35 Places to Visit in Geneva, Tourist Places & Top Attractions

Places to visit in Geneva

The Geneva Water Fountain (Jet d'Eau), St. Pierre Cathedral, Palais des Nations, L’horloge Fleurie, Reformation Wall, International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Jardin Anglais, Bains des Pâquis, Tavel House, Parc des Bastions.

One of the most developed cities in the world, there are countless places to visit in Geneva that will appeal to the wanderer in you. Offering a world-class selection of great experiences, Geneva is more than just a sum total of its luxury hotels, boutiques, clothing brands, and chocolates. It is a masterpiece of all forms - geographical, historical, and cultural. The various tourist places in Geneva will leave you spoilt for choice. By the way of art and various monuments, the city unravels tales from its rich past. Some of the most beautiful works of architecture stand tall on the face of this remarkable city, amidst a refreshing blend of cultures.

 If you’re a history buff, treat yourself to the ancient marvels of St. Pierre Cathedral, Tavel House, Rouelbeau Castle, and many more. Most of these buildings also have a brilliant Gothic-style architecture, dating back several centuries. If you’re a curious cookie or wish to rekindle your passion for science, Geneva brings you CERN, one of the world’s largest and most celebrated scientific research laboratories!

Geneva is not only the headquarters of the World Trade Organisation, World Health Organisation, and the International Committee of the Red Cross but also the home of countless eminent artists, writers and philosophers, whose impressions can still be found within the walls of various buildings. Steeped in rich history and a fascinating mix of cultures, Geneva promises you an unforgettable experience.

Here is the list of some of the best places to visit in Geneva:

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One of the largest lakes in Western Europe, Lake Geneva is shared between Switzerland and France. Located on the north side of the Alps, the natural beauty of the lake and its surrounding area, make it a popular tourist attraction.

Shaped like a crescent moon, Lake Geneva is home to different landscapes, depending on where you are. When coming from the eastern side, you can enjoy the breath-taking view of the Alps. While on the northern side, you can enjoy vine-covered slopes with villages and castles. The lake is also home to varied wildlife. The common buzzard and the red kite can be found in plenty.

Covering an area of 7975 square kilometres, Lake Geneva is also popular for a number of water sports. From sailing, windsurfing and boating to rowing and scuba diving, one can enjoy a number of leisurely activities. Swimming events and yacht racing are two of the most popular events at Lake Geneva, and are major crowd pullers. In fact, the yacht racing festival is a much-awaited festival in the area where participants develop high-performance catamarans just to compete.

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The Geneva Water Fountain, situated in Lake Geneva, Switzerland, is an iconic attraction renowned for its mesmerizing display of water and lights. Shooting up to 140 meters in the air, this grand fountain creates a captivating spectacle against the backdrop of the Swiss Alps. A symbol of the city's elegance and beauty, the Geneva Water Fountain is a must-see for visitors seeking a memorable experience in Geneva.

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Dating back to the 12th century, The Cathedral of Saint Pierre is perched atop the hill on which Old Town sits. This Romanesque-style cathedral was built over a span of 100 years and has gone through several renovations since then. Its present Neoclassical architecture is inspired by the 18th century. Besides the rich history that the church has seen, it also affords a stunning panoramic view of the city’s sprawl, including the massive Jet d’Eau.  

Although a lot of the church’s interior was destroyed during the many renovations, one altarpiece from the 15th century still remains. It now rests inside Musée d’Art et d’Histoire. If you’re a history enthusiast, a trip to the St. Pierre Cathedral holds countless surprises for you.

- 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM every day
- 12:00 PM to 05:30 PM on Sundays

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Location: Place du Bourg-de-Four 24, 1204 Genève, Switzerland
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Also known as the Palace of Nations, Palais des Nations Geneva is the current home of the United Nations Office. Coated with grey heat resistant titanium, the modern architecture is set against the mesmerising backdrop of snow capped mountains.

The building is standing in the middle of a 46 hectares of untarnished land which has been turned into a well manicured garden. You will find the garden peppered with some century old trees being flocked by vibrant and colourful peacocks.

Hosting around 1 lakh tourists every year, the second largest United Nations Office is an architectural masterpiece. One can witness various different rooms inside the building complex which includes the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilization Room which is elegantly decorated by the famous artist Miquel Barcelò.

You will also visit the Salle des Pas Perdus which will present you with the views of the rustic Celestial Sphere. Also, you will get the chance to witness the largest room in the Palais des Nations which is it Assembly Hall. Decorated with murals by José Maria Sert, the Council Chamber is also a major attraction of the building where numerous vital negotiations have been conducted.

