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About Perth
The capital of Western Australia, the quaint city of Perth Nestles at the confluence point where the land meets the southwest coast. The bustling city, full to brim with wonders, boasts of a number of attractions to be explored and adventures to be enjoyed. The pristine coastline of Perth offers a number of beautiful beaches to enjoy. Take a dip in the rolling blue waves or enjoy a number of adventure sports such as snorkelling, kayaking, or deep sea diving- one is spoilt for choice here.

The lush floral richness of Perth is best explored through the number of National Parks and Wildlife Reserves across the city. From the stunning scenery at Matilda Bay Reserve to the rolling green landscapes at the Swan Estuary, Perth is a haven to all nature lovers. 
A unique amalgamation of bustling city life and natural richness, Perth caters to all tastes and interests. The city is best known for its offer of authentic Australian food items, especially chocolate, beer and wine. The vineyards of the city offer a unique opportunity to examine the making of Australian wine and also to get a first hand sample taste of the wines made here.

Nestled on the banks of the scenic Swan River, Perth also opens up its waters for a variety of river cruises and tours. The Swan River tours offer an exploratory outing into the open blue waters, where one can spot and record a number of different marine animals, such as dolphins or unique species of fish.
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Kings Park And Botanic Garden

Kings Park and Botanic Garden is a large public park located in Perth, Western Australia. It is situated on the western edge of the central business district and overlooks the Swan River and the Perth city skyline. The park covers an area of about 400 hectares and is home to a wide variety of plant life, including over 3,000 species of Western Australian flora.

Cottesloe Beach
Cottesloe Beach is a popular beach located in the suburb of Cottesloe in Perth, Western Australia. It is known for its clear blue waters, white sandy beach, and beautiful sunsets. Cottesloe Beach is a popular spot for swimming, surfing, and other water sports. It is also a great place to relax and enjoy the sun and sand, with plenty of space for picnics, beach games, and other activities.
Perth Zoo
Perth Zoo is a popular attraction located in South Perth, Western Australia. It is home to a wide variety of animals, including exotic and native species, and is known for its conservation and research efforts. The zoo covers an area of about 16 hectares and is home to over 1,200 animals from over 150 species.
Hillarys Boat Harbour
Hillarys Boat Harbour is situated on the coast and is known for its beautiful beaches, marina, and a range of recreational and dining options. Built in 1985, Hillarys Boat Harbour is a popular spot for swimming, fishing, and other water sports, with a number of sheltered beaches and a large marina.
Swan Bell Tower
The Swan Bell Tower is a distinctive landmark located in Perth, Western Australia. It is situated on the banks of the Swan River in the Perth central business district, near the Barrack Street Jetty. It is a bell tower that houses a collection of 18 bells. The tower also has a number of other features, including a viewing platform, a museum, and a gift shop.
Aqwa   Under Water World
Aqwa (Aquarium of Western Australia) is an aquarium built in 1899 in the suburb of Hillarys, Perth, Western Australia. It is home to a 400 different range of marine species from Western Australia and around the world, including sharks, rays, fish, and other marine animals. The aquarium features a number of interactive exhibits, including a touch pool where visitors can interact with a variety of marine animals, and a glass tunnel where visitors can walk through and view marine life from above and below the water.

Perth FAQ's

Which are the best shopping places in Perth?

1. Costello's Jewellery: Located in the heart of Perth's shopping precinct, Costello's Jewellery is famous for its Australian Opals, Argyle Diamonds and South Sea Pearls. A third generation Jewellery retail shop, the store’s range and variety of loose stones as well as finished jewellery makes it a must visit for all tourists in Perth.

Location: Shop 5 and 6 London Court Arcade, Hay Street Mall, Perth, 6000
Timings: 10.00AM-05.30PM on weekdays, 10.00SM-04.00PM on weekends.

2. Fremantle Markets: Established in 1897, Perth's Fremantle Markets feature over 150 stalls offering authentic Australian items for sale.  Fremantle Market is known for its multiple unique attractions. Once at the Market, look out for the Market Fairies, the mascots of the Market.

You can also find a Wildlife Zoo here, where you can pet animals and reptiles. The local artists of Perth display handcrafted wares here, including a range or clothing and accessories for children as well as homewares and souvenirs.

Location: Corner of Henderson Street & South Terrace, Fremantle
Timings: Friday 8am – 8pm, Saturday, Sunday & Monday Public Holidays 8am – 6pm

3. Morish Nuts Swan Valley: Morish Nuts is a boutique confectionery store offering the finest Australian nuts. The recipe used by the store is traditional, that has been used across generations for over 20 years. Morish Nuts offers visitors the unique opportunity of witnessing the making of the nut products through the viewing window of their production facility.

The shop also offers its visitors the first taste of these freshly produced nuts, before they are packaged and put up  for sale.

Location: 640 Great Northern Hwy, Herne Hill, 6056
Timings: Monday - Thursday 10am - 5:30pm
Friday 10am - 9pm
Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 11am - 5pm

4. Perth City Markets: Perth City Markets are a range of small scale markets that offer stalls in multiple locations around Perth every weekend. Each marketplace operates according to its own independent timings. The wares here include fresh produce, homewares, traditional handicrafts items and more.

