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  • Greece is on the list of most popular European destinations and meets visitors from all around the globe. The country is known for its ocean landscapes, delicious food, notable architecture and friendly locals. Tourists visit this country that’s spread over a hundred islands usually in the summers. 

    During this season the climate is warm, lands are rugged, islands are windswept but have fresh air, popular spots are lively and the overall environment is very rejuvenating. Another major reason that makes this place our favorite is because it really is cheap! Everything here...right from accommodation to food to transport is affordable and cost almost half the price if compared to other European countries.

    While this land welcomes everybody, it majorly caters to a specific group of an audience the most...HONEYMOONERS! Greece holidays for couples has only been gaining popularity over the years. This is certainly because there are many Greece honeymoon packages made available for people. 

    Greece honeymoon packages are easy on the pocket and convenient for couples to honeymoon in Greece and sort all pre arrangements like booking of stay, transport, choosing of best spots etc thus taking away all the hustle bustle of planning a couple’s ideal Greek honeymoon. Moreover, there are a number of places to visit in Greece for honeymoon that at no point can make anyone regret being here!

  • Best Islands In Greece For Honeymoon

    Greek islands honeymoon is popular for a reason. Hundreds of these inhabited islands are actually spread over a vast area and known for diverse aspects of beauty. They all come together to form this gorgeous, rich in history country. 

    Some famous and large Greek islands honeymoon popular spots like Rhodes and Corfu have airports with regular international flights and are known for its urban lifestyle. Some are dreamy beaches with crystal clear water and fine white colour sand and many others are archaeological and cultural monuments steeped in ancient history. 

    There are endless places to visit in Greece for honeymoon and below are some of these honeymoon Greek islands that are famous all over the world for a reason! These islands are well aware of their worth and make honeymoon in Greece an experience of a lifetime!

  • 01Mykonos

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    One of the most popular destinations for Greece honeymoon, Mykonos is well-known for luxurious resorts, beautiful beaches, and wild nightlife. It undoubtedly hosts one of the best parties in the country and has some really fancy restaurants around. This place generally has hot dry summers and mild winter with constant winds flowing all round the year.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Mykonos International Airport is an airport in Mykonos, Greece, located 4 kilometers from the town of Mykonos.

    Nearby Beaches: Psarou, paradise, super paradise, and Paraga are some of the best beaches in Mykonos.

    Location: Mykonos is an island in the Cyclades group and lies in the south Aegean region of Greece.

    Specialty: The island is also known as “The island of the winds” and is the ultimate go-to for party lovers!

  • 02Santorini

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    Santorini is regarded as one of the most picked romantic islands in the world. It is very beautiful and an ideal destination for Greece honeymoon and luxury holidays. It’s known for great food, great views, great wine, and luxury hotels. The best time to visit Santorini for perfect weather, swimming, boat tours, sunbathing and nightlife is from the months of June to September.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Santorini International Airport is an airport in Santorini also known as Thira and is located 4 km from the main town; to north of the village of Kamari.

    Nearby Beaches: Kamari, Perissa, Perivolos, Red beach and Monolithos are the top beaches here.

    Location: Santorini is another island in the Cyclades group and lies in the south Aegean region of Greece.

    Specialty: The best things to do here include doing a boat tour of the caldera, hiking the incredible caldera foot path, touring wineries, and visiting ancient and current villages.

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  • 03Corfu

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    One of the most beautiful and surreal islands of Greece, Corfu is surrounded by its lush green landscape of cypress trees, vineyards and olive groves fringed by blue bays and long beaches that appear golden.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Corfu International Airport is a government-owned airport on the Greek island of Corfu that is just 3 km away.

    Nearby Beaches: Top 5 here can be summed in Barbati, Canal D'Amour, Paleokastritsa, La Grotta Beach, and Agios Georgios Beach.

    Location: Corfu is located on the northwest coast in the Ionian Sea running through Greece.

    Specialty: The rich heritage of Greek, Venetian, French and British influences in the cosmopolitan and elegant streets of Corfu town are worth discovering in Corfu.

  • 04Rhodes

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    Rhodes is the largest and most popular island in the Dodecanese. It is well known for its beach resorts and the romantic Old Town which is one of the best preserved Medieval towns in Europe. Most of the tourist spots here are located near the town and visitors are often seen engaging in activities like windsurfing and kitesurfing.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Rhodes has its own International Airport and is about 12 km away from the main island.

