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Poland Packages

Duration Price
Germany Poland Tour Package15 days & 14 nights
INR 1,40,000
Germany Austria Poland Tour Package14 days & 13 nights
INR 2,75,000

Poland Packages

While looking for good Poland tour packages, look no further than Thrillophilia. With many amazing packages that can be customised, Thrillophilia is your best partner to explore the beautiful country of Poland. Explore the country and strike the various activities from your to do list with our packages that are tailored to suit all your needs.

Visit the famous Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum with our customisable tour packages and explore the chance to get a deep insight into what Jewish people endured during the infamous Nazi regime. However, trips included in Poland packages are not just about reminding travellers of the dark past that the country has seen but will also take you through the vibrant parts of the country.

There are so many activities that you can indulge in on your Thrillophilia tour packages and will make you jump up with joy. Your Poland travel packages will take you on a trip to the stunning Masurian Lakeland, and will make mundane scenes turn into paradise. Offering great deals and discounts from time to time on the tour packages, Thrillophilia aims to fulfill the desires of its travelers and leaves no stone unturned for the same.

Tourists can also choose from our personalized Adventure tour packages that majorly focuses on a huge range of activities such as cycling, hiking, fishing, hunting, horse riding and also a number of water sports. Thrillophilia tour packages also includes the water sports in its itinerary, and the list goes on from kayaking and canoeing to windsurfing and yachting. Your tour package will cater to all your needs, be it the thrill of adventure sports or a beguiling nightlife - as Thrillophilia offers a wide range of tour packages for travelers to choose from.
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Poland Tour faqs

What are the famous places to see during Poland tour?

1. Main Market Square: A popular tourist spot and on top of the list amongst the first destinations in your Poland tour packages you should start your trip with. The Main Market Square, known to be the largest medieval market of Europe, is a famous spot for its social life for the younger generation and the young travellers that visit Poland from around the world.The market is a busy and bustling space today with an urban touch, but it was built back in the 13th century and has survived through generations of wars and changes.

Location: 0-062 Kraków, Poland

2. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial And Museum: Built in the honour of approximately 1.5 million people that lost their lives inhumanely during the Second World War in the same place, Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and Memorial is a window into the dark history of Poland. Currently, the museum is an important historical monument that is left in the same shape and structure as it was back when the Nazis abandoned it. The museum structure is completed by gas chamber ruins and it is one of the top places you should visit in Poland Trip Packages.

Location: Wiezniow Oswiecimia 20, 32-603 Oswiecim, Poland
Timings: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

3. Krakow Old Town: The Main Square of Krakow is one of the largest areas in Central Europe. The old town of Krakow has served as the center stage of political and social life of the city since the Middle ages and continues to do so to date. One of the best places to take a trip to on your Poland tour packages, the place is known for its wonderful Renaissance feels that are reflected in the Sufkiennence, St Mary Basilica.

The town has some amazing artsy bars and cafes that keep tourists entertained. The old town of Krakow has one of the world’s gorgeous streets with wonderful architecture and will surely take your breath away.

Location: Old Town, Krakow, Poland

4. Royal Castle: The Royal Castle is in the Old Town and situated on the beautiful Castle Square. The castle housed Polish royalty from the 16th to the 18th century and was rebuilt in the 1980’s after it was destroyed in the Second World War. When visiting this beautiful place as per your Poland tour packages, make sure you appreciate the series of portraits of Polish kings and the 23 18th-century paintings of Warsaw.

Location: Warsaw, Poland
Timings: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM

5. The Museum Of The History Of Polish Jews: Museum of History of Polish Jees is opened recently when compared to other significant places and museums that you will visit in your Poland tour packages. The Museum is an interactive place that also presents as the center States for culture with various events, workshops, debates, and lectures that visitors can attend. One of the most notable places in Poland, the museum depicts the thousand-year-old history of Jews of Poland and is a favorite destination in Poland packages.

Location: Anielewicza 6, 00-157 Warszawa, Poland
Timings: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

6. Palace of Culture and Science: On the top of your list while one ring on what to visit in Poland should be the beautiful palace of culture and science. Gifted by Stalin this place is a long high rise building which was inspired by the Empire State building in the United States of America. Today the palace is the center of various events such as concerts, theatrical performances, sports clubs, and many other cultural activities. So while you are preparing the list of famous places to visit in your Poland Packages, make sure to see the palace of culture and science.

Location: Plac Defilad 1, Warsaw 00-110, Poland
Timings: 11:00 AM – 11:30 PM

7. The Vistula River Beach: The Vistula is known as the district of entertainment and recreational activities situated in the middle of the city of Warsaw. Its beautiful beaches, the vibrant stretch of grasslands, indigenous species of birds and the scenic backdrop make it a spectacular place to enjoy the magical atmosphere of Poland. Make sure your Poland Packages take you to the scenic backdrop of this river.

Location: Wybrzeze Helskie, Warsaw, Poland

8. Ostrów Tumski: The stunning Island is one of the oldest tourist attractions in Wroclaw. Attached to the river Oder the island has many beautiful monuments such as the cathedral of Saint John the Baptist which was restored after World War 2 and the holy Cross. Its beautiful architecture will definitely charm you as you enjoy the breathtaking aesthetics of the historical buildings here under your Poland Tour Packages.

