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Bangkok has its charm and a striking appeal to tourists across the world. Bangkok is just not a city that opens up so easily rather it is a city that dwells a lot of dreams and many people who hop here stay here for at least 2 to 3 days before they go to the resorts, in deep jungles and the mountains. As a tourist, the best sightseeing tours in Bangkok have tons of lucrative options that include religious temples, historical monuments, parks, markets etc. Bangkok has everything that a traveller needs in a big and dazzling city. It has bright lights, skyscrapers, lively nightlife, and dramatic temples everywhere. Based on these there are some amazing sightseeing tours for you to enjoy Bangkok to the fullest. You can start your Thailand tour and visit the vibrant city Bangkok with a tour of the Grand Palace (Royal Palace) and neighbouring Wat Pho (it is home to the famous reclining Buddha and massage school). The Royal family doesn’t live in the palace now, and you can wander the grounds and visit the open temples. The craftsmanship and the architecture are amazing.

Later pay a visit to the Wat Pho complex that fills a city block where you can spend an hour wandering the maze-like temple grounds. Other sightseeing and adventure options area full moon party in Koh Phangan, Cambodia sightseeing tour, safari world tour zoo and marine park or take a tour to experience the rural Thailand. Here, there are ample options as well to enjoy different kinds of activities like - wildlife safari, boating, street food crawl, snorkelling and adventure activities and much more. With so much going on we have crafted the best sightseeing tours in Bangkok that will show you the best aspects of this diverse land.

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