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Explore some of the best Fiji tour packages and treat your eyes with awe-inspiring views of the Fijian tropical islands which are second to none. From turquoise blue waters to pristine sandy beaches and captivating shorelines, these packages cover everything you might ask for and more.

Want to bask in the glory of Fijian beaches at discounted prices? Choose one of the affordable tour packages for yourself and head to this ethereal country where you will be welcomed by verdant beaches, historical museums, and lively shopping streets.

If your wanderlust is still not satiated, include Coral Coast in your travel itinerary where mother-nature will bestow you with the most soul-stirring experiences. In addition to this, you can also head on a gastronomic journey by including some top-notch restaurants in your Fiji packages. These restaurants not only serve you with best-in-class tropical seafood but also flaunt a perfect ambience for fun-filled dinner nights.

Whether you are willing to spend a romantic vacation in Yasawa Islands or you wish to delve deeper into the marine life at the Beqa Lagoon, the Fiji tours can be customized according to your choice. If you have ample of time in hand, you can opt for a long vacation package and pay a visit to tourist attractions like Bouma National Heritage Park which is an ideal holiday retreat for birders, hikers, and nature buffs. To make the most out of your Fiji getaway, book the best Fiji holiday packages for yourself and learn a bit more about this tropical heaven.

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Fiji Tour faqs

Which are the famous places to visit in Fiji?

1. Fiji Museum: Situated within the Thurston Gardens, Fiji Museum is an archaeological site that has been marking its presence since the last 3700 years. Include this museum into your Fiji tour packages and embark on a historical journey into the cultural evolution of Fiji.

Once here, start your exploration with the displays behind the ticket counter which includes a massive centrepiece of Ratu Finau. As you will usher into the museum, you will get to see war clubs and numerous displays about cannibalism.

2. Pearl Farms: 
Have you ever been to a place that is abundant with milky white pearls? If not, Pearl Farms is a must-include destination in your Fiji tour packages.

the farmland is nestled in the bay town of Savusavu in Fiji's Northern Island and is home to some of the rarest types of pearls. While here, you can either delve deeper into the history of these pearls by attending their 15-minute long presentation or purchase some of these precious pearls for yourself.

3. Tavuni Hill Fort: 
Searching for a quaint spot to bond with your special one? Make your way towards this majestic hill fort which awaits your presence with its picturesque surroundings and glorious history.

Marking its presence since the eighteenth century, Tavuni Hill Fort is an ancient site which was mostly utilized during the wartimes. The fort sits at an altitude of 90 meters and offers eye-catchy views of the Sigatoka River and the surrounding valley. For all the history buffs, Tavuni Hill Fort is an important inclusion in their Fiji tour packages.

4. Cicia Volcanic Island: 
You can't finish off your Fiji trip without paying a visit to this mesmerizing island that looks abundant with lush green vegetation and surreal vistas all around. Nestled in the laps of northern Lau Island, Cicia Volcanic Island houses several beaches where you can either indulge in beach sports or unwind under the warmth of the sun. If you are looking for a quiet space to spend your holiday, Cicia Island is a prominent spot to be included in your Fiji tour packages.

5. Tavoro Waterfalls: 
If you are a nature lover looking for a beautiful spot in Fiji to unwind in the laps of nature, Tavoro Waterfalls deserve all of your attention. Also known as Bouma Waterfalls, Tavoro falls is a group of three magnificent waterfalls which are nestled in the Bouma National Heritage Park.

While the first waterfall is situated at an altitude of 24 meters, the second and third waterfalls are settled at the height of 15 m and 10 M respectively. Apart from admiring the spectacular waterfall, you can also roam around the forest and explore the Fijian flora and fauna.

6. Colo-I-Suva Forest Park: 
Sprawled over an area of 2.5 sq km, Colo-I-Suva is a verdant rainforest that stands out with its tropical plants and vibrant birdlife. The park features a 6.5 Km long trail dotted with natural springs and awe-inspiring vistas. Whether you want a quick respite from Suva's urban life or you wish to experience a day in the life of a hermit, Colo-I Suva has something in store for everyone.

