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  • Battambang is the second most densely populated city in Cambodia with a perfect blend of the urban modernity and small town friendliness offering well conserved old architecture and pagodas. Its ancient temples make it a popular tourist destination. It is a place to explore ancient arts structures, building, and some local cuisines and laid back cafes. The Battambang resorts are there for giving you a shelter in this wonderful city.

    The property is located in the heart of the city with all the modern amenities. All rooms are designed with the blend of traditional Khmer style of the architect and the French style. The pool is surrounded by 10 ancient bungalows with beautiful garden views. It’s a family owned hotel with the quiet and calm atmosphere, excellent service and hospitality.

    The hotel is at a perfect location to explore the city and it’s very close to the Sangke River. More than 100 rooms of traditional Khmer and modern style architecture, it promises a wonderful experience of relaxing atmosphere. It offers a free boat tours, Wi-Fi, deluxe rooms with international cuisines. 

    Here are the Best Battambang Resorts:

  • 01Phka Villa Hotel

    Resorts in Battambang have been designed in such a way to provide ultimate comfort for tourists coming here in large numbers. Phka Villa hotel is one of the premier examples to this fact. Highlights – It is the first international class of deluxe hotel in Battambang and is known for offering excellent customer service, features and hospitality to its local and international guests coming here in large numbers every year. The bungalows here are built in traditional Khmer style of architecture and gives guests a sneek-peak into the local culture.

    Location – Krong Battambang, Cambodia.

    Price – Tariff goes up to approximately USD68 at the maximum per night.

    Activities & Amenities – Centralised air-conditioning, 10 traditional Khmer style bungalows, continuous supply of hot and cold water, mini bar, DVD players in rooms, hair dryers, neat and hygienic rooms, continuous customer service and a bonus flower.

    Distance from main city – 4 hours form Phnom Penh.

     Food – Restaurant and bar serving traditional Khmer style of cuisine.
  • 02King Fy Hotel

    If you are looking to be pampered in royal style in your vacation, King Fly Hotel in Battambang is the place where you need to be.

    Highlights – The hotel is a perfect amalgamation of traditional Khmer architecture and modern sophistications.
     Within close proximity to traditional monuments and temples, most of the rooms provide excellent views of the golden sunset against the backdrop of these historical structures. The hotel arranges cycle tours to explore tourist spots nearby. Get transported to a different world as you enjoy the comforts of King Fly Hotel.


    Location – On the banks of the Sangke River in close vicinity to towns like Wat Kandal and Wat Pacha.

    Price – Maximum of USD32 per night.

     Activities & Amenities – Free Wi-Fi, television in all rooms, mini-bars in rooms, complementary beverages, spa, 24/7room service, laundry service and many more.

    Distance from main city- Right at the centre of Battambang’s French Colonial area.

    Food – The restaurant offers exotic varieties of Asian and European cuisine. There is a bar as well which offers international wines of best quality.
  • 03Star Hotel

    Battambang is one of the top tourist destinations in Cambodia. Therefore, there are lots of premium to budget range of hotels here to serve tourists. Star Hotel is one of them.

     Highlights – Established in 1996, this hotel offers deluxe facilities to guests. It is a 3 star hotel with reasonable tariffs. The hotel is well-known for its hospitable staff and excellent customer service. Guests  are provided with free bicycle tours, eco-tours, motorcycle tours, boat rides and rental scotters/mopeds/bicycles.

    Location – Preakmohatep, Battambang.

    Price – Tariff ranges from USD5 to USD30 depending on the type of rooms.

    Activities & Amenities – 24/7 front desk facilities, free Wi-Fi, free shuttles, spas, 27 spacious rooms, dry cleaning services, ticketing assistance and many more.

    Distance from main city – About 1.2km and 3.4km respectively from the Museum and University of Battambang.

    Food – Royal Mini Restaurant serves international cuisine and alfresco dining is possible during suitable climates.
  • 04Royal Hotel

    If there is one place that is filled with natural extravaganza all around, it is the Royal Hotel in Battambang. Situated in close proximity to the Sangke River, Royal Hotel provides unlimited entertainment for its guests.

     Highlights – With over 116 rooms of traditional Khmer styles and modern architectural marvels, Royal Hotel promises a different world of relaxation for guests. While you are here, don’t miss to take the guided boat trips available from the hotel to traverse through the floating villages and the Mekong River. The very fact that the Royal Hotel has been providing impeccable service ever since its inception in 1996 speaks volume about the services of this hotel.

    Location – Battambang.

    Price – Ranges from USD5 to USD30 based on room.

    Activities & Amenities – Free boat tours, Free Wi-Fi, 24/7 room servce, neat deluxe rooms and more.

     Distance from main city – About 5 minutes from main tourist attractions like Sangke River, Governor’s Residence etc.

