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  • It is a country in the South Pacific, which is blessed in a bounty and thus goes by without saying that there are a lot of things to do in Fiji. It is a group of around 300 islands. Fiji is famed for many things, like palm-fringed beaches, rugged landscapes, coral reefs, clear lagoons and old British monuments. The major islands which tourists fall in love with are - Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Viti Levu is home to the capital. 

    This beautiful island country is close to Australia and New Zealand and makes an affordable and adventurous holiday destination for all types of travellers. This bunch of islands has a lot to offer in its world-class spas and beaches for unwinding and relaxing. You can also indulge in a plethora of other activities and experiences that will leave an impression for a lifetime.

    Take part in water sports or go for adventurous sports like cliff jumping, bungee jumping, skydiving, dirt biking, river rafting, scuba diving or trekking. Fiji is fun with your partner, friends, spouse, family or solo. It gives every traveller a lot more than they expect from this small country. Fiji is blessed with a unique topography, an array of flora and fauna, an amalgamation of different cultures, multiple cuisines and more.

    Given all this, Fiji is famous among the Hollywood fraternity. For example, Tom Hanks Castaway was shot here! Let’s now learn more about this picturesque destination and what it has to offer.

    Here is the list of best things to do in Fiji:

  • 01Nadi

    1. Dive into the crystal clear waters surrounding the tiny south sea island with a day cruise.

    2. Enjoy at Malamala Beach Club surrounded by Fiji’s crystal clear waters that have introduced the world’s first beach club. 

    3. Fly Over the Mamanucas- Take a flight of around 20 minutes over Mamanucas and view spectacular landscapes, Mount Evans ranges and tropical rainforests. Get a bird’s eye view from the top of the skyline. 

    4. Visit the Garden of the Sleeping Giant- Nestled in the cool shadows, it is a marvellous garden of the big man himself and is considered to be one of the best horticultural secrets in the entire region of south pacific. 

    5. Visit Naihehe Caves- It is known to be the home to Sautabu, the people of Fiji’s tribal welfare community. Visiting these caves is considered to be one of the best things to do in Fiji.

    6. Visit Hindu Temple in Fiji- Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, this Hindu temple located at the southern tip of Nadi will take you through an amazing cultural difference between India and Fiji.

    7. Rejuvenate both your body and spirits in thermal springs at Sabeto, as the locals believe them to have sulphur that has healing properties. 

    8. Discover the Beauty of underwater limestone at Sawa I Lau caves. It is one of the most exciting things to do in Fiji. Delve into the world of pitch dark black caves. 

    9. Eat the Lovo Feast at Malolo Island Resort where there is great food, superb ambience, friendly locals, with lovely ladies and kids around. You will enjoy every bit of it. 

    10. Dive into Beachcomber Island to find Bomber Wreck- This wreck was during the World War II, enjoy being here to live the moment. 

    11. Take a wayward wind yacht tour- It is a private and fully crewed yacht that takes you to the splendid views and amazing coral reefs whilst witnessing terrific marine life.

    12. Explore the Navala Village- One of the best things to do in Fiji is to visit this unexplored village which has mountainous landscapes lying in the foothills of Ba River. Enjoy the lovely traditional Kava ceremony. 

    13. Shop at Nadi handicraft market – Shop for traditional and antique handicrafts from this market. This is something that is not to be missed when you are in Fiji.

    14. You can take home vibrant colours of the islands from La Galerie.

    15. Sample the culture of Fiji in Nadi – The best way to experience culture and rituals is by meeting the locals and walking in the lanes of Nadi. 

    16. Eat out at legendary Taste Fiji Kitchen – This kitchen offers a contemporary feel on traditional Fijian and international dishes which ensure to kindle your taste buds. 

    17. Hike in the beautiful and scenic Nausori Highlands – It is a scenic ride through the jungle and up into the steep topography of the Nausori Highlands that passes by waterfalls, village school, and ancient village houses.

    18. Get soaked by Bukuya Highland Secret Waterfall – You will be intrigued by the wilderness and untamed scenic views of this gorgeous waterfall in Fiji. 
  • 02Viti Levu

    Viti Levu
    19. 360-degree views of Fiji from Vuda Lookout – The entire region is filled with orchids and fresh fruit plantations and with the tropical freshness of seasonal fruits. Enjoy the views and freshness here.

    20. Reef Diving in The Great Astrolabe Reef – The stretch curls into the deep blue sea from the shoreline, which is ideal for scuba diving in Kadavu. The reef is around 100 km long, which makes it the 4th largest barrier reef in the world. 

    21. Decompress on Viti Levu Beaches – It is Fiji’s largest island with picture perfect crescent powdery settings and palm-fringed beaches.

