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About Basel

Basel, sharing its borders with France and Germany, lies on the banks of the River Rhine in the northwest region of Switzerland. It is one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland, especially known for the diversity of its flora and fauna. It has miles and miles of lilac flowers edging along the stunning Rhine River. Like all the major Swiss cities, Basel also has its own charming Old Town area, which takes one back in the luxurious and slow pace of life as it was in the medieval era. It has stone houses with tiled roofs, beautiful cafes, well-kept boutiques, and vantage points to see stunning views of River Rhine. There are numerous cruises available for you to see the pristine beauty of the river its promenades. Explore this enchanting city on your Switzerland tour, and witness the captivating blend of history, natural beauty, and leisurely charm that Basel has to offer.

The most famous attraction here is the 10th-century Basel Minster known for its architecture heavily influenced by Roman and Gothic architecture. Almost as a symbol of its diversity, near the church, stands the striking 18th-century Jewish synagogue. The city is a haven for those who love nature and the outdoors. Basel Zoo, the oldest and the largest in Switzerland, houses over 600 species of rare animals like Indian Rhino, Flamingo, African elephants, and panthers. The sun-drenched city of Basel is the cultural epicentre of Switzerland. This is the most vibrant of places in the country famed for its festivals, art events, concerts, and open-air cinemas. Due to its location on the French and German borders, it is a melting pot of people, languages, and cuisines. It is known as the ‘city of museums’ and has over 40 museums that house world-famous galleries, collections of paintings and artworks.

Some of the best museums to visit are the Basel Toy World Museum, Antiques Museum for Egyptian artefacts, and Basel Museum of Ancient Art. The people of Basel love to celebrate and welcome everybody to the amazing carnivals held here throughout the year. These carnivals are an absolute riot of music, satirical performances, hand-painted lantern processions, and parades by pipers & drummers in colourful costumes. Basel remains rainy throughout the year with overcast skies. The summers are comfortable with July being the hottest month. The winters are freezing with January being the coldest month. The temperatures fall below zero often accompanied by snowfall. 

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Basel FAQ's

Which are the best attractions to visit in Basel?

1. Basel Munster: The 9th-century Basel Munster, towering over the city is probably its most famous attraction. The church’s scarlet-colored sandstone walls, huge arches, cobbled alleyways, and slanting tiled roofs, lend it an extremely majestic appearance.

It has a rustic ambience complete with stained glass windows, huge lobbies, fir wood ceilings, and numerous tombs. It houses the sarcophagus of Queen Ann and her son who lived here in the 12th-century and one can still see the ruins of a huge column that was said to have depicted the Last Judgement.

Two 62 metre high towers named after Georg and Martin, who were the saints of the knights, flank the church. Don’t miss taking a winding spiral staircase and visit The Pfalz- the terrace area to see wonderful views of the city and the Rhine.

Location: Munster Pl. 9, 4051 Basel. 
Entry Fee/Price: The entry is free.
Timings: Every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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2. Basel Zoo: An ideal place to spend an afternoon seeing the exotic wildlife, Basel Zoo is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Built in 1874, it houses beautifully landscaped parks and habitat areas for hundreds of species of marine animals, birds, and reptiles. One can expect to see the Indian rhino, Snow leopards, sharks, penguins, African clawed frogs, harvester ants, and much more. 

Location: Binningerstrasse 40, 4054 Basel.
Entry Fee/Price:
- Children (6-15 years): CHF 10, INR 728
- Young adults (16-24 years): CHF 15, INR 1092
- Adults (25-61): CHF 21, INR 1530
- Senior citizens (62 and above): CHF 19, INR 1383
- January-February & November-December: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm
- March-April & September-October: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
- May-August: 8:00 am to 6:30 pm

3. Basel Paper Mill: Also referred to as the Swiss Paper Museum, this intriguing place is a museum as well as a paper production workshop. Established in a centuries-old paper mill, this is one of the few museums in the world dedicated to the art of papermaking, writing, and printing. There are not only interesting exhibits that show how the paper came into existence and how books are created, but also live workshops where one can try their hand on papermaking. Don’t miss to see the engraved tablets used for cutting paper dating back to 600 BC, a 15th-century printing office, and printing machines dating to the early 19th-century. 

