10 Best Instagrammable Places in Indore

The city of Indore, located in the heart of India gives innumerable opportunities to budding photographers and Instagrammers to add some aesthetic frames to their collections. Famous for its vivid cultural spectrum and lush green environs that surround the city, Indore offers beautiful spots that would look great in your Instagram gallery.

Whether you are interested in sharing pictures of natural wonders, exotic wildlife or brilliant specimens of architecture with your followers, Indore can cater to you competently.

Capture beautiful views of the picturesque sunset while taking a walk by a lake, visit a majestic waterfall to freeze its serenity, or visit a historical monument to click the glorious past of Indore in your camera; Indore is dotted with Instagrammable places that will add grace to your Instagram gallery.

Check our list of the best Instagrammable places in Indore:




Built by Malhar Rao Holkar in the year 1747, this historical structure, which was his residence till the year 1880, is one of the best Instagrammable places in Indore owing to its unique architecture.

This seven-storeyed palace has an ideal symmetry for photographing, and the artificial waterfall and fountains add to the beauty of the place. The welcoming garden at the entrance will mesmerize you as you walk towards the historical palace.

The structures are full of ancient artefacts which take you back into the lanes of history to depict the lives of the erstwhile rulers. On your visit to the Rajwada Palace, shop in the nearby Khajuri Bazar and click a lot of pictures to show to your Instagram followers as they look up to your handle for amazing pictures of the tourist places in Indore.

Distance from Indore City Centre: 2.5 Km.


Lotus Lake

Lotus Lake

The Lotus Lake, also known as the Yashwant Lake, located in the Gulawat Lotus Valley is a surprisingly enchanting place in the outskirts of Indore.

While nature lovers will fall in love with this place, you can visit the Lotus Lake as it is less explored, allowing you to experience solace in this astonishing creation of nature.

A road trip to the Lotus Lake along with your friends is highly recommended if you are an adventure enthusiast as the journey also includes off-roading and counts as the best road trip to take near Indore. The sight of indefinite lotuses blooming in the lake will stun you.

Distance from Indore City Centre: 26.3 Km.


Patalpani Waterfall

Patalpani Waterfall

This 150-feet high waterfall is one gorgeous picnic spot near Indore for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, especially in the month just after monsoon as the waterfall shows its full might, surrounded by lush greenery.

While visitors are advised to be careful while getting close to the falls, especially during the rainy season, the majestic views of the waterfalls are picture-perfect and you can click Instagrammable pictures to impress your social media followers.

The place also offers trekking expeditions, which are a terrific add-on to enjoy on your visit to the Patalpani Waterfalls along with your friends.

Distance from Indore City Centre: 36.6 Km.

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Sirpur Lake

Sirpur Lake

One of the largest lakes in Indore, Sirpur Lake is a declared Bird and Biodiversity Area spread over a large area of almost 800 acres, which includes the surrounding wetlands as well.

The lake is a popular tourist spot in Indore amongst nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Visit the Sirpur Lake to drench yourself in the magic of nature as the endless lake mesmerizes you while the cool breeze kisses you gently.

The lake offers bird-watching opportunities as well as mesmerizing scenes of the sunrise and sunset for you to enjoy with your family.

You can visit Sirpur Lake along with your friends and enjoy water activities like boating and click a lot of pictures during your outing to share with your friends on Instagram.

Distance from Indore City Centre: 6.9 Km.


Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary

The Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the best Instagrammable places in Indore for the majestic flora and fauna that it has to offer to the visitors.

Popular for its lush greenery the place also houses an ancient palace which was built by the rulers of the Holkar dynasty, and it is the perfect setup of an isolated structure standing firm in thick forest.

The wildlife sanctuary will interest wildlife enthusiasts as it is home to exotic creatures including deer, rabbit and many species of birds as it counts in the best wildlife sanctuaries of Madhya Pradesh.

Visit the Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary with your friends and family and upload scenic pictures on your Instagram feed to show them your love for nature.

Distance from Indore City Centre: 14.1 Km.


Chidiya Bhadak Waterfall

Chidiya Bhadak Waterfall

An expedition to the Chidiya Bhadak Waterfalls promises a rejuvenating experience as you dip your feet in crystal-clear waters and breathe a refreshing sigh.

These waterfalls are in full strength immediately after the rainy season, promising you great fun and memories with your friends in this unexplored place. The waterfalls are a delight to the eyes, and you can click endless pictures here to upload on Instagram and give major travel goals to your followers.

Due to the picture-perfectness of these waterfalls, it is one of the best Instagrammable places in Indore for nature lovers to visit.

Distance from Indore City Centre: 60.6 Km.

Apart from Chidiya Bhadak Waterfall, there are other very beautiful waterfalls for hiking near Indore which you should not miss.


Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh

Situated on the banks of the Kahn River, the Lal Bagh palace is all about luxury and grandeur thriving in the heart of the city. It reflects the royal lifestyle of the Holkars, who resided in this palace until the year 1978.

The palace has now been converted into a museum which houses ancient artifacts of the Holkar and Maratha dynasties.

The interiors of the palace ooze luxury with exquisite décor and preserves the old-world-luxury charm with its chandeliers, carpets, marble carvings and stuffed animals, which make it one of the best Instagrammable places in Indore for you to visit.

Visit this palace and show your Instagram followers what Indore and its rich heritage is all about.

Distance from Indore City Centre: 5.3 Km.


Choral Dam

Choral Dam

Choral Dam is an ideal weekend getaway from Indore for road-trip enthusiasts who want to explore the picture-perfect places in and around Indore to make their Instagram handle more attractive.

Located in the Mhow district, this ecotourism site in the heart of the state will fascinate you with its quaintness. Choral Dam is also a popular site for bird-watching owing to the calm waters of the dam, attracting a large number of nature lovers to feel delighted.

Take a road trip to Choral Dam with your friends and get mesmerized by the surrounding views en route to the destination which promises a laid-back outing.

You can also get your pictures clicked during adventure sports like speed-boating in Choral Dam and give major travelling goals to your Instagram followers.

Distance from Indore City Centre: 42.9 Km.

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Krishna Puri Chhattris

Krishna Puri Chhattris

Built in the memory of the Holkar kings, these cenotaphs (Chattris) are a tribute to glorify the valor of the Holkars. An exemplary display of Mughal craftsmanship, these cenotaphs are built on the cremation spot of the Holkar rulers.

Dotting the Kahn River, they shine brightly at night due to the fascinating lights which illuminate these Chhatris. You must visit these Chhatris during the evening to be a spectator to all the glitz and click a lot of pictures to set your Instagram feed on fire.

You can also visit the place with family as it offers a great insight into history coupled with soothing activities such as boating and strolling in the gardens situated on both banks of the river.

Distance from Indore City Centre: 2.2 Km.




The Gomatgiri Temple is an attractive cluster of 24 marble temples, located near the Indore Airport. These Jain temples, each dedicated to the 24 Tirthankars of Jain religion, exemplify architecture with their beautiful and intricate work in the premises.

Situated on a hill just 10 km away from the city of Indore, it is an ideal getaway for adventure enthusiasts who want to go on road trips and make memorable moments, which can be shared on Instagram.

Gomatgiri Temple is airy, clean and away from the bustling city life, making you experience tranquillity in the purest form. One of the major attractions at this Jain pilgrimage is the 21-feet statue of Gomateshwara which stands tall overlooking majestic views of the sunrise and sunset.

Distance from Indore City Centre: 12.9 Km.

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