    22. Enjoy seafood at Wicked Walu Restaurant -This is one of the most important things to do in Fiji to enjoy the best seafood on the island.

    23. Water Sports at Castaway Island – This is the famous island where Castaway – the Tom Hanks movie was shot. Get thrilled by exploring various water sports activities here.

    24. Hike to Dawasamu's Peak – This peak is considered to be one of the most challenging peaks to hike in Fiji islands.

    25. Take a boat on the Navua River – You can take your own boat to sail through the crystal clear waters or take a private tour of white water rafting.

    26. Enjoy surfing at Cloudbreak at Tavarua Island – This is an amazing heart-shaped island with an area of 29 acres. It is world famous for surfing, water sports, snorkelling, kayaking and a lot more.

    27. Take a river cruise in the rugged and beautiful Namosi Highlands.

    28. See fire walking on Beqa – A unique island of Fiji, Beqa is known for its fire walking ceremony. It is the traditional home of the Fijian fire walkers.

    29. Drink kava in Sevusevu ceremony – Kava is the traditional drink which is served at this ceremony. It is also known as Yaqona and is offered as a traditional gift to the guests and the hosts.  

    30. Swim in Natadola Beach – It is also known as the coral coast, with a stretch of pure white sand and azure waters that are ideal for swimming and snorkelling.  

    31. Visit the church of Saint Francis Xavier - It has beautiful Fijian motifs with the teachings of Christ and interesting murals that attract a lot of tourists.
  • 03Suva

    32. Explore the history of Fiji in Fiji Museum - The Fiji Museum holds a remarkable collection and artefacts dating back 3700 years. It is the best place to learn about the history of Fijian Islands 

    33. Walk in the trails of Colo-i-Suva Forest Park – It is a 2.5-sq-km oasis of lush rainforest swarming with beautiful tropical plants and rich and harmonious bird life. These 6.5km walking trails take you to clear natural pools and gorgeous vistas. 

    34. Visit Suva Fiji temple – It is the 91st operating temple of the latter day saints in Suva. Worth a visit!

    35. Take a walk in Albert Park - It is named after the Consort of Queen Victoria of Great Britain. The uniqueness is that it can hold two rugby matches at one time.

    36. Visit Sacred Heart Church – Built in 1902 with sandstone brought from the mines near Sydney, Australia. The architecture is inspired by the churches of Rome and the church is covered with stained glass, ornaments and has a tomb in the basement.

    37. Experience a Suva shore excursion - There are many cruise ships which you can take. It is one of the best things to do in Fiji!

    38. Enjoy South Indian Fire-Walking Festival at Suva – It is an extraordinary South Indian fire-walking ritual that is held at the Mariamma Temple annually between July/August. A must visit spot when in Fiji. 

    39. Hike to the summit of Mount Batinareba – Enjoy hiking and witness spectacular views across Suva Harbor. It is the tallest peak of Suva and one of the best things to do in Fiji. 

    40. Explore the Masonic Lodge Ruins - Levuka, with a population of about 3000 people was the capital of Fiji from 1874 until 1883. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

    41. Wander through the Thurston Gardens - Thurston Gardens are the botanical gardens of Fiji. They used to be known as the Suva Botanical Gardens but its name was changed in honour of the fifth Governor of Fiji, Sir John Bates Thurston.

    42. Learn the story of Fiji while hiking through the hinterland with Talanoa Treks. These are dramatic peaks with pristine forests, remote villages, sparkling rivers, and a unique history.

    43. Shop at beautiful Suva municipal market - It's the beating heart of Suva and a fantastic place to shop and spend some good time at. 

    44. Visit the triangle monument - The Triangle Monument is a symbolic centre of Suva.

    45. Parliament of Fiji – It is located over the road from the Grand Pacific Hotel and is not a sight to be missed the sight in Fiji.
  • 04Denarau Island

    Denarau Island
    46. Visit Denarau Golf and Racquet Club – It was opened on 9th June 1993 with a 6538-metre golf course which is designed by Mr Eiichi Motohashi of Pannya Planning. 

    47. Experience Free Fall in Denarau Island – Get thrilled for a free fall and choose your flight climbing at the height of 8,000, 10,000 or 14,000 ft.

    48. Snorkel with Sharks at Denarau Island – Delve into the majestic beauty of Kuata Island and snorkel to the coral reefs with the sharks.

    49. Adventure at Big Bula Waterpark – It is in the heart of the Denarau Island where you will find water slides and world’s largest inflatable water park.

    50. Eat Thai cuisine at Chantara Thai Restaurant – Lovely atmosphere, friendly staff, and the best of the Thai cuisine – you get it all.

    51. Visit Momi Bay Battery Historic Park – It is beautifully standing since the World War II to protect the main pass through the Great Sea Reef. You will witness naval guns, bunkers etc. 

