Nea Kameni Overview

Nea Kameni is a tiny island in the center of the rugged volcanic crater in Santorini. It features a dramatic landscape with dark cliffs made out of lava rock and orange-tinged natural thermal waters. The gorgeous scenery and natural hot springs are some of the highlights that make the place a popular tourist destination from where you can take day cruises from Santorini.

Nea Kameni is among the many Santorini places to visit and is referred to as the youngest land in the Eastern Mediterranean region. The locals refer to the island as the volcano because the formation of the island began no earlier than 450 years ago.

The sheer abundance of natural features on this island is a reason why tourists love to visit it. You can get a helicopter tour of the island but it will not land there so you will get only an aerial view of the spot.


-    Unique picturesque island

-    Requires intensive walking for exploration

-    Offers hiking opportunity

-    Can be reached only by boat


• Set off the coast of Nea Kameni situated in the center of the submerged Santorini caldera to discover one of the best attractions in Santorini.
• Take a boat or a catamaran tour of the island or hike to the rim of the crater to admire the beauty of the volcanic landscape of Nea Kameni.
• Soak in the hot springs that are renowned for the tinged orange waters formed by the mineral-rich seabed of Nea Kameni.
• Relish the sheer abundance of natural features on the Nea Kameni island from above through a helicopter tour.
• Enjoy the breathtaking views of the caldera and young islets in the Nea Kameni overlooking the wonderful vibrant sunset.
• Participate in scuba diving activities in Nea Kameni to witness the diverse marine life on the stunning Aegean Sea.
• Explore the different shops, restaurants, and beach side bars lining Nea Kameni in Santorini.

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