25 Beaches in England For A Perfect Sunny Getaway

England Beaches

Fistral Beach, Bournemouth Beach, Woolacombe Beach, Whitby Beach, Bamburgh Castle Beach, Blackpool Sand, South Bay Beach, Compton Bay, St. Brelade's Bay Beach,  Weymouth Beach, Brighton Beach, Tankerton Beach, Durdle Door, Ventnor Beach, Camber Sands Beach, Brancaster Beach, Aldeburgh Beach & many more.

From shingled shelters to wide blankets or warm golden sands, the beaches in England boast of unique forms of beauty. Whether it is the uncanny magic of protected beaches that attracts you to them, or to the lovely joy that permeates most of the popular ones in the country, one is likely to find the beach of their dreams here. 
There is no single way of spending one's time at England's beaches. Some coasts boast of shallow waters and are great for a dip.

Others, such as Bornemouth and Woolacombe Beach, offer a fantastic range of water sports. Some beaches even feature scenic promenades that are ideal for an evening walk, such as Fistral Bay or Studland Bay. 
If you're looking for a quieter time by the sea, you can head over to any of the more unorganized alternatives. Pelistry Bay Beach and Durdle Door beach are great options for those looking to stay away from the regular beach crowd, and come with excellent views as well.

Here are some of the best beaches in England:

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Fistral Beach

Over the years, Fistral Beach has cemented its place as one of the top surfing beaches in England. The fantastic weather and water conditions here makes the beach ideally suited for the sport, although swimming is a possibility as well.

As you walk down the turf, you will be met by a sprawling Surf Centre, which offers training sessions as well as rentals.  A popular crowd puller, the beach can be found bustling with activity on a regular day. There are five different beachside eateries and bars to choose from.

Location: Newquay, Cornwall, UK

Activities: Shopping, beachside dining, surfing


Bournemouth Beach

Nestled by magnificent sandstone cliffs, Bournemouth Beach is actually a collection of five little beaches in one. An uninterrupted stretch of golden white sand lines the clean blue coastline here. The lovely bay enjoys it's own micro-climate, making the temperature of the water here lower than most UK bayswater.

The coastline here commands an excellent view of the Isle of Wight as well. The beach provides electronic barbecue systems on public holidays, making it ideal for friends' gathering. One can even try a fantastic range of water sports here, including parasailing, kayaking, jet skiing and much more. 

Location: Bournemouth, Dorset

Activities: Water sports, ziplining  barbecue


Woolacombe Beach

A popular crowd favorite, the award-winning Woolacombe is easily one of the finest beaches in England. Overlooked by sand dunes on one side, the coastline here commands uninterrupted views of the Lundy Island in Bristol Channel. The three mile Beach is perfect for those looking for a traditional beachside experience, with enough lounges and shades to go by.

Woolacombe is monitored by its lifeguards at all times, making the waters safe for visitors. While swimming here is never a bad idea, one can also try their hand at several watersports such as kayaking, surfing or kitesurfing. The village of Woolacombe lies on the northern end of the beach, and has plenty of cafes and barbecue joints to choose from. 

Location: North Devon, England 

Highlights: Water sports, lifeguard support, sunset views


Whitby Beach

The English town of Whitby is roughly divided by the river Esk, with each bank featuring a Beach of its own. The east bank features a little sheltered Beach that allows dogs throughout the year. The other one, called the West Cliff Beach, is the main Beach in Whitby. The traditional bucket and spade Beach stretches two miles long,  dotted occasionally by Beach huts and windbreakers.

Activities at the beach include paddling sports, ball games, and donkey rides for children. One could also hike to the top of the West Cliff here for views of the sea. Special events at Whitby Beach include an annual summer Regatta and Goth conventions. 

Location: Whitby, United Kingdom

Highlight: Water sports, children's games, skateboard rink, summer events


Wells-Next-The-Sea Beach

The Wells Next The Sea Beach is located just a short walk outside town. One could choose to walk down the fabulous road down to the coast with views to the marshes. Wells is known best for its sweeping sandy stretches and colorful Beach huts.

The laid back ambience here is perfect for a leisurely day out, making it one of the most relaxing of England beaches. In fact, There are few better places to unwind than Wells- fly a kite, take a dip, or birdwatch, there's no one way of spending one's time here. 

