Places to Visit in Switzerland in 7 Days: 2022 (Itinerary)
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Places to See in Switzerland in 7 Days

When you think of a weeklong vacation to Switzerland you’re thinking cheese, chocolate, wine and mountains, but there’s an abundance of places to visit in Switzerland in 7 days that’ll leave you satisfied with their flawless beauty. From art galleries to resplendent architecture, from museums to mountains, there’s something for everyone here!

There are so many bustling cities and quaint towns and villages across Switzerland, that you’d be spoilt for choice wondering what to see in Switzerland in 7 days. Some of the most prominent cities to visit are Zurich, which is the commercial capital of Switzerland, Bern, the capital city, Interlaken which often feels like cheese and chocolate heaven and Lucerne, the city of bridges and churches.

If you’re looking for more offbeat towns, Zermatt and Montreux are must-visits for some thrilling skiing experiences. Make sure your Switzerland 7 days itinerary includes a trip to Geneva to get a glimpse of the United Nations building, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Add to your list a soothing thermal spa experience in Zurich, a trip to the vibrant village of Grindelwald and a sit-down dinner at any of the fine dines in Switzerland, to add a luxurious touch to your trip!

Here is the list of Places to Visit in Switzerland in 7 Days

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Places to Visit in Switzerland on Day 1



The commercial capital of Switzerland, Zurich is prominent for its banking and finance activities but along with that is a great tourist spot too. One of the top places to visit in Switzerland in 7 days, Zurich has plenty of art galleries, museums, statues, architecture, and a history that dates back to over 2000-plus years. 

Being the largest city in Switzerland, Zurich has a lot to offer even in terms of activities, you can visit Lake Zurich and enjoy a picnic along the coast, or relax in one of the parks of the town. Explore outdoor activities like paragliding and boating, or simply walk around the Old Town while soaking in the old-world charm. Spend your evenings at one of the many pubs the city offers, because when in Zurich, partying is an absolute must! 

Built-in the 8th century, Zurich’s art and architecture also varies extensively and the different styles are a sight in themselves, while some of the buildings here are over 1000 years old. If you enjoy an adrenaline rush, you can also hike to Mount Uetliberg and get a panoramic view of this splendid city!
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How to reach Zurich

1. Flight: Zurich’s airport is the biggest and the busiest with most major airlines flying in here. The airport is well-connected to all big towns and cities. If you’re travelling from India it takes approximately 9.5 hours to reach Zurich. From the airport, you can get a train to Hauptbahnhof, the central railway station of Zurich, and embark on your holiday.

2. Rail:
If you live in a European country, you can opt for a train journey to Zurich’s Hauptbahnhof. The Swiss railway system is very efficient and Zurich’s main train station is one of the busiest.  

Tourist Attractions in Zurich

1. Uetliberg: Situated at a height of 871 meters above sea level, Uetlibierg offers scenic views and is great for picnics, and other adventure activities.

2. Swiss National Museum: Switzerland's largest collection of the culture and history of the country can be found here, which depicts everything from art to aesthetics, and their way of life. 

3. Grossmunster Church: This is one of the 4 iconic churches of Zurich, built in Romanesque style during the 12th century. Switzerland 7 days itinerary must include a trip here.

4. Lake Zurich: Lake Zurich is adjacent to the city and is a famous picnic spot, great for strolls and even for swimming during summers. If you can’t figure out what to see in Switzerland in 7 days, make sure to add this spot for tranquility and relaxation. 

5. Zurich Opera House: The Zurich Opera House has been the national venue for theatre, opera, and ballet ever since it was built in 1891. 

Things to do in Zurich

1. Spend a day admiring art at Kunsthaus - You’ll find a series of rooms here dedicated to art by famed Swiss sculptors and prominent artists like Van Gogh and Monet, to name a few.

2. Stroll along the Niederdorf - This old town has plenty of restaurants, souvenir shops, ancient buildings, and narrow streets to add to the charm.

3. Go on a bar crawl - Zurich is well-known for its pubs and ever-flowing drinks coupled with great music. This crazy cocktail experience is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on!

