Swiss National Park Overview

A part of the worldwide UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Swiss National Park is located in the Western Rhaetian Alps and is stretched across an area of 170 sq km. The large protected area of the national park encompasses imposing mountains and picturesque valleys harbouring rich biodiversity and pristine river streams.

Thus, to experience nature in its most beautiful form, this national park is certainly among the best places to visit on your Switzerland tour. 80 km of hiking trails and nature paths within the park allow the visitors to lay their eyes on some of the most beautiful landscapes of the country from up close. Wildlife enthusiasts can keep an eye out for exotic fauna and avifauna species like marmots, chamois, golden eagles, red deer, and ibex.

At every step, the Swiss National Park reveals the harmonious coexistence of nature and conservation, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic and unspoiled encounter with the wonders of the Alps. Explore, discover, and revel in the pristine landscapes that have earned this national park its well-deserved place among Switzerland's most cherished treasures. Witness the amazing Swiss National Park and find varieties of species with our Europe tour packages.

Highlight of the place: 45 national park panorama trails crossing wondrous forested valleys and mountains.

Location: Western Rhaetian Alps, Eastern Switzerland

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