Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)
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About Lauterbrunnen

If the thought of spending your vacation in a valley set amidst lofty cliffs and thundering waterfalls entices you, Lauterbrunnen is the place for you in Switzerland. Located in the Swiss Alps, this valley is one of the major conservation areas in the entirety of Switzerland and is a treat for any nature lover.

The picture-perfect beauty of the dramatic landscapes of Lauterbrunnen evokes a sense of rejuvenation, letting all of your senses to calm down in the lap of nature. The availability of various cross-country skiing and hiking trails in the valley enhance the fun for thrill seekers visiting Switzerland to indulge in winter sports.

So whether you prefer to idly soak up the essence of Switzerland’s nature or embark on some exhilarating ventures, your bucket list must include Lauterbrunnen.

Highlight of the place: The valley comprises 72 majestic waterfalls plunging from overhanging rock faces.

Location: Swiss Alps, Switzerland
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