7. Suva Municipal Market: 
Located in the heart of Suva, Suva Municipal Market is a local market that sells premium quality fruits and vegetables at the marked prices. As you will enter this bustling street, you will be greeted with a tropical view of red and green vegetables systematically arranged in a row.

While here, you can either enjoy a closer look into the culture and lifestyle of Suva inhabitants or re-energize yourself with a fresh glass of juice at one of its juice stalls. For all the shopaholics who love to shop till they drop, Suva market is a good inclusion in their Fiji tour packages.

8. Sigatoka Sand Dunes: 
Perched nearby the pristine river of Sigatoka, these dunes are 5 Km long, 1 Km wide, and 20 meters high. Unlike any other dune, Sigatoka boasts grey-brown colour and is widely covered with shrubs and vines.

As you will go 4.5 Km southwest of Sigatoka, you will usher into its national park which intrigues the visitors with its unparalleled charisma. Known for its natural splendour and serenity, the national park is mostly frequented by nature-buffs and solitude seekers. If you are looking for a place to unwind amidst the surreal vistas, Sigatoka Sand Dunes deserves a special place in your Fiji tour packages.

What are the best things to do in Fiji?

1. Experience the Fijian culture at Nadi: If you are eager to experience the traditional culture of Fiji, a visit to the multicultural town of Nadi is unavoidable.

While here, you can either savour the local delicacies and authentic drinks or enjoy a shopping spree in its local market which sells hand-painted sarees, wooden kava bowls, and cannibal forks. If you are missing some action, just take a relaxing bath in the mud pool or go snorkelling with your buddies.

2. Enjoy a helicopter ride in Mamanuca Islands: 
Exploring the vibrant Mamanuca Island from the top is one of its kind experience to be included in your Fiji tour packages.

If you want to have some indelible memories out of your Fiji trip, take a helicopter tour from Nadi International Airport to Mamanuca Islands and treat your eyes to the exquisite view of a wide string of islets sprawled to the northwest of Viti Levu Island. Though this helicopter ride might be a bit expensive, the mesmerizing views from the top make it totally worth your money.

3. Head for a hiking trip to Colo-I-Suva Forest Park: 
Want to add a dash of adventure into your Fiji tour packages? Head to the verdant forest park of Colo-I-Suva and indulge in a scenic hiking tour amidst the surreal surroundings.

Colo-I-Suva is a thriving national park that not only serves as an ideal hiking spot but also forms a perfect retreat for nature buffs looking for a quaint spot to relax. The park also features a pristine river that adds to the fun of this forest hike.

4. Snorkel at the Castaway Island: 
With so many beautiful islands, it might get tough for you to pick up the best snorkelling spot for your Fiji packages, but Castaway Island stands out from the rest with its exotic marine life and colourful coral reefs.

As you enter this magnificent island, you are greeted by the views of verdant tropical rainforests and azure waters. Snorkelling under its clear waters is a golden opportunity to explore the vibrant world of marine species. For the best snorkelling experience at Castaway, head to its southern beaches.

5. Relax by the sandy beaches of Wakaya Island: 
For all those leisure travellers who fancy the idea of soaking in the sun on the sandy beaches, Wakaya Island comes as a necessary inclusion in their Fiji packages.

This Fijian island is replete with azure lagoons, white sandy beaches, and a startling variety of flora and fauna. Whether you want to spend a lazy evening strolling around its pristine beaches or indulge in a laid back fishing session, the island has got everything to ease your mind.

6. Get a sneak-peek into the Fijian traditions at Navala Village: 
Fiji is a land of traditions and customs and if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of its traditional practices, you can't miss visiting the ethereal hamlet of Navala on your Fiji tours.

A beautiful village surrounded by lush green mountains, Navala welcomes you with a traditional Kava ceremony post which you are taken for an extensive village tour. Once here, you can take a dip into the rivers, climb coconut trees, or soak in its peaceful atmosphere.

How to reach Fiji?

Fiji has two international airports which share good connectivity with air bases in different corners of the world. Nadi International airport is the main airport and the regional hub for south pacific islands.

Nausori Airport lies closer to the capital city of Suva. You can also find several domestic airports across the island nation. If you want to travel by sea, you can catch a boat from the Australian shore connection.

What is the best time to visit Fiji?