    Nearby Beaches and Attractions: Except for Medieval town, Village of Lindos, Agios Pavlos Beach, Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, and Anthony Quinn Bay can be on your list.

    Location: Rhodes is a part of Dodecanese group of islands. Geographically, it is located between Karpathos and Kos.

    Specialty: People from all around the globe mainly visit Rhodes to appreciate the old town here.

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  • 05Lesvos

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    Lesvos is an island rich in history and traditions. It is surrounded by large olive groves and in fact, produces high-quality virgin olive oil. The island is also famous for Ouzo and can be a great Greek honeymoon island for couples who enjoy architectural pleasures and history. Most of the Greek honeymoon packages have Lesvos as one of the major destinations.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Mytilene International Airport is the nearest airport that is 8 km from Lesvos.

    Nearby Beaches and Attractions: Attractions here include castle of Molyvos, Petra beach, the monastery of Limonos, town, and castle of Mytilene, Ouzo museum, and Petrified forest.

    Location: Lesvos is located in North Eastern Aegean.

    Specialty: This island is considered as a family holiday destination and is overall famous for its well-kept beauty and ancient history.

  • 06Naxos

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    Naxos is the greenest, largest and indeed the most fertile island in the group of Cyclades. Potato fields, livestock, and cheese make this island popular amongst tourists and give it a deserving spot in your Greek honeymoon. Moreover, this place has breathtaking landscapes, hidden valleys, and long golden sandy beaches.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Naxos Island National Airport is an airport in Naxos, Greece. It is located near Agios Prokopios which is 3 km from the city of Naxos.

    Nearby Beaches and Attractions: When in Naxos, you can visit the village of Abram, Apeiranthos, Ayia Anna for a long stretch of sand, Ayios Mamas and Filoti.  

    Location: This Greek island is located in the South Aegean and is the largest of the Cyclades island group.

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  • Most Romantic Places To Visit In Greece

    Honeymoon in Greece is a dreamy start to the life of every couple who decide to spend the best moments of marriage hood here. This place may probably even make you start believing in fairy tales where the bride with her prince charming is lost on an island. Well, here, you have not just one but hundred of gorgeous islands. 

    Unfortunately, you can’t see it all unless you decide on having a honeymoon for no less than a 100 days. Choosing a few of these hundred islands can be quite a task. But worry not because we're listing down most romantic places to visit in Greece on honeymoon keeping in mind various Greece honeymoon package. So now, you can beautifully write every page of your book named “Honeymoon in Greece” and make it worth reading a thousand times!

  • 07The Esplanade or Spianada And The Liston

    The Esplanade or Spianada And The Liston
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    The Esplanade or Spianada is located in Corfu and is a large open park full of trees, benches, wide paths, fountains, monuments, a band stand where brass bands play occasionally and a field-mainly for cricket. It is a very romantic park where you can walk holding hands with your partner to enjoy some peaceful time in your Greece honeymoon.

    Liston, on the other hand, is a long building running alongside the Esplanade. It has lovely vaulted galleries, archways, and lanterns hanging beautifully. The Liston was constructed in 1807 and today has many coffee shops, art galleries, and restaurants. It lets you and your partner have some quality time in the mesmerizingly shaped lifestyle here.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Corfu International Airport is 3 km away.

    Location: Esplanade or Spianada is located in front of the old fortress in the city of Corfu.

  • 08Fira

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    The capital of Santorini, Fira is going to be one of the most romantic getaways in your Greece honeymoon. There are enough places to visit and many activities to be a part of in order to spend hours of fun and relaxation. The busy cafes on the streets are ideal Greece holidays for couples’ spot and provide the best of shopping, eating, drinking and hanging out time.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Santorini International Airport is 5.5 km

    Location: Esplanade or Spianada is located in front of the old fortress in the city of Corfu.

    Specialty: The lifestyle in Fira is very urban yet chilled out. It has a number of fancy restaurants and eateries on the streets that attract many tourists.

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  • 09Agios Sostis Beach

    Agios Sostis Beach
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    One of the most secluded and quietest beach in the town of Mykonos, Agios Sostis lets you have some private time with your better half. Due to the location which is a bit far from the main and popular southern beaches of Mykonos; this beach is unspoilt and less crowded. It is accessible by private vehicles as no bus is connected to this area of the town. However, if you have your private vehicle, getting here is pretty simple.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Mykonos International Airport is 8.5 km away from Agios Sostis beach.

    Location: Agios Sostis Beach is situated in the north of Mykonos.

