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  • Places to Visit in Nadi

  • 01South Sea Island

    South Sea Island
  • 02Malamala Beach Club

    Malamala Beach Club
  • 03Mamanuca Island

    Mamanuca Island
  • 04Garden of Sleeping Giant

    Garden of Sleeping Giant
  • 05Naihehe Cave - A Place To Get Lost

    Naihehe Cave - A Place To Get Lost
  • 06Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple

    Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple
  • 07Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool

    Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool
  • 08Sawa-i-lau Caves

    Sawa-i-lau Caves
  • 09Momi Bay Gun Site

    Momi Bay Gun Site
  • 10Bomber Wreck in Beachcomber Island

    Bomber Wreck in Beachcomber Island
  • 11Wayward Wind Tour

    Wayward Wind Tour
  • 12Navala Village

    Navala Village
  • 13Nadi Handicraft Market

    Nadi Handicraft Market
  • Places to Visit in Viti Levu

  • 14Castaway Island

    Castaway Island
  • 15Vuda Marina Point

    Vuda Marina Point
  • 16Abaca Koroyanitu National Heritage Park

    Abaca Koroyanitu National Heritage Park
  • 17Water Sports at Castaway Island

    Water Sports at Castaway Island
  • 18Tomb of Udre Udre

    Tomb of Udre Udre
  • 19Natadola Beach

    Natadola Beach
  • 20Wicked Walu Seafood Restaurant

    Wicked Walu Seafood Restaurant
  • 21Takalana Bay Retreat

    Takalana Bay Retreat
  • 22The Great Astrolabe Reef

    The Great Astrolabe Reef
  • 23Dawasamu's Tova Peak

    Dawasamu's Tova Peak
  • 24Navua River

    Navua River
  • 25Ono Island

    Ono Island
  • 26Surfing Cloud Break

    Surfing Cloud Break
  • 27Nausori Highlands

    Nausori Highlands
  • 28Biausevu Waterfall

    Biausevu Waterfall
  • 29Ovalau Island

    Ovalau Island
  • 30Coral Coast

    Coral Coast
  • 31Beqa Island

    Beqa Island
  • Places to Visit in Suva

  • 32Fiji Museum

    Fiji Museum
  • 33Colo-I-Suva Forest Park

    Colo-I-Suva Forest Park
  • 34Suva Fiji Temple

    Suva Fiji Temple
  • 35Grand Pacific Hotel

    Grand Pacific Hotel
  • 36Cathedral Of The Secret Heart

    Cathedral Of The Secret Heart
  • 37Kadavu Island

    Kadavu Island
  • 38Albert Park

    Albert Park
  • 39Lau Group of Islands

    Lau Group of Islands
  • 40Waya Island Peak

    Waya Island Peak
  • 41Masonic Lodge

    Masonic Lodge
  • Places to Visit in Denarau Island and Pacific Harbour

  • 42Sofitel Fiji Resort

    Sofitel Fiji Resort
  • 43Experience Free Fall

    Experience Free Fall
  • 44Radisson Blu Beach Resort

    Radisson Blu Beach Resort
  • 45Chantara Thai Restaurant

    Chantara Thai Restaurant
  • 46Big Bula Waterpark

    Big Bula Waterpark
  • 47Flying Fish Restaurant

    Flying Fish Restaurant
  • 48Denarau Golf and Racquet Club

    Denarau Golf and Racquet Club
  • 49Paradise Beach

    Paradise Beach
  • 50River Fiji

    River Fiji
  • 51Terra Trek

    Terra Trek
  • 52Horseback Riding at Pacific Harbour

    Horseback Riding at Pacific Harbour
  • Places to Visit in Savusavu

  • 53Pearl Farms

    Pearl Farms
  • 54Waisali Rainforest Reserve

    Waisali Rainforest Reserve
  • 55Salt Lake

    Salt Lake
  • 56Nakawaga Waterfall

    Nakawaga Waterfall
  • Places to Visit in Sigatoka and Taveuni Island

  • 57Kula Wild Adventure Park

    Kula Wild Adventure Park
  • 58Road Cave Safari

    Road Cave Safari
  • 59Cannibal Caves

    Cannibal Caves
  • 60Tavuni Hill Fort

    Tavuni Hill Fort
  • 61Hideaway Resort and Spa

    Hideaway Resort and Spa
  • 62Tavoro Waterfall

    Tavoro Waterfall
  • 63Lavena Coastal Walk

    Lavena Coastal Walk
  • 64Karin's Garden

    Karin's Garden
  • 65Bouma National Heritage Park

    Bouma National Heritage Park
  • 66Waitavala Rock Water Slide

    Waitavala Rock Water Slide
  • 67Laucala Island

    Laucala Island
  • 68Waitabu Marine Park

    Waitabu Marine Park
  • 69Pedestral Rocks of Vatuni'epa

    Pedestral Rocks of Vatuni'epa
  • Other Places to Visit in Fiji

  • 70Turtle Island

    Turtle Island
  • 71Blue Hole

    Blue Hole
  • 72Bay of Islands

    Bay of Islands
  • 73Sand Sculpture

    Sand Sculpture
  • 74Mini Island - The Blue Lagoon

    Mini Island - The Blue Lagoon
  • 75Bobo's Farm

    Bobo's Farm
  • 76Wakaya Island

    Wakaya Island
  • 77La Galerie Fiji

    La Galerie Fiji
  • 78Kava Ceremony

    Kava Ceremony
  • 79Cloud 9 Resort

    Cloud 9 Resort
  • 80Bukuya Highland Secret Waterfall

    Bukuya Highland Secret Waterfall
  • 81The Church of Saint Francis Xavier

    The Church of Saint Francis Xavier
  • 82Intercontinental Hotel

    Intercontinental Hotel
  • 83The Shark Dive at Beqa Lagoon

    The Shark Dive at Beqa Lagoon
  • 84Ulunikoro Marine Conservation Area

    Ulunikoro Marine Conservation Area
  • 85Talanoa Trek

    Talanoa Trek
  • 86Vanau Levu Island

    Vanau Levu Island
  • 87Volcanic Lake Garden

    Volcanic Lake Garden
  • 88Rotuma Island

    Rotuma Island
  • 89Thurston Garden

    Thurston Garden
  • 90Koro Sun Resort

    Koro Sun Resort
  • 91Cicia Volcanic Island

    Cicia Volcanic Island
  • 92Mill Rock Island

    Mill Rock Island
  • 93Monu Island

    Monu Island
  • 94Gaiatree Sanctuary

    Gaiatree Sanctuary
  • 95Oho Caves

  • 96Musket Cove Island Resort

    Musket Cove Island Resort
  • 97Heli Tour

    Heli Tour
  • 98Fiji Village Tour

    Fiji Village Tour
  • 99Dravuni Island

    Dravuni Island
  • 100Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park

    Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park

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