Camping in Mount Abu: Upto 30% Off on Mount Abu Camps

Camping in Mount Abu

Camping in Mount Abu gives you the much needed-break from your busy life and is a welcome change for travelers that desire a breather from the boring rooms of the hotel. You get to connect with nature and soak in the beauty of the Aravalli ranges in its glory.

There are many camping tours available and each offer different experiences. Like if you select a two day and one-night session of camping then you get to trek and camp at Jawai starting the trek from the fort of Achalgarh. There is nothing more therapeutic than reaching and relaxing at a campsite because you get to unwind beneath the starlit sky with bonfires lighting the space around.

Staying in the camps in Mount Abu is an experience in itself because you get to hobnob with the fellow campers, enjoy a delicious dinner, and exchange stories galore. Sleeping under the moonlight and waking up to the murmuring and morning chirps of the birds is an experience in itself.

You can opt for a trekking and camping session where after enjoying a hot breakfast you get picked from the Nakki Lake and driven through the Salgaon Jungle to the base camp. Camping in Mount Abu also lets you enjoy the stunning sunsets and sunrise. So pack your bags and get set for the cold air, bright stars, warm fire, and dark night in the Aravallis.
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Camping at Mount Abu
Camping at Mount Abu



Very Good

41 Ratings


41 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 2,350

₹ 1,950

Trekking and Camping at Achalgarh

37 Ratings


37 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 2,000

Trekking and Camping at Bhrigu Ashram

40 Ratings


40 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 2,800

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Trekking and Caming at Utraj in Mount Abu

23 Ratings


23 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 2,800

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Trekking and Camping in Aarna near Mount Abu
Very Good

36 Ratings


36 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 3,000

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Trekking and Camping at Jawai near Mount Abu

38 Ratings


38 Ratings

Starting from

₹ 2,800

Newly Added Mount Abu Experience
"this is regarding the 2d 1n camp. \n we are coming from vadodara in public transportation (volvo), we are looking forward if you can manage some transportation from the volvo station to the Camp site or gathering place of thrillophilia, \nwe are 2 people, and we want to join your camp on 6 morning.. \nwe need your guidance and we are expecting the best of it\nthis is our first experience with thrillophilia and we are looking forward to it. expecting your assistance, thank you "
21 March 2019
Really great experience, well taken care of everything and the camping site was actually amazing.
03 January 2019
Really nice experience, we were treated really well. Any inconvenience was taken care immediately. The trekking was the best part of the trip. Guides have ample knowledge and took good care of us.

People Also Ask About Camping in Mount Abu

  1. Which are the best camping sites in Mount Abu?

    1. Achalgarh: If you are Camping in Mount Abu for the first time then you cannot miss out on Achalgarh. So this one begins with an adventurous trek from the fort of Achalgarh and ends with the Jawai Village.

    With limitless energy you conquer the challenging paths to reach the spot and try out various adventure activities that include caving, rock climbing, and rappelling, en route to the Jawai village. After a long day, you reach the Jawai village camping space, have a tasty dinner before a bonfire and call it a night. The night camp will make you feel safe and you get to make a truckload of memories. Mark your second day with a hearty breakfast followed by a trek.

    - Location: Achalgarh, Mount Abu.
    - Amenities: Breakfast included and Dinner included.
    - Price: Starting from INR 2000.

    2. Bhrigu Ashram: Camping in Mount Abu in the evening time to reach Bhrigu Ashram begins after you start trekking from the fort of Achalgarh. Enjoy your walk through the narrow paths and reach the Bhrigu ashram to feel the chilled night and the site’s calmness.

    You get to spend quality time with a bonfire before you where you sing songs, and have a cozy dinner. Sleeping in nature's lap without getting perturbed in the ashram by any sound is a euphoric experience altogether.

    - Amenities: Dinner, breakfast and refreshments included and Bonfire.
    - Price: Starting from INR 2800 per person.

    3. Utraj: When you go Camping in Mount Abu, you begin an energetic session of trekking to reach the quaint little village of Utraj. The trek is through the dense, lush green jungle with wildlife cacophony in the background. You get to enjoy a break in between to have lunch so that you are all charged up to trek again.

    Finally, you reach the camp site in Utraj village that is located in the midst of the forest with the most stunning landscape all around. You call it a night after enjoying a delightful bonfire and dinner before going to sleep. The following morning is a fresh one as you begin your day breakfasting and trekking back to Gurushikhar for finishing the tour.

    - Location: Mount Abu.
    - Amenities: Refreshments and All meals included.
    - Price: Starting from INR 2800 per person.

    4. Aarna: If you plan to go Camping in Mount Abu during the winter season then you can choose the Aarna campsite located in the Aarna village. This site is located seven kilometers away from the beautiful Nakki Lake and allows you to make the most of the hill station.

    The campsite is a peaceful, comfortable and a cool place that offers panoramic views of the thick foliage, valleys, and hills around. To have a ball of a time, you have the option of indulging ladder climbing, rope activities, Burma Bridge, valley crossing, rock climbing, and rappelling. The night ends with a bonfire, and delicious dinner before it. The next morning, you are all set to trek back after a hearty breakfast to reach the tour’s starting point.