October to November is the best time to visit Fiji. During these months, Fiji experiences warm and dry weather making it an ideal time for sightseeing. Also, the prices of resorts are not too high and the streets remain less crowded than usual.

How much does a Fiji trip cost?

If you are aiming for affordable Fiji tours, it will cost you around FJD $ 360 (INR 12668) per person per day. For a luxury trip, the cost of Fiji packages might come up to FJD $ 800 (28,153) per day.

How can I go to Fiji from India?

The best way to reach Fiji from India is by air. The country has two international airports namely Nadi and Nausori which are well-connected to airports in the prominent cities of India. There are over 100 weekly flights that are available from New Delhi to Nadi. Jet Airways, Air India, and Singapore Airlines are some of the top-notch airlines flying on this route.

Which is better: Bali or Fiji?

Bali and Fiji are two beach destinations which have different things to offer. Both of these attractions are replete with pristine beaches, cultural spots, and scenic landscapes. However, if you want to pick one, you need to compare them on parameters like cost and attractions.

If you are running tight on budget and want to minimize your expenses, Bali is a better getaway for you as Fiji packages are mostly expensive. However, if you are more focused on activities and attractions, Fiji emerges as a clear winner with better beach life and cleaner beaches.

Also, Fiji is a better vacation spot for food lovers as it has more exotic dishes to offer to its visitors. For all the party animals who want to choose based on nightlife, Bali forms a perfect retreat with more night-life options and bars.

Do Indians need a visa for Fiji?

No. If an Indian is visiting Fiji for 12 or less than 12 days, he might not need a visa. However, the visitor will have to apply for a permit. For prolonged stay in Fiji, you need to own a visa.

Is a trip to Fiji expensive?

Yes. Fiji is quite an expensive destination to visit even for budget travellers. The average daily expenses in Fiji comes up to FJD $ 310 per day. If you are planning for a luxury vacation, your expenses might sum up to FGD $ 800.

What is the currency of Fiji?

The official currency of Fiji is Fijian Dollar. One Fijian Dollar is equal to INR 35.27.

Which are the best honeymoon resorts in Fiji?

1. Wakaya Club & Spa: If you want your honeymoon getaway to be an ideal combination of serenity and fun, Wakaya Club & Spa is a necessary inclusion in your Fiji tours. While here, you can engage in a private island experience, enthral your senses by a quick snorkelling session or enjoy a soothing massage at its in-house spa. The property also houses a fitness centre where you and your loved one can keep up the fitness level.

2. Koro Sun Resort & Spa: 
Perched within a 160-acre sanctuary, Koro Sun Resort & Spa is a 4-star accommodation that intrigues the guests with its tropical environs and mesmerizing vistas of crystal-clear waters.

The resort is located on a remote island where you can soak in the unspoiled views or walk hand in hand with your better half on the sandy beaches. With its luxurious settings, two onsite pools and a relaxing spa, Koro Sun Resort forms an ideal retreat for honeymooners.

3. Turtle Island: 
Pristine waters, secluded beaches, and a bunch of adventure activities- Turtle Island resort have everything to make your honeymoon getaway a memorable affair.

The resort comprises 14 villas which are replete with all the modern-day amenities and breathtaking views of the verdant surroundings. From beach picnics and romantic dinner nights to sunrise breakfasts and romantic strolls, there are a plethora of activities you can indulge in over here.

4. Likuliku Lagoon Resort: 
Enveloped by a marine sanctuary, Likuliku Lagoon Resort is an opulent resort that will leave you awe-struck with its traditional architecture and pristine environs. The property has beachside resorts with private pools where you can unwind and enjoy uninterrupted time with your special one.

5. Namale Resort: 
Settled amidst the mesmerizing island of Vanua Levu, Namale Resort is a luxurious property sprawled over an area of 525 acres. The boutique-style property encompasses privately owned waterfalls where you can relish some quality time with your partner. In addition to this, it also offers beachside private dining facilities and a plethora of adventure activities to make your stay worthwhile.

Where I can do diving & snorkelling in Fiji?

1. Namena Marine Reserve: Nestled on the southern half of Vanua Levu, Namena Marine Reserve is a beautiful diving and snorkelling spot where you can witness a wide variety of corals and fishes including grey reef sharks and tuna.