4. Rent a bike - Ride along the cobbled streets of Zurich on a bike and zip past the city as you soak in its beauty.

5. Take a dip at Thermalbad & Spa Zurich - On a cold day in Switzerland, dip into the steaming hot baths at this Irish-Roman spa, especially the rooftop pool which offers delightful views.

Places to Visit in Switzerland on Day 2



Known as ‘The City of Bridges and Churches’, Lucerne is the most populous city in central Switzerland and is a major hub for communication and transport, making it a tourist favourite among places to visit in Switzerland in 7 days. The city is located on the shores of Lake Lucerne and is surrounded by a trio of mountains, namely the Rigi, Pilatus and Staserhorn, which are prominent attractions.

These invite tourists from across the globe, year after year. There are quite a few churches and architectural marvels here too, like the twin towers of St. Leodegar's Church, Chapel Bridge, and Spreuerbrücke. The Chapel Bridge here houses the oldest paintings designed by repeated Swiss artists and boasts of the history of Lucerne.

The view of the mountains, accompanied by the lake on one end and the chilly weather adds to the beauty of this destination, owing to which people simply like to visit for a relaxed stay. Other points of interest include the wall of Museggmauer, and the Swiss Transport Museum. 
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How to reach Lucerne

1. Rail: The journey from Zurich to Lucerne is a short one by train. Approximately 49 minutes long, there are 40 trains each day plying between the two stations. The ticket costs approximately $20 

2. Road: You can drive along routes A4 and A14 from Zurich to Lucerne in a private cab or a rented car. The journey is approximately 52 kms long and takes around 45 minutes to complete, which is quite as long as the train journey. 
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Tourist Attractions in Lucerne

1. Spreuerbrücke: This famous bridge in Lucerne is similar to the prominent Chapel Bridge, making it another favourite among locals and tourists. 

2. Lowendenkma:
l This rock carving of a dying lion by Bertel Thorvaldsen is a popular attraction among many. 

3. Swiss Transport Museum: 
It is home to an extensive exhibition of all types of transport. 

4. St. Leodegars Church:
The iconic twin towers of the church here boast of renaissance-style architecture. It was first built in the 8th century and then revamped in 1633. 

5. Museggmauer:
This iconic old city wall features 9 towers and was built to protect the city from invasion. 

Things to do in lucerne

1. Take a walk along Chapel Bridge: The Chapel Bridge is the oldest wooden, covered bridge, 200 meters long which dates back to the 14th century. 

2. Walkthrough Old Town: Lucerne’s Old Town preserves some of Lucerne’s oldest structures, houses and fountains.

3. Admire the Rosengart Collection: The art collection that you’ll find in this museum of Lucerne is a rare sight anywhere else. Especially if you enjoy post-impressionism art, this is a must-visit!

4. Jesuit Church: Built in the 17th century, the Jesuit Church is regarded as the first Sacred Baroque Church built in Switzerland.

Places to Visit in Switzerland on Day 3



Experiencing the best of Switzerland in 7 days is nothing without a trip to Interlaken. The traditional resort town of Interlaken is situated in the mountainous region of Central Switzerland. Built on a narrow stretch of valley, between the turquoise waters of Lake Thun and the pristine Lake Brienz, the town is prominent for its old timber houses and parkland on either side of the river that runs through Interlaken.

The mountains, dense forests, lush alpine meadows and glaciers add to the beauty of the destination, while hiking and skiing trails are plenty, making for a great overall experience.
The town also offers plenty of adventure sports ranging from skydiving and paragliding to river rafting and boat rides, which completes your Switzerland 7 days itinerary.

The lakes here boast of clean waters that are fed into the lakes by the glaciers and the pearly white peaks of mountains like the Jungfrau are testimony to that. Like every other city and town in Switzerland, Interlaken has a history of its own and all of the art and culture is preserved in its many museums and other points of interest. 
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How to reach Interlaken

Rail: The best way to get from Lucerne to Interlaken is by train, run by the Swiss transport service. The journey takes approximately an hour to complete and there are around 10 trains a day at intervals of 1.5 hours each. The ticket will cost you around $38. 

A car or cab journey via A8 is around one hour long as the road is 68 kms long. 