    Specialty: The untouched beauty and less crowd here makes it apt for Greece holidays for couples who wish to cherish their memories at some best locations of Greece.

  • 10Acropolis of Rhodes

    The ideal way for couples to enjoy this place is to walk up the hill enjoying the greenery and archaeological park; particularly in the afternoon. The walk also gives you an opportunity of admiring the beauty of Apollo Pythius and the Doric temple in honour of Zeus Polieus and Polias Athena. 

    In the stadium here that has a seating capacity of 800 people, games and competitions were organised in the past. Today, cultural events are held with taking due permission of the Rhodes archaeological Service.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: 8.8 km from the airport of Rhodes.

    Location: Monte Smith Hill, Rhodes City.

    Entrance Fee: No Charge

    Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 24 x 7 (Open Area)

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  • 11Panagia Agia Sion Church

    Panagia Agia Sion Church
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    The Virgin Mary idol present here is believed to have got from Jerusalem during the period of iconoclasm, back in the 9th century. It was brought from a priest and monk named Agathon and was then placed in this church. 

    The church depicts the history, customs, and traditions of communities based out in Lesvos and is an ideal choice of destination for spiritual souls. However, the non-spirituals may consider visiting this church as well as this place is regarded as one of the best ones in the city of Lesbos.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Mytilene international airport is the nearest airport which is 48 km away from Lesbos.

    Location: Panagia Agia Sion Church is situated in the city of Lesbos

  • 12Apeiranthos Village

    Apeiranthos Village
    Image Credit :

    Apeiranthos village is located in the Naxos town which is one of the most popular islands. This village is popular amongst tourists for its unique landscapes of Naxian mountain ranges, its architecture and houses built using stones. 

    Thus, Apeiranthos Village is found on the most of the Greece honeymoon packages. There are 5 ancient museums here named the Apeiranthos Archaeological Museum, Geological Museum, Museum of Natural History, Visual Arts Museum and Folklore Museum. All of these worth visiting. One can’t miss the big Tower of Zevgolis decorated at the entrance of the village that is now privately owned and in excellent condition.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: Naxos island national airport is approximately 27 km from Apeiranthos Village.

    Location: Built on the foothill of mountain Fanari, Apiranthos is on the island of Naxos.

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  • Best Places To Stay In Greece

    Your stay plays a great role in your trip, especially on your honeymoon. With so many options to choose from, selecting the best one can be a difficult job for you and your partner. So to simplify your job…below are some of the best places to stay in Greece that is well curated from best Greece honeymoon packages for you to have a trip of a lifetime! 

    These hotels have a wide range of Greece honeymoon packages all inclusive of facilities like swimming pool, most romantic setting, beach front view, bar and restaurants, comfortable stay and personalised services. These are located in of the prime areas of Greece so coming back to your hotels will never be a trouble! Plus, this also makes commuting internally to popular tourists spots all the more easy and convenient. So go ahead and choose your Greek honeymoon packages. You can thank us later, pal!

  • 13Delfino Blu Boutique Hotel

    Delfino Blu Boutique Hotel
    Image Credit :

    Delfino Blu Boutique Hotel is a luxury hotel in Corfu that will captivate you with its simplicity and rejuvenating atmosphere. It is built at the foot of a hill, just above one of the most beautiful beaches of Corfu island giving out some great views. The hotel pays attention to your experience by combining local tradition with the modern style of living.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: This hotel is a 40 km drive from Corfu airport.

    Location: Agios Stefanos, Corfu, Kerkira 490 81

    Price For Two: Accommodation is available in wide range. The rates of which start from 165 euros and go on to 360 euros.

    Amenities: Some of the facilities include swimming pool, children pool, jacuzzi, swimming pool bar, sitting room, TV, WiFi, breakfast buffet, restaurant, bar parking lot, reception etc.

  • 14Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort

    Mykonos Grand Hotel & Resort
    Image Credit :

    This beach front, 5-star hotel should be the best choice for all newly wedded couples as it breathes romance. There are special Greek honeymoon packages that make the experience seamless and perfect. Moreover, the hotel has a setting for rare romantic moments defining luxury and personalised services for a comfortable and memorable stay. You can surprise your partner by choosing a package that meets your partner’s choice from a wide range of honeymoon Greece packages.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: This hotel is just 5 km from Mykonos airport.

    Location: Mikonos 846 00, Greece

    Price For Two: Honeymoon Packages range from 1865€ to 3410€ and can be customised according to personal needs.

