Calypso Cabaret Overview

Calypso Cabaret is one of the fun filled shows that takes place every night at the famous Asiatique Riverfront in Bangkok. The auditorium, which is lit up with rainbow neon lights, can hold up to 350 people every show. The tickets for the Calypso Cabaret get a complimentary drink and dinner included along with superb entertainment. 

An excellent way to end your evening in Bangkok is to go for a Calypso Cabaret Show. Reach the Calypso Cabaret theatre at Asiatique, Bangkok, and experience an evening full of vibrant music and dance performances by more than 70 professional dancers. The show, which originated in Thailand in 1988, has retained its popularity for over 25 years, with two shows running a day throughout the year.

You will feel enchanted looking at the 16 dance performances that have been designed to project diversity and variety. You will be delighted to see performances from different countries such as Korea, China, Japan, India, Malay as well as American. The performances, which have been meticulously choreographed, will show you varied forms of dancing starting from classic, upbeat, pop and many more. Explore these captivating dance experiences and consider including them in your travel itinerary as part of exciting Thailand packages.

Feel fascinated watching performers perform Korean love stories in pop, Japanese geisha dancing, Chinese ballads, Bangkok specialties and many more wearing glittering costumes with feathers and sequins, feather headdresses and towering hills. You will be delighted to see the realistic impersonations of Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley in one of the shows of the musical extravaganza and feel lost in the glamorous Thai dancing numbers and extravagant burlesque performances.

A speciality of the Calypso Cabaret is its female performers - the ladyboys who are actually transgender people, born a boy with a woman’s heart inside them, driving them to change their gender and morphed into beautiful women. Watch these ladyboys give look-alike performances and others, fully decked up in stunning costumes with feathers, sequins and accessories. 

Dinner before the show at the theatre’s Calypso Thai Restaurant is another experience that you will not like to miss. You will be able to watch several traditional dance performances while you enjoy having the set Thai Meal. Overall, a Calypso Cabaret Show promises you a night of entertainment that will remain in your memory for days to come. 


• Experience an evening full of colourful and vibrant dance performances at Bangkok's famous Calypso Cabaret theater.
• The show has been Bangkok's pride for more than 25 years with two shows daily.
• Enjoy 16 dance performances by more than 70 ladyboys. One of the star Performances includes realistic impersonations of well-known personalities such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, etc.
• You will also see dance forms from several countries and cultures and also some of Bangkok's talented performances.
• You will see a Chinese Ballad, a Korean Love story, a Japanese Geisha, an India show and many more.
• While watching the show, enjoy a glass of your favourite alcoholic or non- alcoholic drink, which comes complimentary with your show tickets.
• Get an opportunity to snap photos with the show performers at the end of the show.
• You can also opt to include a set Thai dinner at Calypso Thai Restaurant with your Cabaret show ticket to get the taste of different flavours from Venice of the East. Both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian set dinners are available.
• The Thai Set dinner comes with a Khon dance show - a traditional dance form, which was originally performed in the Royal Court.

How To Reach

The Calypso Cabaret Show Theater is located at the Asiatique Riverfront Shopping Center complex at Warehouse 2, 2194 Charoen, Krung Road, Khwaeng Wat Phraya Krai, Khet Bang Kho Laem, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10120, Thailand. You can easily reach the place by boat. There is a free 10 minutes shuttle boat on the pier till 11:30 pm. You can reach the nearest metro (Skytrain) at Ratchathewi or Saphan Taksin and then take the boat shuttle to reach the Theater.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to enjoy the Calypso Cabaret would be in the evening hours from 9:00 PM - 10:00 PM as the morning slot is usually crowded and you will not get a chance to get the front row seats easily.

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Other Essential Information

Places to visit Near Calypso Cabaret 

1. Sa-ma-dul Wellness & Massage: If your sightseeing has tired you out and you are longing to re-energize, you should head towards Asiatique The Riverfront, where you will find Sa-ma-dul Wellness & Massage. Step in and rejuvenate your body with a personalised Thai massage at one of the city’s best massage services. Try out their fish spa treatment and feel relaxed. 

2. Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives: Your trip to Thailand is incomplete without watching the ‘Muay Thai Live – The Legend Lives’ performance. This performance will tell you about a Thai boxing form, Muay Thai, and you will learn about its history through its five chapters. Watch the story of Muay Thai interestingly unfold in front of you before witnessing an authentic Thai kickboxing fight.

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3. Joe Louis Thai Puppet Theatre: Make time for a traditional Thai puppet show at the Joe Louis Thai Puppet Theatre at Asiatique night market on the river. Delight in watching two-feet-high ornate hun lakhon lek (small theatrical puppets) moving as one, in spite of being operated by three people. Feel spellbound watching the traditional art of puppetry narrating various classic tales such as the Ramayana, a well-known Hindu epic. 

4. Zound Cruize: Board a Sound Cruize for being a part of an exciting Boat Party in Bangkok. Start your cruise with a breathtaking view of the sun setting along the beautiful Chao Phraya River and get into the party mood with live music from one of the best DJs of the city, such as Dee Iris, Tong Apollo, Skinny Mark and so on. Enjoy the unlimited free beer that comes with your ticket, along with 3 free welcome drinks.

5. Na Benjarong Cruises: Embark on a dinner cruise aboard Na Benjarong, a river rice barrage that is now a unique floating hotel after restoration. Book a dinner and enjoy tasty food that has been freshly cooked on board. Enjoy the breathtaking view from the boat while cruising towards Lop Buro or Ayutthaya. 

6. Asiatique the Riverfront: One of Bangkok's new night markets that have been gaining popularity is Asiatique the Riverfront, which is located on the beautiful Chao Phraya River. You must include this place with its amazing Ferris wheel in your list of places to visit at night. This modern happening place will spoil you with its entertainment options such as boat rides, cabaret shows, Thai boxing etc. Children will love to visit the small amusement park in this place. Don't forget to indulge in some shopping and try out the lip-smacking local delicacies at the restaurants. 

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Tips to Visit Calypso Cabaret

-The theatre is wheelchair friendly for the convenience of any person with a disability travelling with you. Moreover, inside the theatre, special seats can be arranged on request made while booking.

-The show is not recommended for those with a back problem

-If you are taking infants with you, they will need to sit on your lap. However, the show is not deemed suitable for children below 5 years. Also, all children above 3 years will need to purchase a ticket.

-You will need to carry your ID proof while going for a show. Do note that a PAN card will not be considered valid ID proof. 

-You will be entitled to a free drink that comes with your ticket.

-Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis so ensure that you reach early to get a good seat. 

-If you are having dinner at Calypso Thai Restaurant, and you have any dietary restrictions, you need to inform them about it when you book for the same.

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Day Wise Timings
Open Today
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Normal Timings:
09:00 AM to 06:00 PM
Point of Interest for Calypso Cabaret
Calypso Cabaret Show

Calypso Cabaret Show

Feel enchanted while watching the Calypso Cabaret Show’s classical opening with classical music flowing and glamorous performers wearing feathers dancing to the tune of the music. Begin a musical journey into the culture and dance forms of different countries. Feel excited while you see evidence of American dance and music culture with performers impersonating American artists such as Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley. Flow with the music and suddenly find yourself in the middle of a Korean love story when performers perform Korean dance form in their show “Arirang”. 

Be a part of a Chinese Ballad telling you another love story but from China in its country’s own cultural dance form. Get a glimpse of the Japanese culture when their comedy show Geisha will make you laugh till you have happy tears in your eyes. Next is the turn of performers giving you a glimpse of Indian culture in their performance full of life, music, colour and people. 