Besides this you will also go through the artefacts and the gifts presented to the United Nations Office at Geneva by various other countries without which your visit to the office remains incomplete.
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Home to over 6,500 flowers and plants, the Flower Clock, better known as L’horloge Fleurie, features the world’s longest second hand, which measures 2.5 meters in length! Built in 1955, this giant clock is redecorated multiple times a year to represent each season.

This scientific marvel is surrounded by floral beauty and lush greenery. Besides being one of the most famous places to visit in Geneva, the clock also commemorates Switzerland’s premium watch industry. A visit to this clock is like travelling to another time altogether! 

Highlights: The clock sits near the edge of the Garden Anglaise, and is hooked up to a satellite connection, which means it always shows the accurate time! The floral arrangements around the clock change every season. 

Timings: Open 24 hours every day

Location: Quai du Général-Guisan 28, 1204 Genève, Switzerland
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Facing the famous Parc des Bastions, the Reformation Wall is an international monument erected in the memory of the people and events of the Protestant Reformation in Geneva. 

The monument features brilliant statues of some major Reformation figures of the 16th century, including John Calvin and John Knox, William Farel, and Théodore de Bèze. The Wall also features the motto of the city of Geneva, i.e. “Post Tenebras Lux” (After darkness, light), which was inspired by the Calvinist philosophy.

Since Geneva played an integral part in the Reformation, the wall is dedicated to all those who were a part of the movement. There is also a celebration of the Reformation that takes place every year on the first Sunday of November. It is now one of the famous tourist places in Geneva.

Timings: Open 24 hours every day

Entry Fee: No entry fee 

Location: Prom. des Bastions 1, 1204 Genève, Switzerland
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One of the most visited tourist places in Geneva, the International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent offers you a rare insight into the history of “The Humanitarian Adventure”. 

One of the most prestigious organisations on the planet, the Red Cross Museum also informs you about the current scenario and hurdles of humanitarian action. Striving to defend human dignity, reduce natural threats, and restore family relations, the museum uncovers their innovative take on humanitarian history with an interactive chronology spanning 150 years! 

Timings: Open from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM, every day except Monday

Entry Fee: Starting from CHF 15 / INR 1,100 per person

Location: Avenue de la Paix 17, 1202 Genève, Switzerland
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Spanning over about 25,000 sqft., Jardin Anglais also called the English Garden is home to the monumental L’Horloge Fleurie. 

Designed to mimic a quintessential English Landscape Garden, the garden also houses beautiful floral arrangements which change every season! Switzerland is heralded for its extraordinary watch industry, and the Flower Clock built inside the garden pays a symbolic tribute to the same.

The garden also consists of three busts to honour some of the most celebrated Swiss painters and sculptors, which is another work of art by itself. Yet another notable feature of the garden is the bronze ‘Fontaine des Quatre Saisons’ (Four Seasons Fountain).

If you’re visiting the Jardin Anglais, you do not want to miss grabbing a quick bite or a cuppa at the Bateau Genève, which is really just a glamorous boat, offering you delicious meals that you can savour with the surrounding view. But don’t just take our word for it. Go see it for yourself.

Timings: Open 24 hours every day 

Location: Quai du Général-Guisan 28, 1204 Genève, Switzerland
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Located in the province of Haute-Savoie in France, Mont Saleve is a mountain of both France and Switzerland offering spectacular views and amazing experiences. It culminates at 1379 meters and is known as the balcony of Geneva. You can not only see the Jura Mountains and the Mont Blanc, but an extravaganza view can be seen when the sky is crystal clear.

Even if Geneva is cloudy or facing rain, the weather in the mountains is sunny and beautiful. It is located just 20 kms from the center of Geneva and it is the best place for a one day trip. There are different paths to reach the top and all the paths differ from the level of difficulty.

Tourists climb the mountain and get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of nature and  amazing views of the mountains. 
Mont Saleve is a hub to various adventurous activities, you can indulge in hiking, mountain biking, hand gliding, rock climbing, paragliding, trekking, and more at Mont Saleve.

Cable car ride is also there for everyone which takes you to the top in just five minutes and gives marvelous views of the valley, mountains, lake and beauty of nature. Mont Saleve is a thrilling spot for the adventure freak and the nature lovers.

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Tavel House, locally called the Maison Tavel, is a unique history/culture museum which sits inside one of the oldest houses in the heart of Geneva! You can find stunning models of the mid-nineteenth century style of architecture here. 