    - Location: Near Aarna Hanumanji Temple before Toll Tax, Aaran Village, Mount Abu 307501 India.
    - Amenities: All meals included, Refreshments and Bonfire.
    - Price: Starting from INR 3000 per person.

    5. Jawai: Enjoy your second day of Camping in Mount Abu at Jawai. This site gives you an incredible experience to explore the place. You begin trekking from Achalgarh fort and soak in the adventure as you cross the forest paths and make it to the village of Jawai.

    This village is your campsite and it is here that you team up with friends to have fun and food. The night is all about enjoying a bonfire vegetarian meal by collecting the firewood from the areas nearby. You go to sleep in your camping tents inside a sleeping bag, under a starlit sky, and wake up the next morning to indulge in a host of activities.

    - Location: Abu Road Tehsil in Sirohi District of Rajasthan.
    - Amenities: Jeep transport & Breakfast and dinner.
    - Price: Starting from INR 2800.

  2. What are the best places for Mount Abu night camping?

    1. Salgaon: One of the best night camps in Mount Abu has to be Salgaon because the camp is situated amid a beautiful lake and a thick forest. You and your friends soak in the beauty of the soothing sounds of fireflies, the splash of the water, and have a wholesome dinner only to wake up to the sight of a sunlit forest.

    2. Jawai: If you desire a night stay in one of the most remarkable camps in Mount Abu then you cannot miss out on Jawai. That is because the trek will give you a grand opportunity to explore the place. You start from Achalgarh fort and reach this little village to spend a night under the moonlit sky.

    3. Bhrigu Ashram: The camp at Bhrigu Ashram is your rightful destination after a long trek through the narrow roads. At night, you get to sleep in the lap of nature and feel the tranquility of the ashram.

    4. Achalgarh: To have limitless fun at one of the thrilling camps in Mount Abu you must come to Achalgarh. You get to make the most of a quiet camping space, and have dinner. The very next day you taste the spirit of many adventure activities like caving, rock climbing and rappelling.

    5. Aarna: After getting picked up from Nakki Lake, you set forth on an adventurous journey to reach one of the magnificent camps in Mount Abu, Aarna. Here you are treated to a delightful dinner and a blazing bonfire.

  3. What facilities will I get in Mount Abu camps?

    There are many facilities that you utilize when you go camping in Mount Abu. These amenities include:

    - Overnight stay in the tents with sleeping bags and comfortable bedding
    - Trekking activities – 3 to 4 hours of caving and hiking
    - Bonfire
    - Refreshments, dinner, lunch and breakfast included
    - Additional activities like archery, rappelling, rock climbing, and zip line
    - Opportunity to visit the nearby places.

  4. What activities can we do while camping in Mount Abu?

    1. Trekking- you get to trek and explore through the thick jungles, and difficult paths to reach your campsite destination.

    2. Caving- you get to delight in an incredible amazing caving expedition that lets you visit the Champa Caves lying in the middle of Toad Rock and Nakki Lake.

    3. Rappelling- boost your adrenaline by engaging in a perfect amalgamation of both rock climbing and mountaineering to discover Mount Abu.

    4. Rock Climbing- Trek and climb rocks on the hills’ trails near Mount abu.

    5. Zip lining- Get your adrenaline boost with zip lining.

    6. Valley Crossing.

  5. What should I wear while camping in Mount Abu?

    You must wear clothes that keep you warm and do not expose your skin much. Therefore carry a pair of sweatpants, sweatshirts, a long sleeved shirt that is breathable, a tank top, and comfortable sports shoes.

  6. What is the best time to visit for camping in Mount Abu?

    - On season: The best season to visit the Mount Abu camps is during Mid April to August Mid or Mid October to the middle of Feb. That is because the weather is favorable but you must make bookings in advance because this is also the peak season.

    - Off season: you must not make bookings during mid Feb to mid April or mid Aug to mid October because during this time most camps are closed.

  7. What things should I keep in mind while camping in Mount Abu?

    - Always make bookings in advance during the peak season.
    - Carry enough clothes like sweatshirts, and tank tops or sweatpants, and track pants.
    - Carry sports shoes, and torch, hats and camera.
    - Carry medicines when you go camping.
    - Plan your trip keeping in account the weather in Mount Abu.

  8. What things must I carry while camping in Mount Abu?

    - Torch
    - Sunscreen
    - Extra pair of Sports shoes
    - Hats
    - Camera
    - Extra pair of track pants and sweatshirts
    - Medicines
    - First Aid.

  9. What is the cost of camping in Mount Abu?

    - For one night and one day (Sirohi), Mount Abu- starting from INR 1950/person.
    - For 2 days and 1 night at Achalgarh- starting from INR 2000/person.
    - For 2 days and one night at Bhrigu ashram- starting from INR 2800/person.
    - For 2 days and one night at Jawai- starting from INR 2800/person.
    - For 2 days and one night at Salgaon: starting from INR 3200.
    - For 2 days and one night at Aarna: starting from INR 3000.

  10. Can we smoke & drink at camps in Mount Abu?

    Yes you can smoke & drink at the camps in Mount Abu without restrictions. But, it is better if you do everything in moderation and check with the campsite whether particular camping sites have any restriction regarding smoking and drinking.

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