Bangkok Bike Tours

Bangkok is an amazing place that attracts tourists from all across the world. Be it food, shopping or tourist hotspots the place never offers a dull moment to the traveler. It’s wonderfully decorated Buddhist temples are sure to blow your mind away with their brilliant craftsmanship and elaborate detailing. The energy of Bangkok is fascinating, thrilling and intoxicating. For a comprehensive experience, consider exploring Thailand travel packages that may include guided biking tours, ensuring you don't miss out on the best this vibrant city has to offer. The best biking tours in Bangkok will undoubtedly pack in lot of fun and adventure. You can visit most of the tourist places such as the floating market, dazzling palaces, the very famous Temple of Dawn , Chao Phraya river etc all on your bike. On the way, you can enjoy sumptuous street food which is sure to present you with a gastronomical treat. If you are in for some luxury dining book a dining tour to any of the up market hotels or eating joints in the city.


The best biking tours in Bangkok is sure to leave you with wonderful memories. Do not forget Bangkok is a busy metropolitan city so the streets abound in lot of traffic, wear your helmet and follow proper safety instructions lest you will be inviting trouble. Another tip, avoid the peak traffic hours and enjoy your ride during periods of less traffic such as early mornings. A biking tour offers you this unique opportunity to witness city life from close quarters. Bangkok is a place where the east meets the west and this is a treat to the eyes. Clubs playing excellent music, cocktail bars, and street side shopping everything seems to be happening on the roads in Bangkok. The best biking tour in Bangkok places you right amidst all of these activities and even more.

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