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Gold Coast Go Karting FAQs

What are the best places for go-karting on the Gold Coast?

1. Slideways Go Karting Gold Coast: The three-level go-Karting track on the Gold Coast is a 500m long track that you can enjoy indoors and outdoors. Staying true to its name, the unique design of the track lets you slide and add an extra rush of adrenaline to your experience. Mostly happening from Tuesday to Sunday, the slideway go-kart runs on 3 three levels. The safe and professional experience is for individuals and groups like family, friends and even corporate activity. 

Length: 500 meters
Location: Nerang
Price:  $72- $250
Time: Tuesday to Sunday.

2. Game Over Gold Coast: Game Over is a type of Go Karting in Gold Coast that lets children as young as 7 can participate. The junior racing kart is for children aged 7-12, while the storm racer and two-seat due karts are for teens and adults. The track takes you to the laser tag area, mini golf, zip coaster and clip and climb. Mostly, the Game over coaster is a favorite for kid birthday parties.

Location: Helensvale
Price: $30- $119

3. Xtreme Karting: Xtreme Karting is the fastest and longest Go Karting circuit in Australia with a whopping 1600-meter-long track. The Track gives out vibes of a Formula 1 race based on its location being outdoors. The karts chosen have great tyre buffers that move on the longest rubberised Tarmac circuit. The trail is a mixture of twists, hairpin turns, and curves following the long path of a straight drive. There is a 600-meter-long clay-tailed circuit in the middle to present you with the most marvelous way of go-Karting. You can enjoy freestyle Karting in this clay circuit competing with your squad without any restrictions.

Length: 1600 meters
Location: Pimpama
Price: $28- $134
Time: Monday-Friday

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What are the different kinds of Go Kart Racing on the Gold Coast?

1. Endurance: The endurance races in Go Karting in Gold Coast range between 30 minutes to a whopping 24 hours, or even longer in some cases. Owing to the long duration of the race, it is important to understand techniques to be on go kart for such a time. Drivers and crew work together for a better pit strategy to avoid tiny mistakes committed by the participants. You need to train hard for endurance and practice to be a winner.

2. Sprint: Go Karting world championship, FIA championship, and some other popular competitions use the sprint format. It includes a series of short races and calculations are done to measure a few laps. These races are extremely short in duration compared to endurance. The duration of the race is 15 minutes and uses small karts for competition. The length of the sprint tracks range from 400 to 1600 yards. 

3. Speedway: Speedway is another Gold Coast go Karting race that happens to be on clay or asphalt tracks. These races have 10-20 laps centered around corner movements and acceleration. Owing to its focus on acceleration around the corners, it is one of the most difficult races of Go Karting.

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What is the minimum age for Go Karting on the Gold Coast?

The minimum age for Gold Coast go Karting is 7 years for cadet karts, 11 years for immediate karts and 14 years for race pro karts. For dual karts, the minimum age requirement is at least 4 with a height of 100-130 cm. The other driver in the dual kart must be 18 years old and the total weight should reach not more than 130 kilograms.

What are the requirements and rules for go-karting on the Gold Coast?

1. All drivers must wear closed shoes. Please refrain from wearing high heels for the drive.
2. Drivers must possess the knowledge to operate karts safely.
3. It is mandatory to wear helmets on the track all the time.
4. Go Karting in Gold Coast provides helmets to the drivers on the track.
5. Drivers must create an account at Gold Coast for go Karting to sign a waiver.
6. If the driver is below the age of 18, the parent or guardian must sign a waiver in front of us.
7. It is strictly prohibited to drive with prior consumption of alcohol.
8. All the rules and regulations are narrated in the briefing session before the drive that must be followed.
9. People with epilepsy, head injury, heart conditions, neck/back issues, pregnancy, high blood pressure, and any chronic illness must refrain from the activity.

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What are the other adventurous activities that you can do on the Gold Coast?

