Best Water Sports in Santorini

Santorini Water Sports

The beautiful island city is famous for Santorini water sports full of thrills, adventure and spectacular views. Greece is famous for its water sports because of its many islands, and due to its shallow and sparkling water and black sand beaches, it is perfect for many water sports activities, like snorkelling, parasailing, boating, kayaking, swimming, scuba diving, and more. The most famous water activity in Santorini is snorkelling, and beaches like Red Beach or Kamari Beach offer great snorkelling experiences.

Water activities in Santorini offer experiences like watching the sunset while parasailing at Perivolos beach. Or take a jet skiing tour to visit the enormous coastline of Santorini Island with stops for swimming at the beaches. Lastly, one water sport activity visitors must not miss is paddleboarding, which now uses a stand-up paddleboard. There are many tours and packages available for visitors to choose from that don’t require much. The guides brief and train the thrill-seekers before they go kayaking or boating. All this allows you to experience the calm water on Santorini Island beautifully.
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Santorini Water Sports FAQs

Which are the best Santorini water sports to experience?

1. Kayaking: Enjoying kayaking should be on your list of water activities in Santorini. Most beaches in Santorini offer sea kayaking, like Red Beach, as kayaking is an excellent water sport that you can do both at sea and on lakes. Pick a kayaking tour that also lets you view the beautiful Santorini Island while moving at an ideal pace for marvelling at the view. With kayaking, you can admire the beautiful cliff-engulfed beaches and spots. Most kayak tours are around 4-5 hours long and require thrill seekers to know swimming.

Average price: Price starts from £90.27

2. Jet Skiing: One of the best water activities in Santorini is jet skiing, especially on Falassarna beach. Its turquoise water is perfect for jet skiing, and the surfing institute here will train you for surfing excellently. Through jet skiing, you can view the beautiful coastline of Santorini in a tour that lasts around 2 to 2.5 hours. Even on Perivolos beach, you can enjoy jet skiing on a tour that also shows you other beach costs, like Red beach or the enthralling Caldera beach.

Average price: Price starts from £300.

3. Boating: Another Santorini water sport to try is boating to enjoy the beautiful islands, beaches, and skyline of the city. You can rent a cruise, speed boat, or any other boat at Lottie, Rethymnon, Greece. Or you can book a catamaran sailboat tour to explore the beautiful coast of the island while watching the sunset in the Aegean Sea. On this tour, you enjoy beauty spots like Akrotiri Lighthouse or the Caldera beach while also stopping at beautiful shallow water beaches for swimming. Or at Vlychada port, you can rent a private boat for half a day or a full one and sail your boat while witnessing the mesmerising island.

Average pricing: £114.88

4. Parasailing: Soar high (300 feet) and view the beauty of the magnificent island of Santorini on an exciting parasailing adventure. Parasailing is one of the best Santorini water activities at Perivolos Beach, where you will sail above the sea to see the beauty of the beach and Santorini Island. The 10 minutes spent in the air are enough to witness the natural beauty around you while also watching a beautiful sunset. Anyone over the age of 14 can enjoy this thrilling activity of gliding over Santorini Island calm and crystal-clear water. Also, they must know basic swimming.

Average pricing: £70/ £90

5. Snorkelling: Snorkelling is one of the most famous Santorini water sports amongst visitors and natives alike, with most beaches providing the perfect environment for snorkelling. With extensive and exotic marine life, the beaches here are perfect, and the shallow, clear water helps with the best snorkelling experience. White Beach is one of the best snorkelling locations with its clear water and dark volcanic sand. It also lets you explore deep caves under the sea, which makes it a unique place for being part of the water activities in Santorini. Red Beach is the best snorkelling beach here, with clear water and nooks and crannies for snorkelers to explore. Snorkelling tours are combined with fishing, swimming, and boat tours if you take a package, whether for the whole day or a half.

Average price: £113.54

6. Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is a wondrous water sport to watch the marvel of marine life up close. Experience the deep waters, reefs, cliffs, sea, and lava formations, and the immersive volcanic environment on Santorini Island. Book a tour beginning from Bay of Ammoudi or at Nea Makri, and dive into the sea after a boat ride to the best diving spots. Including the boat ride, most scuba diving experiences last for four hours with a personal guide by your side. To witness the exotic marine life via scuba diving, knowledge of basic swimming is necessary.

