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  • Ho Chi Minh City, the city known for its energy and discovery. From the finest hotels to cheapest guesthouse, it offers you varied offers according to your budget. There is something magical Ho Chi Minh City nightlife, which can ignite your souls.

    There are people who are not aware of Chill Skybar. The eternally vogue interstellar-diner vibe gives you all the spacey high-chairs and circular tables, but the main attraction is the scenic city’s million lights skyline. The ambiance is really very good, DJs play hip-hop, EMD and house.

    The main attraction of Shrine Bar is its Temple-like theme. You can see the herb garden they own, which makes their food and cocktail so very different from the rest of the places. It creates a great place for it in the list of the night clubs representing the Ho Chi Minh City nightlife.

    Here are the Best places for Ho Chi Minh City Nightlife:

  • 01Chill Skybar

    The Chill Skybar is one of the most happening places in Vietnam. It has already been awarded a position in the top 10 rooftop bars in Vietnam. The décor of the place is totally modern and is enticing to attract a huge lot of young crowd. The place has a different eating place altogether with fine dining. This place serves as its own sets of specialised cocktails. Also, it has a list of traditional cocktails like that of a Mojito or a Martini and the authenticity to the brim of the glass. It is one of the most renowned places that can keep up with thestandards of the ho chi Minh city nightlife.

    Highlights: No shorts allowed, the classic cocktails, and the view from the 26 th floor.

    Location: Address: 76A Le Lai, District 1, Vietnam.

    Timing: 5:30 PM to 2:30 AM every day.

    Price: 224550 VND and up for the drinks.
  • 02Shrine Bar Saigon

    The shrine bar Saigon is a very reputed bar located in Vietnam it has all the qualities of a bar that are usually seen in the bars of New York or Melbourne or Sydney or San Fransisco. They own their own herb garden that makes their food and cocktail so very different from rest of the places. A there cocktail known as the Peach Alabama Fizz is quite a buzz with the ladies and there Shrine Long Island Ice Tea is one of their speciality which is loved by all. It creates a great place for it in the list of the night clubs representing the ho chi Minh city nightlife. People coming here definitely do not get enough of them.

    Highlights: various events, DJ, the happy hour snacks.

    Location: 64 Tonne That Thiep, Vietnam.

    Timing: 11 AM-1AM- Monday to Saturday. 11 AM-12 AM- Sunday.

    Price- Starting from 44910 VND for alcoholic beverages.
  • 03Sax N Art Jazz Club

    The Sax n Art jazz club is one of the most enticing bars of the city. The USP of this bar is that definitely does not only concentrate on its nightlife. But concentrates on making it better for the people. This bar is centrally located in Vietnam, which allows everyone to reach here without any extra hazard. This bar serves speciality of food which includes Italian as well as the Mexican cuisine. The cocktails served here are divided into signature and classic cocktail which has its unique taste that only people visiting there can relate too. This bar is well loved by the people. People can get the best of the ho chi Minh city nightlife with the help of this bar.

    Highlights: Jazz music played by the live band.

    Location: 28 Le Loi Street Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: 7 PM to 12 AM.

    Price: Starts from 67365 VND.
  • 04Vespa Sofar Bar

    The Vespa Sofar Bar is one of the liveliest bars, located in Ho Chi Minh. It can be mostly expected to serve the best local dishes as its food items. The very unique features of the bar are the reason why they are visited by such amount of crowd every day. The bar has beautiful seating arrangements. It has alfresco and inside sofas that are more than comfortable. Here people will not feel foreign as they will definitely get their hands on their local beer. People have the access to the best of Vietnam’s here too, and that includes the snake wine. It is also one of the best to describe the ho chi Minh city nightlife.

    Highlights: the luxury of playing own songs in speakers.

    Location: 99 Pham Ngu Lao Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: 10 AM-2AM- Monday to Saturday. 10 AM-12 AM- Sunday.