Location: Ostrow Tumski, Wroclaw, Poland
Timings: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM

9. Rynek: Situated in the heart of Wroclaw the Rynek market square has the cloth hall and the town hall, buildings flaunting elements of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. While visiting Poland this spot will always be an important part and amongst the best places to visit in your Poland Packages.

Location: Stare Miasto, Wroc?aw; Lower Silesian Voivodeship

10. The Royal Palace: The Royal Palace houses the historical Museum of Wroclaw showcasing the traditions of the city through its various interactive exhibitions. The palace has a baroque style Garden and Royal apartments making it one of the most beautiful places to visit in Poland. While visiting in your Poland Trip Packages, you can find yourself enjoying Wroclaw's millennium, one of the interactive exhibitions hosted in the Palace Museum.

Location: Kazimierza Wielkiego 35, 50-077 Wroc?aw
Timings: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Entry fee: Rs. 292

What are the best things to do during Poland tour?

1. Hike to Morskie Oko - Tatra Mountains: Situated in the heart of the Tatra mountains is moski or ko which is one of the largest lakes surrounded by towering mountains and evergreen trees. You will enjoy the scenery that surrounds the spectacular lake and the high mountain peaks that provide for an amazing view straight out of a movie. The Hike is approximately 10 km and takes up more than two hours taking you through paved and unpaved roads, forest trails towards one of the most beautiful gems of Poland.

Location: Tatra mountains

2. Tour the Salt Mines: Unique salt mines situated just outside of Krakow, the Wieliczka salt mines are designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites and have created salt sculptures over the years. Your Poland Tour Packages take a tour deep underground and witness notable historical figures carved from the same grey rock salt that is mined here. The mines also have a full Chapel underground with grand architecture and the beautiful ambience.

Location: Wieliczka, near Krakow
Timings: Timing varies according to weather/ season.

3. Relax in the Madurian Lake District: A beautiful region still untouched from the man made industry, the pace of life in this Lake district is slower and more surrounded by nature. While here you can enjoy sailing, fishing, hiking, swimming or pic of herbs and wild berries in the forest surrounding the district.

4. Hike the Swietokrzyskie Mountains: These mountains attract all types of travelers, those who love nature adventure hikers history and also families who are looking forward to spending holidays in a picturesque backdrop which is surrounded by nature.

Located just about a two hour drive from one of the most important cities of Southern Poland the mountains are protected as a national park and also engulfs traces of ancient history. You can also enjoy bird watching and animal photography in the National Park in your Poland Tour Packages.

Location: Swietokrzyskie Mountains

5. Revel in the Music of Chopin: The beautiful tunes of Choplin were first discovered in Warsaw. Visit this beautiful city and don't forget to look for the melodious peace in the amazing backdrop to his masterpieces. You can choose from the many museums, parks and galleries in your Poland Tour Packages that still host shows in his honour and play his music for those who love his music even after all this time. Find solace in his tunes as you explore the beauty of Poland.

Location: Warsaw

6. Journey to Praga: Tha praga district of Warsaw is situated on the right of the Old Town. Once a derelict neighbourhood, today the district is famous amongst students and travelers who love art. The gritty factories that once stood through the wars are now turned into cultural spaces, spaces for street arts, market places, and community bars where people interact and entertain. Enjoy the cultural art and social beauty of this district in your Poland Tour Packages.

Location: Praga District, Warsaw

7. A Day Trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum: Once the largest Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz-Birkenau is now the resting place of millions of people who lost their lives in those tragic times. Your Poland Tour packages will make sure you get to witness the historical landmark, which will give you an insight on the sufferings and hurt of age gone. The museum is a sombre place that reflects the realities of the holocaust and at the same time is a memorial of all that was endured.

Location: Auschwitz

8. Appreciate the Art at Galeria Raster: This amazing gallery was founded by two art critics to encourage the participation in cultural arts. Lose yourself in the excitement and charm that comes along with film screenings, concerts, countless artworks and a self-publishing bookstore at the Galeria Raster art museum.

Location: Warsaw

What are the best adventure activities in Poland?

1. Cycling: From short and easy circuits to some roads with curves and epic adventures, Poland Trip Packages offers nice destinations for very good cycling routes that visitors can explore. You can choose to stay on the flat roads or take your wheels to some more unexplored regions with better heights and curves. You can either embark on this journey alone or go for arranged cycling tours for groups. The scenic and unique backdrop of Poland will leave you in awe as you explore the lands on wheels.

2. Hiking: The mountains of Poland are breathtaking and attract tourists from around the world as well as locals from the country. Thousands of hikers follow the trails in these regions each year and explore the hilly terrains with adrenaline rushing through them. Tourists can engage in day long hikes or take up week long trails in the mountains as per Poland Packages. The famous trails are lined up in the Tatra Mountains, Sudetes Mountains, and National Parks with a wide range of flora and fauna to explore.