Location: St. Alban-Tal 37, 4052 Basel.
Entry Fee/Price:
- Adults: CHF 15, INR 1092
- Children (0-16 years): CHF 9, INR 655
Timings: Every day 11:00 am to 5:00 pm.

4. Basel Town Hall: Also known as Rathaus, Basel City Hall is a place that will take you back to the time of the castles, knights, and queens. This vivid coloured building, in bright hues of rust orange, red, yellow, and brown, was built around 5 centuries ago on the occasion of Basel joining the Swiss Confederation.

This majestic structure, built in the neo-Gothic & Renaissance style of architecture, is adorned with intricate frescos, high ceilings and humongous arches. Don’t miss to see the paintings of Emperor Heinrich II and Justita (the Roman Goddess of Justice).

It is important to remember that while the general public is allowed into the hall, it is a still-functional government office where the Cantonal Parliament and Cantonal Government meet regularly.

Location: Marktplaats. 9, 4001 Basel. 
Entry Fee/Price: There is no admission fee. 
Timings: Every day 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm

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5. Natural History Museum: Entering into this museum is like finding one’s way into the faraway corners of the earth and seeing the stages of its evolution as if you were physically present at that time. Imagine going back to the Jurassic era and feeling yourself to be in the midst of dinosaurs, mammoths, sabre-tooth tigers, and Dodos.

The museum, the high-point of Basel tourism, educates about the extinct species, lost landscapes, and various geological phenomena through paintings, animations, books, and life-size animal figures. 

Location: Augustinergasse 2, 4051 Basel. 
Entry Fee/Price:
- Adults- CHF 7, INR 510
- Teenagers (under 20 years) - CHF 5 INR 364
Timings: Every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

6. Augusta Raurica: One of the most enthralling places in Basel City, this is the largest archaeological park in the country that takes one back to the ancient Roman times. It houses an ancient stadium-style amphitheatre dating back to 1800 years that can seat over 2000 people.

This is where the largest Roman festival takes place annually in the last week of August. You can also see the largest collection of preserved silver antiquities like bowls, plates, coins, etc. that were used by the Roman royalty.  

Location: Giebenacherstrasse, 4302 Augst. 
Entry fee/ Price:
- Adults- CHF 8, INR 582
- Children (6-17 years)- CHF 6 INR 437
Timings: Every day from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

7. Tinguely Fountain: Also known as Carnival Fountain, this fountain was created when the world-famous artist Tinguely placed 10 working machine sculptures in a pool of water. This was done to depict the actors, dancers, and mimes that used to perform in the theatre area where the fountain was laid.

These parts move, through jet water spews, as if talking to each other. These machine parts also have their own names like dr Waggler, dr Waadel, dr Suuser, etc. making it one of the most intriguing attractions in Basel City.

Location: Klostergasse 7, 4051 Basel. 
Entry fee/ Price: There is no entry fee. 
Timings: The fountain can be visited any time of the day.

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Which are the famous things to do in Basel?

1. Soak in the iconic sights at the Rhine
It is quite a surreal experience walking on the same trade route that traders took in the 12th-century and the best place to do so is the Mittlere Brucke or the Middle Bridge, the oldest crossing on the Rhine. It is an absolutely amazing experience being here in the evenings seeing the sun cast its glow on the waters behind the historic building and the waters. 

Location: The Bridge is located on the Rhine between Lake Constance and the North Sea.

Entry Fee/Price: There is no admission fee. 

Timings: The Bridge is open 24/7.

2. Attending the iconic Art Basel
Art Basel, the highlight of Basel tourism, is much more than an exhibition; it is a beautiful sensory immersion into the many dimensions that art is capable of taking. You will see installations, mixed media, performances, paintings, sculptures, and artworks of more than 4000 artists from around the world, which is known as the biggest art fair in the world.

It is an amazing experience to see these surreal art works and understand how it has shaped our world for centuries giving people a medium to express, dissent, and celebrate. 

Location: Messe Basel, Messepl. 10, 4005 Basel. 

Entry Fee/Price: Day Ticket valid for a single day: CHF 58 INR 4223.

Timings: The Art Basel will be open to the public from 18-21 June 2020 from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.

