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Melbourne Hot Air Ballooning Packages

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Hot Air Ballooning in Melbourne3 hours
INR 262.78

Melbourne Hot Air Balloon

If you are planning to travel to Melbourne, you are lucky since an awesome hot-air balloon ride isn't too far away. Nothing beats a morning view of Melbourne and the Yarra River from the basket of a hot-air balloon. A glance at its most spectacular as you glide over its contemporary skyscrapers and gorgeous waterfront on this hot air balloon Melbourne.

Lift off for the Melbourne hot air balloon ride after a safety briefing and fly above Melbourne's Central Business District. Down the Yarra River, follow a path determined by your pilot based on wind conditions during a hot air balloon ride in Melbourne. Get a birds-eye perspective of Melbourne attractions including the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Rod Laver Arena, and the Eureka Tower from above the city. Moreover, float past the nearby areas, gorgeous parks, and tranquil streams.

Land in Melbourne and arrive at your hotel, where you can toast a wonderful experience with a glass of Champagne and begin the day with a delightful breakfast (if the breakfast option is selected at booking).
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Melbourne Hot Air Ballooning FAQs

Which are the places to experience Hot Air Balloon Ride in Melbourne?

1. Melbourne City: Soar high in a Melbourne hot air ballooning ride above the city at daybreak for an exciting vista. As early dawn light bathes the skyline in a rosy hue, soar over contemporary buildings, urban parks, and iconic athletic facilities. Meanwhile, snap lots of pictures of your amazing hot air balloon in Melbourne.

2. Yarra Valley: Go on a thrilling Melbourne hot air balloon ride past the Yarra Valley in the beautiful light of daybreak. As the sun rises over this famed winemaking area, float over the magnificent backdrop of softly rising hills and vineyards. After landing, enjoy a tasty sparkling wine at Balgownie Estate along with breakfast.

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What is the average duration of the Hot Air Balloon Ride in Melbourne?

The average duration of the Hot Air Balloon Ride in Melbourne depends on where you launch and land. Generally, the Melbourne hot air balloon ride takes around an hour. However, the hot air balloon in Melbourne normally lasts 4-4.5 hours from the time of the meeting. If breakfast is included in your package, you will have to take a little longer to enjoy the excellent limitless buffet.

What is the best time to experience the Hot Air Balloon Ride in Melbourne?

Summer is the best time to experience the hot air balloon in Melbourne because of the vacations and the pleasant weather. However, some of the most soothing sunrises may be seen in winter.
For the part of the day, Melbourne hot air ballooning rides in the early morning are mostly preferred since the weather is the most stable. Early morning often gives the greatest experiences due to mild temperatures and the rising of the morning light providing a stunning vista.

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Why should one experience a Hot Air Balloon in Melbourne?

A hot air balloon ride above Melbourne is one of the finest ways to make memories that will last a lifetime. From breathtaking panoramic vistas to enjoying beautiful moments, there is something for everyone. Set the tone for a romantic evening while getting a bird's-eye perspective of breathtaking scenery. Furthermore, face your fears and have family-friendly fun in the hot air balloon company.

What clothing is recommended for taking a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Melbourne?

For a hot air balloon ride, there are no rigorous criteria or safety clothing requirements, so you may wear whatever is comfortable for you. However, since it might be cold early in the morning, you should wear warm clothes for hot air ballooning. Shoes with closed-toed and layers of clothes that can be removed easily are advised.

Is Hot Air Balloon Ride in Melbourne kids-friendly?

Yes, the Hot Air Balloon Ride in Melbourne is kids-friendly. To participate in the activity, children must be at least six years old, and there is no minimum height or weight requirement.

What safety tips should one know before taking the hot air balloon ride in Melbourne?

The safety tips one should know before taking the hot air balloon ride in Melbourne:
1. Step on no part of the balloon or the tether ropes.
2. All sharp items, heat sources like open fires, and non-essential equipment should be kept at least 33 meters (100 feet) away from the balloon.
3. No smoking should be done within thirty-three meters (100 feet) of the balloon or any of its components.

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