Lauterbrunnen Overview

Lauterbrunnen, nestled in the Swiss Alps, is a dreamy destination for nature lovers. Surrounded by towering peaks, it boasts 72 stunning waterfalls cascading from rocky cliffs. Whether you are looking for tranquillity or adventure, this picturesque valley offers hiking trails and winter sports. A must-visit on your Switzerland tour, Lauterbrunnen promises breathtaking views and unforgettable experiences for all ages.

If the thought of spending your vacation in a valley set amidst lofty cliffs and thundering waterfalls entices you, Lauterbrunnen awaits on your Switzerland tour package from India. Located in the Swiss Alps, this valley is one of the major conservation areas in the entirety of Switzerland and is a treat for any nature lover.

Get ready for an amazing adventure in Lauterbrunnen Valley! It is famous for its 72 waterfalls, like the stunning Staubbach Falls. Feel the excitement as you explore Trummelbach Falls hidden behind big rocks. 

In winter, you can ski on the delightful slopes in Wengen or Murren that can be reached by charming mountain railways.

In summer, enjoy beautiful trips to Wengen's sunny spot or ride a cable car up Schilthorn Mountain in Murren. Start your journey from the cosy town of Lauterbrunnen, and do not miss the peaceful village of Isenfluh. Walk along the winding paths of this breathtaking location and soak in the immense natural beauty surrounding you. Whether you are skiing or hiking, Lauterbrunnen promises a lot of fun surrounded by Switzerland's natural beauty!


• Experience Europe's largest underground waterfalls, Trümmelbach Falls, echoing with thunderous roars and churning waters deep within the mountain in Lauterbrunnen Valley.
• Ascend to Schilthorn's 2,970-meter summit for breathtaking 360-degree views of UNESCO-listed Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, and over 200 majestic peaks.
• Go on an unforgettable journey to Jungfraujoch, Europe's highest railway station at 3454 meters, and marvel at stunning glacier views from Sphinx and Plateau viewing platforms.
• Experience the mesmerizing Staubbach Falls, Switzerland's third-highest waterfall, where warm summer winds create a magical spray.
• Ascend from Isenfluh to Sulwald in the quaint red cable car, offering nostalgic charm and breathtaking views.

How To Reach

1. By Air: You can fly into Bern or Zurich airports, which have flights from all over the world. From Bern, it takes about 90 minutes by road and train, and from Zurich, it is around 110 minutes.

2. By Train: If you are already in Switzerland, you can take a train from Zurich to Lauterbrunnen. You have two options: via Lucerne or Bern. Both routes require changing trains in these towns and a transfer at Interlaken. 

The journey via Lucerne takes about two hours, while the one via Bern takes about three. 

3, By Bus: You can take a bus from Zurich to Lauterbrunnen, by starting your journey from Kloten and travelling through the mountains to Interlaken. From there, it is a short train ride to Lauterbrunnen.

The bus trip takes just under two and a half hours, and the train transfer from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen is only twenty minutes. Trains run every hour for this leg of the journey.

4. By Car: If you are driving from Zurich to Lauterbrunnen, the best route is through Lucerne. It is a twisty road with some narrow parts, however, it offers stunning views of the Lauterbrunnen Valley and the mountains. 

The drive takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes without stopping.

Best Time To Visit

Lauterbrunnen Valley is open year-round, offering exciting experiences regardless of the season.

1. Best Season: The best time for a Lauterbrunnen visit is from April to August, during the warmer months. During this time the climate is pleasant and perfect for sightseeing and outdoor adventures.

2. Best Day in the Week: It is best to visit during the weekdays as they offer fewer crowds compared to weekends. You will thus have a more peaceful and intimate exploration of the valley's beauty.

3. Best Time of the Day: The best time to explore Lauterbrunnen is early morning or late afternoon when the sunlight casts a soft glow over the valley. This creates stunning vistas and a peaceful ambience for your adventure.

Other Essential Information

  • Stay in hotels that offer stunning alpine views.
  • Prepare for mist during your visit to the waterfalls and bring suitable attire.
  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes as you set out on challenging mountain climbs.
  • Look for local cheese vending machines for a unique alpine picnic experience.
  • Invest in a Jungfrau Travel Pass for cost-effective exploration of the Bernese Oberland. 
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Point of Interest for Lauterbrunnen
Take a tour of the Lauterbrunnen Village

Take a tour of the Lauterbrunnen Village

Explore Lauterbrunnen Village, a unique alpine destination in Switzerland. Witness how it features picturesque chalet-style houses surrounded by green fields and towering mountains. The village is famous for its 72 waterfalls, including the majestic Staubbach Falls, Europe's highest free-falling waterfall. Here, you can immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of cascading water. Experience the village's charming streets that give a glimpse into traditional Swiss life. Walk alongside the shops, restaurants, and cafes lining the main street to soak in the local culture.

Go for a Day of Adventure at Trummelbach Falls

Go for a Day of Adventure at Trummelbach Falls

Experience the amazing strength of nature as waterfalls from glaciers roar through caves underground. These falls are made up of ten drops and have carved twisting paths through the valley walls for millions of years. Witness how they create a stunning sight of fast-moving water and impressive mist. You can walk along pathways to see the falls up close. Be amazed by the immense power and amount of water, and enjoy the interesting shapes of rocks formed over thousands of years.

Discover Isenfluh Hamlet

Discover Isenfluh Hamlet

Explore the peaceful village of Isenfluh and step into a calm oasis away from the busy town of Lauterbrunnen. You can get there by taking a beautiful mountain road. Isenfluh is great for outdoor fun all year round, like hiking and sledging in the winter. Hop on the old-fashioned red cable car to Sulwald, where you will find stunning views of the mountains. You can take easy walks and discover new places there. If you love excitement, try riding Monster Scooters back down to Isenfluh for an added thrill in the mountains.

Visit Murren Village

Visit Murren Village

Head to Murren Village which sits high up on a sunny plateau overlooking Lauterbrunnen. It is a wonderful escape if you love nature and being outside. The village doesn't allow cars, so the streets are peaceful. You will be amazed by the beautiful views of the mountains. There are lots of hiking trails and other outdoor activities to enjoy. You can ride cable cars to Birg and Schilthorn to see amazing views, or take a stroll along the Flower Trail and stop for a snack at the Panorama Restaurant.

Experience Schilthorn Summit

Experience Schilthorn Summit

Get to the top of Schilthorn Mountain for an amazing experience that you will never forget. You can see the James Bond-themed attractions here and eat at the Piz Gloria restaurant that spins around. You can reach the summit by riding a cable car. Once you're there, you can explore Bond World 007 and enjoy delicious food with awesome views. The Skyline View platform gives you the best views of snowy mountains and huge glaciers, showing how beautiful Switzerland is. 

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