Location: Wells-next-the-Sea NR23 1DR, United Kingdom

Highlight: Water sports, beach huts, rare birds


Bamburgh Castle Beach

Once a Norman stronghold, the magnificent Bamburgh Castle stands proudly at one end of Alnwick. Sprawling below is the beach of the same name, a magnificent stretch of sand fringed by calm waters. The consistent waves at Bamburgh beach makes it one of the most sought after beaches in England for surfing, and surf lessons are offered here as well.

The water here is never quite warm, but can be ventured into during the middle months. If you walk northward along the coast, you'll find yourself by the Stag Rocks ,  named so for the white stag drawn on them. There are some rock pools on this end of the beach, along with a lighthouse.

Location: Bamburgh NE69 7DF, United Kingdom

Highlights: Castle visit, surfing, rock pools, sand dunes


Blackpool Sand

Regarded as one of the most beautiful England beaches, this sheltered bay idles at one end of Blackpool Valley. The water here is a superb blue, and some of the cleanest in England. The beach provides for some water sports, such as paddling and kayaking, offering equipment on rent.

A number of fun family events are conducted here during the warmer months, including beachside cinema and triathlons. There are some eateries and beach shops by the beach as well. 

Location: Blackpool Valley Road Nr, Dartmouth TQ6 0RG, United Kingdom

Highlight: Watersports, beach shop, rentals


Studland Bay

Four miles worth of  beach line the stunning Studland Bay, one of the most beautiful areas of England Beaches. There are several ways to explore the beaches here; while walking is the traditional way of getting around here, the beach features several cycling trails, which can be rather fun to explore.

Swimming is the most popular thing to do here, although one can also try their hand in sports like kayaking or paddling. The Old Harry Rocks, one of the important landmarks of East Dorset, stand at one corner of the Bay, and is a great spot for swimming or lounging.

Location:  East Dorset, UK

Highlights: Watersports, dog friendly, Old Harry Rocks, cycling trails


South Bay Beach

This sunny Yorkshire beach is a popular favorite with families. The fairly calm waters and clean sands here makes it a perfect place for children. There is much to see and do here as well- a promenade runs along the coastline all the way to the North Bay, and can be a great spot for an evening walk.

Donkey rides are offered at the beach as well. Dining options at the beach include a number of ice cream parlours, cafes and small pubs. A harbour sits at one end of the beach, mooring fishing vessels as well as pleasure boats.

Location: Scarborough, Yorkshire, UK

Highlights: donkey rides, surfing, boating, castle views


Compton Bay

The Isle of Wight’s best kept secret, Compton Beach can proudly claim to be one of the most beautiful England beaches. The view here comprises undulating sand dunes in alternate light and dark hues, backed by multi-colored limestone cliffs at a distance.

Compton Bay is an excellent place for fossil hunting, and you can book tours here to see the dinosaur footprint at one end of the beach. The regular tide here makes Compton Bay one of the top beaches in England for surfing. At low tide, one can even partake in a number of sand sports.

Location: Military Road, Brook, Freshwater, Isle Of Wight, PO30 4HF

Highlights: Hiking, water sports, fossil hunting, surfing


St. Brelade's Bay Beach

With its wavering palmtops and bright blue water, St. Brelade’s is one of England’s most picturesque beaches, like something right out of a postcard. The shallow waters here make it ideal for swimming. Parasols, lounges and windbreakers can be hired throughout the beach as well.

Additionally, there are rentals leasing out swimwear and equipment by the hour. There are some prominent attractions just by the beach, such as the Winston Churchill Park and the Fisherman’s Chapel, which are worth a visit.

Location: St. Brelade’s Bay, Jersey, England 

Highlights: Water sports, dining options, rentals


Weymouth Beach

Curving gently along the Weymouth Bay is the little Weymouth Beach. The beach holds some significance in the country’s history, as it was commonly frequented by King George III during his time of illness. The gentle slope of the beach makes it ideal for watersports, swimming or even hiking.

With donkey rides, pedalos and frequent fairs, it is also one of the most child-friendly beaches in England. Weymouth Beach is dog friendly, but has a specified area demarcated for dog walkers. The beach also hosts several competitions and championships throughout the year.