Golden Pass:
One of the most unique ways to get from Lucerne to Interlaken is by the Golden Pass Panoramic Train which offers splendid views as you travel comfortably between the two cities. The windows are huge, so you can enjoy every bit of the scenic landscapes as your train glides past. 

Tourist Attractions in Interlaken

1. Hohematte Park - Sprawling across 14 hectares, this marvellous park is abundant with flower-beds and is said to be one of the most adventurous parks in the region.

2. Touristik Museum - This 17th-century museum houses some of the earliest lake steamers, rail locomotives, bicycles, and coaches, along with carriages and other vehicles. 

3. Jungfraujoch - An awe-inspiring attraction, Jungfrau is the tallest peak of Europe at 3454 meters and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is a must on your bucket list of what to see in Switzerland in 7 days.

4. Wengen - If you’re a skiing enthusiast, Wengen is your paradise with plenty of ski clubs. It also hosts the famous downhill ski race competition, the Lauterbrunnen. 

5. Spiez - Spiez is located along the pristine Lake Thun and houses some beautiful citadels. The lush vineyards here stretch for acres and the town is also popular for its adventure sports., thereby offering a great mix of everything!

Things to do in Interlaken

1. Explore Adventure Sports - If you’re an adventure junkie, activities like paragliding, river rafting, and skydiving are lifetime experiences that you can enjoy in Interlaken.

2. Cruise along Lake Thun - The turquoise waters of Lake Thun coupled with the enchanting beauty of the mountains, castles, and towns, truly make Interlaken one of the finest cities in Switzerland!

3. Head out on a hike - Hike from Interlaken to Harder Kulum for never-seen-before beauty as you stroll through the mountains. 

4. Ride in Style - Why ride at sea level, when Harder Klum gives you the option of riding at a height, in a funicular and enjoying magnificent views of Interlaken, all in a span of 8 minutes!

5. Take a trip to Grindelwald - This quaint little town is supposed to be a favorite even among renowned personalities. There are plenty of exciting things to do here including scooter and mountain car rides and skiing in winter.
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Places to Visit in Switzerland on Day 4



Zermatt is a popular mountain town in the Canton of Valais, situated in Southern Switzerland and a must among places to visit in Switzerland in 7 days. Located at the foot of the Matterhorn, one of the Alps' highest peaks, Zermatt attracts flocks of tourists owing to the many activities it offers including skiing and mountain climbing to name a few.  A large number of nature enthusiasts also visit Zermatt to experience the resounding beauty of the town.

Primarily an Alps retreat, Zermatt is among the favourite weekend spots, especially for nature enthusiasts who partake in activities like hiking, mountain biking, mountaineering and many more. Even if you aren't an adventure enthusiast, Zermatt has plenty to offer! You can shop for high-end brands and local goods, indulge in the local fare at Bahnhofstrasse, or stop by the Matterhorn Museum and the Mountaineer's Cemetery, to read more about Zermatt's history.

The beauty of this town is that it is absolutely pollution-free permitting no cars and trains through it. All you'll find are electric and solar powered buses, making the town a peaceful space to walk through and the air pure to breathe.
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How to reach Zermatt

1. Rail: The fastest way to get from Interlaken to Zermatt is by train which takes approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes. You have to head to Interlaken West station to board the train. Trains ply between Interlaken and Zermatt every 30 minutes with approximately 23 trains in a day and the base price for the same begins at $30. 

2. Road: The journey by road is the cheapest but also quite long. The route is 290 km long and takes around 4 hours to complete. 

Tourist Attractions in Zermatt

1. Gornergrat: Gornergrat is the country's most famous vista point, situated at a height of 3000 meters. The view of the Alps and the valley is a sight you’ll never forget!

2. Matterhorn: Experience the Matterhorn – mystical, majestic, the mountain of mountains. The peak hidden under a blanket of snow is truly a mesmerizing sight!

3. Matterhorn Museum: Delve into details about the history of the Matterhorn and why it is such a prominent attraction, apart from being shaped like a horn. 

4. Mountaineer’s Cemetery: The site pays ode to the mountaineers who lost their lives during the first ascent from the mountains around Zermatt. 

