Dam Square Overview

Seated in Amsterdam's historical center, Dam Square is a bustling gathering place for both locals and tourists. It is jam-packed with museums, the Royal Palace, food carts, restaurants, and retail establishments. An entertainment hub, hosting daily events like comedy performances, fire shows, live music, dance acts, and a variety of other events, it is always full of enthusiasm.

Dam square is one of the most famous destinations in the city center of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. The place is the heartbeat of the city, it stays lively for most of the time during the whole day and will always be hosting some event for your entertainment. Being one of the most popular tourist spots, you can explore Dam Square with our Europe tour packages. You can just follow the crowd of tourists from Amsterdam Central station to the Damrak that leads you to Dam Square. The square street connects the main artery streets Damrak and Rokin and provides passage to the main shopping streets of Kalverstraat and Nieuwendijk. You can also hop on to a tram line as most of them traverse the Dam Square. Dam square is a wide boulevard that is having Royal Palace of Amsterdam on one side and the National Monument on the other. It also provides several shopping facilities, food stores, restaurants, and souvenir stores.

Take a walk across the Dam square and you will find a lot of fun things to watch like comedy shows, fire shows, live music, dance shows and lots of other activities that will keep you occupied throughout the evening.

You can also opt for a bicycle ride. The prices of the things here will be on the higher side, so make sure to dig a hole in your pockets on your visit to the square. It’s advisable to carry an international debit/ credit card like MasterCard, American Express, etc. so that you don’t face any trouble while paying bills.

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• Discover the rich history of the area by visiting the Royal Palace and the National Memorial Statue.
• Visit Madame Tussauds Museum to see celebrity wax figures or Ripley's Museum to discover the bizarre and wonderful world.
• Explore Nieuwe Kerk's exhibitions to see collections of art, photography, and culture.
• Shop for fashion, cosmetics, shoes, toys, and household goods in De Bijenkorf Mall or at one of the many shop outlets that line the square.
• Taste some delectable meals at fine dining restaurants and cafés, or savor street food at little food vendors.
• Party the night away at any of the pubs or enjoy a relaxing stay in the famous NH Grand Krasnapolsky or Hotel TwentySeven. 
• Visit Dam Square in Amsterdam for a family outing, a night out with friends, or a dinner date.

How To Reach

By Train: Amsterdam Centraal station is approximately 750 meters from Dam Square and is well served by metro lines 51, 52, 53, and 54. Arrive at Da Square by exiting the train and walking there.

By Taxi: Take a private cab to Dam Square from any area in Amsterdam. It is one of the quickest and most efficient modes of transportation, but it is also one of the most expensive.

By Bus: Lines 4, 14, 24, and others stop at Rokin, which is only a 2-minute walk from Dam Square, whereas lines 1, 4, 14, 22, and 43 stop at Nieuwmarkt bus stop, which is an 8-minute walk from Dam Square.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Dam Square is between 10 am and 12 pm when crowds are low, and you will have more time to see the key attractions. Furthermore, most of Dam Square's attractions open at about 10 am, so you will be able to tour them without much crowding. If you want to experience the region's bustling nightlife, the best time is after dusk.

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Other Essential Information

History of Dam Square

Dam Square derives its name from the dam itself, which was made on the Amstel River. The dam was quite popular because of its size, it was made wide enough to develop a town square and the whole town around it. As a result, Dam Square was built around the dam only. The current dam originally consisted of two squares, the actual dam, called Middle Dam; and Plaetse, a plaza situated in the west.

A war memorial named De Eendracht (The Unity) was built in 1856 inside the square before King Willaim III. Monument was given the nickname of “Naatje of the Dam”, it was a column made up of stone with a female statue on top. The monument was demolished in 1914.

The place witnessed a shooting in 1945 when the Germans opened fire on Canadian troops with a machine gun. Around 120 people were injured and 22 were announced dead. The Dam Square was also the central stage of the largest civil disturbance in the Netherlands on 30th April 1980, called Coronation Riots.

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Places to Shop in Dam Square

1. De Bijenkorf: Most renowned premium departmental store, you can find an endless number of brands here for shoes, toys, hardware, accessories and much more.

Location: Dam 1,1012 JS Amsterdam

2. Magna Plaza:  An indoor shopping center built in the former Main post office of Amsterdam. It’s got over 20 stores on 4 floors of popular brands. Also, this place has a lot of dining options in various cuisines.

Location: Nieuwezijdse Voorburgwal 182, behind the Royal Palace of Amsterdam.

3. Kalvertoren: It’s a huge modern shopping arcade located at the back of the main shopping street, the Kalverstraat. Kalvertoren holds a departmental store, several fashion stores, cosmetics shops, music stores and much more to meet your basic needs.

Location: Located within a triangle formed by Kalverstraat, Heiligeweg, and Shingle.

4. Hudson’s Bay: The biggest departmental store in Amsterdam focuses mainly on middle-class citizens. The prices and quality are provided accordingly.

