15 Best Trekking Trails Near Indore
COVID-19 : INDORE is in Orange Zone
Last Updated: 04 Sep 2020
Latest Information on Travelling to INDORE?

Entry open from all domestic destinations.

  • Wearing of masks is compulsory when out in public.
  • Thermal screening to be done for all passengers arriving in Indore.
  • Passengers must self-register on the Indore 311 app before travelling to Indore.
  • Health status must be updated regularly on the Indore 311 app for 14 days after arrival.
  • Symptomatic passengers must give undertaking for 14 days of mandatory home quarantine.
  • Indore has complete lockdown on Sundays.
  • Night Curfew is active from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. every night.
  • Markets, malls and parks in Indore are open with strict social distancing norms
  • No restrictions on the number of passengers in a vehicle, but passengers must be wearing masks.
  • All COVID-19 related SOPs from the Ministry of Tourism are being followed in restaurants and tourist attractions.
  • All passengers must undergo thermal screening upon arrival.
  • No quarantine, either home or institutional, is required for travellers coming to Indore unless they showcase any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • All passengers are required to download the Aarogya Setu app on their phones.
  • Passengers must download and self-register on the Indore 311 app before travelling to Indore.
  • All self-registered passengers must update their health status on the Indore 311 app for 14 days after arrival.
  • In case the passengers develop COVID-19 symptoms, they must give an undertaking for 14 days Home Quarantine.
  • Business travellers, staying less than 3 days, don’t have any restrictions. They must inform about the short stay to admin officials at the airport before leaving the airport for the city.

Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport in Indore connects the city to major Indian cities. Direct flights are plying from Delhi, Kolkata, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad.


Special trains connect Indore to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Kolkata


Since inter-state buses have now been allowed to enter Indore, there are regular bus services that can be hired to connect Indore to nearby cities like Ujjain, Bhopal, Aurangabad, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Sanchi, Gwalior, Mandu and Omkareshwar.

Local Transport

Local buses, taxis, cab aggregators and autos are functioning in the city.

The government of Madhya Pradesh has taken various steps to ensure the safety of travellers and tourists in Indore. Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and safety measures issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to keep yourself safe.

State-run and Private Hotels and Resorts Have Been Allowed to Function in Indore Updated: 04 Sep 2020

Many of the resorts and hotels in the tourist areas of Indore are now open for stay. This decision was taken to bring back normalcy to domestic tourism sector.Read more.

Indore Follows Complete Lockdown on Sundays Updated: 04 Sep 2020

As per the guidelines of the state government, Indore will be following complete lockdown on Sundays of every week.Read more.

Inter-State, Intra- State, Inter-District and Intra-District Entry Allowed in Indore without Restrictions Updated: 04 Sep 2020

Travellers from other states and districts can now enter Indore without any restrictions or e-pass requirementRead more.

Hotels and Restaurants Can Be Open Till 10 p.m. Updated: 04 Sep 2020

According to the latest developments in the state government’s guidelines for Indore, restaurants and hotels and stay open till 10 p.m in the night. Read more.

Indore Allows Entry of Inter-State Buses Updated: 04 Sep 2020

According to the guidelines of Unlock 3.0 from the state government, inter-state buses are now allowed to enter Indore.Read more.

Timing for Night Curfew Eased by Two Hours in Indore Updated: 04 Sep 2020

Night curfew timings in Indore have been reduced by two hours. The curfew shall now be active from 10 p.m. in the night to 5 a.m. in the morning.Read more.

Trekking near Indore can be really fun if only you know the right spots to trek it. Indore has some priceless gems for thrill seekers in the form of excellent trekking trails that are just perfect for an adventure filled weekend. Whether you want to experience the thrill of trekking in a dense forest at night or you want to trek to an ancient fort, crossing waterfalls, forests and streams, Indore has the right options for you.

