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What You Should Know More About Lucerne

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Book your stay and hotels in advance, and try looking for some of the best reviewed hotels online.

    ·         Though Lucerne is safe for tourists, it is advisable to not go out at late hours because the place gets lonely at night.

    ·         Do not carry a lot of cash with you, especially when you go to crowded places like music events and festivals.

    ·         Do not spoil the architectural beauty of the monuments and buildings in any way.

    ·         Carry your passport and other identification copies whenever you step out of your hotel.

    ·         Do not wear flashy jewelry.

    ·         Do not get into brawls with any of the locals or offend then in any way.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    The legal minimum age to consume alcohol in Lucerne is 16 for beer and wine and 18 years for other hard drinks and distilled spirits.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Chapel Bridge

    The Chapel Bridge is one of the most famous sight-seeing destinations over here and one of the most photographed places too. Built in the year 1333, this is a monument which has been restored numerous times but still gives you the picture of an ancient charm effectively. This place has pictures hanging down from the roof rafters inside, which depict various historic scenes from the past.


    Old Town

    The Old Town, which is located on the banks of Reuss River has old houses, little squares, and attractive fountains, all built in olden times. Hence, when you step in this area, you will feel like you are in a scene from the fairy-tale books. The architecture here is mostly inspired by the Italian Renaissance and Swiss roof styles. The tower here dates back to 14th century and the Town Hall was built in the year 1602. Hence, everything you see here is an example of classic and beautiful art and architecture.

    Rosengart Collection

    The Rosengart Collection has its home at the Bew Art Museum in Lucerne, which is a collection of Post-Impressionist art, particularly showing the works of Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee. There are over a hundred pieces of art in the museum and initially established as a personal collection, this place is one of the richest in the collection of art today.

    Swiss Transport Museum

    This is a large complex in the beautiful town of Lucerne, where different forms of transport are exhibited. From vintage cars to locomotives, ships, air crafts and rockets, this place is a home to some of the best models of automobiles and transport in their developmental stages. The main attraction of this place is the exhibit which explains how St. Gotthard rail tunnel was constructed.

    There is also a 3D IMAX film theater here which offers interesting shows on a daily basis.


    Jesuit Church

    The Jesuit is one of the largest and most beautiful Churches in Switzerland. Built on the bank of Reuss River in 1677, this place is constructed in the Rococo style of architecture. It is mainly famous for the beautifully painted ceiling, marble side altars, and beautiful interiors, making it a treat to the eyes of every visitor.

    Lion Monument

    Located to the North of Lowenplatz, the Lion Monument is a statue figure of a dying lion. It was designed in 1920, as a commemorate the death of 26 officers and 700 troops of guards who died while protecting king Louis XVI during the French Revolution of 1792. This monument is really artistic and also carries a lot of sentimental value and hence, is a place frequented by tourists.


    Town Walls

    Town Walls, built in the year 1350 and 1408, are constructed in a style along with nine other magnificent towers. You can climb four of these towers, and get a view of the Old Town, lake and the breathtakingly beautiful landscape which surrounds this place.

    Glacier Garden

    The Glacier Garden is without any doubt the most breathtaking place to visit in Lucerne. It will please your eyes with its beauty like no other place. This place includes glacier-polished rocks, beautifully formed boulders, 32 potholes formed at the base of the waterfalls from glaciers and an overall formation happened due to the climatic changes of the earth. This place is really interesting and will offer you a really unique experience.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Style of Construction

    The architectural style with which ancient, medieval as well as current day buildings and monuments are constructed is really pretty. The constructions over here are nothing but a treat to your eyes and some of the most heavenly pleasures for photography enthusiasts.

    Natural Wonders

    Lucerne is a place blessed by the best natural beauty. Nature which you see here is something which will make you feel like you are living in a heavenly fairytale. The rivers, snow-clad mountains, and lush green vegetation, ornamented with little houses in the middle is a sight worth admiring.

    Beautiful Monuments

    Lucerne is a place which is a home to some of the best ancient as well medieval period monuments. Sadly, the monuments over here are not much talked about, but they are stunning beyond you could ever imagine.

    Facilities for Tourists

    Lucerne is a place with all the facilities for tourists on a basic as well as luxury level. From hotels to resorts and spas to transport facilities and tour packages, everything is well arranged and provided so that the tourists can enjoy their trip with convenience. 

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