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Best Events of Bangalore



Dwaipayana Naik

06 June 2016

200m of swimming, 10 km of cycling and 5 km of running!! Fit I am Tad was an amazing event. A lot of participant were well prepared but a big lot of people like me were also there who were just looking to challenge themselves. At the beginning, I never thought that I would be able to complete it, but as it turns out, I did! That feeling is something I would not forget for a long time. I literally gave out everything I had and finally completed the Triathlon! Oh yeah! :P I think I probably might have lost 2 kg on that day!


Swami Patil

10 June 2016

Being a swimming enthusiast, I went for the Aquathlon event in Fit i am tad bangalore in 2015. Met a lot of like minded people and had an amazing time. The experience was quite amazing. There should be more events like this in Bangalore. I hear fit i am tad 2016 is going to happen in multiple places including Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi and Chennai. I live in Mumbai now. I hope it happens here too.


Mangalya Malik

08 May 2016

Oh my God! Cars, Modified Cars, Race Cars, Stunts ,More cars & more cars. What an amazing experience. I loved every minute of it. All Car Lovers should go. Ps - there was DJ too.


Ganak Chopra

07 March 2017

It is an ideal blast that will retain your anxiety throughout and at times you would be scared when the racers will come face to face on the track, some of them might fall down during the race. Apart from those sad scenes, the race is superb. Those who are adventurous at heart will obviously enjoy this package. The arrangements made at the location is also appreciable. May be this time there are going to be more people to watch the event, so that seating arrangements can be made wider. Hence, everyone can equally watch the race clearly.


Deb Abbott

07 March 2017

I am not a racer lover but all of my friends pulled me to join them to watch Drag Fest. I had no idea how the race was going to be or what is different in it. But all my thoughts vanished as the race started. All the people around me started screaming out loud and then I realized I am the only one never had such an experience. I am also looking so eagerly to be a part of the fest this year but with some kind of knowledge about it. All the best team!


Sarada Mehrotra

07 March 2017

I booked through Thrillophilia last time, I did not think they will come up with this time as well. So happy to see the package is back. I am expecting more participants this time and hope it will be perfect. I am so excited to be at the fest. We can see so much energy and enthusiasm everywhere around.

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