Amsterdam Dungeon Overview

The brainchild of a Merlin Entertainments company, the Amsterdam dungeon is a unique way of gathering information about the dark history of the Netherlands. There are several rides and performances that are interaction based. Their main aim is to shed some light on the archival scenes of the Plague, the medieval torture and the Rembrandt workshop. 

Owned by a UK-based entertainment company - Merlin Entertainments, Amsterdam Dungeon is a popular place to acquire information about the history of the Netherlands. It follows the same format to the other Dungeons of London, Berlin, Hamburg, York. You will find several rides and performances of some amusing actors that cultivate the barren history of the Netherlands. The performances generally include the archival scenes of the Medieval torture, the Plague and Rembrandt workshop.

For the visitors who want to have a lot of fun while learning about Dutch history at the same time, this place is a perfect amalgam of these two. People can experience a total of 11 shows on the dark side of the 500 years of Dutch history. The performances by the actors are based on true stories and claimed to offer a unique interactive melodramatic experience. Some of the well-received attractions of the Amsterdam Dungeon are Torture Chamber, The Great Plague, Best Europe Packages Council of Blood, and many more.

Every portrayal by the actors in each tour from the entrance till the last stop brings minor harmless scares to the visitors using sudden popped up objects and loud banging sounds. The journey through the tour is accompanied by jokes with black humour made by the actors, and offers some great laugh-out-loud moments during the visit. Special credit goes to the brilliant actors who inhabit the characters like mortician’s assistant, scabrous witch hunter and make this place in demand across the region.

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• There are several specifically curated rides and performances designed with just one aim – to give you a lowdown on the dark history of the Netherlands.
• The performances enacted by skilled actors include several true stories that will provide you with a unique melodramatic experience.
• Some of the most famous attractions and activities inside the Amsterdam Dungeon include the likes of The Great Plague, Torture chamber, council of blood among others.
• Horror fans will also love the overall experience as the performances also include loud sudden noises and popped up objects.
• Not only horror but if you’re into dark comedy as well, you would definitely appreciate the dark jokes cracked by actors every now and then.
• If you wish to spend an entire day in the close proximity to the Amsterdam Dungeon, these places are worth visiting – Madame Tussauds Museum, the Royal Palace Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Museum.

How To Reach

By Bus: A direct bus operates between Amsterdam airport and dungeon on a daily basis. From the Schiphol airport B17, every 15 minutes there’s a bus that will take you to the nearest Leidseplein station. The bus would take at least 30 minutes for the entire journey. From the Amsterdam central station, visitors can also take the available services. However, from there to reach either Spui or Rokin, visitors will have to tram numbers 4, 14 or 24.

By Road: Hiring a rideshare or hailing an uber is the fastest way to travel around Amsterdam. You will easily get an Uber or rideshare for that matter which will directly take you to the dungeon. It might be the most expensive way to travel in Amsterdam, but you can reach the Dungeon in just 15 minutes from the airport if you get a taxi instead of a bus.

By Train: There isn’t any direct train that runs between the Schiphol airport and the Amsterdam Dungeon. However, visitors can take a train to the Zuid station from the airport. From the Zuid station, visitors will have to go by road to reach the dungeon. The entire journey is going to take somewhere around 20 minutes to get completed.

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Best Time To Visit

Visiting Amsterdam Dungeon during Halloween is a different experience altogether. It generally happens in late October to November and the theatre shows during this time of the year turn even more spooky.

However, generally speaking, the best time to visit Amsterdam is from April – May and from September to October. The weather remains pleasant, binding you to explore Amsterdam to its core.

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Other Essential Information

History of Amsterdam Dungeon

Amsterdam Dungeon was built back in the year 2006 in a historic church and is still possessed by the same Dutch Reformed Church. The significance of the church is found in Dutch history when the Vatican Eucharistic Miracle of Amsterdam happened in the year 1345. The place is leased by the Merlin Entertainments to operate the live interpretations of perilous Dutch history. To reconstruct the church for the dungeon, about 7.5 million euro was spent. 

A lot of medieval elements of the church dating back to 1912 were also integrated at the time of reconstruction, some of which you can still recognize during the live shows displayed at the Amsterdam Dungeon. During the reconstruction of the dungeon, some striking archaeological revelations took place. Amongst many, the discovery of 200 graves under the chapel of the church is a remarkable one. 

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Live Shows at Amsterdam Dungeon

Amsterdam Dungeon offers a fantastic experience through a lot of live shows, that are performed at various locations. In the era of the 3D display, the Amsterdam Dungeon still has maintained its popularity across the world by contributing to the modest old-fashioned theatrical performances. Some of the live shows displayed here are:

1. Descent: The funny, full of suspense play will take you to the depth of the dungeon. The beautifully played descent to the dark will surely make you ready to dig into the 500 years of old history.

2. Black John Autopsy: Visitors will find themselves in an anatomic room of Dr. Deyman, where the body of Black John lies on the bed. The scene is transformed into life by the paintings of Rembrandt van Rijn, the famous Dutch painter. 

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Places to Visit Near Amsterdam Dungeon

Apart from the Amsterdam Dungeon, travellers can also visit the other places near about in a day as per their choices. Some of the must-go places near the dungeon are:

1. Amsterdam Museum: Located in Kalverstraat 92, Amsterdam Museum is just 200m away from the dungeon. Visitors can have a glance at the history of Amsterdam through some great paintings, videos, visual displays and more. They can have a tour inside the museum easily all alone with the help of the audio guide.

2. Madame Tussauds Amsterdam: Just 300m away from the dungeon, the Madame Tussauds Amsterdam is a place of a number of wax sculptures, as the name suggests. Two-Hour leisure after experiencing the horror-filled dungeon is all you get here in exchange of just 24 euros.