Spanning five floors, the Tavel House building plays host to stunning architectural reflections of the early-fourteenth century. A testament to the architectural skills of the Swiss medieval era, Tavel House is one of the few houses in Geneva that have retained their original architecture and design.

The ground floor harbours some amazing exhibits of the resident building itself, along with the fascinating history of the Tavel family. The attic brings you the most talked-about exhibit in the museum - a gigantic architectural model of Geneva in the mid-nineteenth century, designed by Auguste Magnin and his team. Visit Tavel House to take a leisurely trip back to 19th century Geneva in all its details.

Timings: Open 11:00 AM to 06:00 PM every day except Monday.

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Location: Rue du Puits-Saint-Pierre 6, 1204 Genève
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Located in the heart of Geneva, Parc des Bastions is a lush green park, spreads across an area of 64,968 square meters. Parc des Bastions or Bastions Park is one of the most-visited places in Switzerland. The park houses the world-famous Reformation Wall, the Palais Eynard, a great up-scale restaurant, a playground for kids, former botanical garden and the first University of Geneva along with its library.

Visitors can reach the park from Place Neuve through a big wrought-iron gate. You will see a big black and white chessboard just behind the giant gate. The huge chessboard is always filled with people immersed in the game or posing with the huge pieces. Next to the chessboard, there is a famous restaurant, which was formerly a bandstand. You can find it inside a greenhouse brightened with dazzling chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, offering a range of tasty eating options.

Behind the Restaurant des Parc des Bastions, a big playground awaits you to play with kids. The green-coated adventurous area with its big trees as well the sandpit, the small fountain, are all you could demand in your summer holidays here. Apart from spending time with your kids and families, you can also check out several musical and cultural events that happen in the park.

Walking along the park, you will find the main attraction, a 100-metre long monument, Mur Des Réformateurs or Reformation Wall. It was built back in 1909 as a memorial of the protestants of the European reformation movement.
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The Musée d'Art et d'Histoire was built between 1903 and 1910 which resides fine art collection from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Over 1 million acquisition pieces of western civilization and culture from ancient times to the present era are preserved here. The masterpieces showcased here are the works created by the Italian, Dutch, Genevan, French, English and Swiss Schools.

The museum is abode to five floors that presents an array of applied arts, fine arts, and archaeology. It is located in the heart of the old town and is designed by the architect Marc Camoletti. Spread over an area of 700 square meters, this museum takes one through a journey of time. Historical objects, paintings, sculptures, musical instruments, and many other things can be seen here that well describe the evolution of art over the decades.

Every year many temporary exhibitions are also held on the premises of the museum. 
For the sake of visitors from the distinct parts of the world, distinct audio guides of French, German or English language are also available at the reception. The people who don’t want to opt for a guide can avail of the free fliers available in several languages at the museum.

One can visit the museum from 11 AM to 6 PM except on Mondays when the museum is closed. 
This place is designed quite spacious and modern. It can consume up to two to three hours for its exploration. Facilities such as lockers, free toilets, restaurants, Kid's playground, and others are also available in the premises of the museum. The entry is free for everyone at the museum.

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Despite its ruined and desolate state, Rouelbeau Castle is one of the most fascinating places to visit in Geneva. One of the last remaining medieval castles in the countryside of Geneva, this ruined fortress was originally intended to be a historical monument in 1921, but the attempt to rebuild it was abandoned soon after. The Rouelbeau castle now enjoys fame as an exploration spot for travellers.  

Dating back to 1318, this castle has long held the attention of several travellers, especially history patrons. A recently discovered text dating back to 1339 provides an astonishing description of the original castle, which was built out of wood.

12 long years of excavation have revealed tons of interesting facts about the structure and design of the precedent wooden castle. Surrounded by the rich beauty of the Seymaz nature reserve, this castle is a must-visit for those seeking offbeat trails.

Timings: Open 24 hours, every day

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Location: Chemin de Rouelbeau, 1252 Meinier
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Built in 1879 to celebrate the life of Charles II, Duke of Brunswick, the Brunswick Monument is essentially a mausoleum designed in a Neo-gothic style. 

Looming at 21 meters, the monument is a striking replica of Verona’s fourteenth-century Scaligeri family tomb. The Duke came to Geneva in August of 1870, nearly 40 years after having been exiled from his Duchy. He earned quite a fortune in Paris and after visiting countless other European cities, he decided to make Geneva his home.

Being unmarried, he left all his possessions, over 22 million francs, to the city of Geneva in his will, accompanied by two clauses - one, that he be buried properly in a mausoleum located above ground in a remarkable location in Geneva and second, that his mausoleum be a standing replica of the Scaligeri family tomb.

