10 Things to Do in Mount Abu in December 2021 (Updated)

Activities To Do in Mount Abu in December

Hike to Guru Shikhar, Boating at Nakki Lake, Attend the Winter Festival, Enjoy Scenic views at Sunset Point, Pay a Visit to Dilwara Jain Temple, Visit Achalgarh, Seek Blessings at Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple, Explore the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, and more.

There are tons of interesting things to do in Mount Abu in December owing to the pleasant climate that provides relief from the sweltering heat and gives you a chance to enjoy many outdoor activities. During this time of the year, the entire area gets dotted with beautiful flowers and lush greenery that makes it look like a wonderland on the face of Earth. You can enjoy boating on Nakki Lake and hike to Guru Shikhar, which is the highest mountain range.

During December, Mount Abu receives a massive footfall of tourists as, during this month, Winter Festival is celebrated that displays spellbinding fireworks and traditional Rajasthani cuisines. You can also seek blessings at Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple and Trek to Toad Point that is endowed with the glory of nature and guarantees breathtaking views during this time of the year.

If you're looking for the best places to visit in Mount Abu in December, then Achalgarh should be your ideal option as it is frequented by a wide variety of birds during this month, making it a paradise for the birdwatchers.

Here is a list of things to do in Mount Abu:

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Hike to Guru Shikhar

One of the best things to do in Mount Abu in December is hike to Guru Shikhar, the highest peak of the Aravalli Hills. It is located at an elevation of 1,722 meters, and you have to climb around three hundred steps to reach the top of the mountain range.

At the top of this peak is an ancient bell that the hikers ring after completing their hiking journey. When visited during December, the weather is more pleasant, and the sky is clear, making it easier to tread through the rocky paths.

Location: 15 Km From Mount Abu, Mount Abu 307501 India.

Boating at Nakki Lake

If you're looking for the best things to do in Mount Abu in December, boating at Nakki Lake should be your ideal choice as there is a mild chilliness in the air, and the entire area gets dotted with lush greenery during this month.

Many birds from Siberia also migrate here during winters making it a haven for the bird watchers. In the last week of December, the lake freezes into a thin sheet of ice, so boating might not be possible, but the breathtaking beauty of this lake will surely woo your heart.

Location: Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

Timings: Evening.

Price: Rs 50-100 for a 30-minute ride.

Attend the Winter Festival

During December, Mount Abu gets transformed into a party hub as Winter Festival is organized during this month, where you get to witness mind-blowing firework displays in the evening.

You also get to sample traditional Rajasthani cuisines, and you can buy handicrafts and souvenirs for your family and friends. This is a three-day festival that pays homage to Rajasthan's rich traditions and culture and is the rare combination of oomph, joy, and excitement. You will also enjoy various dance performances such as Daph, Gair, and Ghoomar.

Location: Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

Timings: 10 AM – 10 PM.

Enjoy Scenic Views at Sunset Point

Soak up the breathtaking views at Sunset Point, which is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Mount Abu in December owing to the pleasant climate and serene surroundings.

This is a mesmerizing viewpoint that offers an unprecedented view of the mighty hills, kissed with the sun's rays. You can also enjoy the splendid view of the orange-colored sun setting behind Aravali Ranges from here. It is also considered to be a perfect picnic spot where you can have a fun time with your family and friends.

Location: Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

Timings: 6 AM- 6 PM.

Price: Rs 50 per person.

Pay a Visit to Dilwara Jain Temple

Give your spiritual soul the ultimate retreat by visiting Dilwara Jain Temple that is a holy destination for the followers of Jainism and several other religions.

This temple is dedicated to Lord Adinath, who was a Jain Tirthankara and is renowned for its breathtaking architecture and serene environment. It has been built with white marble and has more than two hundred nicely carved domes. December is considered the best time to visit this temple as there is less crowd as this is not the peak season.

Location: Dilwara Rd, Mount Abu, 307501, Rajasthan.

Timings: 12 PM- 6 PM.

Visit Achalgarh

Give yourself a break from the cacophony of the city paced life by visiting Achalgarh, which is a quaint village in Mount Abu, renowned for its peaceful environment and breathtaking views. Exploring this picturesque village is considered to be one of the best things to do in Mount Abu in December as it has less crowd making it ideal for strolling around the lush green gardens and scenic valleys.

It also houses the Achleshwar temple that is renowned for its beautiful sculptures and stunning architecture.  This village's prime attraction is Achalgarh fort that is located at the top of a mountain peak and is built of blocks of grey granite.

Location: 11 KM from Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

Seek Blessings at Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple

Drench your soul into divinity and enlightenment as you visit Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple that is one of the most important holy sites in Mount Abu. It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located outside the premises of Achaleshwar Fort.

This is a two thousand five hundred years old temple and is considered to be the only place where Lord Shiva's toe is worshipped. The temple houses a gigantic statue of Nandi, which weighs around 4 tons. It is also home to a natural Shivalinga and seems to be a blissful paradise with the chanting of the bhajans and the spiritual songs.

Location: Achal Gadh, Mount Abu, 307501, Rajasthan.