    Price: Starting from 22455 VND.
  • 05Rex Hotel Rooftop Bar

    The Rex Hotel Rooftop Bar is a part of the very famous, Rex Hotel. It is definitely one of the very best that actually is visited by people from far and near. Why it is that way is somethingthat does not need any extra mentioning as the reputation speaks for itself. It is firstly a rooftop bar that provides with an ambience that can be hardly compared to. People can enjoy their late night drinks here without any problem. Also, one can manage to get the best of the food like that of the Salmon Croissant meal that is one of their speciality. Theho chi Minh city nightlife is definitely something that can be represented from this very place.

    Highlights: association with the American-Vietnam war, Latin and Salsa performances.

    Location: 141 Nguyen Hue Blvd District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Timings: 24 hours.

    Price: Starting from 67365 VND.
  • 06Glow Skybar

    The Glow Skybar is one of the most beautiful sky bars in Vietnam. The open rooftop of it places people totally loves to visit because of the calm. They are specialized in local cuisine but with high standards when it comes to the food. The place has a menu that covers food items like that of the fried spring rolls or that of the Beef Yakitori. They also pleasure the guests with their servings of cheese and mixed platters, both of which are the best for the guests’ drink experience. They serve quite excellent brand of international sparkled wines and also champagnes. This is opened during the noon too, but it represents the best of the best ho chi Minh city nightlife.

    Highlights: DJs on weekends, an extra nightclub for when it rains.

    Location: 93 Nguyen Du District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: 5:30 PM to 1:30 AM.

    Price: 449100 VND to 1122750 VND.
  • 07EON Heli Bar

    The EON Heli Bar can be somewhat described as one of the excellent in service bars. This is one of the most beautiful places. This place definitely can be termed as one of those places that can be represented as the place of Ho chi Minh city nightlife. The ambience is extremely cool with the availability of two separate areas that are segregated in the smoker’s area as well as the non-smokers. They specialise in Western as well as the Asian menu, and their speciality includes the dishes like that of the Trip Of Vietnam, Pan Fried Sea Bass, etc. They have a huge collection of international spirits and wines that are very much sold out for the right reasons.

    Highlights: VIP bar, the Cigar bar.

    Location: 2 Hai Trieu Street, Ben Nghe Ward, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Timings: 11:30 AM to 11 PM.

    Price: Least starting at 89820 VND.
  • 08UP Station

    The UP Station can be called as one of the very rare and most happening nightclubs of Vietnam. This is a place really crowded by youngsters who enjoys the very best of the ambience that this bar manages to provide for them. This particular nightclub wins the hearts of the many by allowing them to dance their heart out. They hire special DJs who can actually make the crowd feel special with the great songs. The service provided here is by the concept of the first come first served concept. The concept of the ho chi Minh city nightlife is definitely something that one can understand if they do visit.

    Highlights: Rock and roll, Dj and Latin music.

    Location: 2nd Floor, 2B ThiSach, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: Tuesday to Thursday- 8 PM to 2 AM.

    Price: entrance fee at 89820 VND includes a drink too.
  • 09Apocalypse Now Bar

    The Apocalypse Now Bar is one of the very few where a party-loving person has definitely gone to. This place has an amazing ambience and considerably the best music too. They arrange for various music bands to some and perform there and also provides with the best possible view of the same. The Apocalypse bar is one of the, most necessary places where people never misses a chance to visit. The area is also big enough to accumulate enough people. This place has an extensive menu that covers almost all the international alcoholic beverages. Their menu is constructed of the American as well as the Vietnamese cuisine. If people truly wants to represent a ho chi Minh city nightlife place, then this can be it.

    Highlights: Late nights parties, trance music.

    Location: 2B ThiSach Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: 7 PM to 2 AM.