Out of this inheritance, 2 million francs were spent to build this very mausoleum. Since its construction in 1879, the monument has undergone a couple of renovations after two earthquakes and a particularly bitter winter. 

Timings: Open 24 hours, every day

Location: Jardin des Alpes, Quai du Mont-Blanc, 1201 Geneva
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One of the most visually appealing places to visit in Geneva, the Russian Orthodox Church was installed in the 19th century with golden, onion-shaped domes. It is an architectural marvel, one of its kind in the city of Geneva, and is said to guard a load of treasure within. 

The church exhibits some of the most pristine pieces of art dating as far back as the 16th century. Belonging to the Russian Royal family, these art pieces are quite a sight to behold, especially for all those who have a thing for history and culture.

Carrying a touch of the Byzantine Moscovite style of architecture, the church is part of a rich history. Take a trip inside and watch it unfold before you. At the entrance of the church is a beautiful Byzantine-style porch that leads you inside. It is a great place to explore the history of Geneva, while also capturing some timeless memories in your camera! 

Timings: Open from 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM, every day

Location: Rue Rodolphe-Toepffer 9, 1206 Genève
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The Patek Philippe Museum was founded in 1839. Today, it is situated right amidst Plainpalais. On display are some of the most exotic, rare and prestigious creations of their master brand along with other creations. The museum is dedicated to watch-making and celebrates the same.

For visitors it is a visual treat to view this extravagant and amazing range of watches. The collection also includes musical automata and enamel miniatures. These range from the 16th to the 19th centuries and include specialty designs, which were crafted in Geneva, Switzerland and Europe.The museum also has a library that is completely dedicated to horology and relevant subjects. The museum is often regarded as a 'temple to watchmaking’.

It has four-story with an archive of 500 years of haute horology. On display are the founding stories of watchmaker’s Patek, Philippe & Co. and some of their breathtaking achievements. One can view the pioneering of mechanical timekeeping. Along with many to the technical and aesthetic marvels, one can also view enamel miniatures and ingenious automata. 

This museum should be a must-visit on the list of people who have a passion for watches. Added entertainment also includes a cinema hall which is located in the basement. It features short movies on the history of watch-making. This museum puts your curiosity to test as you look at your digital or chronograph watch and wonder how far technology has come — and yet drool over one of the timeless pieces.

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More than just another one of the many attractions in Geneva, the Jardin Botanique is home to one of the largest herbariums in the world! This lovely alpine garden is a collection of over 16,000 species of plants, herbs, shrubs, and trees, which is always a refreshing treat to the eyes. 

This extensive collection of floral species is categorised into various sectors like the Rockery, Arboretum, Winter Garden, and Greenhouses. The Herbarium inside the garden shelters over 60,00,000 specimens of plants and fungi. It follows the eighteenth-century conventions of Botany and is sadly not open to visitors.

Don’t let that deter you, though. This relaxing place is a frequent haunt for plant-enthusiasts, botanists, and even for romantic walks in nature. Here’s a fascinating tidbit: all plants are assigned a number, which helps keep track of their evolution through each stage of planting, transplanting, and category of collection. Once the plant is categorised into a collection, it receives a label.

Timings: Open from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM every day

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Location: Chemin de l'Impératrice 1, 1292 Pregny-Chambésy
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Neighbouring the legendary landmark of Jet d’Eau, Parc La Grange is, as the name suggests, a huge park covering almost 1,30,000 square feet of elegantly trimmed land. 

It houses over 200 different types of roses alone, and that’s only one of the many specialities about this park. Immerse yourself into this lush green retreat which sits in the heart of the city. Dotted with pools and pergolas to complement the dreamy aesthetic.

The park also boasts of an 18th-century villa-turned-restaurant, where free concerts and events are hosted in the summer. You can also catch stunning stage performances like Macbeth at the Park’s Orangeries Theatre! The Grange’s peaceful and tranquil vibes make it an ideal spot for everyone, from couples to solo-trippers to family travellers.

Timings: Open from 06:00 AM to 10:00 PM every day

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Location: Quai Gustave-Ador, 1207 Genève
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Calvin Auditory, formerly known as the Notre-Dame-la-Neuve Chapel, is a beautiful chapel that carries echoes of the Protestant Reformation. Built in the 15th century, it is closely related to the reformation and its participants like John Calvin, John Knox, and Theodore Beza. 