Location: The Esplanade WEYMOUTH, Dorset DT4 7AN

Highlights: Children’s fairs, dog walking pavilion, water sports, eateries


Brighton Beach

The pebbled Brighton Beach is among the most popular of England beaches, and rightly so. The vast coastline here features a promenade running down its length, ideal for evening walks and sunset watching. Several beach huts and lively eateries line the place.

There is no lifeguard here, but the shallow waters can be good for swimming. There is some children’s amusement at one end of the promenade, which can be fun to explore.

Location: Madeira Drive,Brighton,East Sussex,BN2 1PS, England

Highlights: Artists Quarters, children’s amusement, watchtower, limited watersports, promenade



Bigbury on Sea is a popular family beach in the village of the same name. The sea deservingly nestled within the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with its dusty sands fringed by the shallow blue-grey sea.

The waters here are great for swimming, although one can try their hands in a variety of sports as well, including paddleboarding, surfing and kitesurfing. There are some rock pools by the coastline, which add to the overall charm of the place. Dogs are allowed on the beach but have restricted access during summer.

Location: Bigbury, Nr Kingsbridge, Devon, TQ7 4AZ

Highlights: Water sports, rock pools, eateries, dog friendly


Pelistry Bay Beach

Sitting on nearly unspoilt sands, Pelistry Bay is among the least visited beaches in England. Perhaps the fact that the beach’s unorganized nature is what owes its lack of popularity, but it can also be its charm.

The secluded area offers a perfect getaway for those looking to avoid the regular crowd that throngs the better known England beaches. The waters here can be great for swimming when the tide is low. The beach also commands excellent views of the Eastern Isles on the other end. 

Location: Pelistry, Isles of Scilly, England 

Highlights: Swimming, island views


Porthcurno Beach

Porthcurno Beach has been described as a coastal paradise by some, and it's easy to see why. The oasis of natural beauty, with its perfectly white sand and water that glitters when the sun is high, is easily one of the most gorgeous beaches in England. The beach has a small stream running along one side where visitors may choose to paddle.

Dogs are allowed throughout the year except for the peak summer months, when a seasonal dog ban is put in place. A hike across the granite cliffs here leads one up to the Minack Theatre, an open air theatre built in the early 20th century.

Location: Porthcurno, Cornwall

Highlights: Rock pools, hiking, theatre visit, dog friendly


Tankerton Beach

 At Tankerton, an idyllic grassy knoll gives way to the golden white sands of the beach. One of the best England beaches for picnics, Tankerton’s scenic charm is a big crowd puller. Walking along the coast during low tide is a popular activity here, and one is met with uninterrupted views of the horizon. The water here is shallow, making it perfect for bathing or exploring sea life.

Location: Tankerton, Whitsable, Kent 

Highlight: Marine Promenade, picnic spot, rock pools


West Wittering Beach

West Wittering is a fantastic organized beach just out of Chichester. The beach is best known for its sunset views and promenades, which span as long as to the dunes on the East Head. The water here is good for swimming, but watersports are limited to surfing and kitesurfing.

One can also find rentals leasing out equipment as well as training lessons during peak season. Horse riding is a popular tourist sport here. Dogs are allowed on the beach throughout the year, barring the high summer months. 

Location: Pound Rd, West Wittering, Chichester PO20 8AJ, United Kingdom

Highlights: Surfing, eateries, dog friendly, horse riding


Durdle Door

A little limestone arch on England’s Jurassic Coast, Durdle Door is one of the most photographed landmarks in the country. The beach here can be accessed via a series of steep stairs leading down from the cliffs.

The beach is best regarded for its uncanny beauty, with stunning blue green waters blending effortlessly into the white sand that fringes it. There are no lifeguards in place at the Durdle Door beach, so visitors are advised to exercise caution. Bathing in the waters is possible, but the steep bank would make it risky for younger children. 

Location: Via Durdle Door Holiday Park WEST LULWORTH, Dorset BH20 5PU

Highlight: Hiking trails, dog friendly


Ventnor Beach

Settled on the southernmost edge of the Isle of Wight, Ventnor is a lovely sloping beach in a sheltered bay. The beach has a number of beach huts available for rent, along with deckchairs, parasols and windbreakers.