    Amenities: Some of the facilities include swimming pool, jacuzzi, swimming pool bar, TV, WiFi, breakfast buffet, restaurant, bar parking lot, etc

  • 15Vedema, A Luxury Collection Resort, Santorini

    The enchanting Vedema is located in the medieval village of Megalohori and will charm you with its intimate treatment. The architecture will give you the essence of Greek culture with indigenous elements. The resort has a special category called “romance offers’ that has Santorini Greece honeymoon packages listed under it especially for honeymooners. They call themselves as the ultimate romantic destination and take constant efforts to make your experience here worth remembering forever.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: This hotel is approximately 8 km from Santorini airport.

    Location: Megalochori, Santorini 84700, Greece

    Price For Two: Accommodation here typically ranges from 220 euros to 3500 euros.

    Amenities: Some of the facilities include swimming pool, jacuzzi, fitness centre, spa treatments, wine tasting, private beach, kids and family activities, sports activities, cooking classes etc.

  • 16Amathus Elite Suites

    Amathus Elite Suites
    Image Credit :

    Amathus Elite is known to exemplify the best romantic experience with its beachfront living. This 5-star property has intimate settings for couples and lights that path the way to honeymoon suites. They pay special emphasis to romance and carve best stay with their mystique allure and fairy like the ambiance of medieval magnificence.  We consider this hotel to be one of the best few hotels in Rhodes for honeymooners who are striving at making the best of their honeymoon in Greece.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: This hotel is approximately 10 km from Rhodes international airport.

    Location: Leof. Iraklidon 100, Rhodes 851 01, Greece

    Price For Two: Accommodation here typically ranges from 550 euros to 3000 euros.

    Amenities: Some of the amenities here include spa treatments, children and adults swimming pool, jacuzzi, fitness centre, etc

  • 17Elysion Hotel

    Elysion Hotel
    Image Credit :

    Elysion Hotel is a relatively new hotel in Mytilene that gained popularity over a quick span of period. The sophisticated hotel welcomes guests with spacious rooms having incredible views of the Aegean. The resort has some special offers for couples who come for their honeymoon in Greece. Moreover, other Greece honeymoon packages include car rentals for easy and convenient travelling in Mytilene.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: This hotel is approximately 6 km from Mytilene international airport.

    Location: Neapoli, Mytilene 811 00

    Price For Two: Accommodation here typically ranges from 350 euros to 2500 euros.

    Amenities: Some of the amenities here include spa, children, and adults swimming pool, jacuzzi, car rentals, restaurant and bar, gym etc.

    *Other available activities include cycling, tennis, scuba diving, etc.

  • 18Naxos Island Hotel

    Naxos Island Hotel
    Image Credit :

    Often referred to as a miniature Naxos settled in a resort, this hotel is constructed in traditional Cycladic style. Every room here is made of marble, Emery, and plaster and features one village with photos and information. Guests can choose rooms as per their choice that varies in features like a sea view, balcony, veranda, private jacuzzi, etc.

    Distance From Nearest Airport: This hotel is a 4 km drive from Naxos island national airport.

    Location: Agios Prokopios beach, naxos hotels, Naxos, Agios Prokopios 843 00, Greece

    Price For Two: Accommodation here typically ranges from 220 euros to 2000 euros.

    Amenities: Roof swimming pool, roof bar restaurant, newsagent, hairdresser salon, fish spa, private parking, conference room, gym and 24 hours reception service.

  • Top Things To Do In Greece On Honeymoon

    Greece is a land full of breathtaking landscapes, surreal architecture, rich history, and traditions. It also has a number of adventure sports activities like Kite surfing, Canyoning, Skydiving, Snorkeling, Cruising, Skydiving, Scuba Diving etc. Thus, they say Greece has something for everyone. 

    Picking a handful of activities during your visit here can be a difficult task. There is so much to see and do that even a month feels short. However, we still managed to choose our best picks and have jotted down some of the top things to do in Greece. These activities, places are quite famous in these islands and are acknowledged by many travellers. So here are our favourites that will help you explore the city and make the most of your holidays.

  • 19Go For Mykonos Catamaran Sailing Tour

    Go For Mykonos Catamaran Sailing Tour
    Image Credit :

    You visit Mykonos and miss out on catamaran sailing? No chance! This safe and stable adventure is a unique sailing experience that lets you explore the surrounding island of Delos and Rhenia like there’s no other time. This activity is also carried out in some of the southern beaches of Mykonos. 