     Food – Continental, American and international cuisine available at Royal Mini restaurant.
  • 05Delux Hotel

    This is an exquisitely beautiful villa type accommodation set in the main city of Battambang.

    Highlights – This villa allows pets, has wonderful views of the outdoor swimming pools and has centralised air-conditioning facilities for the comfort of tourists. The rooms have excellent wood furnishings which add to their charm and elegance.

    Location – Sangkat Svay Por, Battambang.

    Price – Approximately USD30 per night.

    Activities & Amenities – Free Wi-Fi, sauna, outdoor swimming pool, complementary parking and breakfast, open-air restaurant, sun-deck, 24/7 room service, bars stocked with great variety of drinks and more.

    Distance from main city – About 75km from the Siem Reap- Angkor International Airport, 700m and 500m respectively from Battambang Museum and Boeung Chhouk Market, 6-minute walk from the reputed Sammaki Art Gallery etc.

    Food – Open-air and on-site restaurant serving international cuisine.
  • 06The coconut house

    If you are looking for a stylish accommodation in Battambang at affordable rates, The Coconut House proves to be a good choice for you.


    Highlights – Situated in close proximity to some of the important areas in Battambang, The Coconut House offers absolute serenity as it surrounded in a canopy of greenery all around. This is one of the few resorts in Battambang which offers long term accommodation for tourists. You can also get a good deal when you book a room here for long-term purposes. It offers bicycles on rent for tourists to move around the town.

    Location – Preak Preah Sdach Village, Battambang.

    Price – Tariff is in the range of USD9 to USD20.

    Activities & Amenities – Rental bicycles for tours, free airport shuttles, facilities for business meetings, work desk and mini-bar in all the rooms, free Wi-Fi, 24/7 room service and more. Distance from main city – 1km from the City Centre.

    Food – Restaurant offers various food options and provides room service as well.
  • 07Au Cabaret Vert

    Are you one of those environment-conscious tourists out there? When you plan for a vacation to Battambang in Cambodia, you should visit Au Cabaret Vert , one of the best eco-tourist destinations in this part of the world.

    Highlights – This Eco-Resort Hotel has the first natural pool in Cambodia. All villas have private terraces and you cannot help but notice the strong French domination in the culture of this resort. Named after famous French poet, Arthur Rimbaud, this is an eco-tourist villa which offers elegance in every nook and cranny.

    Location – Krong Battambang.

    Price – Tariff starts from approximately USD70.

     Activities & Amenities – Private terrace, Free Wi-Fi, Mini-Bars, rooms friendly for differently abled people, rental bicycles, Battambang tours of your choice, boating tours and tickets, 24/7 room service and more.

    Distance from main city – About 1.3km from Battambang Museum, 3.9km from Battambang University and about 15km from Ek Phnom Temple and Phnom Sampeau.

    Food – French and Cambodian cuisine available.
  • 08Battambang Lotus Hotel

    Battambang is filled with resorts that offer excellent relaxation and comfort to guests coming here in large numbers. Lotus hotel located in the heart of Battambang is one of them.

    Highlights – You will be spoilt for choice when you come to this scenic resort as there are lots of ways in which you can quench your hunger for relaxation. Lotus Hotel offers guests excellent hospitality and memories to take back to their respective countries. There are lots of guided tours available here for guests to choose from.

     Location – Sangkat Ratanak, Battambang.

     Price – Tariff is in the range between USD17 and USD20.

    Activities & Amenities – Free Wi-Fi, free transfers to nearby bus station, taxi stand or boat stops, wood-furnished interiors, centralised air-conditioned rooms, relaxing massages in the steam room, 24/7 room service, travel desk, laundry service and many more.

    Distance from main city – 5 minutes away from bus stand of Battambang and about 5 minutes of walk from Stung Sangke River.

    Food – Excellent Cambodian and Western cuisine served here.
  • 09Asia Hotel Battambang

    Located right in the heart of Battambang, Asia Hotel is one of the premier hotels in the city offering affordable accommodation to guests.

    Highlights – Established during 1996, the Asia Hotel has been offering a wide range of premium, deluxe and budget rooms to its guests at highly competitive rooms. All rooms are well-furnished and contain authentic Khmer interior decors that blow your minds away. The staff members here speak many languages for the benefit of international tourists. The resort is apt for family and business trips.

    Location – Preakmohatep Village, Svay Por, Battambang.

    Price – Tariff ranges from USD5 to USD30.

    Activities & Amenities – Free Wi-Fi, non-smoking rooms, sun-deck, rental bicycles, free private parking, business arrangements, 24/7 room service, travel and ticketing services, facilities for differently-abled, free car-parking and more.

    Distance from main city - can be reached by a 5-minute walk from Central Market and is about 4 hours away from Phnom Penh International Airport.