Location: Various locations across Perth
Timings: The different retails operate their own timings.

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Which is the best wildlife experience to have in Perth?

1. The Aquarium of West Australia: AQWA- or the Aquarium of West Australia- allows tourists to enjoy the rich marine life of Australia with an underwater tour along the coast. Walking along the sturdy Aquarium glass, one may come face to face with the various dangerous species of sharks and stingrays, witness the colorful coral reefs up close, and even come across rare fishes such as the leafy sea dragon.

Location: 91 Southside Drive, Hillarys Boat Harbour, Hillarys, 6025
Timing: Open between 10.00AM to 05.00PM on all days of the week.
Entry Fee: $30 for Adults, $18 for children above the age of 4. Entry is free for children below 4.

2. Penguin Island: Home to  the smallest species of penguins, Penguin Island is located just 45 minutes south of the main Perth City. One can arrive here easily via ferries that depart from the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. The island rangers present penguin feedings thrice in a day- at 10.30AM, 12.30PM and 02.30PM respectively. Penguin Island is open to tourists everyday between September to June.

Location: Penguin Island, Rockingham, 6168
Timings: Open on all days of the week between  09.00AM-03.00PM.
Entry Fee: Approximate cost lies between $14-$85.

3. Caversham Wildlife Park and Zoo: Located at the entrance of Swan Valley, Caversham Wildlife Park houses one of the largest collections of native fauna in Perth. This interactive park offers a number of farm shows for its visitors, where one can witness the various farm processes up close, such as sheep rearing, whip cracking and cow milking and also try their hands in the same.

The Molly Farm at Caversham is a delight for children, where one can interact with the various farm animals housed there. Alternatively, one can opt to take pictures with the koalas and wombats kept in the Park, or choose a quiet spot to have a picnic or a barbeque.

Location: 233 Drumpellier Drive, (formerly Lord Street), Whiteman, 6068
Timings: Open between 09.00AM to 05.30PM on all days of the week.
Entry Fee: Entry fee may vary depending on time and activity opted for. The approximate entry fee would be between $13 and $29 per person.

4. Perth Canyon: The Perth Canyon is a submarine shelf located just off the coast of West Australia. Every year, between March and May, more than 35,000 blue whales migrate to the Perth Canyon in search of krill. The Blue Whale Experience at the Perth Canyon is an all-day adventure where one can visit the eco marine frontier to discover this rare species in all its glory.

There are a number of whale watching tours available in Perth, such as the Whale Watch Western Australia, Rottnest Express, and Rottnest Ferries among others.

5. Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm: A fun experience for people across all ages, Swan Valley Cuddly Animal Farm is an interactive farm that allows one to get up close and personal with the various animals kept there. Feed the animal babies, play with them or simply cuddle them for a photograph, but do not miss the opportunity to visit the farm.

Location: 128 John St, Henley Brook, 6055
Timings: Open between 09.30AM to 04.00PM on all days of the week.
Entry fee:  $30 for adults, $18 for children.

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Which are the famous clubs to enjoy nightlife in Perth?

1. Air Nightclub: Located in the heart of Western Australia, Air Nightclub is a two storied plane themed club offering a unique party experience. Its range of cocktails and music linings are popular among the youth of Perth, making the club a crowd magnet for the youth of Perth. The club can accommodate around 450 people at the same time, and offers private VIP booths for a quieter experience.

Timings: Remains closed on Sundays and Mondays. The club remains open between 10.00PM to 05.00AM on Fridays and Saturdays, and between 10.00PM to 03.00AM on all other operating weekdays.
Location:139 James St, Perth WA 6003, Australia

2. Jack Rabbit Slim’s: Known for its retro-chic ambience and unique choice of music, Jack Rabbit Slim’s is a close copy of the original Jack Rabbit in Vegas. The happening nightclub is best known for its live music gigs featuring electronic artists and DJ’s from all around the world. Apart from its bar and dance floor, the venue also features a late night diner and a lounge.

Timings: Remains closed on Sundays and Mondays. The club stays open between 08.00PM-05.00AM on all other days of the week.
Location: 133 Aberdeen St, Perth WA 6003, Australia

3. Minq: Minq in Perth is an exclusive, sophisticated late night lounge and bar, offering an intimate lounge experience. The bar features an impressive list of cocktails, ranging from the traditional rations to boutique recipes. If you’re looking for a private lounging experience in Perth, Minq is the place to go.

Timings: 08.00PM-12.00PM
Location: Crown Casino Crown Perth, Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood WA 6100, Australia

4. Capitol: This sprawling night club offers venues for live music gigs featuring artists from across the world. The club features a dance floor and a bar of its own, and is a regular haunt of the youth in the city. Capitol holds special concerts every Friday night, with a special selection of new school hip hop and reggae music. 

Timings: Remains closed on Weekends. The club stays open between 10.00PM to 04.00AM on all weekdays.
Location: 393 Murray St, Perth WA 6000, Australia

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Which are the famous beaches in Perth?

