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Kanatal Camping Around Oak Trees, Uttarakhand Flat 22% Off

Kanatal Camping Around Oak Trees, Uttarakhand Flat 22% Off

5.0 153 Reviews
Trekking and Camping at Kanatal Flat 20% off

Trekking and Camping at Kanatal Flat 20% off

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Weekend Trip to Kanatal

Weekend Trip to Kanatal

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Kanatal Camping in The Wild Uttarakhand Flat 26% Off

Kanatal Camping in The Wild Uttarakhand Flat 26% Off

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Luxurious Stay at Heritage Villa in Manali Flat 30% Off

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Boutique Resort Stay in Nainital - Flat 21% Off

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Budget Experiential Stay near Kanatal

Budget Experiential Stay near Kanatal

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Himalayan View Cottage Stay Experience in Ranikhet

Himalayan View Cottage Stay Experience in Ranikhet

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Gateway to Luxurious Villa in Manali Flat 26% Off

Gateway to Luxurious Villa in Manali Flat 26% Off

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Stay Amidst Mighty White Mountains in Auli

Stay Amidst Mighty White Mountains in Auli

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Beautiful Nature Cottage Stay in Nanital, Flat 13% Off

Beautiful Nature Cottage Stay in Nanital, Flat 13% Off

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Authentic Kumaoni Stay in Almora, Uttarakhand Flat 40% Off

Authentic Kumaoni Stay in Almora, Uttarakhand Flat 40% Off

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Beach Camping & Rafting In Rishikesh Flat 30% Off

Beach Camping & Rafting In Rishikesh Flat 30% Off

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Kanatal Camping Around Oak Trees, Uttarakhand Flat 22% Off

Kanatal Camping Around Oak Trees, Uttarakhand Flat 22% Off

5.0 153 Reviews
Bungee Jumping In Rishikesh Flat 30% Off

Bungee Jumping In Rishikesh Flat 30% Off

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Riverside Camping At Nachani Village, Uttarakhand Flat 13% off

Riverside Camping At Nachani Village, Uttarakhand Flat 13% off

5.0 130 Reviews
  • When was the last time you paid a visit to the mountains of the north and packed the perfect holiday memories in your bag? On your next holiday, you need to head to the lovely town of Kanatal, a hilly angelic-looking paradise located in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. The town is located 78 km away from Dehradun and around 38 kms from Mussoorie.

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    While here, you can also pay a visit to these neighbouring hill stations that are known for their various adventure activities such as skiing, rappelling, kayaking and so much more. Who would have thought that a lake in this lovely state would one day be named after a state? 
    There are many sights that you can enjoy here when you stay at the different Kanatal Resorts as you visit the place and some of the famous places include the Tehri Dam, the Kodia Jungle, Dhanaulti and Shivpuri.

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    The treks, the pony rides, the lush fruit orchards and the walk to the dense forests make staying at the Kanatal Resorts a new favourite among many travelers and adventurers as the ideal destination for a quick and short getaway. The resorts in Kanatal are perfect for any traveler types; from luxury 5 star hotels with pools and spas to hippie hotels with spectacular views of the ice capped mountains in the back.

    Here are some of the best resorts in Kanatal:

  • 01The Terraces Spa Resort

    The Terraces Spa Resort

    The Terraces Resort is a boutique spa resort nestled in the secluded hamlet of Kanatal and has emerged as a very popular series of Kanatal resorts amongst many people. The resort is set perfectly in the majestic forests of pine, Deodar trees, magnificent rhododendrons, fruit orchards and apple trees, making for a perfect nature getaway. 

    The 5 acre plot around this resort has an amazing feel to the place and has a view worth spending money for. While here you can also visit the Surkhanda Devi Temple, Rani Chauri Forest, Dandachali Forest, and the Batwaldar Forest and more. The Terraces Resort has over 8 deluxe rooms, 12 super deluxe rooms and a luxury suite that will help you relax in the lap of nature, balanced with the luxury of the resort itself. 

    The rooms are tastefully decorated and are fully equipped with a mini fridge, coffee maker and other facilities that assure you of a comfortable stay. 

  • 02Club Mahindra Kanatal Resort

    Club Mahindra Kanatal Resort

    Get to go and stay in a place that is hugged by lush green mountain peaks and cotton, azure clouds that seem to kiss them as they float by. Staying at the lovely Club Mahindra Kanatal Resorts is one way to spend holidays in the pristine company of nature. 

    There are well manicured lawns here that seem to roll out a green carpet for you to enjoy and as you enter the Club Mahindra estate, you get to see a set of Bollywood seem to unfurl before you. There are birds singing in places and the colour of the lawns and the sky seem to take your breath away. The evenings in the resort are really amazing as you get to enjoy the different colors of the sky as it fades from orange to pink against the sun. 

    A perfect place to stay for families and those who seek luxury over a budget travel stay, this is the perfect place for you to enjoy your summer holidays in Kanatal. You can also visit the nearby sights to see with your loved ones. Club Mahindra, Kanatal is easily accessible by train and road with excellent connectivity. Spread over 14 acres, the resort is surrounded by green lawns and a beautiful blooming garden. 

