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Holy Mate! Talking about one of the only city in the world that makes the southern ocean and the Indian Ocean meet – the place where you see the stark color difference between sea green seas blue right at the edge of the shore; this elite city is called Perth. Why elite, you may ask. Well, this Australian city has it all – the young, the retired, the old and the classic. Historic monuments and museums of the kind that tourists wont get bored of. Crime rates are next to non-existent as the city is inherently calm and beautiful. The heart of the city, Perth’s central location is surrounded by the Swan River on the south and the east. The beautiful, largely expansive King’s Park is situated on the western end of the city while the Railway Reserve forms the northern border. Perth’s Railway Reserve is a state and federal-funded project that utilizes a chuck of the city’s section as railway line which serves as a link between Northbridge and the CBD. When this bridge was established – it was the first time in the history of 100 years that a link was established between these two locations. One of the primary attractions about Perth is its climate. The city receives a moderate temperature all throughout the year – with seasonal rainfall coming in during the middle of the year and summers being insufferably warm and dry. The February is perhaps one of the hottest month of the year for Perth. Winters are relatively cool and wet making up for all the hotness that existed throughout the year. Another heart-winning aspect about Perth is its culture. The Perth culture is filled with colors, vibrancy and magic. Art is greatly appreciated in this city and there are numerous centres in and around Perth that fulfill the purpose of encouraging, promoting and preserving art. Tourism in Perth is a new thing as the former is still an undiscovered paradise. Not many realize the true beauty that is remaining hidden in Perth. However, at the same time, the city doesn’t lack anything in terms of its beauty either. There are numerous high-end resorts, restaurants and hotels that are well and good and take proper care of the guests. The city is quite connected as well thereby eliminating the issue that may arise due to transportation.

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04 February 2020
I would like to recommend Perth City Tour with Fremantle City to all the travellers visiting Australia. The tour helped me view all the places, I wished to see, in very less time.
04 February 2020
Having a guide with complete knowledge and great skills helped us enjoy the tour throughout. I have so many pictures to boast my experience.
Booking Pinnacle Desert Sunset & Stargazing Tour was one of the best choices I made in Australia. Gazing all those stars away from the polluted city life was truly mesmerising.
Thank you Thrillophilia for helping me have my dream visit to Pinnacle Dessert. The dinner we had at Cervantes was delicious.
03 February 2020
Watching all the marine life swimming in a large aquarium was a mesmerising experience. I especially loved the underwater tunnel here. Truly recommended.
04 February 2020
We didn't have to wait and take the hassle of booking a car on spot from the airport. Availing Perth Airport Transfers was the best choice.
04 February 2020
I loved the experience! The car was spacious and the driver was very professional. Recommending Thrillophilia to my friends.
04 February 2020
Loving experience! The customer delight team helped me with all the doubts I had and I could completely enjoy my ride.
04 February 2020
Booking Rottnest Island Ferry Tickets with Thrillophilia helped us relax and reach the Island with ease. Highly recommended!
04 February 2020
I liked the ease we had during this tour. The vehicle picked us up from the hotel, took us to all the amazing places and dropped us back. The time we spent is truly memorable.

People Also Ask About Perth

  1. Travel Advice

    • Take proper care of your health: When you visit a new holiday destination, you are probably entering a certain geographical location that your body is naturally not accustomed to. A sudden change in the type of food and water you consume as well as the air you breathe enables your body to take a little longer to adjust to the fluctuations. It is natural for one to fall ill in these circumstances. However, a little care taken by you will help prevent this consequence.

    • Mosquitoes can be a real menace: Majority of Perth’s portion is quite developed. However, there are certain areas that are still quite rural by nature. Mosquitoes can become a part of this environment and quite frankly, they breed in city areas as well. They carry diseases such as encephalitis and Ross River fever that can leave you lacking energy. Make use of appropriate insect repellent and make sure your body is properly covered.

    • Avoid dangerous situations: Australia sure is considered to be one of those safe countries in the whole of world. However, it is better advisable to remain safe than feel sorry later. Make sure you remain well aware of all that takes place around you.

    • Conduct proper research: Before you enter a certain place, you have to ensure that you conduct your share of research regarding the resort, hotel or home-stay you are going to be staying at, the guide you may hire, the basic necessities and other information. Make sure you know it all.

    • Drinking laws: The sale and consumption of alcohol is most primary controlled by the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 in Perth. The aim is to minimize the harm caused by intoxication. Therefore, obtaining alcohol won’t be a problem for you, however make sure you take proper care of it.

  2. What you will like in Perth

    • The mind-boggling view of Kings Park : Wander through one of the biggest parks in the world – the Kings Park of Perth. The gorgeous view of the Swan and Canning river will leave you mesmerized for the rest of your life. Admire the manicured gardens and sit by the beautiful cafes around the location.

    • Go café hopping: The Hay Street and the Wolf Lane street of Perth are lined with a collection of eclectic cafes, bars and boutiques that you can visit to have a nice, chilled out time. Relish in the vintage time and the memories created will be unforgettable.

    • Discover the historic importance of the Seaside Port of Fremantle: The Seaside Port of Fremantle is located approximately thirty minutes away from the central location of Perth. The harbors represents an extremely unique character that is definitely worth an experience. There is much history lying in the place and you only need to discover.

  3. Thing to do in Perth

    • Surf at Perth’s best beaches: Perth is well known for its clean, beautiful beaches. Stop in at Scarborough and enjoy water sports activities such as surfing, boating or just simply lazying around at Perth. This place is a great location for a family picnic as well. Make sure you visit most of the Perth’s beaches while you’re at it.

    • Adventure activities: There are a number of adventure activities that you can indulge in while you’re in Perth. For instance, loop 36- degrees in the air above the aerobatic Indian ocean and have the great time of your life while you’re at it.

    • Ferry ride to Rottnest Island: Hop on a ferry and go on a adventure ride to the Rottnest Island. This beautiful destination is located approximately 19kms away from Perth and will surely make a nice getaway for you and your loved one.

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