3. Relax in the lush gardens
For those who love to luxuriate amidst beautiful greenery, birdsong, and stunning colours of flower thickets, must spend time at the many gardens that Basel City has. Amongst the most beautiful are the Merian Gardens and the Botanical Gardens of the University of Basel.

They have assortments of rare orchids, cacti, greenhouses storing plant species from rainforest areas, and well-laid out cobbled walkways for people to enjoy the surroundings.  You will also see rare vegetable and fruit species, and flowers like Snowdrops, Irises, Rhododendrons, Clematis, etc. here. 

Location: Vorder Bruglingen 5, 4052, Basel.

Entry Fee/Price: The admission is free.

Timings: Every day from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

4. Explore the world of medieval medicine
Basel City is the home of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Medicines and their evolution has always been a source of interest for people and what would be a better place to delve into this than Basel.

The city has a museum dedicated to pharmacy and houses the world’s largest collection of pharma-related things. You will see scrolls on ancient medicines, fossilised herbs, a chemistry lab, all-leading into how modern medicine is produced and its impact on human life. 

Location: Toten Gasslein 3, 4051 Basel.

Entry Fee/Price: CHF 8 INR 582

Timings: Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

5. Going back to the days of dolls and puppets
Before the modern gaming consoles took over, children’s playtime was simpler and more beautiful. This is one of the best experiences that you can give the kids or even yourself as you visit Zur Puppenfee. This delightful shop is full of antique toys, teddy bears, dolls and their houses.

You will be amazed to see the changes that their dresses and personas have undergone over time. If you check in advance, you can even attend a puppet show or a doll-making workshop here. 

Location: Gerbergasse 83, 4001 Basel.

Entry Fee/Price: There is no entry fee.

Timings: Tuesday-Friday: 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm and Saturday- 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

6. Attending the largest carnival in Switzerland
Experiencing the Basel Carnival is a once in a lifetime experience. Over 200,000 people participate in this carnival joined by thousands of people who travel especially to Basel to attend this.

There are multiple parades with drums, cliques, floats, dances, concerts, and lantern exhibitions on various themes like equality, tolerance, and gender parity. This carnival was added to the list of ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage’ by UNESCO in 2017. 

Location: The carnival takes place in the Old Town area. 

Entry fee/Price: There is no entry fee. 

Timings: The carnival starts on the Monday following Ash Wednesday and lasts for 72 hours. 

7. Visit in the unique Border Triangle
Also known as the Three Countries Corner, Border Triangle is where the three countries Germany, Switzerland, and France meet. It is an unexplainable feeling standing at this prime focal point of convergence of the three countries. This is a great vantage point to soak in the views of the River Rhine and seeing ships docking and leaving from the Rhine Port.

Location: Westquaistrasse 75, 4057 Basel. 

Entry fee/ Price: There is no entry fee. 

Timings: It can be accessed anytime. 

8. Take a city walking tour
The best way to enjoy the architectural marvels of Basel City is to take a walking tour of the city and not only see all the major landmarks from a different perspective but also get to know interesting stories and anecdotes behind each of them.

You can choose from several interesting tour options available like the Basel Introduction Walk, Basel Nightlife Tour, Basel Religious Edifices, Basel Children Entertainment tour, etc.

Location: Most of the tours start at Marktplatz.

Entry fee/ Price: The tour cost starts at around CHF 40 INR 2912 per person. Some non-profits even conduct free walking tours.

Timings: These tours mostly last for 2-3 hours.

What are the most romantic things to do in Basel?

Switzerland is the absolute land of romance and so are its cities. Some of the most amazing ways to spend time with your loved one in Basel are:

1. Discover the Old Town area together
This area’s old-world charm transports one to that golden era when nothing was rushed and romance included a few stolen glances and moments. This is one of the prettiest old town areas in entire Europe dotted with traditional architecture, ultra-modern shops and quaint cafes. After a long leisurely stroll, linger over a cup of spiced coffee, delicate pastries, and chocolate-coated fruits at the charming cafes here.

2. Take a romantic cruise
What’s a better way to spend time with your partner than taking a cruise on the beautiful Rhine River, away from the crowds and noise. You can opt for a sunset cruise, which would allow you to see the setting sun cast an orange-golden hue on the waters as you see the glistening skyline of Basel. Don’t miss to enjoy a fine authentic dinner and fine wine on the cruise. 