    The accommodation is in elegantly done-up apartment blocks that open to beautiful views of verdant forests around the property. You can be assured of the fact that you will never get bored with the rainbow hued sunsets and long walks around the herb garden while enjoying the state-of-the-art facilities at the resort. 

    But in the off chance you want to explore the neighborhood, do not forget to explore the different hiking routes and catch a view of the mighty Karol Tibba of the Greater Himalayas. 

  • 03Kanatal Hermitage Resort

    Kanatal Hermitage Resort

    Have you ever wondered where the amazing songs in Bollywood would have been shot? There are places in the quaint hamlet of Kanatal where you can escape to with your lover, partner, spouse or family even! The Kanatal Hermitage Resort is very luxurious and has a vast series of amenities that you can enjoy on your next stay there. 

    Winner of the certificate of excellence award of 2015, this resort provides stellar amenities; rooms and services that will make you fall in love with the ambience of the place. There are yoga clubs, gyms, swimming pools and several other luxury amenities that you can enjoy here with your loved ones. 

    The food served in the restaurants is simply delicious and serves as one of the best cuisines you can enjoy during your stay here. The Hermitage Kanatal is perfectly designed to accommodate up to 33 people in fourteen different rooms of which five adapt to triple seaters and nine are double. These luxury rooms are located over three floors and have been categorized as Super Deluxe, Deluxe, and Semi Deluxe. 

    Whilst all the different amenities and services remain the same, it is the size alone that determines the distinction. The Hermitage Kanatal also provides for those visitors with special needs on the ground floor, leaving no stone unturned in the department of hospitality. 

    A brand new fully wood paneled serviced studio apartment, discreetly located, tastefully furnished, with its own kitchenette and private sitting area-great for working too, for both long and short stays have been made available for those who wish to indulge in something different during their stay here. 

    The deluxe rooms have been designed to provide for an extra bed. All their rooms are airy, abundantly lit with natural light coming in from the windows with wood paneling. 

  • 04Classical Hill Top Resort

    Classical Hill Top Resort

    Classic Hill Top Resort, Kanatal is a stellar luxury Resort, a perfect combination of views  and several world like comforts and is situated close to the the Mussoorie Chamba Road in the pristine and calm state of Himachal Pradesh. The Classical Hill Top Resort provides you amazing amenities to make your stay more comfortable such as the Hitayu Health Spa, Steam, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Ayurvedic Massages, Conference Hall and much more. 

    You can also have the comforts of a health spa, Kerala massage centre, gym, children's park with swings, slides, merry go rounds, a pet pen full of wild hares and well-manicured gardens and a swimming pool with warm water (The resort height and the direct sun it gets the pool water gently warm and visitors have found it pleasant quick to go swimming). 

    The Classical hill top resort has proven to be one of the most favourite Kanatal resorts of travelers who have ventured here to get the feel of the ultimate holiday experience. A loyal Himachal traveler’s paradise, this resort has been budget friendly on many counts for those who wish to have the basic amenities of the place. Come and experience the Classical Hill Top Resort with your friends and family and let the thrill of travelling. 

  • 05180 Degree Resort

    180 Degree Resort

    180 Degree Resorts is a blissful paradise and the unspoken love story of some of Mother Nature’s best paintings. In this Pink Winter, Kantatal brings forth the warmth of a beautiful and charming place with lush orchards of apples, peaches, plums, pears, apricots and more. 

    Kanatal is the fruit basket of the Garhwal area in Himachal Pradesh and has for many years, retained its name as the perfect haven for fruits in the north. Unarguably, 180 Degree Resorts has one of the most beautiful sunsets in the entire country, due to its perfect location.  The sunset at Kanatal occasionally manifests a riot of colours with the dominating tang of fiery orange. 

    The rapidly changing texture of the sky along with the colour riot thrown by Sun God is best evidenced at Kanatal and has its dedicated admirers in our own India who come to Kanatal several times a year, every year to soak this. The 180 Degree Resorts is well perched on a cliff with unbridled view of the entire valley and clear view right up to New Tehri. 

    180 Degree Resorts Kanatal is all about the view, the majestic view of God’s creation which gets city slickers like us travel all the way up. The cool air and the freshness complements the view to make it a complete whole. The luxurious resort situated in Kanatal at a height of 8500 ft (2590metres) is covered by snow in winters and has a pleasant weather during summer which makes one to spend best time among nature. 

    Kanatal is known for its mesmerizing beauty, beautiful sights, verdant forests, invigorating winds and tranquil weather. It presents a perfect getaway from Delhi and happens to be a small little town near Mussorie, relatively unknown to the outside world. Kanatal is easily accessible by road, train or even by air it provides the perfect retreat from the hassles of daily life and is a perfect place to have a tryst with nature in its purest form. 