    Price: 336825 VND to 898200 VND.
  • 10Broma Not A Bar

    The Broma Not A Bar is definitely one of the best possible places where people would love to spend the night partying. This place is an open rooftop with great view surrounding it from all the sides. The place is very much centrally located. As a result of this one can always expect people to each there safe and sound. This place can always be appreciated for the unique kind of cocktails it serves. All the cocktails are classic with an infusion of Vietnamese touch in it. The night brings the exclusive view in front of the people. On summer nights, the wind on the rooftop is definitely something that is the most pleasing. The ho chi Minh city nightlife can be definitely experienced here.

    Highlights: Dj, Fluorescent water tank with exotic fishes.

    Location: 41 Nguyen Hue Street, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

    Timings: 5 PM to 2 AM.

    Price: 446684 VND – 669301 VND.
  • 11Pub Crawl Saigon

    The Pub Crawl Saigon is considerably one of the coolest places that people should at least visit once in Vietnam. With the help of this particular lifestyle, people can be more expressive, free and comfortable for sure. They do have a hotel to themselves, but they also allow the guests from the outside to attend their bar. They provide with the best music and great food. The cocktails provided by them are a class apart, and this again makes up for another USP of the place. It definitely without any doubt will belong to the list of the places representing the ho chi Minh city nightlife. This place is centrally located and people can visit here easily from any place they stay without hassle.

    Highlights: The various events that take place, DJs.

    Location: No.185 Bui Vien Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: 9 AM-1 AM.

    Price: Starting from 112125 VND.
  • 12Saigon Outcast

    Saigon Outcast is a unique place ever that one can come across. This place is a huge place with some great amount of adventure in it. People can come across the various kinds of an art form here. This place can be described as one of the best of the best providing with an abundant of the ho chi Minh city nightlife. This place can be one of the classy ones with its classic setup of the bar too. One can find a variety of drinks at this place. With the signature cocktails and variety of international beverages, this place can actually steal the heart. People will never get bored here, and the people with no interest too will not get bored at all.

    Highlights: great hangout, street art, art market.

    Location: 188/1 Nguyen Van Huong Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: 3 PM to 11 PM.

    Price: Starting from 22449 VND.
  • 13Thi Bar

    The Thi Bar can be termed as one of those rare bars that keep up with the retro tradition despite being modern. This bar is one of the very best that one may find around. It has the best class of live music available with it. People can thoroughly enjoy this music with their unique cocktails provided by the bar. The bar can be called as one of the very best suited for the title of the ho chi Minh city nightlife bars. This is definitely a bar that people will visit not only because of the drinks but because of the beautiful ambience provided by it.

    Highlights: Live music from 10 PM every day.

    Location: 224 De Tham Street, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: Mon-Tues: 5:00 PM- 01:00 AM, Wed-Thurs: 5:00 PM - 02:00 AM, Fri- Sat:5:00 PM- 03:00 AM, Sun: 5:00 PM - 01:30 AM.

    Price: 33673 VND – 404168 VND.
  • 14Ice Blue Pub

    The Ice Blue Pub can be easily considered as one of the best possible Pubs in its true term. People who love to fag will definitely not leave a chance of being here. The hospitality of this place is just more than amazing. The place has a great architecture with a strong sense of Vietnamese art. The cocktails offered here are great on the taste buds and are cheap in the pocket. A very humble place with a thriving nightlife deserves to be called as the best place to be representing the ho chi Minh city nightlife. This is the biggest honour in itself. If one loves the company of great music and a great fag and booze experience, then this is the definite place for them to visit.

    Highlights: the English style pub.

    Location: 54 Dong KhoiStrHo Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: 24 hours.

    Price: Starting form 44907 VND.
  • 15Carmen Bar

    People who can remain awake for the best of the experience of the live entertainment, for them the Carmen Bar is the correct place to visit. This bar is a must to visit once people will visit Vietnam. The standard if the bar is extremely high with the availability of all kinds of international alcoholic beverages. This place comes in the list of the most happening places in the list of the places providing with the best ho chi Minh city nightlife. People from far comes go this place to just get entertained of the same. One if visiting Vietnam should ensure that this place is very much on their list of visiting. The place is located centrally and can be visited from anywhere.

