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Rozentheater ranks among Amsterdam’s best family entertainment spaces and is a cultural hotspot hosting a diverse range of entertainment shows. Dating back to 1913, the iconic cinema theatre hosts stand-up comedy shows, dance performances, and magic shows, and offers escape room experiences and an old-world bar. Experience world-class facilities and the best of live entertainment at the three spacious theatres of Rozentheater.

Entertainment at its finest awaits at Rozentheater, one of the most popular family destinations in Amsterdam. Dating back more than a century, the iconic Rozentheater was once a cinema theatre that has now transformed into a hub of a diverse range of entertainment shows. From stand-up comedy and magic shows to dance performances and escape rooms, Rozentheater has something to offer to all kinds of revelers and tourists.

A cultural hotspot of Amsterdam, Rozentheater, currently owned by Boom Chicago, stands as a beacon of entertainment excellence. Boom Chicago, recognized as one of the Best Europe Packages in the humor industry, curates a lineup of successful comedy shows, including stand-ups. With their blend of top-notch facilities, a proactive approach, and boundless creativity, Boom Chicago ensures that visitors to Rozentheater experience the very best in entertainment.

Rozentheater, still standing in its original location, currently has three luxurious theatres and break-out spaces for visitors. While the main theatre can seat 330 visitors and hold 500 people standing, the other theatres have lesser space. The upstairs theatre can seat 100 visitors, while the attic theatre holds 35 people. The modern interior design of the structure also has break rooms, studios, and offices, along with a stunning 200-capacity bar with high ceilings and stained-glass windows from 1913.

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