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3. Royal Palace Amsterdam: A four-minute walk from the dungeon will lead the visitors in a lavish Royal Palace of Amsterdam, which was used since 1808 for the royal residence. There are around 20 points of interest that you can visit yourself with a free audio guide.

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Places to Dine Near Amsterdam Dungeon

There are a lot of places near the dungeon to dine and drink out. Some of the nearest restaurants are:

1. Bierfabriek Amsterdam: If you want to try out the delicious Burgundian dishes cooked with farm chicken along with private tap tables, Bierfabriek Amsterdam is the best option. It is just 250m away from the dungeon and claimed to serve home-brewed beer in a feel-home cosy setting.

2. Gartine: This place is ideal for having an organic yet delicious breakfast along with high tea or brunch in a warm atmosphere. The products used in the food here come directly from its on-site kitchen garden that are fresh, organic and authentic. A two-minute walk from the dungeon will make you feel refreshed at Gartine in the middle of urban cacophony.

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Places to Stay Near Amsterdam Dungeon

You will find a number of staying options near Amsterdam Dungeon, that too in your budget. Some of them are:

1. NH City Center Amsterdam: Located in the heart of the city beside the Singel canal, NH City Center is a spacious red brick building with a total of 213 rooms. The hotel offers state-of-art facilities from soundproof room to free Wi-Fi, complimentary late checkout and many more that make it popular across the travellers.

2. Ambassade Hotel: A charming hotel located in the Canal District, Ambassade Hotel is very near to several popular locations like museums, historic landmarks and shopping areas. The building was built during the ‘Golden Age’, 17th century, and still retains the historic aspect through the classical decoration.

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Tips to Visit

  • It is advisable to visit the dungeon as soon as the gates open. It is a popular attraction in Amsterdam which sees a lot of tourist crowds as the hours go by.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot take any photos or record any videos once you’re inside the Amsterdam Dungeon.
  • It is recommended to book the Amsterdam Dungeon tickets online because not only will you be saving yourselves from the hassle of standing in long queues but you can also avail some great discounts and deals.
  • Although technically anyone can visit the Amsterdam Dungeon but children under 10 and people with claustrophobia should avoid visiting this attraction. The spaces can get tight at times and the performances can get a little too spooky for small kids to handle.
  • Children aged 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult who should be 16 or over.

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Point of Interest for Amsterdam Dungeon
Torture Chamber

Torture Chamber

This is the most popular attraction inside the Amsterdam dungeon and for all the right reasons. The overall ambience inside the torture chamber is rather dark and cold, reflecting the torture chambers of the past. The whole experience depicts the corporal punishment which the local citizens had to go through during the 15th century. Female actors will play the characters of torturers and you can be a part of this experience as well, by playing the role of the tortured.

 The Labyrinth of Lost Amsterdam

The Labyrinth of Lost Amsterdam

Based on an old Amsterdam theme, the labyrinth of lost Amsterdam is basically a maze made from disoriented and spooky mirrors. The main motive of the labyrinth is to provide a true-blue horror experience as you make your way through the dark alleys.

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Court of Law

Court of Law

It is filled with horror elements, delighting the visitors in a terrific way. If you wish to be a part of this experience, you will find yourselves standing in a trial room. You will get to face grave charges like a visit to Zeedijk Street and witchcraft.

The Lively Performances

The Lively Performances

One of the major highlights of the Amsterdam Dungeon is the calibre of the actors which put on a grand show on a daily basis. Their acting skills are exemplary with fused elements of comedy and horror both. Along with certain props and original costumes, they never fail to mesmerise the audience with their performances.

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Amsterdam Dungeon FAQs

What is Amsterdam Dungeon famous for?

Owned by UK-based Merlin Entertainments, the Amsterdam Dungeon is famous for various theatrical adaptations. The adaptations or the live shows are performed by the actors and they depict the 500 years of old dark Dutch history.

Throughout a journey of 1 hour and 20 minutes, visitors will get to see live performances, which are supplemented by sound, light and smell effects.

Is there any transportation facility available to reach Amsterdam Dungeon?

Visitors can reach the Amsterdam Dungeon by various modes of transport.

By Walk: The place is located at a 15-minute walking distance from the Amsterdam Central Station. The Central Station is well-connected with every corner of the city via every mode of transport.

By Bus: There are two bus lines - 170 and 172 available that stop at the nearest stations of the Amsterdam Dungeon. From the stoppages, the dungeon is at a walking distance. By Tram: Trams from the Amsterdam Central Station numbered 4,9,16,24 and 25 stop at Rokin station, from where the dungeon is just one minute by walk.

How far is Amsterdam Dungeon from Central Station in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam Dungeon is a 15-min walking distance from the Amsterdam Central Station, from where travellers can avail tram and taxi to reach the dungeon.

Is Amsterdam Dungeon safe to visit?

Amsterdam Dungeon is an absolutely safe place to visit, as the practices here are not at all harmful. However, it is not recommended for the people suffering from claustrophobia, which defines the fear from getting in confined spaces.

How big is the Amsterdam Dungeon?

Built in a historic church, Amsterdam Dungeon is filled with various attractions like Torture Chamber, Labyrinth and more. The whole journey takes 1 hour 20 minutes that clearly states it is not so big that will eat up your whole day.

How far is Amsterdam Dungeon from Dam Square?

The Amsterdam Dungeon is just located next to Dam Square. The distance is 300m and just takes four minutes to reach.

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Chidaatma Asan
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Reviewed: 21 Feb 2021
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