5. Glacier Paradise:  Known to be the highest cable car station in Europe, the site stays true to its name, literally feeling like paradise when you admire the Alps from here. 
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Things to do in Zermatt

1. Skiing and Snowboarding - Matterhorn is Switzerland’s highest ski resort. Skiing enthusiasts from across the globe visit to partake in snow activities and to enjoy the slopes, sun and snow.

2. Visit the Gornergrat - This gorge is formed by the natural phenomena of river cutting through rock owing to the waters gushing for over a thousand years. You can troll along the wooden walkway and enjoy the river's chilly waters.

3. Take a tour around Zermatt Village - Zermatt Village is a traditional village which is a blend of ancient and modern architecture which makes touring the town a unique experience. 

4. 5-Seenweg - Translating to ‘5-lake walk’, this hiking experience through the mountains that offer views of the mountain lakes, is one of the best that you’ll experience.

Places to Visit in Switzerland on Day 5



The capital city of Switzerland, Bern, is built around the prominent Aare River and is among the tourist favorite cities. Dating back to the 12th century, the city boasts of medieval architecture which is preserved in various museums that you will find in the Old Town of Bern. Being the capital city, there is plenty to see here in terms of culture and politics making it a prominent attraction among places to visit in Switzerland in 7 days.

The Federal Palace is where the Swiss presidents meet with the diplomats, and other major sights of culture are the French Church and the nearby tower called the Zytglogge, both of which trace their origins back to the 13th century. The old town of Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and amidst all this history, culture and architectural abundance is 6 Kms of arcades which are ideally shopping promenades.

This one is known to be the longest weather-sheltered promenade in Europe. 
Make wandering through this picture-perfect town a part of your Switzerland 7 days itinerary which will give you a good idea as to what Bern has to offer and why it is such a famous tourist destination.
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How to reach Bern

1. Rail: A train from Zermatt to Bern takes approximately 2.5 hours to reach. Trains ply between the stations every hour. You have to first board the train from Zermatt and head to Visp which is a one hour-long journey. This is followed by boarding another train at Visp, which takes another hour to get to Bern. 

2. Road: The cheapest option from Zermatt to Bern is by road. This takes only half an hour more than the train journey and costs around half the price, especially if you rent a car yourself over choosing a private taxi.
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Tourist Attractions in Bern

1. Berner Altstadt - This medieval centre is dotted with arcades, wine cellars and bars.

2. Zytglogge - This ornate clock tower comprises revolving figures which begin to twirl four minutes before every hour.

3. Moment - This fine dine is known for its clever menu that is based on organic primary ingredients. It has some suave, refined options to choose from.

4. Berne Weihnachtsmarkt - The annual Christmas market is a treat to visit and watch! Everything from beautiful hand-made products to Xmas treats are available here.

5. Turnhalle - A bar, a part spot, a community arts center, Turnhalle is all of it rolled into one! It also offers a great lunch menu with some fine wines and delectable food. 

Things to do in Bern

1. Gaze at panoramic views from the Gurten - At 858-metres, the Gurten offers beautiful views of Bern, especially on a bright, clear day.

2. Lose yourself in art at the Kunstmuseum - The Kunstmuseum is the oldest museum in Switzerland and houses over 3,000 paintings and sculptures, including works by Picasso, Hodler and Paul Klee.

3. Relax at the Rose Garden - Built in the 18th century, Bern’s Rose Garden is a favourite among tourists for its vibrant visuals and should definitely be on your list of what to see in Switzerland in 7 days.

4. Enjoy some TLC at Solbad & Spa Schönbühl - Solbad Schönbühl, half an hour away from Bern, boasts of the largest natural brine spa in Switzerland.

Places to Visit in Switzerland on Day 6



The second most populous city in Switzerland, Geneva is where old-school beauty and modern advancements go hand in hand and is certainly one of the top places to visit in Switzerland in 7 days. The city seems beautifully scattered around Lake Geneva that flows gently from the mouth of River Rhone. Resplendent with natural beauty, Geneva is often considered the ‘City of Peace’, but simply relaxing in the lap of nature is not all that Geneva has to offer. 

There is plenty of art and architecture here, steeped in history, the monuments are built in baroque style, Romanesque style, and even modern French and Swiss architecture. The city is known for its Jet d’eau which is a water fountain 140 meters high, originating from Lake Geneva and can be spotted from anywhere across the city. Another prominent tourist-favorite attraction is the Palais De Nations, which is the United Nations office in Geneva where tourists walk through the international chambers and admire the beautiful sprawling gardens, across.