    Live music in Spanish.

    Location: 8 Ly TuTrong, | District 1,,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: 5 PM to 11:30 PM.

    Price: 561345 VND – 673642 VND.
  • 16Seventeen Saloon

    The Seventeen Saloon very easily makes to the list of the best places to offer the exact ambience of ho chi Minh city nightlife.The reasons are so many. Firstly the décor of the place is something that needs to be talked about. It is unique and ultra-modern. People will love what they have done with their lighting. One can expect nothing but the very best out of this place. The cocktails served are definitely commendable, and the food has their own unique taste to impart. People will definitely get the best return. The staff is extremely helpful, and their help is definitely well appreciated. The band here generally plays from the time of 9 P.M and continues late.

    Highlights: Two storeys live music halls with rock and roll music.

    Location: 103A Pham Ngu Lao Street | District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: 7 PM-2 AM.

    Price: 449100 VND - 898200 VND.
  • 17T&R Tavern

    Firstly the cocktails here are one of the best available with the most reasonable prices that one can come across. With the very best kind of ambience, T&R Tavern attracts a huge amount of crowd, the food is also great, and one should try the same without any difficulty. The customers can hardly be bored here. They get to play billiards and darts here. This placed is filled with the best live music that one can ever come across. The DJs, when are appointed, listen to the request of the customers too. This is one of the very few places that can be entitled to the name of an outlet that can represent the ho chi Minh city nightlife that too without any problem.

    Highlights: Pool tables, iTunes console table, international DJs.

    Location: 57 ??Quang??u, H?Chí Minh, 700000, Vietnam.

    Timings: 8 AM to 4 PM.

    Price: starting at 89820 VND.
  • 18Cargo Bar

    One of the most favoured places in Vietnam when it comes to nightlife is that of the Cargo Bar. This is one of the most interesting things about the place that attracts the crowd. Apart from this, the crowd is also attracted to its list of cocktails and drinks available her. The food served here is a mixture of the Vietnamese cuisine as well as the Western cuisine, making it easier for the person to choose from the options. The cargo bar is no doubt the one of the very rare which helps a lot of events and invites people there. It is one of the exciting places and creates a beautiful atmosphere for the ho chi Minh city nightlife.

    Highlights: Dedicated music and art venue, varied forms of music.

    Location: 7 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City Q4, Vietnam.

    Timings: 03:00 PM - 11:55 PM.

    Price: 449100 VND – 673650 VND.
    Cargo Bar
  • 19Saigon Ranger Bar

    For one of unique experiences, one must definitely visit the Saigon Ranger Bar. This bar is centrally located in the city and reaching it is more than easy. Can be easily called a part of the ho chi Minh city nightlife, this bar sets an ambience and a mood that no customer wants to refuse of. They are many signature cocktails with a hint of Vietnamese local taste in them. The bar believes in the concept of live music. Each and every customer will be definitely guaranteed of the best possible live music that they would like to hear. This bar is definitely one of the most important ones that are available for the people for the latest night parties too.

    Highlights: various band events, live music.

    Location: 5/7 Nguyen Sieu | District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: 6 PM-2 AM.

    Price: Starting from 44919 VND.
  • 20Yoko Bar

    The Yoko Bar is one of the best night places where one can enjoy as well as relax the same time. The experience they provide is with the help of their live music bands. The acoustic music is something that generally steals the heart. With the possibility of the same, this bar makes great ambience for the people. The Yoko Bar totally manages to be the part of the various outlets which represents the ho chi Minh city nightlife. But the ambience that it has is extremely calm and quiet by nature. This is the one thing that attracts the huge crowd to this place in search of some peace. This bar has some of the most amazing cocktails and the list of international beverages.

    Highlights: Live music performances and great guitar performances

    Location: 22A Nguyen ThiDieu, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    Timings: 8 AM to 12 AM.

    Prices: 336825 VND-673650 VND.