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What You Should Know More About Fiji

  • Travel Advice

    • If you are visiting a local village, dress conservatively and ensure to cover your back and shoulders.
    • Carry along with your mosquito repellent, sunscreen, shades, resort wear, cameras, and light clothes.
    • Do not offer candy to the children of the locals or provide them with any of the school supplies.
    • People of Fiji are warm and friendly. Always smile when you greet someone.
    • Reefs are great for snorkeling and diving. You can take an underwater camera to capture these delights.
    • Make sure you visit even remote islands than the ones which are listed on most of the popular sites.
    • Watch the village events of songs, dance, and storytelling performance.
    • Dress modestly. Do not wear shorts, halter tops, or bare your shoulders when visiting this island.
    • Wearing hats on this island is marked as a sign of disrespect, so avoid wearing it.
    • Remove your shoes when entering homes or buildings.
    • It is a custom of the people in Fiji to invite you to their homes and eat what they offer.
    • Speak in a soft voice. In Fiji, a raised voice is considered a sign of expressing anger.
    • Do not praise anything too much, as the locals of Fijis will give it to you as a gift even if they cannot afford it. Show respect but be cautious about praising anything too much.
    • Always give the host a gift, if you plan to spend the night in the village.
    • Most of the locals in Fiji are traditional. Make sure you respect their customs when you visit them. 

  • Drinking Law

    The legal drinking age in Fiji islands is 18 year and above. Unlike U.S, they will not check your documents to see if you are 18 years old or not unless and until you visit clubs or bars. 

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