3. Enjoy a candlelit dinner
Basel City has some of the most stylish and exquisite places for you to enjoy time with your loved one. It has some really unusual romantic places, ranging from old castles to restaurants with sun terraces, where one can enjoy deliciously authentic meals, finest wines, and delicate desserts. 

You can’t miss Schloss Bottmingen, a 14th-century castle surrounded by water, which has a fine dining restaurant or the light-filled Viva! Das Restaurant is famous for its summer terrace. One of the most unique experiences to enjoy with your partner is to visit Blindekuh. Here, food is served by blind servers entirely in the dark and the guests are encouraged to use their sense of smell, touch, and taste to enjoy their meal.

Why is Basel so famous?

As Switzerland’s third-biggest city, bordering Germany & France, Basel has a lot to offer. The city is chic and spirited and loves everything arty as one can see in the city’s many art galleries & museums and the fact that it is the venue for Art Basel, the world’s most famous art exhibition. 

The city hosts Switzerland’s most riotous and biggest 3-day festival Basel Fascnacht. This is where the famous gingerbread ‘Lackerli’ originated 700 years ago and is now loved across the world. Basel is also famous for its striking architecture- be it the enormous 15th-century Rathaus with scarlet coloured walls, the pretty Old Town area or the majestic Basel Munster.

How to reach Basel?

Air: Basel is well connected to all the major locations across the world like London, Dublin, Moscow, Turkey, Lisbon, Istanbul, etc. All the international flights land at its Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg Airport, which is the only tri-national airport in the world.

Road: It is well connected via road from all the major Swiss cities like Lucerne, Geneva, Zurich, etc. through a network of highways. One must ensure that while driving down to Basel, the vehicle must mandatorily display a vignette (toll road sticker).

Train: Basel has three major railway stations. The Basel SBB train station (Swiss operated) connects Basel with the major Swiss cities like  Zurich, Bern, Geneva, etc. Badischer Bahnof station (operated by German Railway) receives trains arriving from the German side to Basel. The French Railway Station (SNCF), receives passengers from France coming to Basel.

What is the best time to visit Basel?

The best time to visit Basel is between June and September. These months are warm, bright, and sunny with temperatures ranging between 21-25°C. This is the perfect time to be outdoors and enjoy the scenic beauty of Basel through cycling & road trips and hiking.

Do I need a visa for Basel?

Yes, Indian citizens require a visa to visit Basel, Switzerland. You can apply for a Switzerland visa through the Swiss embassy or consulate in India. The visa application process involves filling out the necessary forms, providing required documentation, and attending an interview if necessary. Also, ensure that you have two recent passport-style photos and an Indian passport that is valid for at least three months beyond your departure date to Switzerland.

How is the weather in Basel?

The weather in Basel is varied and has distinct seasons. The warmest and the wettest months fall between May-October, with July being the warmest month and May being the wettest. During these months, the temperatures range between 20-25°C. 

The winters, extending between November & March, are harsh, but in shorter bouts i.e. Basel experiences snowfall quite often, but the snow melts quickly. The temperatures in winters range between -2 to 3 degrees.

Does Basel have Snow?

Yes, it snows in Basel between December and February. However, the snow doesn’t stay for long periods and melts quite quickly.

Is Basel expensive?

With smart planning and selecting suitable tour packages, Basel can be a great destination to visit

without breaking the bank. Choosing to travel during off-peak times when there are fewer people

around and picking affordable places to stay like hostels or guesthouses instead of expensive hotels can

significantly reduce your expenses. Basel’s efficient public transit system offers discounts and passes, for

an economical way to explore the city. Delve into complimentary attractions like parks, viewpoints, and

trails such as the Rhein promenade, Dreilaendereck, and Rathaus to relish Basel’s natural splendour

without straining your budget.

How to reach Basel from India?

From India, one can fly from any of the major cities (Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, etc.) with carriers like the British Airways, Air France, Swiss Air, Lufthansa, KLM Royal Dutch, etc. These airlines run frequent flights with one or two stops.

Is Basel worth visiting?

Yes, Basel is quite well worth looking into. It is an attractive city- naturally and historically. It’s acres of lilac grasslands bathed in swathes of purples, stunning riverbanks, biodiversity & wildlife are absolutely breathtaking. Its centuries-old churches, old town area, museums, and art galleries add rich layers to the cultural fabric of the city, which one must experience at least once in a lifetime.

