Snorkeling In Havelock
Snorkeling in Havelock is one of the major reasons for tourists to visit this magical land. These Islands are one of the favourite destinations of people not just in India but across the world a There are multiple places in Andaman where a tourist can experience snorkelling and other water sports. There are places like North Bay Island-Port Blair, Elephant Beach- Havelock Island, Red Skin Island- Port Blair, etc to enjoy this activity.

All these destinations have amazingly beautiful beaches with white sand coupled with coral reef which is clearly visible from not more than a meter in depth. Andaman is enticing for every traveler as the white sand beach and turquoise water gives a breathtaking view. Majority travelers prefer snorkelling on Havelock Island as it offers a variety of other adventure activities like kayaking, parasailing. scuba diving, etc.

For snorkeling in Andaman there are a lot of tour packages that do not require prior paddling or swimming skills. Any beginner and amateur can do snorkelling. At the start point every traveler is first trained to use split fins for snorkelling, then the instructor helps one to get into the waters. The instructor further accompanies an individual inside the water during the snorkeling experience for safety measures.

All the tour packages for snorkeling in Andaman generally consists of all necessary safety equipments, and a certified instructor. The best part about snorkeling in Andaman is that there are no specific timings and can be done any time during the day according to the convenience of the traveler. This activity sounds like an adventurous activity but on the contrary gives tremendous amount of peace to an individual, this is because of the calmness of the water deep inside the blue exotic ocean.

There are some basic tips that one must follow while snorkeling in Andaman like using a clean snorkelling gear, using fins while snorkelling, wearing swimming costumes, one should not touch any corals or anything that looks attractive underwater as it can be dangerous. The best part about snorkelling is that it can be enjoyed by person of any age group. It indeed is a great way of enjoying the wonderful life under water.
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638 Ratings Ratings
Snorkeling in Andaman, Book Now @ ₹1,850 Only!
  • Port Blair
₹2,450 ₹1,850
- Mesmerise yourself with the colourful and magical world that lies beneath the waters of Andaman. The 30 minutes snorkelling activity will be conducted in the virgin Elephant Beach that allures with its crystal clear waters and live corals. 
- On this balmy day, you will be picked up from your stay in Havelock around 8:00 AM and be ferried away to Elephant Beach. Take in the scenery of clear blue skies, white sands, tall arching trees and distinct fauna. The professional instructor will give you a briefing of the activity and prep you up with the necessary equipment required for snorkelling such as snorkel and diving mask.  Begin the activity and get to witness the fascinating marine life and live corals. 
- After the return from Elephant Beach, the guide will lead you to some refreshment at the nearby café.
- After this, you will be dropped to the resort.

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State: U.T. of Andaman and Nicobar

Exact Location: Located on the islands of Andaman

Nearest Location: Port Blair, which is 38 km away from Port Blair

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How to Reach

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How to Reach
Reach by Air from Chennai to Port Blair and then from Port Blair to Islands by Sea and road. Regular ships are available.
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Other Attractions

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Other Attractions
Visit the Cellular Jail at Port Blair. An integral part of Indian history this was where many unfortunate freedom fighters were imprisoned tortured and hanged by the British. The Naval Marine museum (Samudrika) and the museums of Anthropology and Fisheries are interesting places to gain some general knowledge.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, 29 km from Port Blair, is another enjoyable place to go to, covered with tropical and mangrove forests; it has extremely rare flora and fauna. Entry fee to all the places is Rs 2 to10. 
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All Foreign nationals need to obtain prior permission before entering into Havelock.

There are few internet cafes and ATMs in Port Blair.

Consult Life guards before entering the sea. 

You can walk from beach 1 to beach 5 in less than an hour. To get to beach 7, which is some distance away, you can choose from: the hourly bus, a rickshaw, a taxi or rent your own moped or scooty (a gearless scooter).

Tariff for snorkeling from Havelock Island, starts from Rs. 1500 and goes up to Rs. 6000.

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Places To Visit In Havelock Island
15 March 2020
It was an amazing experience to go underwater and see marine life. Andaman had a rich marine life and a variety of aquatic animals and fishes in Havelock Island. It was a great experience of seeing life underwater.
My Instructor was an expert , Good approach and very instructionally sound. Since it was my first time for a scuba, I had an awesome scuba experience.
"awesome experience.the trainer was experienced and very cordial.despite being faced issues in booking, the coordination to resolve the issue was commendable"
19 December 2019
Renuka Renuka Kayaking in Andaman
We were 8 of us who were looking forward for something adventurous and Thrillophilia made it happen. Night kayaking was the highlight of our trip. We exactly were able to do the kayaking in the dense mangroves of Havelock island on full moon day. We were lucky enough to see bioluminiscence. Thanks for arranging and making our trip extra special. Would also love to thank our guide named Rajkumar who took us for kayaking.
"scuba diving is a once in life time experience and we enjoyed it thoroughly only hiccup was the local tour coordinator was not aware or updated about our scuba diving and i had to call up the tour operator and then at night we got a confirmation that the scuba diving is confirmed."
06 March 2020
It was an exciting water sport to do in Andaman and very famous as well. We were 4 people and had done scuba diving together. It was totally fun and thrilling to do so. Been underwater itself was exciting and watching fishes so close was a lifetime memorable experience. Thrillophilia has the best package available at a discounted price.
23 February 2020
Our diving experience was fantastic. We had seen sea turtles and had an amazing photo surrounded by fishes from all sides. The water was clear and calm on that day and we enjoyed it a lot underwater. The equipment was given by them and they were in good condition as well. The training session was very helpful to enjoy the scuba diving experience.
11 March 2020
We had done scuba diving at various places and scuba diving in Andaman was a great experience. There are a variety of fishes in the water and the water was clear as well to enjoy the experience of Scuba Diving. It was worth trying scuba diving here.
10 March 2020
Scuba Diving was one of the water sports I want to try in my life. We had been on a family trip to Andaman and Nicobar Island and during our visit to Havelock Island I had done scuba diving and it was a lifetime experience and was so much fun.
04 March 2020
My wife and I tried scuba diving in Andaman and was scared at first because we had never done anything like this before. But the instructor was so helpful and friendly and during the first dive in shallow water, he let us overcome our fear, and then we went diving in deep water. It was a thrilling and exciting experience for us and we had a great memorable experience.

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