Geneva is also home to many exhibitions, trade fairs, and beautiful sights like the Hermance Village and the Flower Clock. The beautiful backdrop of the Alps, simply adds to the beauty of the location!
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How to reach Geneva

1. Rail: The train journey from Bern to Geneva is around 2 hours long. And can start as low as $15 and go up to $50. There are multiple trains throughout the day which include trains operated by Swiss Railways and also by BLS AG, a private transport company. 

2. Bus:
A bus journey operated by FlixBus is probably the cheapest and most convenient way of traveling from Bern to Geneva. The journey is around 2.5 hours long and there are at least 5 buses per day. 

3. Road:
The journey by road from Bern to Geneva is 160 kms long, but the route is one of the quickest and also a cheaper option than the train journey. It takes only 1.5 hours to reach your destination.

Tourist Attractions in Geneva

1. Flower Clock: The Flower Clock of Geneva consists of some beautiful flower arrangements, designed in a way to represent a clock. The beauty of this Clock is that as the seasons change, the flowers on it change too!

2. Schtrumpfs Building: A modern architectural construction, located in Les Grottes, translating to ‘The Smurfs’

3. Hermance Village: Can’t decide what to see in Switzerland in 7 days? Experience country living amidst a glistening beach, and a church with a peaceful aura.

4. Palais De Nations: The United Nations office of Geneva, is a very popular attraction. Tourists flock here to take a walk along the chambers or explore the beautiful gardens.

5. The Reformation Wall: This iconic wall in Bastion’s Park, commemorates events of the Protestant Reformation.

Things to do in Geneva

1. Enjoy Lake Geneva - One of the biggest lakes in Western Europe, Lake Geneva is a beautiful sight, especially in the summers when there are watersports and yacht rides to look forward to. 

2. Wonder at the Jet d’Eau - Squirting water from Lake Geneva, upto 140 metres high, the Jet d’Eau is an unmissable attraction. 

3. Indulge in Fondue - Visiting Switzerland and not indulging in this cheesy, gooey goodness is almost a crime. An extensive list of restaurants across Geneva serve some of the finest fondue you can find in Switzerland. 

4. Shop at the local markets - Geneva’s Plainpalais square hosts markets every Wednesday and Saturday, that caters to all your needs. There’ s plenty of fresh produce, ready foods, antiques, glassware, kitchenware, home accessories and more. 

5. Explore the Old Town - Walk through the winding maze of narrow streets and explore cafes and boutiques that boast of an old world charm. 

Places to Visit in Switzerland on Day 7



If you want to explore the best of Switzerland in 7 days, make sure you visit Montreux! The town of Montreux lies in the canton of Vaud, and extends along the Eastern shore of Lake Geneva. It is surrounded by majestic mountains all around which are a sight worth beholding, especially in the winter when the mountains are snow-capped. In many ways Montreux is considered a health resort owing to its pristine scenery and fresh air.

Prominent attractions at Montreux are the 13th-century Château de Chillon, which is a fortress built on a quaint island, and is one of the finest pieces of architecture in Switzerland. Others include the Swiss Vapeur Parc, dedicated to locomotives and the Aquaparc, which is a beautiful water park with an adjoining spa area that proves to be fun for all, big or small. Montreux is a prominent tourist trade, which is why locomotives and railways are an important feature of architecture in this town.

Montreux is also well-known for the Jazz Festival which it hosts annually which places it on the list of places to visit in Switzerland in 7 days especially in July!
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How to reach Montreux

1. Rail: A train journey between Geneva and Montreux is the fastest way to get to your destination. There are about 37 trains each day and the journey takes around an hour. 

2. Road:
By car, you need to travel via A1 and A9 and you will reach your destination in around 1.5 hours.


Tourist Attractions in Montreux

1. Aquaparc - Enjoy with your folks at this indoor/outdoor water park equipped with a spa area. This should top your Switzerland 7 days itinerary if you’re visiting Montreux. 