Explore the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

Spot the rare wildlife species, play with the koala and feed the elephants at Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the must-visit destinations in Mount Abu for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. This sanctuary is about three hundred meters wide and seven kilometers long and boasts of rich biodiversity.

The Wildlife Sanctuary houses around one hundred and twelve dicot and monocot plant families with four forty-nine genera and eight twenty species. It is also home to a diverse variety of roses, orchids, and bamboo. The best time to visit this sanctuary is during December as you can enjoy activities like trekking, safari, and hiking during this month.

Location: Aravali Ranges, Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

Timings: 9 AM to 5:30 PM.

Price: Rs 300-600 per person for Jeep Safari.

Trek to Toad Point

Give yourself an instant adrenaline rush as you enjoy trekking to Toad Point that is considered to be one of the best things to do in Mount Abu in December. Toad Point is located on the main trekking trail close to Nakki Lake and has well-marked paths.

Toad Point is a rock structure that has been formed by a composition of igneous rocks of amazing shapes and sizes. It is relatively easy to climb the rock, and the splendid views that it offers of Nakki Lake and the surrounding areas are unparalleled. To reach this place, you have to climb, for twenty to thirty minutes, from the bottom of the hill. Once you climb approximately two-fifty steps, you'll reach the top of the Toad Point.

Location: Near Nakki Lake, Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

Visit the Government Museum

Unveil the historical and cultural tales of Mount Abu by visiting the Government Museum, which is a storehouse of archeological excavations dating to the eighth to the twelfth century.

The museum houses various exhibits, including a collection of paintings, brass work, textiles, blue pottery, camel leathercraft, ivory, and sculptures. It also exhibits beautiful artwork that gives a glimpse of the rich history of Mount Abu. The Rajasthan Government maintains the museum, and many concerts are also organized here on the weekends to keep the visitors engaged.

Location: Sirohi District, Mount Abu, Rajasthan.

Timings: 10: 30 AM- 7:30 PM.

Price: Rs 20 per person.
Newly Added Mount Abu Experience
Awesome.. as to say about the trip simply.. we as a couple had a fantastic time and enjoyed the spots at Mount Abu. awesome memories.

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People Also Ask About Mount Abu

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Mount Abu in December?

    1. Peace Park: Nestled in between the Aravali Peaks- Achalgarh and the Guru Shikhar, this park is home to a wide variety of plants such as Cactaceae, citrus corner, and the orchard and has caves and stone huts. It also exhibits numerous floral displays and blooms with greenery during December.

    2. Lal Mandir: T
    his is a beautiful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva on Delwara Road. The walls of this temple are red and are adorned with various paintings. The idol of Shiva placed inside the temple is seen wearing a 'jenau'.

    3. Achalgarh Fort: 
    This is one of the best places to visit in Mount Abu in December and is renowned for its architectural grandeur and breathtaking design. It houses many age-old temples and historical relics of religious importance. Within the fort, you'll also find the Dashavatara Temple that houses hundreds of sculptures and statues.

    4. Trevors Tank: 
    This is a manmade crocodile park that has lush green surroundings and is a breeding spot for crocodiles. During December, this park is frequented by a wide variety of migratory birds, making it absolute heaven for the bird watchers.
  2. How is the weather of Mount Abu in December?

    The weather of Mount Abu in December remains extremely pleasant, and the average temperature ranges around 21 degrees Celsius during the day. During this month the city doesn't experience rainfall, and hence you can enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities.
  3. Why is Mount Abu famous?

    Mount Abu is the most beautiful hill station of Rajasthan and is famous for many things other than the scenic beauty and pleasant weather.

    1. Guru Dattatreya temple: 
    This temple is dedicated to Guru Dattatreya, who is believed to be the incarnation of Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu all as one.

    2. Dilwara Temples: 
    It was constructed between the eleventh and twelfth centuries and is a holy spot for the Jains.

    3. Daal Baati Churma: 
    This is a quintessential dish of Rajasthani cuisine and is a must try when here.

    4. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary: 
    Get up close and personal with the most exotic wildlife species at Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the best places to visit in Mount Abu in December.
  4. What are the adventurous things to do in Mount Abu in December?

    1. Trekking: Mount Abu is an absolute paradise for the trekking enthusiasts during December as during this month, the region encounters no rain or harsh weather, and therefore you can tread though even the most difficult trails easily. The trails in the Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary are considered to be the best spot for trekking over here.

    2. Camping: 
    A camping excursion in Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary is considered to be the best things to do in Mount Abu in December. The sanctuary has many overnight camping tents where you can enjoy a bonfire, tasty food, and an enthralling view of nature.

    3. Rock Climbing: 
    Test your inner limit as you enjoy rock climbing in Aravalli Hills, which is considered the most picturesque mountains in the country. The expert trainers are present at the rock climbing sites to take care of your safety and assist you in this activity.

    4. Horse Riding: 
    Test your inner wanderlust as you enjoy a horse ride at Trevor's oval polo ground, where the best quality of horses are brought to be a part of the game of Polo.
  5. Is Mount Abu safe?

    Yes, Mount Abu is completely safe as the crime rate over here is low, and you won't find notorious elements present here. But when you move out to crowded places, take care of your personal belongings to elucidate the chances of burglary.

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