Location: Rokin,21-49

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Tips to Visit

  • Early mornings are the best times to visit Dam Square because you will have more time to explore and see everything.
  • It would be simpler if you made a list in advance of the sites you wanted to visit.
  • Try the delicacies from street vendors like Herring, Bitterballen, Patat, Poffjertes, and Frikandel, and browse the souvenir stores that line the plaza for some locally made items.
  • Choose the Go City, Amsterdam City Card to receive discounted admission to some Dam Square attractions as well as unlimited access to the city's public transportation (tram and bus only)./

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Point of Interest for Dam Square
Royal Palace

Royal Palace

The Royal Palace, the official reception Palace of King Willem-Alexander, is one of the most significant historical buildings in the Netherlands. Nowadays, it hosts important royal family events like weddings, gala feasts, and award ceremonies. Visitors may see numerous collections belonging to Louis Napoleon, William I, and William II inside the palace.

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Nieuwe Kerk

Nieuwe Kerk

De Nieuwe Kerk, the New Church, is one of Amsterdam's oldest and most impressive historical structures and a site of worship, inspiration, remembrance, and celebration in Dam Square. It is known for hosting prestigious exhibitions on art, photography, culture, and famous individuals. Important cultural events, official gatherings, and royal rituals also take place there.

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Madame Tussauds Museum

Madame Tussauds Museum

The Madame Tussauds Museum is one of the most popular attractions in Dam Square, where you may spend hours taking photos with wax replicas of your favorite celebrities. It houses near-real wax statues of famous personalities from all over the world and entertains you with enjoyable multimedia experiences.

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The National Monument

The National Monument

Amsterdam's National Monument is an imposing 22-meter limestone obelisk that stands at the eastern end of Dam Square. It is the location of the annual ceremony on Dutch Memorial Day, which occurs every year on May 4. Built to remember the victims of World War II and the following conflicts, it is a marvel of architecture and design.

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 Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum

Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum in Amsterdam allows you to explore the world of the unbelievable and the bizarre. It immerses you in antiquities, amazing artwork, strange animals, pop-culture memorabilia, and hands-on activities. While exploring its 19 themed galleries, you will have some amazing experiences.

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De Bijenkorf

De Bijenkorf

De Bijenkorf, which began serving the residents of Amsterdam in 1870, is one of the top department stores in the Netherlands. In addition to accessories, cosmetics, toys, and household goods, the store sells designer brands of clothing and footwear for men, women, and children. A haven for shopaholics, it is also a great place to have a cup of coffee.

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 Take a Canal Cruise

Take a Canal Cruise

Hire an electric boat to tour Amsterdam's well-known canals and learn about the city's intricate network of waterways while taking in the landscape. Choose a summer cruise to enjoy the nice weather; nevertheless, winter cruises are also delightful due to heated, covered vessels.

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Take a Guided Tour of the Red Light District

Take a Guided Tour of the Red Light District

After dark, adults start to congregate on the northeast corner of Dam Square, which is home to Amsterdam's renowned red-light district. A destination for entertainment, it has great historical significance. Take a guided tour of the area to get an insight into the history of the place and its way of working.

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 Try Marijuana in a Coffee Shop

Try Marijuana in a Coffee Shop

Cannabis at a coffee shop is a must-try on any visit to Dam Square. Visit Dampkring, the most well-known coffee shop in Amsterdam, and feel the relaxed vibe. Even if you are a first timer, you will feel at ease amidst a relaxing ambiance, friendly staff, and a multitude of visitors.

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Dam Square FAQs

Which are the attractions tickets to book in Netherlands with Thrillophilia?

What is Dam Square famous for?

Dam Square is popularly known for its world-famous buildings, such as The Royal Palace, the National Monument, the Madame Tussauds Museum, and many more attractions. Also it lies in the center of Amsterdam and is well connected with popular streets Nieuwendijk, Kalverstraat and Damstraat which make it a hot-spot for tourists.

What does the Dam in Amsterdam mean?

Dam was built on the river Amstel during 1270 AD which later on became quite popular because of its commercial and government activity. Later after the popularity and urbanisation around the Dam, the whole city was built.The name “Amsterdam” is derived from there only.

What area is Dam Square in?

Dam Square is situated in central Amsterdam, at the original location of the dam in the River Amstel. This is the place where the dam was originally built in 1270 AD.

Is there any transportation facility available to reach Dam Square?

It is the tourist hub so you can find all the transport facilities including Train, Bus and Taxi as well, to reach Dam Square. Fare varies as per your distance from the Dam Square.

How far is Dam Square from Central Station in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam Central Station is a distance of 4.3kms from Dam Square. One can catch a Bus, Tram or Taxi to cover this distance which will take around 15 Mins.

What is the main shopping street in Amsterdam?

The Kalverstraat and the Leidsestraat are the two main streets in the city’s heart. Both the streets are widely popular for its exclusive shops and restaurants.

How big is Dam Square?

The Dam Square is more or less rectangular in shape, spreading about 200 meters (650 Ft) from west to east and 100 meters (350 Ft) from North to South. It’s a link between the popular streets of Damrak and Rokin, which follows the original course of Amstel River from Central Station to Muntplien and the Munttoren.

Is 2 days enough in Amsterdam?

To see the major buildings, highly populated streets and central neighborhood, 2 days are enough. Although if you wish to explore deeply through the museums, red-light district and much more, you will need 1 or 2 extra days to put your wanderlust to rest.

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