On one side sits the famous Isle of Wight paddling pool, a pool in the shape of the Isle that has entertained children for over a hundred years now. Along the seafront are several eateries, cafes and restaurants serving local delicacies throughout the year. 

Location: Ventnor, Isle of Wight, England

Highlights: Dog friendly, swimming, eateries, Isle of Wight pool


Camber Sands Beach

Camber Sands is the only sandy beach in Sussex; not only that, it is the only place in the city with Sand dunes. It’s allure, thus, is massive among the locals here. The most enchanting place in Camber Sands is the western end, where the river Rother empties into the sea.

Here, the fine golden sands are taken over by shingles and rocks again. Camber Sands beach is regarded as one of the best beaches in England for beachcombing, while surfing and kitesurfing are popular sports here as well. Despite its fame, the beach is amazingly unspoilt and remains thinly crowded. 

Location: Camber, East Sussex

Highlights: Water sports, beachcombing, river views


Brancaster Beach

With miles of unspoilt sands, Brancaster is one of Norfolks’ most stunning offerings. The beach comes under the National Trust area, dedicated to protect the country’s natural treasures. The beach is extremely popular with families, with groups coming together for beachcombing, collecting shells or even flying a kite or two.

Kitesurfing is encouraged among visitors. On one end of the beach sits a shipwreck, which is only visible when the water recedes during low tide. The beach is kept shop free for the sake of cleanliness, but it does have a little wooden cabin selling ice cream, spades, shovels and so on. 

Location: Brancaster, Norfolk

Highlights: Beachcombing, kitesurfing, shipwrecks


Aldeburgh Beach

This shingled beach is probably the most popular of Suffolk’s beaches. There is a lot to see and do in Aldeburgh. Right on the beachfront are several of the city’s most notable landmarks, including the 400 year old Moot Hall.

The beach is flanked by a promenade that takes one along the coastline, and on heading northward, one comes face to face with the massive scallop sculpture that the beach is so well known for. 

Location: Aldeburgh Beach, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, IP15 5BP

Highlights: Tourist spot, promenade, sculpture


Birling Gap Beach

Set at the foot of the chalky Seven Sister Hills, Birling Gap is remarkable in its natural beauty. To date, the beach remains undeveloped in order to preserve its unspoilt aura. The beach can be reached by a series of staircases from the cliff tower.

The area is mostly shingled, with some patches of sand in between. The waters retreat during high tide, forming a number of little Rock pools along the coastline. 

Location: Beachy Head Rd, Eastbourne BN20 0AB, United Kingdom

Highlights: rock pools, hiking


Filey Beach

Although a popular resort town, Filey Beach is comparatively uncluttered as compared to its sister beaches. The glorious stretch of golden sand spreads across five whole miles. A seaside promenade runs along the coast, featuring artwork by local artists.

The promenade stretches all the way to the Filey Brigg,the starting point of the Cleveland Bay coastal walk and a great spot for birdwatching. Filey has a strong fishing culture, and visitors can still spot traditional boats moored along the coast. 

Location: Filey, Scarborough, England 

Highlights: Horse riding, rock pools, promenade, dog friendly

People Also Ask About England

  1. Which are the best beaches in England for Couples?

    1. Lantic Bay, South Cornwall: Its sand riddled with shingles, stunning turquoise waters lapping gently against the shore, and a handful of fishing boats moored at one end, Lantic Bay is one of the most visually stunning beaches in England. This idyllic beach offers the perfect spot for an evening with a loved one, whether you spend it walking by the promenade or enjoying a sunset.

    2. Seatown Beach, Dorset: Nestled just along the Jurassic Coast, Seatown is one of the quieter beaches in Dorset. Flanked by the hills on one side and stunning clear waters on the other, the beach promises quite a lovely day out.

    3. Ravenglass, Lake District: Lake District is generally not regarded as a beach destination; in fact, it is better known for its meadows and lakes. However, nestled amidst its many glassy lakes is the stunning Ravenglass. The awe inspiring scenery at this quiet beach makes it worth a visit on your special holiday. The sunsets here are fantastic as well.