Average pricing: £122.07

7. Paddleboarding: Relax and view the beautiful Greek beaches via a SUP (stand-up paddle), the new form of paddleboarding famous in Santorini. At St. George Beach, you can rent a SUP to explore the beautiful surroundings, like the coves, with the help of a guide who will teach you how to paddle. Paddleboarding is all about balance and concentration, and many people find it one of the easiest water activities in Santorini. Most SUP tours are one to two hours long, and the thrill seeker should be good at swimming.

Average pricing: £119.59

8. Motorboating: For the best adrenaline rush, try motorboating in Santorini to see the beautiful seas and go swimming. Also, hike towards the top to admire the view while bathing in the hot springs. Go for a private or group tour of the Caldera Beach and take your motorboat to the volcanic springs for a perfect swim. Most motorboat rides are two hours long, with a guide assisting you and educating you about the history.

Average pricing: £208.22

9. Float In The Shallow Waters in Tsambikos Beach: This Greek beach offers both relaxing activities like resting in the shallow sea and adrenaline-pumping activities. The best water sports area in the vicinity is Tsambikos watersports, which is located at Tsambikos beach in Greece. Don't forget to include these watersports in Greece islands on your list of places to see while you're there.

Which are the best beaches to visit in Santorini?

1. Red Beach: Red Beach is a stunning beach in Santorini that stands out due to its colour. Surrounded by enchanting volcanic rocks, red and black pebbles, and sands of multiple colours, but mainly red, it's hit amongst the visitors. The exciting marine life and volcanic eruptions make it best for Santorini water sports, like snorkelling.

2. Kamari beach: The village of Kamari has the most popular and visited beach resort, Kamari beach, composed of black volcanic sand. Awarded with the blue flag, it is one of the cleanest beaches in Santorini. The beach is perfect for indulging in many water activities in Santorini, like snorkelling, surfing, paddle boating, windsurfing, and water skiing.

3. Perissa beach: A beautiful volcanic beach, Perissa Beach is full of unique characteristics, like crystal-clear water and black volcanic sand. The main attraction of the beach is the magnificent rock, Mesa Vouno, rising from the sea. For a good time here, rent sunbeds and umbrellas or enjoy the many water sports activities happening here.

4. Perivolos beach: Perivolos Beach, buzzing with activity, is known for hosting wedding receptions. Filled with black lava sand and sparkling clear water, enjoy water activities like scuba diving, windsurfing, and jet skiing. A beach known for having an adventurous nightlife, enjoy a party here with loud music playing loudly nearby.

5. Vlychada beach: Vlychada is known for the enormous carved cliff, which looks like a sculpture but is natural and volcanic. Like other beaches in Santorini, it has shallow waters, pebbles, and dark volcanic sunbeds—perfect for taking a boat ride. Enjoy a relaxing day here with organised sunbeds, a canteen, straw umbrellas, and more.

6. Eros Beach: A wonderful, secluded beach, it has white-brown cliffs engulfing it, created naturally by wind and water over the years. The pebbly beach with deep waters is known for having the best beach bars and hosting exciting volleyball games. The beach bar is stunning, with sofas, hammocks, and swings available for lounging and admiring the view.

What is the best time to visit Santorini for water sports?

Between June to September, visiting Santorini for water sports due to the high temperature makes it perfect for beachside activities. During these months, you can enjoy getting yourself tanned or swimming at one of the beaches.

Which are the best places to go for snorkelling in Santorini?

1. Red Beach: The famous beach is known for the best water activities in Santorini, namely snorkelling. Its incredible landscape with red cliffs, sand, volcanic rocks, and more provides the best snorkelling experience. Through this, you will view mesmerising underwater rocks and caverns.

2. Kamari Beach: A family-friendly beach, Kamari Beach in Santorini is also perfect for snorkelling. The beach has clear water with pebbly and black sand, making it ideal for snorkelling. Other activities to do here include swimming and walking along its two-kilometre coastline.

3. Caldera Beach: The beach has black sand and fish, and deep water which makes it perfect for snorkelling and is also quiet. So, you can enjoy snorkelling in peace and enjoy the best views.

4. Perissa Beach: Santorini water sports, like snorkelling, is very famous and experienced at this beach. It has shallow and clean water, and while snorkelling, one can see Mediterranean fish, starfish, and crabs.

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