone of Ilesi is one of the most unique and famous place in Kenya. It is situated at Ilesi in Kakamega town. The people residing near the crying stone of Ilesi mostly belong to the Luhya community. This physical monument surrounds many myths, superstition and beliefs, mostly believed by Luhya community. Luhya people believe that the stone does shed tears. The tall figure is also visible from main Kisumu to Kakamega road.  When the stone cries, it is considered as a sign of good omen. You can also visit the Shinichiro cave that is very near the stone. Crying stone of Ilesi is one of the most unique tourist attractions in the city.

Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

Formerly known as Western University College of Science and Technology, MMUST is a public college in Kenya. The university is named after a beloved politician late Masinde Muliro. MMUST became a public accredited university in 2007. The university offers courses in applied science, arts and diploma course in technology, mass media, and journalism among other similar courses. You must visit this college just to see the architecture and the way it is built. The university gives a historical evidence to how the architecture of Kenya is. 

What you will like there?


Kakamega is Kenya’s second most populous county. This town is filled with greenery along with panoramic landscapes that is surely a treat for nature lovers. There are various unique sightseeing places in Kakamega. The Kakamega rainforest is one of the most attractive places to visit. You can spot different species of birds and animals which you can't witness anywhere else. Crying stone of Ilesi is a 40 meters high rock dome resembling a human figure whose "eyes" drop water. It is considered as one of the most unique place of attraction in Kenya. Lake Victoria is yet another beautiful place that holds various world titles.

Adventure sports

Kakamega has various sporting activities to offer for those who love adventures. There are many trekking and mountain climbing opportunities you would love to participate in. Water sport activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling, surfing, swimming and other similar activities are carried out at Lake Victoria. One can also indulge in beach volleyball, fishing and golfing in the city. It's a must visit place for those who are looking for an adventurous trip.


You can shop for variety of items offered by locals in the markets of the city. Handicraft is one of the most popular item tourists look for while on their holiday here. People also love to buy craft goods, Makonde wood carvings, Batiks and Lamu chairs from Kakamega. Look out for Soapstone carvings, Maasai jewelry and wildlife books as they are among the must buy things from the city. Shopping becomes easier as you can pay using your bank cards at most of the shops here.

Safari Ride

Kakamega forest offers Safari ride that enables tourist to explore the interiors of the forest. Safari ride will be one of the most memorable experience you can ever have in a place like Kakamega which is famous for its wildlife. Through this Safari ride you may spot African water shrew, Squirrels, Tree pangolin, Porcupine, Bats, Blue monkey, Red tailed monkey among other animals. Also, there are 380 species of plants you can have a look at if you are interested in it.

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