Go Karting in Melbourne

Melbourne Go-Karting

Get ready for an action-packed day and try your hands on go-karting in Melbourne if you wish to enjoy some fun and adventurous activities in the city. The adventurous activity is a popular leisure activity that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike.

Ace yourself to participate in a competitive and thrilling racing experience at some of the best Go Karting Melbourne centers like Ace Karts and Karting Madness. Their indoor race courses are about 400 meters long with numerous twists and exciting bends that would make your journey several times more exciting. If you wish to enjoy outdoor go-karting in Melbourne then, make your way to Le Mans where you choose from several kart options and begin the race at any of the 18 race courses. If you want to enjoy the scenery along with karting, then choose Phillip Island Go Karts as its track is on the top of a hill.

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Melbourne Go Karting FAQs

Which are the best places to experience Go Karting In Melbourne?

1. Le Mans- Enjoying go-karting in Melbourne over the famous racing track located in Dandenong South which has been welcoming experienced and beginner racers alike for the last 20 years. It's an outdoor track, named after the grueling racing event in France and can provide several twists in an exciting race. There are about 18 racing courses in Le Mans and several kart options like super karts, sprint karts, rookie karts, super drift karts and double karts.

Location- 55 Waterview Cl, Dandenong South VIC 3175, Australia

Monday & Tuesday- Closed
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday- 12 to 10 PM
Saturday and Sunday- 10 AM to 11 PM

Entry Fees/Charges- ranges between 45$ to 100$ depending on no. of race and laps.

2. Phillip Island Go Karts- It’s one of the perfect Go Karting Melbourne tracks that also has the best scenery around. The track is about 750 meters long and sits on the top of a hill, from where you can enjoy the stunning views of Bass Strait as well as spanking views of the ocean. They provide you several options like the nine-horsepower karts and the tandem karts. While the former would bring you closer to real racing as much as possible, the latter would allow you to enjoy the scenic beauty of the hills and the ocean while driving.

Location- 381 Back Beach Rd, Ventnor VIC 3922, Australia

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday- Closed
Thursday to Sunday- 10 AM to 5PM

Entry Fees/Charges- range between $35 to 80$ per person

3. Ace Karts- Get ready to race on the best track with high-performance karts like Honda engine-tuned super karts. It’s one of the best spots for go-karting in Melbourne equipped with its lengthy outdoor track that provides plenty of tight corners, bends and a 150-meter-long straight stretch. The challenges of the track would be realized more with the rookie karts which run at a speed of 40 kmph.

Location- 20 Carrington Dr, Albion VIC 3020, Australia

Monday to Wednesday- 9 AM to 9 PM
Friday and Saturday- 9 AM to 11 PM
Sunday- 9 AM to 10 PM

Entry Fee: 455$ to 75$ per person

4. Auscarts Racing- It’s an indoor world-class go-karting Melbourne track with an exhilarating layout that throws wonderful challenges. The 450-meter-long track is a treat for professional players who would enjoy its twists and upto 12 bends while newcomers would love its easiness. You can enjoy casual racing and professional GT5 kart racing on the well-equipped track.

Location- 50 Salmon St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207, Australia

Timings- Monday to Friday - 10 AM to 9 PM; Saturday & Sunday- 10:30 AM to 10 PM

Entry Fees/Charges- ranges between $45 to $107 depending on time and no.of the lap you are choosing

5. Karting Madness- The track of Karting Madness would be the perfect way to enjoy go-karting in Melbourne, which holds the title of Australia’s largest indoor racecourse. The 400 meter long track throws challenges for riders with its straight course, tight turns, technical corners and plenty of overtaking opportunities. You can choose from several kart options like adult karts, rookie karts and double karts which have a heavy engine, good horsepower plus 4+ passenger capacity.

Location- 9a/841 Mountain Hwy, Bayswater VIC 3153, Australia

Timings- Monday to Saturday - 9 AM to 10 PM; Sunday- 9 AM to 8 PM

Entry Fees/Charges- $45 for adults; $35 for children under the age of 8 to 13 years.

Which are the other adventurous activities to do in Melbourne?

1. Horse Riding- This activity which once used to be a part of regular life has now become a popular leisure activity that deems fit to explore the diverse grasslands, quaint towns and beautiful scenes of the city. You would enjoy a horseback riding session through the lush landscapes, windswept beaches, hilly terrain and rolling green fields. With horse riding, you can also go on exploration of the vineyards, Victoria’s best wineries and other excellent natural sites. No matter whether the participants are kids or adults or one has previous experience or not, everyone can partake and have an adventure time together.