    The drive to Kanatal from Rishikesh (65 kms, 2 hours) gives the traveler in you some sights to behold and once the Ganges river starts flowing between the mountains, the quality of the sights and the texture of the green grass here is uniquely superior.  180 Degree Resorts is one place which will not be just a once in a lifetime visit. 

    The awesome view from the resorts, the comforts inside, the mesmerizing sunset and several hidden treasures are sure to sit in your mind and beckon you back, again and again and you will come, for sure towards the 

  • 06Avalon Himalayas Cottage

    Avalon Himalayas Cottage

    The resorts in Kanatal offers a 360 degree spectacular view of the snow-covered high Himalayan ranges and lush green forests. These are Kanatal resorts where time tends to come to a standstill, pine scented fresh mountain air to breathe, quiet and solitary pathways where you can hear the occasional birds of the Great North, lush green forests, silent valleys, enchanting glades, brilliant crimson flaming sunrises and sunsets, floating clouds, misty hills, velvety black nights spread under a canopy woven with glittering jewels, serenity, overwhelming tranquility are what make Kanatal 'The Dream Destination'.

    Summer temperatures range from 10-25 degrees Celsius and from 5 and 15 degrees in winters, with the pleasant climate and lush green natural environs of Kanatal offering a welcome respite from the heat and dust-laden environs of crowded cities and towns in the plains. 

    Occupying prime location on the Chamba- Mussoorie highway, the best time to visit Kanatal occurs between December and February, with 50 inches of snow covering all its areas, making for winter wonderland that can take your breath away. This resort in Kanatal offers a serene experience in the lap of nature. Kanatal is an idea whose time has come. 

    Eager tourists seeking to spend some quality time with nature that is untamed can enjoy many pleasant surprises waiting to be discovered in Kthis resort in Kanatal. For those adventure seekers with a thrill for something new, there is a wide choice of activities such as trekking, rock climbing, rappelling, valley crossing, flying fox, picnics in forests and experiencing night camping in the nearby forests.

  • 07Stay Simple La Vista

    Stay Simple La Vista

    Stay Simple La Vista Resort at Kanatal is ideal for budget travelers and offers around 9 rooms and a Restaurant with a 180 degree view of the Tehri, Kaudia and Sakdana ranges covered by thick foliage of forests. Most of the rooms are spacious enough for small families.

    It is a 1 hour drive to Mussorie via Dhanaulti and usually tourists do a day’s excursion to Mussorie from Kanatal. This is the ideal place for you to be on your holidays if you are trying to escape the noise and din of the city. 

    You can partake in short treks and sightseeing trips that can be organized and adventure activities can be organized as well for groups on prior notic to the hotel staff. 

  • 08The Reindeer Resort

    The Reindeer Resort

    A lovely resort that is located deep in the hills of Kanatal, this resort has a magical and mesmerizing view of the large mountains and the different peaks that surround the place around it. The Reindeer Resort is well known for its unique and beautiful rooms and amenities and is only a 7 hour drive away from Delhi. 

    There are 10 beautifully decorated deluxe rooms here and an open terrace café that you can enjoy here. You can step outside to enjoy a view of the lovely Tehir Dam and go sightseeing to the different eco parks nearby. You could also make a quick getaway to the neighbouring hill stations such as Dhanaulti.  

    You can enjoy a panoramic view of the hills from the resort and indulge in some good coffee at their café whilst you experience the pristine sunset around you.

    Kanatal has a wide variety of resorts that you can choose from whenever you decide to go on a holiday to this calm and luxurious place. The serene landscape alone is enough for you to feel like you are spending some of the best times in the very crib of heaven itself. 

    There are several activities that you can enjoy here and so many adventures that you can partake with your loved ones that there is nothing that can stop you. Relax with the hills and enjoy the amazing scenery around you as you bask in the blissful amenities of this place, and carry a bag full of memories with you back home. 

  • 09Kanatal Resort and Spa

    Kanatal Resort and Spa

    Kanatal Resort and Spa, a quiet place is resort located at the height of 8,500 feet, 32 kms from Mussoorie in Kanatal, Uttrakhand. These amazing Kanatal Resorts is famous for its beautiful wonderful range of spa therapies christened and Rasayana. The Kanatal Resort that you can discover in Tehri, Uttarakhand is the most accurate term for all-natural curing by way of innovative spa treatments. Kanatal resort and spa in Tehri, Uttarakhand is also an ideal place for different business conferences and other events. 

    This Resort offers a wide range of accommodation solutions to suit diverse tastes and styles. This Resort has over 34 luxury rooms and 3 suites. At this luxury resort you get a chance to choose from several different accommodation options. This resort has over 126 square meters of event space consisting of banquet facilities and exhibit space. There are more than 37 beautiful air-conditioned rooms in the Resort that feature fireplaces and minibar. 

    The resorts accommodations include refrigerators and coffee/tea makers, with a wired high-speed Internet that you can avail at any time of the day. The resort is perfect for families who look for comfort over luxury and important amenities that will make your holiday memorable. 

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