Emporio Overview

If you are still contemplating what to see in Santorini, Emporio is another worth-visiting village in Santorini that is renowned for its windmills, churches, towers, vibrant doors, Venetian castles, pristine beaches, and bells. When compared to other villages like Oia and Fira, it radiates a medieval aura from its well-preserved characteristic architecture. It is one of a kind castle town that boasts narrow alleys and the windows and doors of fortified buildings.

The largest village of the island must feature in your bucket list of places to visit in Santorini. Here you can discover the appeal of an ancient Byzantine fortress settlement. The 16th-century Panagia Mesani church at the heart of the bastion with an invaluable wooden icon screen harks back to the glory of the bygone days.

This region's distinctive feature is that all the buildings communicate via their roofs, reachable through narrow and steep stairs. The castle area constructions' rounded corners and asymmetric shapes lend a touch of the Gaudiesque to the place.

Highlights: Medieval ambiance, a well-preserved castle, Cycladic blue-domed churches with impressive bell towers.


• Pay a visit to the largest village of Santorini named Emporio which resembles a peaceful settlement with gorgeous houses and yards.
• Explore the medieval castle town of Kasteli in the center of Emporio, the walls of which have a smooth surface since it is made up of volcanic materials.
• Witness the most impressive Goulas tower in Emporio which dates back to the Venetian period and enjoy the sweeping views of the entire area from the top.
• Visit the unique and beautiful churches in Emporio while walking through the narrow alleyways in Santorini, including the Church of St. Nicholas Marmaritis and the Church of Lady Messani.
• Watch the windmills at Gavrilos Hill in Emporio built in the 19th century and explore the majestic views of the entire valley and the coast.
• Indulge in a wine tour through the different breweries and wineries in Emporio and sample some of the best wines of the Cyclades. 

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