Best Water Sports in Bangkok

For thrill-seekers like you planning to book Thailand travel packages, several Water Sports in Bangkok will provide unparalleled adrenaline rush and make your holiday exciting. Bangkok, as you must be aware, is the epitome of natural splendour with turquoise waters and silvery beaches. But when you are here, do not settle for just lying back and gazing at these incredible landscapes. Rather, take a plunge into the vibrant world of adventures and experience the true essence of Bangkok. Or else, you will lose the once in a lifetime opportunity to try a unique range of water experiences here.

Owing to the wide array of thrilling Bangkok water sports, the place is emerging as one of the most sought after adventure travel destinations in the world. Apart from amassing throngs of adventure junkies from almost all Asian countries throughout the year, Bangkok is also gaining popularity among Westerners, and rightly so. A lot of what you can experience in Bangkok, you cannot experience anywhere else.

The range of water sports available in Bangkok is quite extensive. There are some water sports in Bangkok that are only recommended to daredevils because you need a nerve to indulge in such exhilarating acts. While there are also some excellent options to choose from if you are looking forward to trying something oh-not-so-scary. All in all, Bangkok has treats for all. From kids to adults to senior citizens, nobody can find a moment of boredom with such exciting experiences on offer.

Some of the enthralling Water Sports in Bangkok are Flow House Bangkok, wakeboarding at Taco Lake (samut prakan) and Fantasia Lagoon. Flow House Bangkok is a must visit place for water Sports lovers for its mechanical wave creation and surfing activities. It offers wave riding which is combination of surfing and wakeboarding on an artificial wave machine, testing your surfing skills. The place also offers fun activities for touring families along with learning lessons. Taco Lake in Samut Prakan offers fun-filled activities like wakeboarding, wakeskate and skiing.

The Wake Park, which is situated close to the airport, offers lessons on knee board and Wakeboard. Water skiing here may require prior arrangements with rented boat and a driver. Visit the Fantasia Lagoon to get your adrenaline rush rolling. The water park offers enormous water rides for kids and adults, making it a quintessential place for you to visit to experience water sports in Bangkok at their best. You can visit the water park with your friends and family as it has different zones for people of all age groups, and the low entry fee just makes it all worth it!

Bangkok offers you various sites to experience underwater enchantments, including the highly popular scuba diving and scuba trips. You will never fall short of places to visit in Bangkok as it has the Hardeep Wreck, which is a ruins of a ship sunk by Britain during world war II; Kharam wreck; North rock (Koh Rin); Chumpon Pinnacle; and Koh Man Wichai Bremen Wreck. These exciting places can be visited to witness and experience the best of underwater wildlife while scuba diving. Scuba Divers can see Angle fish, crabs, Stingrays and other exotic marine life.

For the adrenaline junkie in you, Bangkok also offers the best kayak tours, which will give you an opportunity to explore the canal networks. Live an offbeat life by visiting the countryside and staying with locals. Bangkok Kayak club also provides renting alternatives to suit the need of visitors, which allows you to stay with locals and experience their culture. Water sports in Bangkok can also be enjoyed at Zanook Aqua Park, which is popular for water sports in downtown. It offers exciting activities like water-boarding, stand up paddling, junior motor cross and jet skiing. The park enthralls wake board lovers as well as kids who love inflatable assault course. While you can enjoy Stand up Jet skiing, you can also learn radical skiing sports here.

The Nong Bon lake developed by Bangkok Metropolitan administration is a sports center which offers low cost options to explore activities like wind surfing, dinghy boat sailing and kayaking. This is a public space and hence visited by few travelers. Another such park which you can visit is the Siam City. It is well known water park and amusement park. Being one of the largest water park in Asia, you can enjoy the unparalleled fun and rejuvenating activities in the form of wave machines, slides, vortex and spa.

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Bangkok Water Sports FAQs

What are the different water sports in Bangkok?

Bangkok is the ideal place for having some adventurous watersports experience. Some of the different types of water sports in Bangkok which will enthral you are:

- Scuba diving

- Flyboarding

- Sailing

- Surfing

- Snorkelling

- Ski Boarding

- Wakeboarding

- Windsurfing

- Jet Skiing

- Parasailing

- Banana Boat

- Under Sea Walk

Where I can go for surfing in Bangkok?

You’ll find most of the best places to surf in Thailand along the Andaman side on the southwestern coast. Here are some cool places for you to go surfing in Bangkok, making your experience of Bangkok water sports memorable:

- Khao Lak

- Koh Lanta

- Koh Phayam

- Hua Hin

- Rayong

Which are the best beach in Bangkok for water activities?

Here are a few beaches if you need a quick dose of sun coupled with the thrill of water sports in Bangkok.

- Ko Mak

- Ko Kood

- Ko Larn

- Hua Hin

- Cha-am

- Prachaup Khiri Khan

Are water sports safe in Bangkok?

Other than the Jet ski scamming, everything else is safe. The very best advice we can give is DO NOT RENT JET-SKIS IN THAILAND, or else agree to go to the police, insisting they take you to the charge office (avoid mediators in uniform), and ask to call your local consulate.

Which are famous Kite surfing in Bangkok?

Kitesurfing in Thailand can be unexpectedly great when you catch it at the right time. Here are some famous kite surfing spots in Bangkok

- Kitesurfing in Phuket

- Kitesurfing in Cha Am

- Hua Hin

- Pak Nam Pran

- Chumphon

Do we need to know how to swim for scuba diving in Bangkok?

No it's not necessary that you should know swimming for this, as scuba diving is done under the water than technically you don’t need to know how to swim. Moreover, you will be provided basic training and a guide will accompany you to your scuba diving tour, ensuring your safety.

What are the adventure activities I can do in Bangkok?

Here are some exciting things you can do during your time in Bangkok.

- Skydive with Thai Sky Adventures

- Go Wakeboarding!

- Muay Thai with Master Toddy

- Bobble Football

- Late Night Go-Karting

- Dive with sharks in a shopping centre!

- Go to war with Paintball and airsoft guns

- Go Surfing!

What are the things to carry during water activities in Bangkok?

There’s nothing specific that you have to carry except some extra pair of clothes and your swimming suit (if you have one) as they’ll provide you with everything needed while enjoying Bangkok water sports.

Best season to visit for water sports in Bangkok?

While some of them are running throughout the year, the ideal time to experience the water sports in Bangkok is between November and April.

What is the average cost of water sports in bangkok?

Here are the approximate costs for some of the Bangkok water sports:

Scuba Diving - 3000 Baht

Banana Boat - 700 Baht

Jet Skiing - 700 Baht

Wakeboarding - 300 Baht for two hours

Kite surfing - 1100 Baht

Windsurfing - 4000 baht

Water Skiing - 500 baht

Kayaking - 800 Baht for adult and 600 Baht for child.

White Water rafting - 1200 baht

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