    Food – Cambodian and international cuisine available here.
  • 10Seng Hout Hotel

    If you are looking for a hotel where you can enjoy with your family and close friends at a reasonable rate when you visit Battambang (one of the biggest cities in Cambodia), you need to book a room at the Seng Hout Hotel.

    Highlights – This is one of those hotels in Battambang which offer you an excellent view of the city, mountains and the busy lifestyle of the Khmer people. Set up during 2008, this hotel offers its guests a scintillating experience by way of viewing the golden sunset rays from the roof.

    Location – Preakmohatep Village,Svay Por, Battambang.

     Price – Approximately in the range between USD15 and USD25.

    Activities & Amenities – Free Wi-Fi, private bathrooms with continuous supply of hot and cold water, rooms with telephone, work desk and refrigerator, car rentals, travel desk, 24/7 room service, 37 well-furnished and neat rooms, outdoor swimming pools, sun-deck, free private parking and more.

    Distance from main city - Close to Phsar Nat (100m).

    Food – Seng Hout Café offers international food and drinks. 



Wat Ek Phnom

When you are visiting Battambang, you must visit this beautiful architecture marvel, built in traditional Khmer style. This is a Hindu temple, which shows its class even in its dilapidated form.

Highlights – Constructed by King Suryavarman I during the 11th century, the remnants of the temple can be accessed through a huge Buddhist pagoda, circled by 18 Bodhi trees. This pagoda, in turn, can be accessed through a path that also houses the massive white-stoned Buddha statue. The bas-reliefs found on the remnants of this temple relate to tales pertaining to the Hindu God, Krishna. Intricately carved lintels and pediments are the major highlights here.

– Situated close to Peam Aek spot, towards the left bank of River Sangkae, about 13km towards the north of Battambang.

Timings – All through the day.

Price – USD2 entry fee per person.


Sammaki Art Space

Battambang is one of those places in Cambodia which gives importance to art and culture. Sammaki Art Space is a venue which promotes and documents free art forms from budding and famous artists from all over the world.

Highlights – In the Khmer language, Sammaki means unity. If you are a art lover visit Battambang during the times of Angkor Art Expo. This is a single platform where you will get to witness art forms of all types. Come here to witness the developing relationship between local and international artisans in Battambang. The art scene in Battambang witnesses various galleries featuring exhibitions from local and international artisans.

Location – Battambang.

 Timings – Any time through the year.

 Entry fee – Depends on the art galleries.


Battambang Provincial Museum

Angkor in Cambodia is known to the world as one of the hubs in art and crafts, pottery, music, culture and heritage. If there is one place where you can witness these exotic collections in one place it is the Battambang Provincial Museum.

 Highlights – This museum was constructed during 1963 by Madeleine Giteau. It is a repository of collections that include various musical instruments, pottery, art forms, 1000 year old Khmer relics, artefacts and other evidences that have been left from the atrocious rule of Khmer Rouge that lasted between 1975 and 1979. All the collections found in this museum belong to pre and post Angkorian era. The museum has labels in English, French and the local Khmer language for the benefit of visitors coming here.

Location – Kamkor Village, Battambang Province towards Western Cambodia.

Timing – 8AM to 11AM and 2PM to 5.30PM.

Price – Entry fee of USD1 applicable only for foreign tourists.


White Elephant Pagoda (Wat Tahm-rai-saw)

This is one of the most important tourists spots in Battambang. Dedicated to Lord Buddha, this temple blows away the minds of tourists with its excellent architecture. Compared to the other Angkor temples in Cambodia, this is quite a new temple, as it was constructed in the mid of 19th century. However, certain parts of the temple are slowly getting destroyed.

– White Elephant Pagoda, also known as Wat Tahm –rai-saw, is a temple which has huge, life-size sculptures of white elephants carrying portraits of a prince, as depicted in the story of Lord Buddha. This is one of the modern temples that need to be visited for the sheer architectural brilliance employed here.

– Battambang, Cambodia.

– Open throughout the day, but best visited during day light.

Price – Admission is free of cost.


Battambang Crocodile Farm

Battambang, one of the biggest cities in Cambodia is known for housing many tourist attractions. Crocodile Farm is one of them.

 Highlights – The crocodile farm is one of the must-visit places for any animal lover. When you pay the necessary admission fee, you will be able to hold baby crocodiles in your hands – a one of a kind experience in your lifetime. Though there are lots of crocodile farms are found in Cambodia, this is one of the famous of the group. When crocodiles grow to a particular age, they are killed by giving injections and various products using their skin are sold in the local markets here. When you come here you will get introduced to the day to day lifestyle and feeding patterns of these crocodiles.

– Battambang.

Timings – All through the day.

Price – Entry fee of USD3 for entry.

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