1. Cottesloe Beach: Characterized by the surrounding green banks and the shade of Norfolk pine trees, locally known as the ‘Cott’, the splendid Cottesloe beach offers a stunning view of the coastline and the surrounding city area. The beach is well known for its dining options, housing number of popular diners, eateries and cafes along the vast sandy shoreline.

2. Scarborough Beach: Scarborough Beach is one of the most popularly visited beaches in Perth. The beach provides plenty of swimming spots, and is especially known for its surfing options and facilities. The neighboring Triggs beach offers Perth’s best surf breaks. The beach also provides a number of other water sports, dining and accommodation options along its coast 

3. Lancelin Beach: A short distance away from Perth City is the beachside town of Lancelin. Here, one can witness a number of sand dunes, enjoy sand boarding, or even try out a number of watersports such as windsurfing, kitesurfing or fishing, which work well due to the constant swell. The beach waters are also worth visiting for a swim.

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Is it worth visiting Perth for honeymoon?

Nestled between the majestic Darling ranges and the Indian Ocean, the picturesque city of Perth is a perfect honeymoon destination. The scenic beaches that line the coastline of Perth are best enjoyed with a partner.

One can enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner in one of the many diners that line the beaches. Several hotels and accommodations in Perth also offer special rooms for honeymoon couples visiting here.

What are the essential items that one must pack while travelling to Perth?

1. Waterproof Phone Case: If you’re planning to participate in one of the many water sports available at the Perth Beaches, it is necessary to carry a waterproof phone case.

2. Beach Essentials: This includes extra towels, swimwear, sunglasses and hats, sunscreen and anything you might need at the beach.

3. Australian Cable Adapter: The Charging plugs in Australia differ from those used in several other countries. You might need to carry a charging cable adapter in order to charge your phone and camera here.

4. Sarong:  A sarong is a lightweight cloth that can be put to a number of uses, and is especially useful in the beaches of Australia. A sarong can be used as a makeshift towel, a picnic mat, a tent and can have a number of different uses.

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Any travel tips before visiting Perth?

- Avoid hitchhiking alone.
- Surf and Swim in only those areas that are patrolled by lifeguards.
- Try to keep your skin covered during the daytime and apply adequate sunscreen, especially before 03.00PM.
- Avoid going to dark or secluded places alone.
- Keep yourself well hydrated, especially while exploring the walking or cycling trails around Perth.
- Keep the hotline numbers of the local police station, fire station and ambulance in hand.

When is the best time to visit Perth?

The best time to visit Perth would be during the months of Spring, between September and November. During this time, the temperature remains relatively lower, allowing one to enjoy the beautiful countryside to the fullest. Showers are rare, if not absent during this time and the Flora of the city can be found in full bloom. 

How to reach Perth?

1. By flight: Perth City is serviced by the Perth Airport, that has a number of international airlines such as Emirates, Southern China Airlines, Cathay Pacific and more connecting the city to different parts of the world. Although there are no direct flights available from India, one can reach Perth from her via connecting flights through Singapore, Thailand or Malaysia.

2. By rail: The Indian Pacific Railway System connects Perth to the major cities across Australia, such as Adelaide, Sydney or Melbourne. Cities close by are connected by shorter routes. 

3. By road: Perth is well connected to all major cities in Australia by road. However, driving here from major cities such as Adelaide, Melbourne or Sydney will not be feasible, as the drive would be too long.

How long does it take to get a visa to Perth? How much does it cost for a tourist visa to Perth?

It generally takes around 48 hours for an Australian Visa to be granted. Once obtained, the visa remains valid for a period of 12 months. It only becomes operational when you enter the country, and remains valid for a period of 1 year from then. A tourist visa to Australia may cost any amount between $135-$1,000 , depending on the duration of your trip.

Is a visa required for Perth?

Yes, a Visa is required to visit Perth unless you are a citizen of Australia or New Zealand. One can apply for a range of visas, such as holiday visa, tourist visa, student visa and such, and must obtain one before travelling to Perth. The visa can be obtained from the nearest Australian Embassy it Consulate near you.

What are some important laws that I should keep in mind while visiting Perth?

- Visitors from certain specific countries must secure a tourist visa before entering Perth.
- You will need to secure a special holiday pass before entering any of the National Parks or Marine Reserves in Perth.
- The import of foreign food and drinks is prohibited while travelling to Perth.
- Drinking in public places such as parks, beaches or roads is prohibited in Perth.
- Littering in public places is a punishable offence and may lead to cancellation of visa.

What is the best public transport to commute around Perth?

The best public transport to commute around Perth are the CAT buses, or the Central Area Transport System buses. There are 4 routes serviced by the CAT buses in Perth City, namely the Red, Blue, Green and Yellow CAT bus.

Which are the best places for snorkeling and swimming in Perth?

Perth offers a number of beaches which offer a perfect opportunity for snorkelling and swimming. Rottnest Island is a frequent haunt visited by snorkelers and swimmers. Penguin Island, with it's calm stretch of water, is usually regarded as the best snorkelling spot in Perth and is frequented by snorkelling enthusiasts.

Burns Beach and Marmion Marine Park is also a must visit for those willing to swim or snorkel in Perth.

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