As you make your way towards its deep waters, be ready to witness some rare species like Blue Ribbon Eel. If you happen to visit here during the migratory seasons, you can also get to see numerous dolphins and whales.

2. Beqa Island Lagoon: 
If you are a water sports enthusiast, the Beqa Island Lagoon is an ideal point to start your underwater adventures. Situated off to Viti Levu, this lagoon is stretched over a 100 square miles area and is a perfect destination to relax by the crystal clear waters. With its unique underwater topography that includes bommies and pinnacles, Beqa Island has emerged as one of the most preferred snorkelling and diving spots in Fiji.

3. Rainbow Reef: 
One of the most popular snorkelling attractions to be included in your Fiji holiday packages, Rainbow Reef owes its popularity to its abundant soft coral population that covers leopard shark, clown triggerfish, and numerous anthias.

Though its unique topography is enough to hold you captive, the main attraction of this marine beauty is The Great White Wall. This 150 feet deep and 200 feet wide wall has a unique colour that is being derived from its soft white corals.

4. Great Astrolabe Reef: 
Reckoned as one of the largest coral reefs in the world, Great Astrolabe Reef will hold you captive with its diverse reef population and exotic marine life. While snorkelling over here, you will get a chance to explore shipwrecks as well as some deep ocean drop-offs.

In addition to this, you might also witness underwater coral gardens which are one of its kind. If you are an ardent adventure lover, Great Astrolabe certainly deserves a place in your Fiji holiday packages.

What are the adventure activities to do in Fiji?

1. Hiking: Being home to some spectacular hiking trails, Fiji attracts a plethora of adventure junkies throughout the year. From forest trails like Colo-I-Suva and Koroyanitu National Heritage Park to beach beauties such as Lavena Coastal Walk, the country is replete with several hiking spots from where you can devour the bird's eye view of Fijian landscapes.

If you are an experienced trekker looking for a challenging hike, embark on Mt Tomanivi trek which is considered as the highest peak of Fiji.

2. Surfing: 
Bored of strolling around the tropical beaches? Include surfing as an adventure sport in your Fiji holiday packages and say no to boredom. If you have never surfed through the colossal breaks before, exploring the Fijian surfing spots will set your adrenaline pumping in no time.

With numerous surfing destinations for beginners, as well as experienced surfers, Fijian beaches remain flooded with adventure enthusiasts all the year-round. While the popular spots like Cloudbreaks and Frigate Passage are ideal for expert surfers, newbies can play with waves at Natadola Beach.

3. Deep-sea diving: 
Get ready with your fins, snorkels, and masks to explore some of the best coral reefs on your Fiji tours. If you are an underwater enthusiast, you would love to dive into the clear waters of Vanua Levu which is regarded as the third-longest coral reef in the world. The Great Astrolabe Reef and Somosomo Strait are ideal diving spots for all those adventure junkies who wish to dive deeper into the marine world.

Which are the best islands to visit in Fiji?

1. The Mamanuca Islands: With its mesmerizing beaches and coral reefs abundant with fishes, Mamanuca Islands is among the top-notch attractions in Fiji packages.

While here, enthral yourself with a quick underwater dive, enjoy surfing at the Cloudbreak or immerse in lavish experiences at one of its island resorts. If you are a backpacker, you can't miss visiting its Beachcomber Island which is nothing less than a trekker's paradise.

2. The Yasawa Islands: 
Though less developed than its nearby islands, Yasawa forms an ideal destination for peace seekers and nature lovers. The island group is sparsely populated and is enveloped by turquoise water that depicts different shades of blue. Swimming, kayaking, and beach walking are some of the popular activities that one can indulge in here.

3. Viti Levu: 
Make your way to Viti Levu and get a closer look into the Fijian traditions and lifestyle. Being the largest island in Fiji, Viti Levu has everything that you might ask for and more.

From white sandy beaches teeming with luxurious resorts to mountain villages exuding beauty and peace, there is no dearth of getaway spots in Viti Levu. If you are a nature lover, you can take a day trip to the Garden of the Sleeping Giant which is nestled on the foothills of Sabeto Range and has numerous orchids to explore.

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