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    Havelock Scuba Diving

    Havelock Island is the most visited of the Andaman beaches. Famous for its laid back vibe, this island has more of Bengali settlers. Dolphins, Turtles and the fish make it a popular destination among tourists. This island is located approximately 4 hrs from the Port Blair airport by inter-island ferry. It is a natural paradise with white sand beaches, coral reefs with a colorful array of aquatic life, palm trees, as well as dense forests in the interiors.

    For experienced divers, diving expeditions are available where they take you out hunting for new and undiscovered sites. The beach has a dive center that offers a wide range of largely unexplored dive sites rich in underwater marine life. Many Dive schools are in the vicinity where one can enroll and learn deep sea diving under proper supervision.

    How to get there

    Chennai/Calcutta to Port Blair by air. From there board a Govt. Ferry to Havelock Island.

    Nearest Town: Port Blair which is 57 km away.

    Distance: Chennai -Port Blair-1190kms, Calcutta- Port Blair- 1255kms

    Best time to visit: October to May

    Exact Location: Havelock island is the largest of the islands in a chain of islands to the east of Great Andaman in the Andaman Islands.


    • Depending on the season, ferries might get booked up. So it is advisable to buy ferry tickets to Havelock Island from Port Blair.
    • There are a few ATMs in Port Blair and thats about it. So before moving any further it is advisable to use the ATMs.
    • For safe diving experience avail the services of certified Scuba Diving Instructors from professional organizations like PADI, CMAS, NAUI, BSAC or SSI
    • SCUBA diving is offered at Havelock are : Barefoot Scuba, DiveIndia, Lacadives at Beach No. 3.
    • Do not carry sea fans and seashells unless specific permits are obtained from the Fisheries Department.

    Travel Tips

    • Mosquitos are nuisances there; hence it is advisable to carry a repellent. Wild dogs on the beach are also known to bite the people on the beach. So its advisable to carry a stick along.
    • The Currents at Radhanagar Beach are strong during monsoons. So it is advisable not to swim during that season.
    • Internet access on Havelock is extremely slow and unreliable, so dont count on it. Port Blair has faster internet services and is recommendable.

    Other Information

    Visit the Cellular Jail at Port Blair. An integral part of Indian history this was where many unfortunate freedom fighters were imprisoned tortured and hanged by the British. The Naval Marine museum (Samudrika) and the museums of Anthropology and Fisheries are interesting places to gain some general knowledge.

    Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park, 29 km from Port Blair, is another enjoyable place to go to, covered with tropical and mangrove forests; it has extremely rare flora and fauna. Entry fee to all the places is Rs 10.

    Beware of jagged edges of Bleached Coral at Beaches #2, #3 and #5 as the shallow beachfront waters on the northern coast of Havelock is covered with this.

    Apart from scuba diving, snorkeling, water surfing, jet skiing and para sailing are ways one can indulge in marine life exploration.

    Image Source: tim_proffitt_white