Lying adjacent to the St. Pierre cathedral, the Calvin Auditorium’s Neo-Gothic architecture is a major attraction for designers from around the world. Constructed during the Geneva Reformation, the auditorium soon became a lecture hall. It was within these very walls that Calvin propounded his reformed theology.

Post Geneva’s acceptance of the theology, the auditorium became a sanctum for Protestant refugees from all over the continent. You can still find this chapel conducting sermons in different European languages! Whether or not you’re a fan of architecture, the Calvin Auditory is one of the greatest historical places to see in Geneva!

Location: Place de la Taconnerie 1, 1204 Genève
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Home to numerous Swiss and International artefacts, Musee Rath Geneva is a renowned art museum in Switzerland. Situated opposite to the old city walls, the museum houses the masterpieces of fine art created by various renowned Swiss artists. Besides, the museum is world famous for hosting exhibitions every year which lets you get a sneak peak of some of the preserved fine arts.

Resembling a Greek Temple, the architecture of the museum is adorned with six huge pillars at its entrance waiting to welcome its visitors. The pale gray exterior of the monument contrasts with the multi colored murals and frescoes hanging inside the museum.

These paintings also include some of the most contemporary collections of art which made the name of the museum pop under the list of Swiss National Important Cultural Properties. Besides these paintings, you could also spot an array of collection from the 17th century along with many still portraits which seems to have bound the time within its frame.

Also, some of the 18th century portraits are certified as ‘Dead Life’ because of the essence of silence they possess inside them. You can come to the place to witness all these along with permanent and temporary exhibits, art teachings and social meetings which will refresh your love for art and paintings and give you a memorable experience.
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A quick getaway from the city without actually leaving the city is the Pointe de la Jonction, caught right between the rivers Rhone and Arve. If there’s one word that describes this place, it’s ‘peaceful’. 

The temperature difference of the waters of the two rivers keep them from merging. The spectacular result is two glimmering ribbons of brown and green that look almost like a single two-coloured river!

This spellbinding view can be enjoyed from either side of the rivers. Pick a cosy restaurant or bar, grab your favourite drink, and take in the magic of the view! This ‘Point of Junction’ might just become one of your favourite tourist places in Geneva!

Timings: Open 24 hours

Location: Sentier des Saules 28, 1205 Genève
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Redefine entertainment and break free from the monotony of a perfect itinerary with Trip Trap. It is a thrilling collaborative Live Escape Room, which promises to keep you engrossed for hours! 

Assume the role of an adventurer, whether it is a toothless pirate, member of a secret society, or unwitting houseguest trapped in a spooky little castle, and try your hardest to make it out alive within 60 minutes.

A one-of-its-kind experience, the game puts your critical thinking, imagination, and teamwork to test. One of the most exciting tourist places in Geneva, the Trip Trap Escape warrants to be at the top of your Geneva bucket list. 

Timings: Open every day from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Entry Fee: Starting from CHF 150 / INR 11,000 per person

Location: Chemin de la Gravière 6, 1227 Les Acacias
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Take a trip to this beautiful little old town, which remains untouched by the sands of time. Place du Bourg-de-Four quiet little town in Geneva, where the routes to Annecy, Lyon, Italy, and the Chablais mingle. What was once a cattle market, has soon become a centre for trade, besides being a local-favourite spot for rendezvous. 

This dreamy little town is essentially a tapestry of magnificent 16-century buildings, interspersed with architectural marvels from the later era. One of the most historically rich places to see in Geneva, the town is equally receptive to the future. You can spend a laid-back day here, exploring the various antique shops, bookshops, cafés, bars, and art galleries. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you will not want to leave!
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One of the finest models of architectural brilliance, Ariana Museum is a museum of ceramic vases, decorative figures, cups, and glass arts. If you want to learn how ceramic objects are made, look no further. 

Ariana Museum promises to satiate your curiosity about the process, right from the excavation of the raw clay to the designing, firing, and painting of the final piece. By no means does this mean that only lovers of glass and ceramic art will enjoy this place.

It is, after all, a type of art and a very rare one to explore, at that. Rekindle that spark of creativity within you as you walk down corridors with stained glass windows and surreal paintings. Nowhere else can you see such a terrific mix of architecture and art morphed into one single building. From its statement arched ceiling to the cold, marble floors, everything about this museum spells ‘elegance’.

Timings: Open from 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM every day, except Monday

Entry Fee: CHF 8 / INR 600 per person

Location: Avenue de la Paix 10, 1202 Genève
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Quai du Mont Blanc is a mesmerising promenade by the northern bank of Lake Geneva, adorned with numerous statues, art expos, flowers. It extends towards the upper east side, opening up to stellar views of Mont Blanc and the Alps, especially around dawn and dusk. 