2. Les Pleiades - These mountains overlook Lake Geneva and are worth visiting for a beautiful view of the town. 

3. Swiss Vapeur Parc - This miniature park celebrates trains and locomotives with 9 steam trains. It also hosts an annual festival called the ‘Festival of Steam’.

4. Col de Jaman - The mountain pass connects Montreux to the canton of Vaud, which is known for its exotic wines. If you’re on the lookout for what to see in Switzerland in 7 days make sure this is on your list. 

5. Villa ‘Le Lac’ - Designed by Swiss architect Le Corbusier, this building is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is designated Swiss Cultural Property of National Significance owing to its beautiful architecture.

Things to do in Montreux

1. Visit Chillon Castle - This architectural beauty is built on a small rocky island in the lake with picturesque views, especially from the top tower of the Castle. 

2. Enjoy a Studio Experience at Queen - Renowned band, Queen owned this studio and shot seven of their albums here. Here’s your chance to check out their costumes, handwritten lyrics, tapes and much more!

3. Take a stroll along Montreux lakeside - Montreux’s 13-km long promenade is an absolute delight to witness and feels like paradise as you walk amidst gorgeous mountainous views, beautiful flower arrangements and interesting sculptures.

4. Ride the Chocolate Train - Leading up from Montreux to the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory in Broc is a chocolate train which proves to be only of the most satisfyingly delicious experiences here!

5. Climb the Rochers-de-Naye - At an altitude of 2,042m, the summit of Rochers-de-Naye offers a gorgeous view of Lake Geneva, the Alps, and Switzerland’s exemplary beauty!
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Sightseeing in Switzerland

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23 January 2020
The Mount Titlis Day Tour with Cable Car was a delightful experience for me. I was traveling with my spouse. The views were gorgeous and something that I can never forget about, it was dramatically gorgeous. If you are visiting Switzerland then Mount Titlis cable car ride is a great way to spend some time in the arms of nature and enjoy a great time. I was also able to capture some really good photos of the cute little snow penguins.
10 February 2020
The fully rotating cable car experience topped with interacting with the snow penguins makes for a really fun time to enjoy. I recommend everyone should once visit the Mount Titlis and do the Cable Car ride. And I must say that the view from the cable car was amazing.
04 November 2019
It was great to spend such a great evening enjoying a ton of fun activities. I had a lot fun sledding and I must say that the fondue dinner was delicious. Fun and food, a great way to spend a night indeed.
10 December 2019
The dinner was on point, the activities were really fun and I along with my kids had a lot of fun exploring the night night sledding experience. If you are in interlaken you have to take one night out and enjoy this thrilling adventure with your family or your friends. The drinks served were also delicious.
19 September 2019
The best fun I had at night in Switzerland was with sulwald Sledding experience at Interlaken. The activities are really organized and the guide gives thorough instruction about the details of the night. I must say that these instructions can get really boring but the guide found a way to make it really fun. I and my partner I was able to get into the action really fast with Sledging which followed dinner. All in all, I must thank Thrillophilia for making our night adventurous.
24 October 2019
Chamonix Mont Blanc Day Tour was an amazing experience. We could visit a number of tourist attractions and sight the mesmerizing views of the white mountains. A delightful and fun filled tour indeed. Thanks to the team Thrillophilia and our guide for making it happen.
The overall service was satisfactory and very cost effective at the same time.
05 October 2019
The experience of being received at the Zurich Airport was very smooth. The car had arrived at the location on time and we had a very comfortable ride.
10 February 2020
The place is perfect for half a day trip. It takes around 5 hours to completely enjoy every part of the museum and it is the place worth visiting. Everything about the museum is great, I mean the first thought in my head when I heard the museum was boring but the Swiss Museum Of Transport is completely opposite. There are a ton of fun activities to do and cars to admire.
28 August 2019
We took a ton of pictures and explored a number of ancient and modern transportation vehicles. Overall, a fun place to visit.

