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Camping at Mount Abu1 day
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The thought of deserts always brings images of sand dunes as far as the eyes can see with cactuses and bushy shrubs growing scantily over the plains. Rajasthan known for its sandy plains surprisingly has a hill station called Mount Abu in the Aravalli Range. The highest peak in the range is more than five thousand feet above sea level and called ‘Guru Shikhar’. With the best sightseeing tours in Mount Abu, it is also blessed with many lakes, rivers, and waterfalls making it one of the most striking destinations for people to visit frequently; famously known as ‘an oasis in the desert’. Visitors making a tour in Rajasthan and have deep interests in ancient history, Mount Abu is a necessary go-to destination. The weather is much cooler compared to the rest of Rajasthan, in fact, it is the coldest place in Rajasthan one can be in.


The route to Mount Abu is one of the most scenic transition drives one will experience. You will start in the desert and move through while gradually the sandy paths start to give way to beautiful greenery leading towards the Nakki Lake. Mount Abu is also one of the prime locations for the Jain Pilgrimage. The Dilwara Temples, belonging to the Jain faith took two hundred years to build. It is one of the fascinating architectural wonders and crowds from this profession swamping in every year to come and appreciate the handwork and crafts invested on these temples. Thrillophilia organizes camps and sightseeing tours in Mount Abu to explore the region in the best possible way. The tours involve accurate information about the place and deliver detailed explanation of the history and present times. With these tours, exploring the existing cultures is easy to understand. Do not miss the local markets for all the crafty jewelry and unique tapestry exhibited here.

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