If you’re feeling bogged down by the mainstream touristy places of Geneva, Quai du Mont Blanc comes as a pleasant surprise. Travelling is the only time when you can choose to do nothing all day and not feel guilty about it.

And what better way to spend a relaxed morning or evening by taking a leisurely stroll along the banks of Lake Geneva and basking in the magnificent views of the Alps? No other attractions in Geneva can promise you this view.

Location: 1201 Genève
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Well known as the ‘Greenwich Village of Geneva’, the lovely old town of Carouge is lauded for its striking blend of French-Italian architectural style. It is one of the most culturally rich places to see in Geneva.

Sitting quietly behind the river Arve, Carouge is a small town, easily overlooked by travellers. This offbeat location brings you an exciting twist of culture. 

Also referred to by the locals as “Little Italy”, Carouge is a perfect respite from the ultra-modern streets of Geneva. Its unique architecture is home to a plethora of little cafés, bistros, cobbled streets, and cosy boutiques.

While you may not find the famous cafés and restaurant chains here, the local wonders like Chat Noir, Rue Vautier, and Bar du Nord promise to leave you asking for more!

Location: Carouge, Geneva
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Designed and constructed by the celebrated sculptor Daniel Berset, the Broken Chair is one of the finest art pieces of the century! This 12-meter high sculpture is nestled in Place des Nations, and stands with a broken left leg to symbolise the victims of mine accidents. 

This piece of art was commissioned by the NGO Handicap International in order to spread awareness about mines and their monstrosities. This was also done as an act to prevent the use of landmines and to ban anti-personnel mines. The project was intended to stay only for three months, but 20 years down the line and it has now transformed into an iconic symbol that continues to dominate Place des Nations!

Timings: Open 24 hours

Location: 1202 Geneva
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Built over the azure waters of the river Rhone, linking its two banks, Mont Blanc Bridge is one of the many tourist places to visit in Geneva. It is named after Mont Blanc, the dominating mountain range that shelters and overlooks Geneva. 

Although the bridge isn’t that great of an attraction by itself, it gives you some amazing vantage points to the landmark Jet d’Eau and the city of Geneva. Mont Blanc bridge also promises to surprise you with great opportunities to sharpen your photography skills.
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Cocooned just behind the famous City Hall of Geneva is the Treille Promenade. This scenic little square is said to be outlined by what is believed to be the world’s longest wooden bench, which measures 413 ft in length! 

This square was built in 1767 and is one of the most peaceful places to visit in Geneva. Besides being home to the world’s longest wooden bench, Treille Promenade also rewards you with breathtaking views of a canopy of lovely chestnut trees shading the Jura and Salève mountain ranges.

In Geneva, the onset of spring is marked by the first bloom of the chestnut, which makes this place an absolute delight to visit during the spring season!

Timings: Open 24 hours

Location: Rampe de la Treille, 1204 Genève
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The United Nations Office in Geneva is one of the major hubs of the United Nations, located in Geneva, Switzerland. It serves as a center for diplomacy, international cooperation, and multilateral negotiations. The office hosts various UN agencies, conferences, and diplomatic meetings, working towards promoting peace, human rights, and sustainable development on a global scale.

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Settled right in the center of the city, MEG gives you a chance to know about the distinct cultures of the world. Ranging from lively exhibitions, shows, to the temporary exhibitions and workshops, here you can encounter each one of them. The MEG is awarded the prestigious EMYA award that is one of the most remarkable moments for the Museums of Europe. 

Apart from this, the MEG even features an exhibition where more than 80,000 objects are present from five continents. To your surprise, here you can even watch the installations of Ange Leccia who is a world-renowned artist. 

Something that makes the MEG museum unique is a guided tour of the museum that is available in several languages and has proper educational programs with that. You can even savor lip-smacking meals at the outdoor cafe and shop art work at the stall. There is even a public library where you can read a variety of books and listen to your favorite genre of music. 

Another striking feature of the Museum is the ethnomusicology section where you can learn about the studies of instruments of various kinds. Make sure that you add this interesting place in your itinerary and have a cultural retreat.
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Geneva may be a stunning city to travel to, but it’s no match for the medieval French town of Yvoire. Experience a bit of France by taking a day-trip to this picturesque little town sprawling along Lake Geneva. 