2. Scuba Diving- Dive into the waters of Victoria and participate in another water adventure that would bring you closer to the underwater world of fishes and coral. You would find several beautiful shorelines with dense colourful corals which also would be the perfect spots to explore the underwater treasure. There are more than 54 species of colourful fishes in Victoria, you would spot several of them during the scuba diving session. You can either book a tour or can set yourself on a self-made adventure plan by renting the equipment.

Suitable Spots for the activity- Rye Pier, Portsea Pier, EX-HMAS Canberra and Lonsdale Arches.

Charges- AUD 299 onwards

3. Rock Climbing- Climbing over the high rock mountains is an absolute favourite sport amongst thrill seekers. In Melbourne you would find the best location where you can practice the activity like Mt. Buller, the Dandenongs, the Grampians and Werribee. Choose the guided plus easy to follow trails and satiate your adrenaline rush by partaking in this activity. The rocks of Geelong are the most ideal spot to hit if you’re a beginner at rock climbing and wanna partake in indoor and outdoor rock climbing. For indoor rock climbing, you can visit the Rock Adventure Center where some of the best climbing courses have been arranged for both experienced and novice climbers.

4. Kayaking- Get ready for a water adventure over the river Yarra and spend an entire day out on the water with a kayak. You can either book a kayaking tour or rent the board from the riverside stalls. While performing the activity you would also enjoy the clear and beautiful view of the skyline. Bow the boat and move past the Princes Bridge, landmark location of Flinders Street Station as well as up the historic Polly Woodside at South Wharf.

Suitable Spots for the activity- Williamstown,Gippsland Lakes, St. Kilda Beach, Lake Nagambie and Upper Yarra, Warrandyte.

5. Paintball- The game of paintball is a very interesting game that involves real life action adventure, you can invite your friends, family members and colleagues for a round. Paintball is an all season activity which is a unique way if you want to organise small professional or familial gatherings and parties. It would be an interesting way to get accustomed to strangers while playing a battle that involves all the action from firing a gun with paintballs to making a hide out in the jungle.

Suitable spots for the activity- Snipers Den Paintball, Ground Zero Paintball, World Series Paintball and Xtreme Paintball.

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When is the best time to experience Go Karting in Melbourne?

Go Karting Melbourne is an adventurous and thrill-seeking activity that you would enjoy doing at any time of the day. However, it's recommended to enjoy an outdoor karting experience at night when the thrill multiplies and the challenge increases. You would marvel over the scenic trails as well while enjoying the activity. For an indoor experience of go-karting in Melbourne, you must make a booking during the early hours so that you can avoid the crowd rush.

What makes Go Karting so famous in Melbourne?

Go Karting is a popular sport and leisure activity in Melbourne which is competitive, fast-paced as well as adventurous. The activity is best for young developing kids as well as adults, it helps in motor and cognitive development of the former while it is a thrilling and engaging activity for the latter.

What should I wear before going for Go Karting in Melbourne?

You should wear comfortable body-fitted clothes for go-karting, in Melbourne. Such clothes would help you enjoy the activity more without fidgeting and worrying for your clothes.

Is Go Karting in Melbourne kids-friendly?

Yes, the activity of go karting in Melbourne is kids-friendly as well as filled with fun and adventurous moments that would help in development of their motor and cognitive skills. The race tracks and time framing is also separate making it suitable to try the activity for the kids.

What is the minimum age required for experiencing Go Karting in Melbourne?

Every go karting Melbourne centre has its own prescribed minimum age to go for the activity, some of them even allow a 5 year old kid to participate in the activity.

Does Go Karting in Melbourne have weight limits?

Yes, some go-karts allow for the maximum weight limit of 300lbs (136 kg).

How fast do the Go-Karts go?

You would find several kinds of Go-Karts at different go-karting Melbourne centers which come with different kinds of engines, horsepower and run at a maximum speed of 50 kmph and a minimum of 25 kmph.

What are the safety tips one should know before experiencing Go-Karting in Melbourne?

1. Take a few practice laps before hitting the track finally with full enthusiasm. It will help you become comfortable with the operation of the kart.
2. You would find several kart options at go karting Melbourne centres with different sets of laps and timing,it would be wise to choose the right go-kart for yourself.
3. If you’re not an experienced driver, it’s advisable for you to try driving in a straight line and avoid drifting.
4. The right way of driving a kart starts with sitting comfortably in a right position in the kart such that your feet reach the pedal.
5. While driving a kart learn to hold the steering wheel correctly and keep your grip over the wheel firm.

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