3. Kayaking: Poland has thousands of rivers and lakes where you can get the adrenaline going from Kayaking in the fresh waters. The lowlands of Masuria, Warmia, and northern Poland, Augustow Canal, and other regions have lakes and rivers that offer a wonderful experience for tourists. Around these rivers and lakes you will find plenty of shops where you can rent boats, paddles and life jackets at reasonable rates. Many tour companies also arrange for guides and organised water activities.

4. Skiing & Snowboarding: The mountain range of South Poland is a good place to start skiing and snowboarding if you have never tried it before. There are too many options with so many ski resorts to choose from. Poland is well equipped for squares of all levels, abilities and budgets.

The scenery of mountain regions like the Tatra Mountains, Sudetes Mountains will take your breath away and make for a wonderful ski experience. Many Poland Travel Packages arrange for tourists to enjoy skiing and snowboarding if visiting at the time of SnowFall.

Which are the best cities to explore in the Poland?

1. Krakow: An amazing place to visit the beautiful old town of Krakow is full of delightful searches and lined up with picturesque old buildings and markets. The city has one of the biggest market squares in Europe which is a popular tourist destination. Once a royal capital the town now offers an endless number of options for nightlife and a great backdrop to explore and historical sites and museums.

2. Warsaw: Warsaw is a city with diverse neighborhoods and beautiful parks where tourists can wander in the streets and just enjoy the scenic view. The capital city has amazing restaurants, bars, clubs and food joints that tourists, as well as locals, enjoy indulging in. The palace of culture and science offers a great view of the entire City under something everyone visiting Poland should see at least once. The city also offers great sightseeing options with its many architectural styles, Gothic churches, amazing museums .

3. Gdansk: The beauty of GDANSK is tumbling with the diverse architectural style that only got better after the reconstruction post second World War. Destination amongst theorists the city has beautiful old churches and elegant buildings alongside interesting museums and some amazing restaurants and cafes. Tourists enjoy spending time relaxing at its lovely beer Gardens on the boat Cruise from its ports.

4. Wroclaw: The charming city of Wroclaw is influenced by the unique look of art and culture and should definitely be on a must visit list in your Poland Packages. The architecture reflects the impact of Austria Bohemia and Prussia in its history. The famous Rynek market square and it's number of bridges lined up on the bank of Odra River, are an amazing view. Spend some time at the Cathedral Island before the sun sets and the nightlife scene gets exciting.

Which are the best hikes in Poland?

1. Orla Perc, The Tatras: The Orla Perc is a 6-7 hour long hike, which makes up for all that time on the foot with its amazing view at the end. One of the most famous hikes in Poland, the route is a bit dangerous and it is therefore recommended to experienced hikers only.

2. Giewont, Tatras: Another wonderful hike in the Tatras, Giewont is towering over the Zakopane and offers some breathtaking views. The route is approximately 5-6 hours and easy for new hikers to trail on under their Poland Travel Packages.

3. Three Crowns, the Pieniny: Very popular amongst tourists and locals, Pieniny are beautiful mountains with spectacular views. The hike is overlooking Dunajec Gorge and is a popular destination amongst hikers.

4. Sniezka, The Suedets: A popular hike train in Poland, Sniezka is roughly a one hour trail in the beautiful mountains of Suedets. It can be easily accessed by chairlift and is great for beginners exploring the Poland Travel Packages.

What is the best time to visit Poland?

Best time to visit Poland is in the months of May to June and September to October. The tourist population is comparatively less during these months and therefore you can enjoy the places without a rash. It is also a great time for hiking and enjoying the natural beauty of the country.

How to reach Poland?

Poland is easily accessible by air, trains, buses and even by boat. However while travelling from India the best way to reach Poland is by flight. Both direct flights and connecting flights are available from the major cities of India, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa. Unfortunately the only direct flight from India to Poland can be boarded from the Indira Gandhi International Airport New Delhi.

How much time does it take to get a visa to Poland?

Typically it takes around 15 days to get a visa to Poland however under extreme circumstances it can extend to a time limit of 60 days. This time window is after submission of all the required documents to concerned authorities. Your Poland Tour Packages can include assistance during the Visa acquisition.

What is the cost for a tourist visa in Poland?

The cost of a tourist visa for Poland is 4900 INR. This cost is for a visa that is valid for six months under stay of 90 days in the polish country.

How much does it cost to tour Poland?

Poland is a budget friendly destination that tourists can enjoy solo, in couples or with their families. Decent Poland Tour Packages will cost somewhere around 50000 to 70000 INR for a single person at minimum.

What's the currency of Poland?

The currency of Poland is Polish zloty. 1 Polish zloty equals 18.37 Indian Rupees.

How many days are enough in Poland?

While it depends on how long you want your trip to be, it will take at least 10 days for you to see the depths of the country's culture, history and architecture. However it might take more than 10 days if you wish to look deeper into the cities and towns of Poland. Your Poland Tour packages can be customised according to your desire.

What languages are spoken in Poland?

Polish is the major language spoken in Poland. In addition to Polish, foreign languages like Russian, English and German are also spoken. You can also find regional languages spoken amongst locals and minorities.

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