One of the most beautiful cities in the country, Indore is popular among tourists all over the world for its rich culture, heritage, and delectable food items. But, the city also boasts of untainted nature escapes which are not-so-known to the world. Indore is surrounded by lush forests and beautiful valleys where nature is still in its pristine form. Plan a visit to these beautiful landscapes to discover some exciting treks near Indore.

Out of all that nature has blessed Indore with, the numerous waterfalls that grace its peripheries with their presence top the list. These waterfalls not only serve as great picnic spots for a relaxing day but also serve as ideal spots for outdoor activities.

Though trekking through steep terrains will tire your body, catching the sight of these waterfalls, in the end, will fill your soul with calm. The breathtaking beauty of lush green trekking trails in Indore is enticing.

Here are some of the amazing trekking trails near Indore:


Bamniya & Mehendi Kund Trek

Bamniya & Mehendi Kund Trek

Indore is not short of places to entice adventure lovers. Bamniya Kund and Mehendi Kund are among the top spots offering excellent trails for trekking near Indore.

The 4 km trek that leads to these spectacular waterfalls starts from Badgonda Village, from where you can embark on this adventure-laced trekking experience where you pass through lush green forests to behold the sight of these waterfalls. 

The serenity and exquisiteness of these places are spellbinding.

Location of the trek: Badgonda Village, Mhow.

Distance from Indore: 35 km.


Gidiya Khoh Waterfall Trek

Gidiya Khoh Waterfall Trek

You do not need to travel all the way to the Himalayas to experience the adventure of trekking because there are plenty of spots for trekking near Indore to quench your wanderlust.

What makes trekking to Gidiya Khoh a memorable experience is the variety of flora and fauna you come across before reaching this mighty waterfall. 

The lush green, steep trekking route to Gidiya Khoh, that runs along a stream, is 4 km long. This trek qualifies for an amazing weekend excursion.

Location of the trek: Janakpur, near Dewas.

Distance from Indore: 42 km.

Trek to Gidiya Khoh Waterfall should not be missed. You can book your trek online. Follow the link to know more.


Kalakund Night Trek

Kalakund Night Trek

One of the most exciting treks near Indore, Kalakund night trek is your ultimate dose of a thrill since it gives you an opportunity to challenge yourself to trek through a dense forest at night. 

Walk past the gushing river, pass through the lush green valleys of Vindhyachal mountain range, hike up the hills, and feel your adrenaline rushing as you proceed your journey – Kalakund night trek is sure to add excitement to your weekend.

Location of the trek: Gunjara Village, Mhow.

Distance from Indore: 40 km.

Apart from Kalakund trek, you can also go for Kalakund jungle camping. Click here to know more.

Tincha Fall Trek

Tincha Fall Trek

Trekking to this 300 feet waterfall surrounded by green valleys is an adventure one must take.

Tincha Fall is a popular spot among adventure enthusiasts in Indore as the surrounding areas offer perfect terrains for trekking, and the views of the green cover one get to witness on the route to this cascading waterfall are unmatched. 

And, when you finally reach the waterfall, its captivating sight and the soothing sound will take you by awe. You can also take a dip into the pit to wash away your tiredness.

Location of the trek: Tincha Village, Berchha.

Distance from Indore: 25 km.

There are lots of options for thrilling adventure activities in Indore, check them out to enjoy to the fullest.


Bhairav Kund Trek

Bhairav Kund Trek

One of the lesser-known gems around Indore, Bhairav Kund is a beautiful waterfall located near Nahar Jhabua Village. The waterfall is popular among adventurers as there is an exciting trekking trail leading to the spot.

For a thrilling experience near Indore, take a trek through the scenic trails teeming with thick vegetation to reach this point.

Only upon reaching the waterfall you will realize why the place is worth all the efforts you put in. Once you are done admiring the matchless beauty of the waterfall, take a dip into the pool of cool water below the fall that will fix your tiredness within some moments. This trek is worth all the time and efforts it demands.

Location: Nahar Jhabua Village.

Distance from Indore: 55 km.


Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary Trek

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary Trek

Ralamandal Sanctuary, due to its exotic flora and fauna is a place you have to visit in Indore.

Trekking through Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary offers you a great opportunity to explore its rich flora and fauna on foot while your heart skips a beat for the thrill you feel as you pass through the untamed wilderness. 

The dense vegetation of this sanctuary offers exciting trails for thrill seekers. The view of the vast stretch of the green forest as you reach the end of the trail is mesmerizing.

Location of the trek: Ralamandal, Indore.

Distance from Indore: 20 km.


Sitlamata Waterfall Trek

Sitlamata Waterfall Trek

Indore has some stunning waterfalls in the middle of lush green forests in its peripheries; Sitlamata Waterfall is one of them.

Beautiful vistas of a gushing waterfall, surrounded by a bounty of nature, with a perfect trail for trekking – this waterfall offers you an incredible combination of thrill and nature. 

Make the most of your nature outing with your gang by driving to this scenic spot and indulging in the adrenaline-charged fun of trekking here!

Location of the trek: Manpur, Mhow.

Distance from Indore: 60 km.

Find out more options to make your visit interesting, here are places to visit near Indore you should not miss.


Jogi Bhadak Trek

Jogi Bhadak Trek

Jogi Bhadak is a waterfall spilling from a whopping height of 400 feet, is a sight to behold during monsoons when its flow goes wild.

In order to reach this natural wonder on foot, you need to take a 4 km trek that starts from Dhal Gram Base Camp and introduces you to the splendour of nature in the form of gorgeous landscapes. 

This trekking experience is a great choice to add excitement to your weekend.

Location of the trek: Manpur, Near Indore.

Distance from Indore: 48 km.

Where to Book: Click here to book Jogi Bhadak Waterfall Trek with some exciting offers.

Mohadi Fall Trek

Mohadi Fall Trek

The best part of being in Indore is that you are never away from nature. One of the best ways to explore the untouched facades of nature in Indore is to explore them on foot. A trek to Mohadi  Waterfall is a must do thing in Indore because it gives you an opportunity to reach one of the most scenic waterfalls in here, breathing in the bewitching beauty of the wilderness en route. 

It is a short trek which begins at Mohadi Village and ends at the charming Mohadi Fall, the sight of which will revive your senses.

Location of the trek: Mohadi Village.

Distance from Indore: 30 km.


Chidiya Bhadak Trek

Chidiya Bhadak Trek

One of the lesser-known gems in Indore, Chidiya Bhadak is a gorgeous waterfall with crystal clear water and breathtaking natural beauty surrounding it.

Since the spot is not hugely popular among picnic-goers, it wears an air of seclusion and makes for a perfect weekend escape. Though this is a short trek of 2 km, the scenery en route will fascinate you at each step. 

Trekking to chidiya bhadak waterfall is an adventure worth taking because the vistas that will greet you at the end of the trek will take your breath away.

When you reach the waterfall, drench yourself in the cool pond water, and check how meticulously nature has adorned this place with perfect rocks and gushing water.

Location of the trek: Khargone.

Distance from Indore: 56 km.


Choral Dham Trek

Choral Dham Trek

One of the most exciting outdoor sights in Indore, Choral Dam is a water reservoir, surrounded by lush green hills. These hills are the abode of some amazing waterfalls and also feature trekking trails that are apt for a day full of adventure.

Indulge in a trekking experience here to discover the undiscovered beauty of Choral Dam. 

The refreshing and serene atmosphere of this place, with landscapes exhibiting different shades of green, attracts a number of people seeking an escape from the monotony of city life.

Location of the trek: Choral Dam, Badgonda.

Distance from Indore: 41 km.


Patalpani Waterfall Trek

Patalpani Waterfall Trek

Indore has some priceless gems that offer the best of nature and adventure – Patalpani Waterfall is one of them.

Apart from being on the list of best waterfalls in Indore owing to its breathtaking scenery, it is also popular among adventure enthusiasts for trekking. 

