Ancient Thira Overview

Ancient Thira is the third most significant archaeological site in Santorini that gives visitors an insight into the ancient history and culture of the island. Offering a gorgeous panoramic view of the Aegean Sea, this site is home to numerous ruins of elegant Hellenistic shops, arts and crafts, sculptures, and much more. After its evacuation in 1895, a mountain saddle between the Profitis Ilias and Mesa Vouno was also discovered.

One of the most remarkable places to visit in Santorini, this ancient Dorian settlement dating back to the 9th century, presents an eclectic mix of Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine ruins.

A visit will reward you with splendid views of temples, mosaics, a theatre, an agora or market, and a gymnasium from those primeval cultures. Standing proud on top of the peak Mesa Vouno, the atmosphere is charged with the glory of those prehistoric civilizations.

Location: Near Perissa Beach.

Highlights: Ruins of ancient Doris settlements, sacred areas, the Agora, the Basilike Stoa, magnificent views of the Aegean.


• Explore the ancient city of Thira which boasts temples, sanctuaries, and an impressive theater hewed into a rock.
• Enjoy the breathtaking views of the Aegean while strolling along the ruins from the Roman, Hellenistic, and Byzantine eras.
• Deepen your knowledge about the history and culture of Greece on Ancient Thira island.
• Visit the significant place of gatherings and mass worship in Agora in the Ancient Thira.
• Admire the beauty of the Basilike Stoa in Ancient Thira, which is a colonnaded building of the Doric architectural order
• Witness the different acts and plays in the theater of Ancient Thira, which is a part of a festival that is celebrated in honor of Dionysus.
• Go for a healthy workout in The Ephebe Gymnasium in Ancient Thira to burn the fat that you might have accumulated while enjoying the delicious Greek delicacies.
• Seek blessings by paying a visit to the Greek, Christain, and Egyptian temples in the Ancient Thira in Santorini.

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