How many days do you need in Basel?

Basel is a compact city that can be explored easily in 3 days. This time is sufficient for you to see all the best attractions, shop, and try a variety of local food & drinks.

How far is Basel from Zurich?

Basel is located at a distance of around 76 kilometres from Zurich. The quickest way to reach is to take a train. There are around 30 trains running every hour between Zurich HB to Basel SBB.

How much is the train from Basel to Lucerne?

 A Swiss railways ticket starts around INR 2,400 (one-way) and a  Deutsche Bahn Eurocity (one-way) train ticket will cost  around INR 1,100. These prices depend on the coach class that you opt to travel in.

How do I get from Lake Como to Lucerne?

Lake Como is located at a distance of around 196 kilometres from Lucerne. The fastest way is to drive down which takes around 2.15 hours. Else you can opt for Swiss Railways (every 2 hours) or Trenitalia Eurocity (every 3 hours). 

Bus services like RegioJet, Gruppo Di Maio, and Flix Bus run around 4 times between the two places.

Is Basel a safe city?

Yes, like all the Swiss cities, Basel is a very safe place. The roads are well lit; there is ample police presence, street cameras, and a great public transportation system.

What is Basel’s famous food?

When in Basel, one must try Papet Vaudois (stewed leeks and potatoes), Rosti (pan-fried grated potatoes), Roasted flour soup with a generous dollop of cheese, Raclette (cheese melted over wood-fired oven served with blanket potatoes, onions, and pickles), and Tartiflette (a mix of smoky bacon, caramelised onions, and creamy melted cheese).

You can also try a huge range of flavoured and spiked coffees, spiced wines, orange cider, green walnut toddy, and rosehip tea.

What language is spoken in Basel?

The most common and widely spoken language in Basel is Swiss-German. You can get by easily even with English and a bit of French.

Is Basel safe at night?

Yes, Basel is extremely safe at night. There is a visible police presence, web cameras, and helpline numbers to ensure safety. Exercise the usual caution as you would anywhere else, and you are safe.

What are some of the traveller’s tips for visiting Basel?

If you want to save on your accommodation, opt for hostels/ dormitories. 

Purchase day-pass and multi-pass to save on public transportation costs. Use your Basel Mobility Ticket, which is provided to all hotel guests for free public transportation use. 

There are several free tours available for you to explore the city without shelling out anything. These are conducted by independent non-profit organizations like Free Walking Tours and some local Youth Hostels.

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Which are the famous museums in Basel?

Basel has around 40 museums, each unique in its collections. Some of the must-visit museums are:

1. Dollhouse Museum
Attracting children and adults alike into its fairy-tale-like alleys, this museum is one of the best places to visit in Basel City. It has a whopping collection of thousands of dolls, toy trains, dollhouses all arranged in interesting scenes depicting scenes like playgrounds, kitchen, hospital, bakery, etc. The collection of more than 2,500 teddy bears in different shapes and sizes is the largest in the world here.

2. Kunstmuseum
More than a museum, Kunstmuseum is considered to be an illustrious place where art is celebrated. It has a collection of more than 4,000 15-19th-century sculptures, installations, paintings, drawings, prints, etc. by Flemish and Upper Rhine artists like Monet, Van Gogh, Paul Klee, etc.  

3. Cartoon Museum
This one-of-a-kind museum in the world, a top Basel tourism attraction, is dedicated to this wonderful lighthearted art form that has the power to shape societies. It has over 6000 artworks by national and international artists. Not only this, but one can also browse through graphic novels, animation films, and comics here.

4. Vitra Design Museum
This fluid concept space is dedicated to the ‘design’ that permeates our everyday life. Its collection of over 7000 items is surreal, absurd, and at times disturbing, mimicking the life around. The museum aims to promote the role of design in shaping the 21st-century politically, socially, and economically.

What can you do in Basel for free?

Some of the most amazing things to do in Basel, without burning a hole in your pocket are:

1. Soak in the riverside breeze
One of the best things to do in Basel is to see the majestic beauty of the River Rhine. The river runs through the city with several bridges to let you get off on one of the promenades and sit on a bench soaking in the sun and watching people go by. 