While your heart and soul moves with music from one country to another, do not be surprised to find some local Thai talents in between. The renowned Rihanna, the marvellous Misty, captivating Della, and many others will represent Bangkok and mesmerise you with their stunning performances. Look out for the All that Jazz, Sammy, and the Hava Nagila of International fame who are sure to enthral you with their performance and make you wish to remain forever in this world of music and dance.

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Calypso Thai Restaurant

Calypso Thai Restaurant

Enjoy a mouth-watering Thai dinner at Calypso Thai Restaurant, located on the same premise as the theatre, before going for the enjoyable Calypso show. Delight in the Thai Set menu dinner and watch enchanting Thai traditional dance performances while having the food. Your dinner menu will have several delicious dishes starting with Kratong Thong, followed by others such as Pork or Chicken Satay, Kaeng Kiew Wan Gai, Tom Yum Kung and many more.

The menu also includes seasonal fruits and tea/coffee. If you are a vegetarian, you can opt for a vegetarian thai menu consisting of delicacies such as Kratong Thong, Green Curry with mock chicken, etc. The traditional Thai dance performances that you will be able to watch in this restaurant include The Sukhothai Dance from the Sukhothai period, The pursuit of Supanna Matcha, an episode from Khon, Hanuman in Combat from epic Ramayana, The dance of Benediction - the Thai way of wishing good luck, and the Serng Grabo, a group activity by unmarried Thai girls from Isan.

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Calypso Cabaret FAQs

Why is Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok so famous?

The Calypso Cabaret Show is well known for being a continuous show running twice a day for the last almost 25 years. The show is known for its 16 amazing performances by over 70 talented performers performing in beautifully choreographed dances from varied cultures and countries across the world. One of the star attractions of the show is the realistic impersonations of well-known personalities such as Lady Gaga, Elvis Presley, etc. Another reason for Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok being so famous is that its performers are transgenders, who were born as boys and later morphed into beautiful women.

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Can we take our kids to Calypso Cabaret?

All performances of the Calypso Cabaret are family-friendly and can be viewed by audiences of any age. So, you can bring your kids to the theatre. Although some of the costumes are swimsuits or equivalent, no nudity has been shown in any performance of the show. Hence the show is suitable for kids to watch as well and they can accompany you to the show.

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What things should we carry for Calypso Cabaret Show Bangkok?

You must carry your ID proof and your ticket while going to the Show. It will also be helpful to carry a pair of walking shoes as well.

Can we take some food inside?

No, you are not supposed to bring in outside food inside the theatre. However, the Thai restaurant on the same premises serves set dinner along with snacks, tea/coffee and seasonal fruits. The dinner also comes with a traditional Thai dance show which you can watch while eating.

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Calypso Cabaret Reviews

Anna Lee
Reviewed: 27 May 2024
Great show, recommend to watch if you want have a relax and entertainment in bangkok. If compare with ladyboy show in phuket that I watched before, Phuket one much better and this also ok and acceptable. Purchase online ar thrillophilia is cheaper than counter rate. 
Anna Lee
Anna Lee
Anna Lee
Anna Lee
Anna Lee
Anna Lee
(3+)View All
Reviewed: 04 Apr 2023
Great night 
Aagneya Nambeesan
Reviewed: 15 Oct 2019
I think the Bangkok Calypso Cabaret show was one of the wildest and most exciting things I have ever witnessed in any part of the world. It’s basically a crossdressing show with a lot of dance and impersonations. Our package, booked from Thrillophilia, included a Thai dinner as well. Catching a caba... Read More
Dinakar Joshi
Reviewed: 23 Oct 2019
I had heard a lot about the Calypso Show in Bangkok, and during my last trip here, I could finally attend one show, all thanks to Thrillophilia’s amazing team of experts. The dancers here are so so good, and their outfits are so stunningly beautiful! Even the Thai buffet dinner was delicious. Well w... Read More
Brajesh Deshpande
Reviewed: 11 Feb 2019
We were ecstatic to witness 70 professional ladyboy performers putting on a Broadway style show. I was blown away by the lifel ike impersonations of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

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