    If it is your first time, Ornos Bay can be the start point where you shall have a safety briefing. You can then sail to the south end of Delos followed by Rhenia island, enjoy a full course Mediterranean style meal and then sail back.

    Location: Ornos 84600, Mykonos

    Cost per head: Approximately 101 euros

  • 20Visit Ancient Thera, Santorini

    Visit Ancient Thera, Santorini
    Image Credit :

    A visit to Ancient Thera is a long walk uphill walk on a narrow and steep path. On reaching the top, you spot signs that explain the ruins and historical importance of the place. However, a guide will be able to do full justice to the dramatic monument so consider hiring one. 

    This place is much bigger and glorious than you expect it to be and is worth every step. As the surface here is rugged, make sure you wear good footwear. It is best advised to visit this place early in the day as it is windy and pleasant.

    Location: Petros Nomikos Conference Center | Ancient Thera Road, Kamari 17892

    Cost per head: 4 euros

    Timings: Every Day 8 am to 3 pm except for Mondays

  • 21Visit Old Fortress, Corfu

    Visit Old Fortress, Corfu
    Image Credit :

    A Venetian fortress in the city of Corfu, this is a popular tourist destination. Climbing to the top offers views that overlook the town of Corfu and the harbour and are bliss to the eyes. This spot is a great place for all nature lovers. The climb up the fort looks difficult and may discourage you to proceed but is actually a very simple one. The paths are rugged but easy to walk on. However, if you’re tired and need some energy you and decide to spend some time at the cafe.

    Location: Paleo Enetiko Frouno, Corfu Town, Greece

    Cost per head: No Charge

    Timings: Every Day 8 am to 8 pm

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  • 22Experience 9D: Throne of Helios, Rhodes

    Experience 9D: Throne of Helios, Rhodes
    Image Credit :

    Throne of Helios is an entertainment centre that offers 9D cinema experience. Here, you can enjoy the 3D picture, sound, motion, rain, snow, wind, fire, and even smells that appeal to the senses. It takes you to the history of Rhodes and is one of the best activities you can choose when in Greece. 

    It is a unique combination of technology with a history that is loved by children as well as adults. There are many sightseeing tours on the island that you can take during your holidays here but Throne of Helios is definitely one of the best experiences.

    Location: 25th Martiou Ethnarxou Makariou, Rhodes Town 851 00, Greece

    Cost per head: 5 euros

    Timings: Every Day 10am to 11:00pm

  • 23Visit The Castle Of Molyvos, Lesbos

    Visit The Castle Of Molyvos, Lesbos
    Image Credit :

    Located in the north part of Lesvos, in the province of Ancient Mithymna, the castle of Molyvos is the second biggest and most important fortress in the island. There are three gates to enter...exterior one opens at the southernmost end of the outer bailey. 

    The second leads to an open-air yard and the third one, which is the main impressive entrance dates back to the 14th century and made of thick wood encrusted with metal plates. This places is one of the most popular tourist spots in Greece and is visited by thousand of travellers every year. It is considered as one of the very few well-preserved fortresses in Eastern Mediterranean and has many cultural events take place in the interior space here.

    Location: Molyvos, Greece

    Cost per head: 1 euro

    Timings: Every Day 8 am to 8 pm

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  • 24See The Portara, Naxos

    See The Portara, Naxos
    Image Credit : serendipitousmoments

    The Portara or the Great Door way is the entrance to the Apollo temple. It is the most famous landmark of Naxos and summarises the history of the island nicely. It is the most beautiful during the sunset! The site is well laid out, so you can easily walk all around. The place offers a wonderful chance to observe ancient Greek architecture and get quite busy during the peak seasons.

    Location: Islet of Palatia, Naxos Town 84300, Greece

    Cost per head: No Charge

    Timings: 24 hours

  • Best Beaches In Greece

    Every Greek island has the best of beaches. Most of them stretch long and appear having golden sand. The crystal clear waters of Greece are world famous and can be categorised into best beaches of Europe. Lakhs of travellers come to Greece every year to enjoy the sea, sand and fresh air at the beachside. 

    Sandy or pebbled, secluded or popular, these beaches charm visitors with their absolute beauty and cleanness. Greece is often ranked as one of the top countries with best quality beaches and coasts. However, we’re listing down few of the best beaches in Greece that you can be explored at the very beginning of your trip in case you don’t have a lot of time with you. These are indeed some of the best spots for honeymooners to have some private, romantic time.

