Royal Palace Of Amsterdam Overview

The Royal Palace is one of the most important historical sites in Amsterdam which is now renowned as the Dutch palace. Famous for its British architecture and rich history, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam is in close proximity to other historical landmarks like the Dam Square and the Nieuwe Kerk. In the 17th century, it was also renowned to be the ‘eighth wonder of the world’.

This 350-year-old palace is one of the only three palaces that are still being used by the royal family. Explore the grandeur of the Royal Palace Amsterdam with our Europe tour packages. Almost all the parts of the palace are opened for the general public so they can marvel at the gigantic chandeliers, surreal paintings, marble floors and the overall grand scheme of things. The Royal Palace Amsterdam has seen many important historical events and has played a pivotal role in changing the course of the country.

During its time of inauguration, it used to be the biggest and the grandest secular and governmental building in Europe. Its architecture is so surreal and the overall structure so grand that it was touted to be the ‘eighth wonder of the world’. Don’t forget to deeply explore the Royal Palace Amsterdam’s museums as well. On display are rare paintings from the private collection of the royal family, relics and artefacts. This exploration along with a guided tour will enlighten you rich history about Amsterdam’s museums.

There’s symbolism splattered all across the Royal Palace. Hire a local guide who will explain to you all about the hidden symbols and secrets that this palace is hiding within. 

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• What makes the Royal Palace of Amsterdam special is that it is located at what could arguably be the most iconic locations in Amsterdam.
• Apart from the location, it is the surreal architecture, the grand scheme of things and ornate interior decoration that sets it apart from the rest of the landmarks.
• Also, the Royal Palace has a rich history as it used to serve as the Town Hall for magistrates of Amsterdam back in the day. According to the period it was built in, its grandeur and architecture helped it bag the title of ‘the eighth wonder of the world’.
• The Guided tour will make your visit even more interesting because this palace holds many interesting tales of the past behind its doors.
• Even after visiting the Royal Palace, you can spend the entire day in the same proximity by exploring other landmarks like the Dam Square and Nieuwe Kerk which is a 15th-century church.

How To Reach

By Train: Train journey from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam central is 17 minutes and within a 12 min walk from the station one will reach the Royal Palace of Amsterdam.

Rideshare:  Rideshare from the Amsterdam Airport to The Royal Palace takes 30 minutes to Central Amsterdam and then a 10-minute walk to the Palace.

Taxi: The journey from Amsterdam Airport to The Royal Palace is 15 minutes in the Airport Taxi.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit the palace is between April or May, September or November. It is recommended as the prime time to visit all Royal treats as it is just past the tourist season with fewer crowds. The Royal Palace is open to the public from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for most of the year. Check the official website to know the dates the Palace is closed to the public.

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Other Essential Information

History of the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The palace was primarily built to serve as a town hall in the 17th century. It was first opened by Cornelis de Graeff in July 1655. It operated as an administrative office until 1806 when the Patriots Revolution ousted the Orange House from power.

From 1806 - 1813 the Netherlands were ruled by the French king Louis Napoleon 1, where he made the palace as his residence. Soon after it was taken over by the Dutch Monarchs King William 1, the palace stayed with the Crown till this day. It hosts many royal events, receptions while receiving dignitaries from around the world.

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Architecture of Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Famous stone carvers were brought to Amsterdam, and celebrated painters contributed to the interiors of the palace. The central point of the beautification was to symbolize the control of Amsterdam and the Dutch Republic. It was initially made of white marble but due to weather conditions throughout the years, the palace now has a greyish/brown hue. The royal residence outlines the wonderful craftsmanship and history of the city, its interiors are highly furnished with perfectly restored empire style furniture, bronze chandeliers and important wall hangings.

Visitors are welcomed into the palace to appreciate the intensely refurbished Palace, which hosts an enigmatic collection of historical artefacts such as finely carved sculptures, famous paintings and most importantly it's entwined details which tell stories from the time when the Palace was still the Town Hall. The Palace stands grandly in Dam Square which resembles a huge courtyard, overlooking a vast jungle of gothic style buildings, which is synonymous with the architecture of the Dutch Golden Age. 

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Things to Do Near Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Here are some interesting things to do around the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, which not only provides you with a good understanding of the rich culture of the dutch but also what the local people do, what they eat and where they chill. Check out all these exciting things to do near the Royal Palace of Amsterdam!

1. Try different cheeses at Cheese and More Dam- One of the best things about Europe is all the exuberant cheese they make. You can visit Cheese and More Dam after your visit to the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. It has an exquisite selection of cheese that you can taste and savour them.

2. Walk and Dine- A great way to explore around the palace is tasting all its simple yet dutch style of cooking. It is an interactive way to learn about the culture of Amsterdam. One can book a tour on the website, where they provide you with a map with cute restaurants. Walk around the Royal Palace of Amsterdam and around Dam square while eating all the scrumptious food.

3. Enjoy Beer at De Bierkoning- An interesting dynamic between the history and the exploratory in Amsterdam, De Bierkoning is a place for all beer lovers where you can drink a variety of beer. It has one of the largest selections of beers from all over the world under one roof. It is a 2-minute walk from the Royal Palace of Amsterdam and truly one of a kind.

4. Free Food Tour in Amsterdam- Near the Royal Palace, there happens to be a free food tour that starts in the morning. It lets you understand the gastronomic history of Amsterdam whilst strolling around one of the most iconic and tourist-friendly places.

