20 Things to do in Adelaide
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From a blend of an architectural, historical and some delicious culinary delights Adelaide offers an amazing chance of pace than some other countries. This glamorous city has a variety of wide things to do and make you feel more refreshing than any other places in the world. For the adrenaline rush seekers, this place has a lot to offer from surfing, parasailing, scuba diving, and skydiving. If you are looking for some sightseeing option this place has a lot to offer.

The best thing about this place is that they are very easily accessible and is most loved by the people who are looking for an ideal trip. If you are planning to visit this place then you should definitely visit during the sunset time when the whole city glows making it a wonderful contrast.

Here are some things to do in Adelaide:

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Wine Tasting

One of the best ways of spending quality time in Adelaide is having a special wine tour so famous of the place. There are beautiful wineries in South Australia where one can spend fascinating time in the pictorial country side with fabulous sunny climate and honey smooth delicious classy wines of myriad types. Some of the popular wineries here includes Barossa Valley wine tours having the largest wine companies of Australia, Mc Laren Vale wine tours having more than 50 small wine companies.

Wine Tasting

Adelaide Hills wine tours on Mt lofty ranges east of Adelaide, Keis family wines, Tapestry wines, chain of Ponds winery and many others. One can cherish the beautiful scenic panorama and enjoy the tasty of lovely wines here. There are several agencies which arrange this kind of day trips where one just has to specify the preferred wineries and they will revert with a perfect itinerary for the day.  


Another popular sport among the adventure seekers is Skydiving. In Adelaide one can have plenty of options to explore the highest skydive and enjoy the fascinating experience of a lifetime. Some of the popular destination to enjoy while skydiving in Adelaide is Semaphore Beach and Langhorne Creek. Fly as high as 14,000 feet and enjoy the beauty of the rolling hills and the greenish planes with a fascinating view of the city from above. However there are shorter dives too which starts from 8000 feet.


A diver can decide on the height and enjoy at own comfort. For the beginners of this sport Tandem skydiving is also available at Adelaide where one remains connected with a professional instructor. There are various agencies facilitating the sport so go ahead and enjoy the same. 


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Outdoor Adventures are a good way of entertainment in Adelaide. Though there are several options regarding the same, it is Kayaking that is quite preferred by the tourists here. The city has many centres to explore the fun of Kayaking but the one that is quite prominent s the Dolphin Sanctuary &Ships Graveyard. A charming array of marine life including port river dolphins remains available here. Here small kayaking tours are organised for people to enjoy. Almost throughout the year the tours are conducted, starting from 10 in the morning.


There are about 30 bottle nosed dolphins kept here with great protection. There are two tour options, the adventure tour only for people above 12 yrs where the visitors explore the fascinating mangrove creeks and the other a family tour for all ages exploring sheltered creeks and searching dolphins. One can fetch all information regarding tours from Garden island public boat ramp in Adelaide. 
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Among several water sports available, Canoeing is another adventurous sport which can be experienced in the pictorial Adelaide. Filled with its natural thrills and excitement, the sport is well enjoyed n various parts of South Australia. In fact the backwaters and the fascinating creeks of River Murray is one of the best places to enjoy the sport. In Adelaide, the Garden Island Ships Graveyard and Port River system provides the opportunity to explore the paddling experience and enjoy the fascinating view of the capital city of South Australia.


There are various places from where canoe can be hired. There are specific tour operators providing half day tours of the same. Small education on the sport and tips for better enjoyment are provided by the tour operators only. 
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Adelaide is also famous for excellent camping locations spread across the city. Be it bush camping or beach camping the city s filled with well facilitated camp sites with proper arrangements like proper parking and toilet facilities. The popular camping ground includes Brownhill Creek Caravan Park, Adelaide Caravan Park, Langhorne creek, Innes national Park, and others. However among these one of the sought after Port Willunga tourist park which provides tranquil landscape and equally beautiful beaches.


Semaphore Caravan Park is also popular considering the coastal view it provides. There are several tour operators who can guide on the availability of these camping places and the prices of each. There are few free camping grounds also but if travelling with family, the free ones are better avoided.
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Hot Air Ballooning

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One of the splendid experiences which is equally adventurous and thrilling is the hot air balloon ride above the exotic Barossa region which lies to the north of Adelaide or over gushing Murray with the breathtaking view of the rolling hills and verdant planes nearby. Float like a bird above the clouds and explore the popular hot spots and wonderful views.

Hot Air Ballooning

The booking packages of these tours majorly includes a half day tour which involves 1 hour fly time, a delicious breakfast in the Barossa valley and a sometimes a visit to nearby winery for a mini wine tasting tour. The prices however differ for different dates so it is advisable to book at the earliest. Child below 6 years and pregnant ladies are not allowed in this tour. Its a fascinating journey and a must try for all.
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The metropolitan Adelaide in South Australia is one of the excellent locations to try out cycling since it has splendid cycling trails all across the city and beyond. There are various free sites which provide detail map of the popular cycling routes within the city and also the off road trails in the Adelaide hills. Bike hiring in the city is easily available and what more it is absolutely free. So explore the popular destinations like South Australian museum or visit the awe sticking Rundle mall at the city centre.


