The Ruinaulta (Swiss Grand Canyon), Switzerland - 2020 (Photos &

About The Ruinaulta (Swiss Grand Canyon)

Also known as Rhine Gorge and Swiss Grand Canyon, Ruinaulta is counted among the top places to visit in Switzerland for photography and nature hiking. Located between Reichenau and Ilanz, this ravine is also popular among adrenaline junkies as it offers adrenaline charged experiences of mountain biking and river rafting. 

To double the fun of being here with some outstanding frames, you are also recommended to spend some time at Rhine Gorge Viewpoint that offers a spectacular view of the entire canyon. Other viewing platforms such as Islabord, Zault, and Alix can also be visited to enjoy different perspectives of this dramatic creation of nature.

Highlight of the place: The spot features magnificent alpine landscapes and hiking trails.

Location: Ilanz and Versam
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