The rustic, romantic vibes of Yvoire has lured many a traveller into its bounds with its old village charm, an ancient castle, and the classic cobblestone streets which are typical of the French towns! Explore the town to your heart’s content by wandering into the local art galleries, boutiques, shops, or just going café-hopping to explore the culinary diversity of Yvoire.

While Yvoire is a visual treat year-round, the best time to visit is the spring season, when blossoming floral beauty is all you can see! Yvoire’s old-French-town vibes and architecture make it one of the most dreamy places to visit in Geneva.
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CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, is Switzerland’s most cherished wonder. As the world’s largest particle physics laboratory, CERN has been a magnet for countless scientists and science aspirants. It is the epicentre of scientific research in Geneva, and there is really no other place quite like it. 

While CERN has a lot to boast about, including extensive research on dark matter, it is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) which has been the holy grail for scientists all around the world. If you choose to visit the LHC, you will find yourself frequently crossing the border into France and back!

There are several guided-tours of CERN that you can pick from. In fact, even without a guided-tour, CERN packs in a whole lot of surprise, awe, and wonder in a single visit. It is definitely the most fascinating places to visit in Geneva. 

Timings: Open from 08:00 AM to 05:45 PM every day, except Sunday

Entry Fee: No entry fee

Location: Espl. des Particules 1, 1211 Meyrin
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One of the oldest towns of Geneva, Vieille Ville, literally translating to Old Town, is a labyrinth of narrow, photogenic streets, cosy little cafés, museums, and restaurants. The old-town vibes make it one of the most calm and laid back places to see in Geneva.

It is also the home of beautiful, ancient architecture, and promises to carry you back in time. 

Some of the most prominent architectural wonders to visit in Vieille Ville are Maison Tavel, St. Peter’s Cathedral, Place du Bourg-de-Four, and the Treille Promenade. Home to all things French, the town is just a short hike away from Lake Geneva.

Not only is this town a refreshing change from the urban streets of Geneva, but also perfect to give you an Instagram feed that will create quite an impression! Explore here the old-world charm of Geneva like never before.
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Geneva may be one of the most expensive cities for shopping, but there are a few ways around it. Dust off your bargaining skills, because the Plainpalais Square market is the city’s largest flea market, selling everything from second-hand clothes to antiques! 

A popular haunt amongst locals and travellers alike, the Plainpalais Square market opens twice every week, on Wednesday and Saturday. Since it is held only twice a week, it is advisable to get there early to pick up the good stuff.

If you have a soft spot for vintage clothing and items, head on over to the other side of the tram tracks, right near the University. You’ll be surprised at the kind of stuff you can buy here, and for not-too-expensive prices! It is one of the most trending places to visit in Geneva.

Location: Plainpalais, 1205 Geneva
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People Also Ask About Geneva

  1. Which are the best places to visit in Geneva on your honeymoon?

    1. Lake Geneva: This beautiful destination surely needs to be one of the top places to visit in Geneva. This humongous lake is shared by Geneva as well as France. The lake is surrounded by the Alps in the west and showcases beautiful Swiss architecture and untouched nature all around.

    2. St. Pierre Cathedral: This beautiful Romanesque Cathedral dates back to the 12th Century and is known to be one of the most beautiful structures of the city. If you wish to witness the richness of Romanesque architecture and interiors, this is the very place you need to visit in Geneva.

    3. The Geneva Water Fountain: Even though not designed as a tourist attraction, Geneva Water Fountain has become one of the most popular places to see in Geneva. It is the tallest fountain in the world and was initially designed to overcome the increasing water requirements of the Geneva city in a hydraulics plant.

    4. L’horloge Fleurie: Commonly known as the Flower Clock, this beautiful destination is home to over 6500 plants and flowers which add colour to the magical landscape of Geneva. The place also boasts the biggest second clock in the entire world, measuring 2.5 meters in length.

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  2. Which are the best museums to visit in Geneva?

    1. Musée D'art Et D'histoire: The building of this art and history museum in Geneva in itself is a piece of art to withhold and admire. It is one of the most beautiful places to see in Geneva and houses over 1 million artefacts from the middle ages to the 20th Century.

    2. International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum: Home to one of the most prestigious organizations in the world, this museum is amongst one of the must places to visit in Geneva and allows you to peek into the fight towards human dignity, natural threats, family relations, and much more.

    3. Patek Philippe Museum: This unique museum is dedicated to the masters of watchmaking and showcases some of the most beautiful creations by this Swiss brand. Apart from its very own brand, the museum also houses various other rare and prestigious watch collections from across the world.