One can also cycle around the popular markets of the city and stop over for some morning tea or coffee. There are plenty of bikes available in 14 popular stops throughout the city including the famous Adelaide zoo outlet. Apart from this road bikes are also offered by various bike hire services in the latest models. So have fun touring the city at own cost.
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Parasailing is another activity which can be enjoyed in the beautiful city of Adelaide. Indeed it is one activity which shares the most breathtaking views of the city a perfect combination of beach and waters. There are several prominent centres through from where the sport can be done.


The agencies ply on nominal charges but help to have a entertaining tour for different time slots. They provide in detail training over the integrities of the sport so that even the first timers get the full enjoyment of parachuting in the air behind a boat. Since there are no fixed rates, the prices of the tours are different from one another, so one must have a thorough research before finalising on one. 
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mountain biking

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A thrilling ride to Adelaide Hills is something which should not be avoided by any visitor to the capital city of South Australia. For this the first activity is to hire a mountain bike from the prominent bike hiking services available in the city. One of the best biking trails near Adelaide is the Mawson Trail based close to River Torrens Linear Park. Commencing from just out of Adelaide and crossing various rural and regional areas, this is a splendid trial and much thrilling for the adventure seekers.

mountain biking

The state forest network is also known for exciting mountain bike trails in Kuitpo forest and Bundaleer forest. Last but not the least Mount Lofty is another scenic destination to explore the sport at its best and enjoy the thrills attached to it. There are small half day tours by popular agencies to Mount Lofty which can be enjoyed by people who are not used to mountain biking but wishes to feel the excitement of the sport. 
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rock climbing

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For the ones who love challenges, Rock climbing is the ultimate activity. In Adelaide there remains availability of two types of rock climbing, one as an outdoor activity and the other as an indoor game. If one wishes to explore the outdoor sport then the ideal location to do the same Moriata Conservation Park which is located in the Adelaide Hills. Based at a distance of 20 minutes from the city centre this place gives the absolute pleasure of the scenic excellence with thrilling enjoyment getting the adrenaline pumping for all.

rock climbing

 Fixed protection is available in the trail. However this is for the trained climbers. For the beginners or the novice climbers there are two indoor gyms in Adelaide, Vertical Reality and Boulderzone, which facilitates rock climbing. One can high walls climbed with ropes and the others have bouldering, done without equipment. However training is provided in all cases. 
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Visit Adelaide Botanic Garden

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Based in North Terrace, The Adelaide Botanical Garden is a great choice considering afternoon stroll or a leisure picnic. Situated over a spread of 125 hectares, this beautiful garden was opened in 1857. The best part of the garden is the Palm House which is a Victorian glass house built in 1877. Designed artistically with stained glass this is a beautiful creation. The Bicentennial Conservatory, being the largest in the southern hemisphere is also another prominent attraction here.

Visit Adelaide Botanic Garden

The opening timings of the garden varies in winter and summer months however the usual time is from 7 am to 7pm. The entry in the garden is absolutely free. Information on the garden can be collected from the centre at Schomburgk Pavilion which is open from 10am to 4pm everyday. Apart from having leisure strolls one can also enjoy Australian cuisine at the Botanical gardens Restaurant along with some of the best wines. It’s indeed a good destination to spend few hours. 
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Visit Adelaide Central Market

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Experience a youthful energetic thrive in the hub of tasty gourmet and rich culture in the awe striking Adelaide Central Market which has been stealing hearts for nearly 145 years. Established in 1869, this beautiful market accommodates more than 80 traders making it one of the largest markets of the country. Every week from Tuesday till Saturday, the market buzz with life loading up with all sorts of organic fruits, vegetables, seafood, poultry, premium meat, gourmet cheeses, and all sorts of bakery foods.

Visit Adelaide Central Market

Every month millions of visitors stream through the market. Events like guest chef briefing on cooking tips and having cooking classes is a common scenario. One can speak to the traders who have been peddling their wares here for decades and huge knowledge to share about the market, its rich history and its versatility. One can gather information on the local produce and fetch ideas about Australian cuisine. 
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Visit Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide

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For all the lovers of art, The Art Gallery of South Australia is an ideal location to visit. Housing some of the best art collections of the country in one of the most elite buildings, the art gallery is located in North Terrace of Adelaide. Being a landmark of the city and based close to University of Adelaide, and Australian Museum this place is visited by more than 7,00,000 visitors almost every year.

The collection of the gallery includes about 38,000 art works from various places including Asia , North America, Europe and Australia. The gallery showcases art works of different genres inclusing painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, metalworks, jewellery and many others.

From Renaissance till the modern day the art gallery is a complete storage of multiple creative works. The entry is free for all and it is open on all days from 10am to 5pm.