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  • 25Ornos Beach, Mykonos

    Ornos Beach, Mykonos
    Image Credit :

    Love birds can choose to spend some romantic time by hiring umbrellas and 2 sunbeds that usually costs 20 euros in total. You can sip a mug of beer and enjoy the crystal clear water and fine sand. On the shore of the bay, there are several restaurants and bar where you can have a nice time. Needless to say, this beach is quite clean and peaceful and a great choice for your visit in Mykonos. Moreover, you can also rent an ATV and drive up to the lighthouse that is located close by.

    Distance from Nearest Airport: Mykonos airport is a 4 km drive to this beach.

    Location: Ornos 846 00, Greece

  • 26Perissa And Kamari Beach, Santorini

    Perissa And Kamari Beach, Santorini
    Image Credit :

    Santorini’s south west coast is lined with long stretches of black beach that are made up of black volcanic sand. One of these is the Perissa while the other one is called the Kamari beach. Perissa beach has a very hippy like vibes. It is the ideal choice for backpackers. 

    It is wide and lovely and has open-air bars, gyro stands and shops selling kitschy merchandise. Kamari, on the other hand, has some great local restaurants and is close to Santorini wineries.  Therefore there are many tours and tastings of some of the world’s most highly regarded wines. This is a casual and relaxing beach and is great for families and couples who have come for a honeymoon in Greece.

    Distance from Nearest Airport: Santorini airport is a 13 km drive to Perissa beach and 6 km drive to Kamari beach.

    Location: Perissa and Kamari, Greece

  • 27Sidari Beaches, Corfu

    Sidari Beaches, Corfu
    Image Credit :

    Sidari beaches is a set of beaches in Corfu that are really well known amongst tourists. The main beach is the most popular one and has opportunities for activities like scuba diving and other water sports. There are some bars and restaurants to chill at. This beach is suitable for children because the water is shallow and not wavy.

    Another beach to the east is sandy with small stones here and there. IF the wind blows from North, seaweed comes out to the beach. On the west to Sidari, Cinali beach is located between cliffs and rocks. Since the sea is deeper, dives are not allowed from the cliffs for safety reasons.

    Distance from Nearest Airport: Corfu airport is roughly 38 km from Sidari region.

    Location: Sidari is a region in the northern part of the island of Corfu.

  • 28Kalathos Beach, Lindos

    Kalathos Beach, Lindos
    Image Credit :

    This beautiful beach is a romantic getaway for couples and is usually a part of most Greece honeymoon packages. It is just 800 m from Kalathos village and is small pebble and sand beach. There are bars that offer refreshment drinks and eateries that have good food. Youngsters are often seen carrying out water sports activities here. It is a great location for all types of tourist groups.

    Distance from Nearest Airport: Rhodes airport is the nearest airport at the distance of 43 km from Kalathos Village.

    Location: Kalathos beach is located near Kalathos village is Lindos.

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  • 29Skala Eressos Beach, Lesvos

    Skala Eressos Beach, Lesvos
    Image Credit :

    This beach is regarded as the best beach on the island of Lesvos. It is spread across 4 km and is a wide one with a width of 400 m. With shallow water, this beach is an ideal one for relaxation. Sunbeds and umbrellas can be hired on per hour basis or weekly basis at cheap rates. 

    You can also have fun by conducting various water sports thrills like sailing and surfing here. Moreover, this beach has also been awarded as the cleanest beach several times and the beauty here will make you want to visit it again and again.

    Distance from Nearest Airport: Mytilene airport is the nearest one located at a distance of 93 km from Skala Eressos.

    Location: Skala Eressou 81105, Greece

  • 30Plaka Beach, Naxos

    Plaka Beach, Naxos
    Image Credit :

    Plaka beach used to be a nudist beach once upon a time, Today, it is a popular one in Naxos. It gathers families and couples mainly during the high seasons of July and August. This is a lovely long and wide beach with white sand and turquoise water and is actually a continuation of the Agia Anna. 

    It is a busy beach as many people turn up for water activities like kitesurfing & windsurfing. Best bet here is to pick a spot at the open restaurants and bar to enjoy a chilled beer while watching the mesmerising sunrise.  

    Distance from Nearest Airport: Naxos island national airport is the nearest airport at a distance of 200 km from Plaka beach.

    Location: This beach is located on the island of Naxos and is easily accessible.  

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