    4. Travel House: Also known as Maison Tavel, this unique museum allows you to peek into the oldest house situated in the heart of Geneva. The museum houses artefacts from mid-nineteenth century Europe and allows you to explore the livelihoods of the locals.

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  3. How to reach Geneva?

    By Air: You can fly directly to Geneva from most of the European countries along with various other countries from across the world. However, if you are unable to find a direct flight to Geneva from your country, you can look for a connecting flight from either Zurich or Bern.

    By Rail:
    Geneva has great rail connectivity with all the major cities of the country, including Zurich, Bern, Interlaken, and various others. Apart from that, there are also some international trains connecting major European cities, including Paris, and Milan.

    By Bus:
    Geneva has great bus connectivity from all the major cities of Switzerland as well as throughout Europe.

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  4. What is the best time to visit Geneva?

    June to September is the best time to visit Geneva. Switzerland experienced summer during this period, yet offers pleasant and breezy weather due to the near vicinity of the snow-clad Alps. This weather allows the visitors to explore the attractions of Geneva in the best way possible.

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  5. Is Geneva worth visiting?

    Geneva is one of the most visited cities in Switzerland. Much like all of the other attractions of Switzerland, this beautiful city boasts amazing history, culture, nature, along with endless places to visit in Geneva.

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  6. Is 1 day enough for Geneva?

    Geneva has a lot to offer and one can easily spend various days in the city without getting bored. However, much like the other tourists to Switzerland, if you too are planning to visit Geneva for one day, you can easily cover all the major places to visit in Geneva and soak in the beauty in a unique way.

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Newly Added Geneva Experience
22 January 2020
Dev Abbott Geneva Pass
I was visiting Geneva for the first time with my family and wanted to explore as much as possible. The Geneva Pass was a pleasant surprise for us. We were able to cover a variety of tourist attractions and the best part is that the charges for kids under the age of 4 is nill and my daughters is 3 years old. In other words, get the best out of your trip by choosing a Geneva pass.
14 December 2019
Mohini Chattopadhyay Geneva Pass
If you are in Geneva for several days, get the 72 hour pass to get the best out of your tour. Believe me you will save a lot. You can enter many paid attractions and also enjoy it both as a private or in a group tour. Definitely recommend it.
08 January 2020
Devani Butt Geneva Pass
There is no better way of saying this, Get this pass if you are in for a tour in Geneva. I was able to grab the 24 hour tour and my God did I make the best out of it. I was able to visit a number of attractions in the 24 hour time just with the pass.
21 December 2019
The sightseeing cruise is swift and the people serving on the tour are really professional. Everything was handled very carefully and in a manner that allowed us to have a great time. The cruise was also timed perfectly which did not make us miss out on our routine tour. We were able to capture various delightful spots and clicked a ton of photos. The cruise ship was clean and well maintained. Overall, I would give the entire experience a 5 star rating. We had a wonderful time during our honeymoon.
09 December 2019
Rameshwar Bharadwaj Lake Geneva Sightseeing Cruise
Oh! It was damn romantic. I mean the cozy ambiance, the soothing wind flirting with you, I was just mesmerized by the cruise and had a great time with my husband exploring various tourist destinations throughout Geneva. The Sightseeing Cruise in lake Geneva is really a cool and every couple must try it.
24 October 2019
Chamonix Mont Blanc Day Tour was an amazing experience. We could visit a number of tourist attractions and sight the mesmerizing views of the white mountains. A delightful and fun filled tour indeed. Thanks to the team Thrillophilia and our guide for making it happen.
06 August 2019
A grand view of the alpine mountains, the calm sea, and the soothing wind, everything about Geneva cruise was perfect. I recommend it to everyone who is visiting Geneva.
09 October 2019
Rageshwari Abbott Lake Geneva Sightseeing Cruise
More than me, my kids were the ones who had the most fun on the cruise. We were looking for a cost-effective way of enjoying the city of Geneva. This cruise is perfect for the people who are travelling on budget. The beautiful view of the Montblanc along with a number of other attractions was really mesmerizing.
16 October 2019
Meena Patil Geneva Pass
I got the 72 hour Geneva tour pass and boy was it the best decision I made. I got easy access to a lot of attractions around the city which made getting in and out of an attraction fairly easy. The pass was also really helpful when it came down to visiting paid attractions which for me was a breeze since I had the pass.
11 December 2019
Vidur Namboothiri Geneva Pass
The Geneva pass is made for people who love to travel. Get a pass and enjoy a variety of scenic destinations with just your pass, no extra money. Remember to carry a physical copy of your ticket because that is what you will be needing in order to get into any of the attractions.

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