Location: North Terrace, Adelaide 
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Visit Adelaide Zoo

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Be it an adult or a kid, a visit to the zoo is always a pleasurable way to spend a day, and when its Adelaide Zoo in concern then the pleasure becomes double fold, since the ;later is one of the iconc attraction of the capital city of South Australia. Being a home for more than 2500 animals and over 250 species of mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, this zoo stretches for a magnificent verdant area of over 8 hectares. Meet Wang Wang and Funi the two giant pandas of the zoo and also get a view of Kangaroos, Koalas, Giraffes, Sea Lions Orangutans, and more. Opened for the public in the year 1883, this is the oldest zoo of the country and its shares a significant history of South Australia. The vibrant sanctuary, the stretched landscapes and the cool and peaceful ambience all come together to provide a spend experience for the visitors. A nature playground for the kids is also inagurated recently for the kids visiting here.

Visit Adelaide Zoo

9:30am -5:00pm

Frome Road, Adelaide 
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Visit South Australian Museum

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Known for its world class collection of natural history and cultural remnants, the South Australian Museum is one of the best sightseeing spots of the city. It has the biggest collection of Australian Aboriginal cultural objects and more than 3000 artefacts that remains on display for the visitors to enjoy. The biodiversity gallery focuses on the land as well as the marine wildlife present in South Australia with gallant information on each of them. Apart from these there are other galleries too which include Pacific Cultures, Opalised Fossils, Megafauna, Mawson, Minerals Ediacaran, and the Ancient Egyptian Room.Exhibitions, different government programs and summer events are quite popular here. The entry is free for all.

Visit South Australian Museum

Open: 10:00am to 5:00pm

Location: North Terrace, Adelaide

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Glenelg Beach

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Glenelg Beach is the most popular and sought after metropolitan beach of Adelaide city. With easy access, the beach is only a 20 minutes drive from the city center, or all those who love ethnicity can ride the vintage tram in the North terrace and land at Moseley Square to take a small turn and reach the wonderful location.

Sandy beaches, brilliant views, rippling gush of waters, buzzing of shopping strip at Jetty road, beach sports like volleyball, nice eateries, great nightlife, the location is a jam-packed entertainment package for all visitors and it is one of the best beaches in Adelaide.

Apart from all the thriving and buzzing, one can get some good ocean adventures here too which includes snorkeling and scuba diving. Dolphin sailing tours are also quite popular here. For all the enthusiastic hearts the overnight adventure on a fishing carter is truly alluring. Some of the best restaurants are present on the beachside serving a host of cuisines for all to savor. 

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Henley Beach

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When it comes to visiting beaches in Adelaide, one can never miss a trip to the exotic Henley beach and explore the beauty of the location. Similar to Glenelg beach, Henley beach can also be reached by fetching a tram ride from the city center and is much easy to access.

Surrounded by classy, top-rated seafood restaurants the bustling Henley square is one of the best Adelaide beach to enjoy and savor, the mouth melting tastes of versatile sea food cuisines.

The shoreline stretches far away and swimming is allowed here. So take a quick dip and get refreshed enjoying the lovely beach. There are awesome activities that can be done here but one that really feels good is the nature walk following the River Torrens Linear Park trail that starts from the city and goes straight to the Henley beach. One of the best places to spend a quality evening, this is indeed a must-visit destination. 

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Semaphore Beach

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Bounded by a thick border of sand dunes, the popular Semaphore Beach is a place for all those who love to explore the historical side of Adelaide and know more about the rich culture of the city.

Semaphore Beach is a wide long Adelaide beach beautifies with expansive foreshore and boulevard which remains effortlessly adorned by Art Deco buildings. Almost a replica of the grandeur of the Palais, this is undoubtedly a fascinating location to spend quality and experience classic gourmet coupled with best in class wine collection.

Other attractions nearby include Semaphore’s iconic Time Ball Tower, historic buildings, ferry wheel, awesome boutiques, and historic pubs. So go ahead and visit the destination for a good time spend. Accommodation in the nearby location remains available for the interested visitors.  

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Christies Beach

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Based at a distance from the city center, Christie's Beach is another beautiful beach in Adelaide. With crystal clear water and towering cliffs, the place is well beautified to enjoy a fascinating scenic view that mesmerizes every mind.

The beach is long and spacious that makes room for all and never feels too much crowded. Covered with small eateries run by locales this is an excellent sun-soaking beach where one can spend some good time in the serene ambiance, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Beach sports like volleyball is common here.

For all the coffee lovers, Viscous coffee at Christie's beach s quite famous and a must stop. Coupled with great local snacks this is indeed a must-have.

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Aldinga Beach

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Based in the southern suburb of Adelaide, the Aldinga beach is one of the sought after beaches in South Australia. Adjacent to Port Willunga, the beautiful beach is about 50 minutes drive from the city center. Especially in the summer days the beach provides great solace and remains quite crowded with both natives and visitors. The greatest attraction of the beach is its lovely blue waters that contrast perfectly with the sandy beaches forming a pictorial location admired by all.

The aquamarine waters are safe for swimming and other water sports which are indulged in by visitors. Snorkeling and diving are also allowed in these waters making it quite popular among adventure seekers.

Cars are allowed n the beach though the speed limit is maintained at 10km/hour. One can also take pets to the beach area only if they are kept on a leash during peak time. Plenty of accommodation is available near the beach area for the people who want to stay here. 

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