5. Visit Bloemenmarkt- Just a 12 min walk from The Royal Palace, you can visit the floating flower market. One cannot deny how beautiful it looks and smells here! Pick up small items such as cute planters or seeds to take back home.

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Places to Visit Near the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Amsterdam has many facets that make this place so exciting with its rich culture and even richer histories. There are some more interesting things here which are fun and completely for entertainment! Here are few such places that are nearby to the Royal Palace.

1. Madame Tussauds Amsterdam- For some out of the box fun, one can visit this widely popular wax museum. It houses statues of our favourite stars in their iconic avatars. You can take a picture with Captain America or even Prince Harry, it is all possible here. 

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2. Ripley’s believe it or not!- Ripley believes it or not! Amsterdam is the location of the extraordinary and the incredibles. It houses interesting things such as the skeleton of an ancient large shark, or the pictures of the tallest man in the world, or how mind-boggling visual illusions!

3. Van Gogh museum- The Van Gogh museum holds the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh paintings in the world, along with sketches and documents. For Art lovers, it is a highly recommended visit, as it documents the life of one of the greatest painters in European history.

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4. Anne Frank House- The Anne Frank House is the secret annexe of the writer, the house is a biographical museum tributed to the Jewish Wartime memoirist Anne Frank. The building is located on a canal named Prinsengracht, near Westerkerk, in central Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

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5. Heineken Experience- An exciting place for all the beer lovers, You can explore an interactive tour of the history of the beer giants in the original brewery, with the epic finale of beer tasting by booking Heineken Experience Tickets

Places to Eat Near Royal Palace of Amsterdam

The city is jam-packed with many different eateries around the Palace. For cosy breakfast spots or for those wholesome sandwiches and soups, you would want to check out the list below.

1. Mr Porter Amsterdam- It is a fine dining restaurant, great for dinner or evening drinks. Top picks are the various styles of steak, sashimi platters and local foods.

2. L’invite- If you want to enjoy a full course meal, which is carefully planned with different kinds of wine to go with different platters of food? Must visit L’invite, it serves a 7-course meal which specializes in Dutch cuisine. It is a comfortable, family restaurant, perfect for intimate talks.

3. T Nieuwe Kafe- A family-friendly and refreshing cafe which provides outdoor seating with a direct view of Dam Square. It is a dutch style restaurant and aces in their Breakfast and Lunch courses. Top picks for this place are their fluffy omelettes, quiche, coffee and more!

4. Ice Bakery Paleis- Close to the Royal Palace, this Bakery is famous for its scrumptious pretzels, pastries and pancakes and also dutch waffles!

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Places to Stay Near the Royal Palace of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is packed with gorgeous hotels and Airbnb, and it can get tough sometimes to find places which are not already booked. Here are some places that you can look out for which are near the best spots in town.

1. Nova Hotel- A nice place and clean place to set up base if you are new and exhausted to look for more traditional European hotels. Nova Hotels provide the modern luxury, with fine beds and relaxing baths which are installed with the best amenities, that will help you come back to your senses from the jet lag.

2. Canalhouse Studio- CanalHouse Studio is a quaint and cosy studio apartment dating back to 1703 making it a great place for couples and solo travellers. It's situated on one of the most famous Canals in Amsterdam near the Amstel River and a few minutes walk from The Royal Palace of Amsterdam.

3. W Amsterdam- A luxurious stay at the W Amsterdam consists of super soft beds, elegant baths and great views. W Amsterdam boasts an elegant atmosphere which fits well with its chic restaurants and rooftop bar. This hotel is conveniently located a few minutes walk from Dam Square and other attractions.

4. Hotel Estherea- Clean, sophisticated rooms and suites, perfect for everyone, Estherea provides you with a humble atmosphere, good hospitality and even better food. The hotel is also adorned with floral designs and marbled high walls which are perfect backdrops for those selfies! The hotel is a 10-minute stroll from the Anne Frank House and a 3-minute walk from the closest tram stop and 3 km from the Van Gogh Museum.

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Royal Palace Of Amsterdam FAQs

What is the Royal Palace of Amsterdam famous for?

The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is famous for hosting all Royal events happening in Amsterdam. The Palace used to be a Town Hall in the 17th century, later it was known as the Royal Palace of King Louis Napoleon and at the present it belongs to the Dutch House.

Can you take photos in the Royal Palace of Amsterdam?

Yes, taking photographs is permitted in the Palace providing you don't use a tripod, flash or selfie-stick.

Is the Royal Palace of Amsterdam worth visiting?

Yes! It is a bonus if you are an avid history buff, or just like visiting really old places which have been kept in top shape! The Royal Palace of Amsterdam is open to the public and many tours happen on a daily basis.

Can you visit the Royal Palace in Amsterdam?

Yes, it is open to the public and there are many tours that happen on a daily basis. The Dutch Palace especially comes to life when there are royal events taking place in the Palace. Many noblemen and women attend the royal receptions, award ceremonies and other stately events.

How long do you need at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam?

Tours generally take about one hour, depending on the course and the number of tourists visiting. If there are more people or the weather conditions deteriorate, you must wait and hear what the officials there are reporting.

Should you buy Royal Palace of Amsterdam tickets in advance?

Yes, it is recommended to buy it in advance as it will save you time and energy.

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