2. Go back in time at the Old Town
The Old Town or the Alstadt is a treasure of old-world charms of Basel tourism, dating back to 2,000 years, waiting to be discovered. This stunning cobbled-street area, best explored on foot, is considered to be one of the most beautiful old town areas in Europe. Here, you will see buildings dating to 15th-century co-existing with upmarket designer stores and cafes, which is quite an intriguing sight. 

3. Attend the farmer’s market
Held every weekend at Marktplatz, the farmer’s market is a great way to see the rustic and rural side of Basel. Rummage through fresh organic produce like cheese, fruits, herbs, homemade chocolates, baked bread or just chat with the local farmers. You cannot miss the brilliant fragrances of thousands of flowers that the farmers bring along to sell as you explore the market.

What is there to do in Basel at night?

Basel’s colours, vibes, and sights continue to amaze travellers long after the sun has gone down. Some of the most amazing night time experiences that you can enjoy here are:

1. Go ghost hunting
One of the most fascinating things in Basel tourism is to go on one of the ‘Ghost tours’. Offered by Visit Basel, this walk will take you to the spookiest corners of Basel as you hear spine-chilling stories. You will be taken through centuries-old buildings that are said to house ghosts, spirits, and revenants in the old town area. 

It is said that on lonely and chilly winter nights, one can hear howls and cries from tormented souls still trapped in these buildings. 

2. Enjoy amazing live performances
Theatre Basel is the largest theatre in Switzerland and is one of the most important art and performance spaces in the country and a prominent highlight of Basel tourism. It showcases classic operas, modern musicals, ballet, and theatre productions like The Lion King, The Beauty and the Beast, The Phantom of the Opera, and My Fair Lady, etc. These larger than life productions are a must-see when in Basel. 

3. Spend time at the elegant nightclubs
Basel is the home to some of the chicest and urbane nightclubs in the country. Places like Café des Arts, SUD Basel, and Vice Club Basel are a must-visit for not only their huge range of great cocktails, tapas, and finger foods but also to enjoy the best of music, operas, DJ nights, jazz and piano performances.

Which are the best areas to stay in Basel?

Basel laid out on both sides of the majestic Rhine River, offers a beautiful juxtaposition of the old and new. Every area has its own unique beauty and offers some of the chicest and elegant areas to stay:

1. Old Town
The Altstadt is the best place to stay for those who love the fine elegance of centuries-old hotel architecture. Some of the most amazing hotels that you can choose from are the contemporary Hotel Basel, Der Teufelhof with its Michelin star restaurant, the eco-friendly and minimalistic Hotel D, or the Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois set on the riverside dating back to the 16th-century. 

2. Kleinbasel
Located across the river, this place is dotted with glitzy bars, restaurants, and cafes and one of the most vibrant places to stay. Some of the best hotels here are the Sorell Hotel Merian and East-West Riverside Hotels located right on the river, the bright Mediterranean-themed Krafft Basel, and Consum Residence that is famous for offering some of the best city views.

What are the best shopping places in Basel?

Basel, sharing borders with France & Germany, has a unique mix of chic, colourful, and urbane shopping places. The shopping season especially comes alive during the Christmas season as the shops are illuminated in millions of lights and offer the best discounts. Some of the best places to shop here are:

1. Manor
This classic Swiss department store offers the most exclusive upscale brands and designer labels like Tommy Hilfiger, UGG, Mango, Morgan, Falke, Yes or No, etc. This is the best place to pick up high-end watches, clothes, accessories, and jewellery. It has an excellent delicatessen that offers the finest foods and wines in the city. 

2. Central Market
Held in the buzzing Marktplatz area, this is one of the best organic markets in Basel. This open-air pop-up market is a must-visit to experience the colourful vibes, sounds, and textures of the city, a highlight of Basel tourism. You can pick up freshest flowers, chocolates, honey, spices, aged cheese, and freshly baked bread here. This market is held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

3. Freie Strasse
This is Basel’s most popular shopping street famous for its kitschy boutiques, chic concept stores, and vintage shops. Here you will find high-end brands like Zara, Gucci, Michael Kors, Massimo Dutti co-existing with independent stores like Pandora Concept Store, Joe & The Juice, Rituals, Sostrene Grene, etc.

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