    52. Take a tour of Kula Eco Park wildlife sanctuary in Sigatoka – It was originally established as a bird park in the 1980s. It is the home of vivid flora and fauna and amazing wildlife. 

    53. Enjoy off-road cave safari – Take a half day of a full day cave safari starting from Fiji's original river safari, Sigatoka River Safari. You will be amazed to discover beautiful and mighty Sigatoka.

    54. Cave tour of Cannibals Cave - The cave is awesome and wondrous with natural features and a fascinating history of cannibalism, pagan worship and tribal warfare. It is easy to access with a lot of fresh air and no creepy-crawlies or bats.

    55. Visit Taveuni hill fort – Among many forts scattered around Fiji, Taveuni offers style in Singatoka which is built in the 18th century by Tongan Chief Maile Latumai.

    56. Canopy Flier Zip-line at Kula Wild Adventure Park – You can actually view the treetops and thrilling wildlife at a 360-degree view. It is an exclusive zip line ride and crazy at the core. 

    57. Experience the jet boat in Sigatoka River – Gear up for a great boat ride on a jet over the Sigatoka River and while doing so learn more about the culture of Fiji and its history. 

    58. Hike at the Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park – Huge and dense forests surrounded by soothing views and vivid sand dunes, this national park is one of the best things to do in Fiji. There is a visitor centre from where you get all the information. 

    59. Eat at the beach bar and grill restaurant - The Beach Bar n Grill Fiji is the perfect place to eat whilst enjoying the sunset strip, Korotogo. Spend some time with friendly Fijian staff. Impressive choices and reasonable prices will make you feel awesome. 

    60. Take a sunbath in Natadola Beach - Located on the Coral Coast of the main island of Viti Levu, Natadola Beach is exceptional and one of the world class beach in Fiji. 
  • 05Taveuni Island

    Taveuni Island
    61. Hiking in Bouma National Heritage Park – In the middle of the national park, you will find Bouma Falls that drop at 15m. It is a double-barrelled serene setting ideal for hiking, and also a secluded place spends some time amidst nature. 

    62. Slide down on Waitavala Water Slide – Such a thrilling water slide cascading through a series of small waterfalls near Waiyevo / Northern Division. Enjoy climbing up and down around the waterfalls with friends and family. 

    63. Take a walk in Lavena Coastal – There is Wainibau Falls, a very beautiful waterfall at the end of the scenic 5km Lavena coastal walk. It is a lovely coastal walk to the Northern Division and takes you to some of the best spots. 

    64. Explore rock and cliff formations made by sea waves of Vatuni'epa and you will cherish the time spent here. This is not to be missed when in Fiji. 

    65. Taste the adventure at Gaiatree sanctuary – It is a unique Taveuni experience which gives an opportunity to explore the island's edible landscape. These are fresh tropical delicacies and are organic. You can hike to the hill and enjoy stunning ocean views too.

    66. Walk in the trails of Colo-i-Suva Forest Park – It is a 2.5-sq-km oasis of lush rainforest packed with tropical plants and a plethora of birds. Take a walk of around 6.5 km and explore natural pools and gorgeous vistas nearby. 

    67. Hike the Tavoro Waterfall Trail - Tavoro Waterfalls are a bit strenuous and need a bit of physical exertion initially, but later it is fairly easy. 

    68. Go on an adventure on four wheels in Terra Trek – Take on a ride to one of the best Fiji islands and enjoy wonderful waterfalls surrounded by lush tropical rainforests. This trek can be tailor made as per your need. 

    69. Horseback Riding at Pacific Harbour – On the main island of Viti Levu, you get some good horse riding treks. You will find them near Taunovo Bay Resort at Pacific Harbour and you can even ride till Wailoaloa Beach in Nadi. 

    70. Enjoy Scuba & Snorkelling at Paradise Beach - Paradise Taveuni was earlier known as Susie's Plantation Resort and is known for its blue water diving and other water sports. Put this on your list of things to do in Fiji.

    71. Kayaking & River Rafting in the river of Taveuni – With the gushing rivers and thrilling streams on Taveuni island, vacationers take up different kinds of kayaking and river rafting tours.

    72. Enjoy zip lining in Pacific Harbour – Get excited to take up the best eight zip lines in the Pacific Harbour and enjoy the lovely surrounding views of valleys, waterfalls, and forests. 

    73. Visit Blowhole which creates a rainbow in the air. What a stunning view of the rainbow from the beautiful geological sites.
  • 06Vanua Levu Island

    Vanua Levu Island
    74. Discover pearls in Savusavu – It is Fiji’s northernmost largest island with a small pearl island which is famous for coral reefs and discovering the real pearls from the deep sea. From where we see, this is one of the best things to do in Fiji.