  2. Which are the best activities to do on the England beaches?

    1. Horse Riding: If you’ve never tried horse riding before, the beaches in England might just be the perfect spot for your first try. Ambling along the coast, one is met with uninterrupted views of the horizon. Horse riding in England beaches is generally a guided sport.

    2. Surfing: Out of all water sports, surfing is perhaps the most popular thing to do at the beaches in England. The wind conditions in the country make its beaches perfect for the sport. Most beaches provide surf rentals and training sessions for beginners.

    3. Fossil Hunting: Fossil hunting is one of the rarer activities that England beaches offer. Beaches such as Compton Bay or Robin Hood’s Cove offer possibilities of hidden fossils stowed away in the nooks and crannies of the shore. 

    4. Beachcombing: The shallow tides at the England beaches make them perfect for beachcombing. Sifting through, one comes across a number of interesting items, including different shaped sea shells, corals and other sea life.

  3. What are the best beaches in England with luxury resorts?

    1. West Wittering: Glancing out from your window in West Wittering, you are greeted with views of sweeping golden sands, festooned cottages and multicolored fishing boats bobbing at a distance. The beach is also a designated area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and staying near it, one gets to catch an occasional glimpse of the odd wildlife or bird.

    2. Woolacombe Beach: Apart from being one of the most happening beaches in England, Woolacombe is also well regarded for its natural beauty. Here, stretches of golden sand are uninterrupted with the occasional rock pool or two. For those desiring a bit of adventure, the beach has a vibrant surf culture as well.

    3. Sandhaven Beach: South Shields’ Sandhaven is the quintessential English beach- bustling with people, eating, drinking, playing and just having a good time. Apart from the regular host of watersports, this lively beach conducts frequent live music gigs and entertainment shows as well.

  4. What is the best time to visit England?

    The best time to visit England is during the months of Spring, between May and September. The weather during this time remains warm and dry, making it the best time for beach sports in the country.

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18 November 2019
Even though the building looks a little ancient the overall feel of the place is very futuristic. It is not something that we get to see everyday. The kids are also going to love it. A good place to learn and have some fun! Must visit.
09 January 2020
Always wonder where the word GMT came from. Haha! My trip to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich was extraordinary. I got to discover a lot and it was an insightful tour. The tickets I got were from Thrillophilia. I did a lot of cool stuff like standing right on the meridian line and also took a lot of photos with my friends. Overall, a blissful experience providing a rich learning opportunity to people like me. I would definitely want every holidaymaker to visit this place.
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The best way I can describe my entire experience starting with getting my tickets from Thrillophilia to touring around St. Paul's Cathedral would be to the day that it was simply amazing. The place was so quiet and soothing, it was the kind of thing I wanted towards the end of my first-day tour in London. A side note, Just make sure you have a valid ID proof along with the tickets, it is important.
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I had a great time at St. Paul's Cathedral. The experience was sublime and I loved every bit of it. The place was amazing and we got a chance to just relax and enjoy some peace in the Cathedral. It is a definite recommendation from my end to every tourist visiting London. Trust me, advance booking your tickets take a load off of you.
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Ritesh Talwar Imperial War Museum Tour
My visit to the Imperial War Museum was insightful and really inspiring. I got to see a ton of war artilleries from the time of World War. Upon entering it will take you some time but the place will really grow on you. I must say that the guide was also thorough about the entire place.
16 December 2019
Gauranga Nambeesan Kensington Palace Tickets
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22 October 2019
Abhaidev Gowda Kensington Palace Tickets
It is a royal palace with a distinct architectural design that is really beautiful for the visitors. I really admired the entire ambiance of the place and the tour was just perfect. I strongly recommend everyone to visit the place on their tour to London.
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I got a chance to relax and me and my parents just sat in the garden and admired it's beauty. We spent around 30 minutes there walking around. Overall, it was nice experience but nothing special.
17 November 2019
The Kew Gardens was the perfect addition to my overall London trip. Upon reaching I visited the place towards the evening and I must tell you what a relaxing feeling it was. It was great sitting amidst the raw nature and enjoying some time in peace. We also took a lot of pictures and overall, we enjoyed the place very much.

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