Battambang Crocodile Farm, Battambang - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

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About Battambang Crocodile Farm

Battambang, one of the biggest cities in Cambodia is known for housing many tourist attractions. Crocodile Farm is one of them.

 Highlights – The crocodile farm is one of the must-visit places for any animal lover. When you pay the necessary admission fee, you will be able to hold baby crocodiles in your hands – a one of a kind experience in your lifetime. Though there are lots of crocodile farms are found in Cambodia, this is one of the famous of the group. When crocodiles grow to a particular age, they are killed by giving injections and various products using their skin are sold in the local markets here. When you come here you will get introduced to the day to day lifestyle and feeding patterns of these crocodiles.

– Battambang.

Timings – All through the day.

Price – Entry fee of USD3 for entry.

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