Bara Bazar Overview

For visitors wishing to indulge in shopping for what Haridwar is famous for, Bara Bazar is one of the Tourist places in Haridwar. This colorful Bazar is the main marketplace of the city. The traditional Bazar which meanders through narrow lanes is full of shops selling religious paraphernalia like Rudraksha seeds, to ayurvedic products and medicines to Churans and digestive powders to handcrafted materials and ornaments.

For sweet lovers, sweet shops are selling various sweets. A special mention is “Pedas” , the local specialty made from milk. For visitors wishing to fulfill a pang of hunger, there are food vendors and small restaurants.

Location - Subhash Ghat, Haridwar

Timing - Daily 9 am to 10 pm

Best Time to Visit - Except for January & July

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