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People Also Ask About Switzerland

  1. What are the best places to visit in Switzerland in 7 days for couples?

    1. Savor the Vibrant Nature of Zurich: Quaint lakes, mesmerizing mountains, and serene waterfront promenade – the city of Zurich has it all to make yours and your beloved’s time absolutely unforgettable. 
    2. Walkthrough the Windy Pathways of Lucerne: If you and your beloved want to untangle your thoughts together and venture into each other's hearts in peace, taking a walk through Lucerne lanes should be perfect for you.
    3. Get Lost in the Charming Culture of Geneva: Filled with art museums and bordered by snow-capped hills, the Geneva city can help you to spend a romantic evening together while making you enthralled through its cultural uniqueness.
    4. Venture in Zermatt: Unlike the previous two, the metropolis of Zermatt is cramped with historical churches and mountains, which you should definitely explore with your beloved to make your honeymoon's ambiance a little bit different.
    5. Wander through the Exuberant Vineyards of Montreux: If you do love to savor the exquisite view of nature, then wandering through the vineyards and spending some alone time with your beloved can be an excellent option for you. 
  2. How many days should you spend in Switzerland?

    A minimum of 6 nights is recommended for a destination as picturesque as Switzerland. There’s much to see here, especially in cities like Geneva, Zurich, Interlaken and Bern, among others. Based on your budget and the cities you want to travel to, account for at least 2 days in every city or town of Switzerland, to make the most of your time spent there.
  3. What are the famous places to visit in Switzerland at night?

    1. Visiting the Opera at Zurich: If you have always been enticed by plays, then visiting the Opernhaus (widely known as one of the best opera houses in the world) in the city of Zurich can be an excellent idea for you. 
    2. Be a Part of the Jazz Festival in Lavaux: if you are traveling to Switzerland in the month of April, then make sure to be a part of the Jazz Festival of Lavaux to see some amazing Jazz bands with your own eyes!
    3. Do Some Gambling in The Grand Casino: The aesthetically beautiful Grand Casino in Bern is widely considered as one of the best places to have an exuberant gambling experience. 
    4. Bar Hopping: Are you a liquor lover and want to spend your nights venturing through the exotic bars of the country? If your answer to this question is yes, then we would suggest you to check out the pubs of the city of Geneva.
  4. How much does it cost to visit Switzerland for a week?

    A 6N/7D package to Switzerland begins as low as Rs. 1,00,000 and can go up beyond 2 lakhs per person, based on your preferences. The trip is inclusive of flights, visa cost accommodation, food, and sightseeing. If you want to save up some more, you can choose rooms on sharing basis own low-end hostels and B&Bs, or you can befriend travellers and match your itinerary with theirs to carpool daily. Make sure you customise your trip well to fit your budget
  5. What is the best time of year to visit Switzerland?

    1. High Season (mid-June to mid-September, mid-December to February): These are the peak seasons of Switzerland, primarily the peak of summer and the peak of winter. These are some of the best times to go hiking or indulge in skiing and other snow sports, which is why adventure enthusiasts prefer visiting at this time of the year. The cities and towns are packed with tourists, and this is accompanied by high prices for accommodation and airfare.

    2. Shoulder Season (Mid-April through mid-June and mid-September through mid-October): This time of the year is great for enjoying hiking because the weather is pleasant, but there’s no snow, so skiing isn’t something you can look forward to in these months. Which is why there aren’t as many people, yet there seems to be a bustle because nature lovers frequents Switzerland in this season. Flight and accommodation prices aren’t as steep at this time of the year.

    3. Low Season (mid-October through mid-December and mid-March through mid-April): When the season isn’t great for any kind of activity, be it hiking, skiing, or water sports is when Switzerland’s low season begins. If you’re looking for budget-friendly accommodation and flights, this is the best time to experience that.the crowds are few as well, which makes sightseeing a breeze!
  6. Is food expensive in Switzerland?

    Depending on your budget, dining in Switzerland might seem expensive to some, while not so much to the others. A meal in a restaurant costs around $40 per person, which might be on the steeper side. Alternatively, if you want to save a few bucks, you can choose to buy produce and fresh salads at the supermarkets and cook your own meals. If you want to enjoy a relaxed holiday, simply book a Switzerland tour package that’ll take care of food as part of the package.
  7. What is the warmest month in Switzerland?

    The hottest months in Switzerland are July and August, while June is hot but not as hot as the former two. Mid-July is the warmest when temperatures range between 23°C during the day and 12°C by night.

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