The rugged terrain and lush green hills in this area make for an exciting trekking trail, and attract thrill seekers to this spectacular waterfall. If you wish to feel serenity and thrill simultaneously, this is one of the best options for trekking near Indore.

Location of the trek: Kekariya Dabri, Mhow.

Distance from Indore: 35 km.


Hatyari Khoh Waterfall Trek

Hatyari Khoh Waterfall Trek

When nature and adventure come together, they create the greatest experiences. Hatyari Khoh Waterfall is another such place near Indore that is rapidly gaining popularity as an abode of adventure lovers. It is a deep trench located on the outskirts of Indore. 

This 4 km trekking route takes you through dense forest, offering scenic vistas till you finally reach this waterfall where the serene sound of the pouring waterfall will soothe your exhausted body.

Location of the trek: Kampel Village.

Distance from Indore: 35 km.


Kajligarh Fort Trek

Kajligarh Fort Trek

If you want to embrace the thrill of trekking through valleys and forests, Kajligarh Fort trek is one of the best treks near Indore.

Located in a valley displaying velvety green vegetation, Kajligarh Fort and its surrounding terrains serve as an ideal spot for adventure sports like trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, etc. 

The most exciting part of the trek is when you come across the magnificent river and the waterfalls amidst the thick forest.

Location of the trek: Kajligarh Fort.

Distance from Indore: 26 km.


Mandav Trek

Mandav Trek

Spend your weekend nicely by discovering the thrill of a trek that takes you to the ruins of an ancient city – Mandu.

Mandu or Mandavgarh is a historical city located in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh which is popular among tourists for its architectural brilliance. 

Though it is accessible by road, the fun of trekking to this site of historical significance through bountiful nature with your group is an experience worth gaining.

Pass through uneven terrains and dense jungles, breathing in the freshness of nature, and reach this amazing site where history reigns.

Location of the trek: Mandav, Dhar.

Distance from Indore: 90 km.

Newly Added Indore Experience
03 December 2018
amazing company trip with Thrillophilia, nicely managed by hotel staff, camping was very comfortable starting from things were very hustled free just enjoyed a lot team Thrillophilia was very supportive and learnt a lot from all, and got a new lesson on posing in thrillo style from Satya.
27 October 2018
I attended Mahua camp which fascinated me to come here from Bhopal to Indore great plan by Thrillophilia and well executed by Satya Rajput.
"the Experience of this trek was amazing and memorable.\nThis is the first time i have done night trek ... \nbut our trip organiser rizwan and achal made it so easy. \nfood and stay was amazing \n"
02 December 2018
We came in the team but team bonding games made us closer .... Nightlight trek was the best experience we had .. Very well managed things food quality was ... Humble staff ... Nicely executed by Satya and his complete team .. Love for camping.
02 December 2018
Thrilling and soothing experience perfect getaway for a weekend. Night trek and morning off-road ride activities and swimming pool just memorable day ...things very well briefed well managed by Thrillophilia. Waiting for more ......from Thrillophilia.
Nice services without any problems and better way to roam in the city and visit various tourist places.
The service was very good. The staff is really kind. The vehicles they provided were in good condition because of which we were able to complete our trip effortlessly. We appreciate their service.
Nice services without any problems and better way to roam in the city and visit various tourist places.
Chandrakin Mukhopadhyay Bike Rental in Indore @ Flat 20% off
The service was very good. The staff is really kind. The vehicles they provided were in good condition because of which we were able to complete our trip effortlessly. We appreciate their service.
that was worth getting early for. In very early hours streets are not crowded so beginning of the tour is easy. All of us were given reflective vests so we were clearly seen and locals exercised caution. Guides spoke English very well and we could ask questions and get objective answers. One of them was always riding with last people in the group so none of us got lost. If you healthy enough to ride the bike and can put up with with crazy traffic for few hours (towards the end of the tour - definitely do it. You will not be pedaling whole time. It is 10-15 minute ride increments between 5-30 minute stops (depending on what you are about to see)

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