1. Jet Boat Ride: Apart from Gold Coast go karts, you can take a Jet boat ride in the golden coast Broadwater. The rapid-speed jet boat ride takes you across the enchanting waters at a speed of 80 kmph. You can enjoy the thrills of a paradise jet boat for between 30 minutes and an hour. The jet boat ride operates 7 days a week for you to hop from Marina Mirage at any time. You can get your moments of thrill on the jet boat ride photographed and video graphed by the operators.

Best Place: Broadwater, Gold Coast.
Best Time: Australian Summer December to February.

2. Scuba Diving at Wave Break Island: If go Karting in Gold Coast isn’t enough for you, enjoy scuba diving. Australia is home to the Great Barrier Reef and 50,000 km of coastline. You can indulge in diving adventures outside the Broadwater, and the closest vicinity of the reefs. Palm Beach Reef and Scottish Prince Shipwreck are some best local diving sites on Gold Coast. As an extreme adventure sport, only certified divers must indulge in going underwater.

Best Place: Broadwater, Gold Coast.
Best Time: Australian Summer December to February.

3. Paddleboarding: Enjoy the stand-up paddle boarding ride post Gold Coast go karts in Burleigh Headlands. Start from the Tallebudgera Creek and master the swimming and bathing sport of stand-up paddle boarding around. Learn the art of stand-up paddle in the brief session before the rider. You just have to be a swimmer, even at beginner's level as this water sport is way easier than surfing. Enjoy the strenuous water sport for 2 hours or more on Gold Coast.

Best Place: Burleigh Headlands, Gold Coast.
Best Time: Australian Summer December to February.

4. Surfing: Indulge in surfing at the spit or “Surfers Paradise'' on Gold Coast. The surfing conditions of the Gold Coast waters at pony’s like Spit of Main Beach, Burleigh Heads, and Currumbin are most suitable. You can ride a wave at Straddie South Stradbroke Island. Just like go Karting in Gold Coast, you must take surfing lessons before heading out for the activity. “Get Wet Surf Adventures” and “Go Ride a Wave” are some short surfing course providers on the Gold Coast.

Best Place: Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.
Best Time: Australian Summer December to February.

5. Zip lining in Gold Coast: After Go Karting in Gold Coast, move to the Canyon Flier zipline tour. It is one of the largest, fastest, and highest zipline tours in Australia with 70 meters in height. There are 7 zip lines totalling 1.4 km of trail through the trees. The zipline takes you at a whopping speed of 70 kmph over Cedar Creek Canyon, some of the oldest rainforests in Australia. The thrilling adventure lasts for 3 hours with the guide narrating to you the facts and history of the places you move to. 

Best Place: Canyon Flyer Zipline, Gold Coast
Best Time: Australian Spring September to November.

6. Kayaking: Kayaking after indoor go Karting in gold coast lets you tour the Broadwater. The kayak tour departs from Biggera Waters and takes you with a splash for a swim at Wave Break Island. The entire journey takes 2 hours with all the necessary equipment and some snacks you might need amidst the adventure. You can take a combo tour of Kayaking and snorkeling to see the magnificent aqua life and reefs on the Gold Coast. The tour experts click your stunning photographs while you enjoy your water expedition. After enjoying swimming, kayaking and snorkeling, you can go for a sightseeing tour.

Best Place: Broadwater, Gold Coast
Best Time: Australian Summer December to February

7. Skydiving: The tandem skydiving after go karting in Gold Coast lets you fall down with an instructor from a staggering height of 12,000 ft. The free fall up to 7500 ft is the most thrilling part of a 4-5 minute tandem skydive. The drop point of the Tandem skydive is above the beach zone, offering you panoramic views of the water and the white sand island. The best time to enjoy Tandem skydive is during the months for clearer and better views.

Best Place: Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.
Best Time: Australian Spring September to November.

8. Hot air Balloon Ride: The hot air balloon ride is a great way to witness the Australian sunrise. The amazing sky tour rewards you with the panoramic views of Gold Coast Hinterland comprising the pristine beaches, and turquoise waters. The 30-60 minute ride ends at the same pickup point. After enjoying the hot air balloon ride, you can have a champagne breakfast to move further for indoor go karting in Gold Coast.

Best Place: Gold Coast in Hinterland.
Best Time: Australian Spring September to November.

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