    75. Take a helicopter view of Vanau Island – It is a spectacular tropical island with active volcanoes. Witness the coral reefs and jungle wilderness on a helicopter ride. 

    76. Eat out at the Surf and Turf Restaurant – Excellent chef, tasty food and a vivid range of delicacies, enjoy all this coupled with the brilliant surroundings.

    77. Travel through Cobra Rock at Naag Mandir – It is also known as the 'snake temple'. It is believed that the now 3-metre-high rock inside the temple premises has grown bigger over the years; so much so that it touches the roof. 

    78. Take a Boat ride from Savusavu to Marine Reserve – This boat ride from Savusavu will be a challenging one but takes you on the horizon of the largest marine reserve on the fringing reef.

    79. Take a bush walk of Waisali rainforest reserve – It is a spectacular 300-acre stretch of rainforest that covers Vanua Levu's hills and valleys. This jungle is home to a diverse range of exotic birds, plants, and animals, including one of the endangered species - Ground Frog.

    80. Take a tour of the large sugar mill of Labasa - Ba and Rakiraki are the main islands of Viti Levu where Labasa sugar mill is located. The sugar mill is strategically located on the drier side that is perfect for cane growing.

    81. Visit Floating Island of Labasa – One of the best things to do in Fiji is to visit the Floating Island. It is a detached island in the middle of a river in the northern part of Vanua Levu. 

    82. Enjoy a walk in flora tropical garden – Get up early and take a walk to the flora garden and experience the serene and quiet places in Fiji. 

    83. Visit Wasavula Ceremonial Site – This site is shrouded in mystery and is believed to be related to the Naga (snake) cult that is found in Viti Levu's Sigatoka Valley. 
  • 07Offbeat things To Do in Fiji

    Offbeat things To Do in Fiji
    84. Enjoy Holi festival with Fijians – Celebrate the festival of Holi the Fijian way, and do not miss out when in Fiji. 

    85. Matangi Private Island Resort – This is a resort cum a private island that offers villa-style accommodation on the edge of the beautiful Horseshoe Bay.
    86. Hunt Lairo Crab on Qamea – The gorgeous verdant hills of the island are the abode of the Lairo mud crab, a species common to these parts. You get tasty crustacean, as on Qamea – at a great price.
    87. Couple Up on Turtle Island – Clear white sand, cool seagrass, corals on the sandy bottom, you will find everything on this beautiful beach. 

    88. Blue Lagoon Beach – It is an award-winning beach on the picturesque Nacula Island, which is in the Yawasa's. 

    89. Take a tour of Cloud 9 – It is a famous water surf break that allows you to swim and dive into the waters to snorkel. You can also enjoy delicious food nearby. 

    90. Visit A-SK Pasifika for a classy night out – It is a popular nightspot by Alio Jane Panapa. A must visit in Fiji to experience the nightlife. 

    91. Walk among the dense vegetation on Gau Island – A remote Fijian village with the population of farmers and fisherman. 

    92. Take a refreshing dip in a Biausevu waterfall - Coral Coast Waterfall Hike & Biausevu Village is a must visit when in Fiji. 

    93. Go fishing in Central Fiji - It contains archaeological findings dating back to 3500 years, as well as cultural objects reflecting Fiji's inhabitants during the past 100 years.

    94. Shop for Caulerpa in the open-air market in Suva – This market is open for visitors for a certain number of days during the week. It is a waterfront market and sells everything you want in general. 

    95. Brush up on your knowledge of coconuts – For many of us, coconut is only an edible thing, but for Fijians, it is an art of using it for many other things like thirst-quenching drink, strings, ropes, fibrous material etc. 

    96. Get hitched by the beachfront – Enjoy your lovely vacation in Fiji at some of the stunning crystal clear waters and lavish resorts on the beachfront. Stay at the beachfront and discover the real Fiji. 

    97. Banana Leaf Massage – This is something every traveller will love to experience. The Banana Leaf Body Wrap is famous for Fiji, especially at Koro Sun Resort Fiji. Get this wonderful treatment with organic and herbal oils and relax your mind and body. 

    98. Stay in a Beachfront Bure - Beachfront Bure accommodation in Fiji, you find it at Castaway Island and many other south facing islands. 

    99. Island hopping in Yasawas - Island hopping is a must thing to do in Fiji. Jump on board to the Yasawa Flyer and explore island resorts. 

    100. Coffee from Lulu in Denarau – Coffee is perfect for any meal of the day. Enjoy the best when in Nadi, Fiji. 

    101. Taste Kokoda dish in Fiji - Fijian cuisine is all about fresh fruits and vegetables, organic spices and natural foods that are found in abundance on the islands. You would love to have all these in fish, seafood, cassava and taro roots, veggies, coconuts. Not to miss is Kokoda which is the traditional dish. 

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